Monday, January 20, 2014

The Code Expeditionary Unit

The courage, honour, and elite PvP skill of the New Order knows no bounds. Two pro-Order corporations teamed up to form a "Code Expeditionary Unit". Its mission? To ensure that every little pocket of highsec--no matter how much of a decrepit backwater it may be--receives the love of the Code.

It began, as so often it does, with the power of the bump. Gabriel Nastasiou was caught in the act of illegal mining and, with the aid of EVE's magnificent physics engine, was driven from the asteroid belt.
Zazz Razzamatazz > Gabriel Nastasiou you have been removed from the ice belt. Pay 10mil to resume mining activities.
Gabriel Nastasiou > are you retarded ?
Zazz Razzamatazz > I am an agent of the New Order
Zazz Razzamatazz > Enforcing The New Halaima Code of Conduct
Gabriel Nastasiou > enforce it on your mother
Zazz Razzamatazz > Only 10mil per year
Gabriel Nastasiou > how about no ?
The uppity carebear became punch drunk from all the bumping and defied the Order. In doing so, he sealed his fate.

Agent Lenda Shinhwa dropped on the miner's Covetor and blew it to pieces, along with the Capsule found quivering inside.

Gabriel suddenly lost his tongue, and another rebel was silenced. But as our heroes continued to patrol the system, they found other rebels willing to take Gabriel's place.

Two rebels joined the party in a Hurricane and a Catalyst. The Hurricane pilot, Clyson, gave our heroes the "carebear stare". The Catalyst pilot did not dare even engaging in that cowardly form of false brinkmanship.
Makrov Putin > this bumping stuff is overated
Harry Wonderlust > yeah lol - and a person thinking a bully and a thug as a savoir needs help. professional help
Clyson >
Zazz Razzamatazz > We are making highsec better for everyone
Harry Wonderlust > that is what James 315 and rest of you code followers are you can hack it in low or null so you decide to bully unarmed playrs to get your thrills
PlasmaStorm > tell you what, i've been playing since 2005 on this toon. if you think you can come along, play for less than a year and try to extort ppl you'd be as well trying to rimjob yo momma
Zazz Razzamatazz > PlasmaStorm I am doing a community service
PlasmaStorm > it's the same every time, "Sell yourself for crack, whore..."

Since the carebear stare proved ineffective, Clyson resorted to repeatedly linking the tired old anti-Order meme we've seen so many times before. It's amazing how far the meme spread. Rebel miners consider it to be the height of art.

After moving to another system, the expedition greeted the locals with a show of force, simultaneously killing a Mammoth, a Hulk, and its pod.
CHURCH BLUETEAM > Zazz Razzamatazz please stop spamming local.
CHURCH BLUETEAM > i apologize for this but there is no code. only people who try to enforce rules that other players could care less about.
Zazz Razzamatazz > The Code has been law in all New Order space ever since James 315 wasl elected
CHURCH BLUETEAM > in short you are a bully and thats it. trying to make money and annoy people. thats all there is to this code.
Zazz Razzamatazz > a bully? Expecting people to actually play the game they're in is bullying?
CHURCH BLUETEAM > James 315 is a troll and has nothing better to do with his time. hes no leader and his followers are foolish.
CHURCH BLUETEAM > you say James 315 is the leader right?
Zazz Razzamatazz > of the New Order and all highsec, yes
CHURCH BLUETEAM > then why are there so many corps in high sec with the name "New Order" and he cant face anyone that wants to challenge his "New Order"
Agent Zazz Razzamatazz took full advantage of the spectacle of exploding miners and proclaimed the New Order to all who would listen. Rebel CHURCH BLUETEAM dismissed the Order and its leader. As evidence of my lack of influence in highsec, he cited the fact that a lot of corporations have "New Order" in their names now. Hmmm...
Zazz Razzamatazz > We are many
CHURCH BLUETEAM > you clearly are. you bump people and gank people but then when people challenge you new order peopl all you do is pussy out and run.
CHURCH BLUETEAM > James 315 is known for it.
Ophidia Black > James 315 is a l33t PvPer, he will fight anyone who passes the test
CHURCH BLUETEAM > sounds like hes running to me.
Zazz Razzamatazz > What so if James doesn't fight the battle he isn't a leader? Yes, because the President is always on the front lines
CHURCH BLUETEAM > woah woah woah. were talking eve here bud. not rl
As the rebel braintrust continued to debate our Agents in local, our heroes stealthily crept upon an undocumented Mackinaw.

The New Order wouldn't be denied. A pair of Catalysts dropped on the target and another Mackinaw (and its pod) were cleansed from our highsec.

Slowly but surely, highsec is being perfected. Years from now, when we reach a 100% compliance rate, students of EVE history will look upon the work of our Agents and be astonished. In a future age where there is no more need for slaughtering rebels, tales of our heroism will be told forever.


  1. Beautiful! My favorite part is the picture of the ship exploding. That would make an awesome background for a New Order poster.

  2. Although i love to read these blogs...

    Publishing these stories the they way they are written are not helping to convert the rebels.
    the rebels come here and read it without understanding the code's meaning, and will scream death and murder by simply not understanding the code.

    Its not hard to read it. then again most rebel miners simply can't read.

    1. "the rebels come here and read it"
      "most rebel miners simply can't read."

      You seem to have answered your own concern.

  3. im to tired to write properly it seems :'( Good night

  4. CHURCH BLUETEAM > you clearly are. you bump people and gank people but then when people challenge you new order peopl all you do is pussy out and run.

    This guy doesn't understand that you never let your enemy choose the battlefield.

    1. TEST made a better stand at 6VD(?) than you ever will

    2. Even so, understand that PVP is just as much about what strategies are employed as it is about what tools and pilots you can bring to the party. Asymmetric warfare works like this, the American War of Independence was fought like this at the beginning, to name an IRL example. Picking the battlefield so it is one to your liking is not cowardly, it is smart.

  5. The most common of care bear lie- that they are helpless, incapable of doing anything in Eve but...well, not playing Eve if they can help it.
    That is a choice, and not a very wise one in a full time PvP game. We can all train the same skills, fit the same modules, fly the same ships. They choose to be helpless, we choose not to be. They choose to be cattle, culled from the herd by those that won't be livestock.
    There is no such thing as a helpless care bear. They might be worthless to a one, but helpless is a role playing choice. Our role playing choice is far more interesting.
    Now about that 10 mil isk you owe.............

    1. I couldn't agree more. Its part of human nature. "The strong do as they will, the weak suffer as they must." -Thucydides

  6. the CODE is a crock.... you don't even follow it and just attack who you wish. I've seen James run with his little vagina all in a twist .... get a life nerds.

    1. Let it all out. This is a safe place.

    2. No it's not. I've seen you people insult people in such an arrogant, cocky way, infer all those who are not you are witless idiots, and bully anyone who disagrees. That isn't what I would call a safe place

  7. So many angry anonymous people. I guess it's just another day. Someday though, we should chart the number of miners blown up against the number of raging comments on this website.

    1. Lol sounds like you were leading on to a "How many Miners does it take to change a light bulb..." joke :-D

  8. "Slowly but surely....." I may have to revisit my numbers. You are now close to controlling 2/10th of 1% of highsec. At this rate, we'll all be dead and real people will be zipping around killing each other in real spaceships before you get to even 1%. Congrats, "savior."

    1. 100% of highsec is under New Order control. It's good that you understand that you may have to revisit your numbers to reflect this fact.

    2. Caldari State, Gallente Federation, Amarr Empire, Minmatar Republic, Khanid Kingdom, and the Ammatar Mandate control High Security Space and are the law enforcers along with CONCORD. Do you see CODE in there at all? Let me double check... hmmm nope, I don't see your cult anywhere. Sorry, try again in Null Sec where you can have you own... oh, silly me, I forgot! You guys can't actually PVP against a decent opponent! So instead you kill mining barges and idiots in PVE ships, AFKers, and autopiloting people. Sounds more like homocide/suicide oriented cult than a New Order or actually helping people.

    3. Since nothing you've said is relevant, it looks like we agree, 100% of highsec is under New Order control. Thanks for your input, such as it is.

    4. It's like you don't understand the game... oh my gosh. High Security and Low Security space is not territory that can be claimed. Unless you're referring to yourself as a gang that "claims" a block in a city, even though they don't actually own the block, they just are dicks to everyone in the block. That makes more sense


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