Thursday, January 23, 2014

How the New Order Will Achieve Final Victory, Part 3

In Part 2, I exploded some of the myths about EVE. They were myths which clouded men's minds, preventing pre-Order highsec from giving birth to a government, but which were pierced by the vision of the Saviour of Highsec. That's not roleplaying; I'm just telling it like it is.

Parts 1 and 2 bring us to today's post, in which I will describe how the New Order will achieve "Final Victory", which is to say, 100% Code-compliance in highsec. Having read the previous posts, the reader will understand that "taking over" a system is distinct from holding in-game sovereignty. This means it's possible to conquer highsec, but still leaves open the question of how it's done.

I have spoken extemporaneously on this subject with some of my Agents before. Today the EVE community at large will catch a glimpse of the way highsec is won. It's something that is widely misunderstood. Partly that's because people are still misled by the myths that I exploded in Part 2. But more importantly, it's because the process of taking space in highsec is so completely different from the process of taking space in nullsec.

In nullsec, conquest usually involves a very brief period of extremely intense activity, followed by a long period of doing nothing. To take space, an alliance or coalition calls up every pilot it can get its hands on, jams them into massive fleets, and puts them to work grinding structures non-stop for a few days or a few weeks. In unusually evenly-matched sov battles, this may be preceded by a longer period of fleet skirmishes, finally followed by the blitzkrieg I just described. After the blitzkrieg is over, sovereignty is won. Because taking sov is such a pain, and because the sov system so favors the defender, the victors may then rest on their laurels. Eventually, some alliance or coalition will finally show up to try to take that space away. But it may be a very long time before such a threat appears. In some cases it can take years.

Thus, nullsec conquest is all about intensity, not endurance. You can pinpoint the isolated, decisive battles that determined a region's fate. Once taken, the day-to-day defense of the region requires nothing. You might get a random pirate here or there, but nothing that can actually threaten sovereignty. If you join a nullsec alliance today, it's likely that they hold space because once upon a time they got enough people together to win a few fleet battles and spend a short while grinding structures. After that, peace.

The carebear and the skeptic assume that the same must be true of any attempt to take over highsec--which must therefore make it impossible to conquer. If you gank a miner, he'll say, "But what about all the miners you didn't gank today?" If you bump a miner, he'll say, "As long as you're bumping me, you're not bumping anyone else." They think that for the New Order to be successful, it must simultaneously gank every miner in highsec. They think every asteroid belt must be completely cleansed of Code-violators, at this very moment, or else it's all pointless.

That's classic nullsec blitzkrieg thinking: Be in control of the field of battle at the moment the timer runs out. Grind all the structures at once. There is no such thing as a gradual victory. You can't slowly take sovereignty of a system. It must happen right now, all-or-nothing. And if you lose the battle today, your alliance could start to collapse tomorrow.

Needless to say, if highsec were anything like that, the New Order would have disappeared on Day One, on the first day I started bumping miners out of the Halaima ice field. That's pretty much what the miners expected to happen. They told me that if I couldn't keep the ice field 100% free of miners, then I wasn't making any difference at all. Since I could only bump one miner at a time, I couldn't possibly win, so I should just quit. If I viewed EVE and highsec from the same perspective that the miners did, then quitting would have been the only reasonable thing for me to do.

But as you know, that's not what happened.

Instead, the bumping of miners in the Halaima ice field created a spark. The New Order grew in influence and power. In Part 1, we took a look at some of the signs that point toward the New Order's success. Tens of thousands of players have either chosen to become Code-compliant or have been forced to change the way they play in highsec. Many thousands more changed their attitudes and opinions about highsec, whether they lived there or not. Some of the people who changed their attitudes happened to work for CCP.

By the way, how many miners are in the Halaima ice field right now? Zero. Because there is no Halaima ice field. Depending on what time of day you're reading this, there may not even be an ice anomaly active there. As a result of the New Order and my widely-read criticisms of AFK infinite ice-mining--on MinerBumping, on EVE-O, on saw fit to remove all static ice fields, and more importantly, all infinite ice from EVE. Infinite ice had been a fixture in EVE almost from the beginning of the game. Now it's gone. Every single miner in highsec who made a living sitting next to an infinite block of ice and clicking once or twice an hour has been forced to abandon that most bot-aspirant of lifestyles.

So, June 2012 Halaima ice miner, I was not able to bump all of you from the ice field at once. I was able to bump all of the infinite ice out of the galaxy.

The New Order isn't just about getting rid of infinite ice, though. Certainly it's a big feather in our collective caps, but it's only the beginning. It's our goal to eliminate all bot-aspirancy from highsec. We want to destroy the ideology that says highsec is supposed to be risk-free, and that players can go around untanked and AFK without suffering any consequences. That's an ambitious goal--and I'd say we're off to a good start.

More controversially, we want to delegitimize the entire single-player, no-PvP carebear style of play. We want to convince the EVE community at large that the AFK carebear, who plays for the sole purpose of hoarding isk and not interacting with anyone else, contributes nothing to the game and should be treated accordingly. Before the New Order, no one had anything to say about AFK miners. Now they're widely ridiculed as fools or parasites.

We want the EVE community to view the carebears with the same negative attitude that was once reserved for highsec gankers.

This is something that happens gradually, but over time, you can see the results. Every carebear who gets bumped, ganked, wardecced, scammed, awoxed, or aggression-gamed into losing his precious isk serves as a demonstration that carebearism isn't worth it.

Each "victim" is also representative of an opportunity. Countless former carebears have learned to enjoy EVE for the first time because of the New Order. Many have already decided to obey the Code. And even those who absolutely hate and defy us have been forced to improve their play in order to adapt to our existence.

Over time, the New Order creates a snowball effect. More people hear about us, more people hear about the Code, more learn how to play EVE properly, and more people learn to despise carebearism. Even the most stubborn carebear will learn. It's one thing to be ganked once, or twice, or even three times. It's quite another to be ganked over and over again, week after week, month after month, year after year. In time, they either follow the Code, leave highsec, or quit EVE forever. I prefer the first option, but I'll take any of the three.

Because the effect of the New Order accumulates over time, our strength is based on endurance. Our mode of operation is completely different from that of a nullsec blitzkrieg. We don't gank for a week or two and then disappear. That's what Hulkageddon was about. It involved countless ganks, and produced miner tears for a short time, but ultimately had no lasting effect whatsoever.

(When the Goons announced that they would sponsor Hulkageddon for an indefinite period, that did have an impact. But "Hulkageddon Infinity" only lasted for a couple months. During that period, the Goons drew upon their empire's technetium riches and reimbursed just shy of 50 billion isk. As the Father of the New Order, I have personally raised and reimbursed roughly quadruple that amount.)

The carebears have seen the effect we've had, and have been forced to change the way they play EVE because of it. Still, they don't understand it. They'll still give you the old "as long as you're bumping me you're not bumping anyone else" line. They come up with arbitrary victory conditions and declare we've failed them: "I'm mining AFK right now, you'll never catch me!" or "Unless you do X billion in damages every day, you lose."

Whenever a miner would give me a line like that during our bump session ("I was already full!" or "You didn't break that mining cycle, so I win!"), I would always respond by saying that as long as I broke even one mining cycle, or convinced even one miner to change his ways, then I had achieved total victory. When the miner realized that I wasn't allowing him to impose his victory conditions on me, it shattered his confidence, and he usually docked up.

The reality is that we don't have to meet any arbitrary victory conditions. There's no quota for a number of carebears we need to gank, or systems we need to clear at any given time. Such metrics exist only for the purpose of convincing us that we can't succeed and need to stop trying. We didn't stop; we endured. We will continue to endure, year after year. Everyone will know who we are and what we're about. Our ideas and our vision of the way highsec should be will become more and more influential. Our enemies will be driven mad because everyone will be talking about us and trying to adapt to us. Because we just won't go away.

In this respect, there is one similarity between highsec and nullsec: Persistence is everything. If you go back to the old sovereignty maps from years ago, you'll see that things do change over time in nullsec. The alliances who endure get kicked from one part of the map to the other, over and over. The Goons are powerful today, not because they never lost space, but because they didn't quit after they lost their space. Over the years, they've been kicked out of half of the regions in nullsec, but they kept coming back. The same is true for many of the other alliances seen on today's sovereignty maps.

If persistence is power, then who has more power than the New Order? It's fitting that we should become the most persistent organization in EVE: The New Order was founded by a single ship, alone, bumping one miner at a time.

The New Order can never be defeated. It's a lucky thing that we're the good guys.


  1. Nice conclusion to the series of posts.

  2. It's a nice thing to see this movement grow over time. Educational and very entertaining. Keep it up please!

  3. Hoorah James 315.

    Saviour of HighSec!! o7

    - Guybertini

  4. So are going to harass everyone in high sec until the game goes bust or it becomes so user unfriendly that the game shuts down due to lack of subs.

    You sure that you don't work for Blizzard, James?

    1. You keep using that word, "basically". I do not think it means what you think it means.

      So are going to keep using the words 'basically' to mean "now I'm going to say a bunch of shit that I made up which has nothing to do with reality."

      You sure that you don't work as an inmate in a mental health institution, Dasha?

    2. Least I actually post with a name.

  5. Huzzah for the Savior!! That is the outcome we all wish for, helping others to see that EVE is not about hoarding ISK, but about the interactions between players that create stories that will draw new players to this wonderful game that we all share an interest in, a passion to make this game live up to its full potential.

    ---Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

  6. That was an awesome conclusion. As I was getting toward the end, I was hoping this would be a 10 part series! James is so inspiring! Even noncompliants are talking about it on the Eve-o general discussion forum. I know, deep down, the reason is because they are starting to feel motivated to change their playstyle for the better. They just need a little more help getting there.

    1. I started to read that thread and knew the poster was capt lynch when he mentioned the cops getting involved. I never gave it much thought before, but in the Eve-o thread he says that CCP called the cops. From this I can only infer that CCP contacted the police because he was talking about killing himself. Yet he somehow sees police involvement as James 315's fault because apparently capt lynch is not in control of himself.

      I don't think someone who rejects personal responsibility can ever embrace the code. It will probably be best for that person to stop playing Eve.

    2. I only have two characters on my account and Dasha isn't one of the link though.

  7. Agents and Knights, time to saddle up boys. Hisec isn't going to save itself.

    1. And there you have it. The succinct version of our Leader's in-depth Manifesto; an irresistible Call-to-Arms.

      Thanks to James315 for giving us what is essentially the foundation of the CODE., so that it becomes crystal-clear what is and what is not consistent with its aims and ethos, leaving us at the same time the flexibility of the 'living, breathing' spirit which informs our work.

      Persistence is key. Without it, we're just the same as any other start-up, going nowhere. Thankfully, we now have no doubt of our Goal, nor the means of achieving it!

      Thanks also to Malcolm for drawing out this pure-gold nugget of encouragement.

      Hail James 315!

  8. Thanks to ISD for defending James 315's honour in that Eve-o thread!

  9. Let me tell you a story:

    Iam (0sec)Explorer and mission runner (so ive nothing to do with mining).Last week i saw a gank in a system that i passed though tavelling to Jita. That was the first time i heard about the New Order.

    I thought hey why not. I changed skill training to barge & ice harvester.

    I asked around jita what is a good ice mining system and was told Kino would be nice it has 2 ice belts.

    Today i arrived Kino with my brand new Retriever. I jumped into the ice belts and started ice mining.

    While i mined i checked 15 x Retreivers & 3 Orcas Character . I SWEAR noone of them had a permit in their profile!!!


    Next step i asked 7 other randomly choosen Retrieverpilots whos the local agents here via IM. It keeps me 45 min. until i got 2 single answers. The local agent is a guy called Bing or so.And one of his altsis a Spine or so. ALL MAYBE AFK!!!

    I added this 2 to my list. This Bing was on .

    I mined till the ice was gone.


    Thats also the power of the New Order , doing absolutely nothing? Strange isnt it.Ok it was the first time i was mining but iam sure its in 99% of all high sec system the same. I just saw 1 gank on my traveling and passed dozens of systems.

    I sold the ice and the rertriever and left Kino in approxmately 2,5h the local chat was EMPTY!

    I moved back to Jita and soon will start journey back to exploring.

    i just asked myself : Hey thats strange a guy received so much ISK and nothing happened theres something wrong. Let me try to find out whats going on.....

    On my way i asked 2 russian 0 sec. friends with super computer skills to find out: What is the Order doing with all the ISK.


    A guy called James 315 and his inner circle of friends are using 50-75% of the isk to pay their game time!!!



    1. Hey there Mine Teck, it's nice to see you back here and commenting again. James has posted a lot of articles since we saw you last. It looks like you've already taken an interest in this one, though you don't appear to have understood it at all. Oh well.

    2. This guy's comment reads like one of those internet marketing squeeze pages...

      What I would give to see a RL picture of Mine Teck. It's like when we saw a picture of Ledrian Saisima, space spy extraordinaire. Lol!

    3. The joy of living in his moms basement with burned palms and a computer game.

    4. Ahem.


      Carry on.

      --- Mike Adoulin

    5. I agree. Sad when a self admited scammer of a previous ponzi scheme is pulling another one on them and the members of code are to blind to notice. Im just waiting for the day when he finaly drops all the members of code, transfers the isk to a 3rd yet unknown alt, and then writes up a blog about how he 'scammed' code and miners out of whatever number of billions of isk he will claim. Its all vainity, he wants to hold the title of scamming the most, and he failed to do that with his first ponzi scheme years back, this one might just get him that title. *tips hat to james* very good scam james, very good one

  10. Re: "Tens of thousands of players have either chosen to become Code-compliant or have been forced to change the way they play in highsec."

    You really are Comic Book Guy. This is hilarious. Please post the video when your parents kick you out of their basement because they want to retire to Florida and not bring you with them.

  11. "Out, out, brief candle! The miner is but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the galaxy and then is heard no more: their tears are tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

    -- William Shakespeare, Macbeth 315

    1. Bravo Clara Pond. Bravo. In addition, I would like to add that many commentators have written a huge quantity of words about Eve, but none have nailed the truth of the matter better than James in his post above. Eve is lost, truly lost, the way has become unclear to its creators who now rely on us to forge the true path - as the laws of IRL business and space explosions demand

    2. Nice try but it is a falsification, the right verse is :

      "Out, out, brief candle!
      Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
      That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
      And then is heard no more: it is a tale
      Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
      Signifying nothing."

      We see there the true nature of the New Order : lie.

      anon 901

    3. @aspie 901


  12. back to 1531

    Glück auf, Glück auf, der Steiger kommt.
    |: Und er hat sein helles Licht bei der Nacht, :|
    |: schon angezündt’ :|

    Schon angezündt’! Das gibt ein Schein,
    |: und damit so fahren wir bei der Nacht, :|
    |: ins Bergwerk ein :|

    Ins Bergwerk ein, wo die Bergleut’ sein,
    |: die da graben das Silber und das Gold bei der Nacht, :|
    |: aus Felsgestein :|

    Der Eine gräbt das Silber, der and're gräbt das Gold,
    |: doch dem schwarzbraunen Mägdelein, bei der Nacht, :|
    |: dem sein wir hold :|

    Ade, nun ade! Lieb’ Schätzelein!
    |: Und da drunten in dem tiefen finst’ren Schacht, bei der Nacht, :|
    |: da denk’ ich dein :|

    Und kehr ich heim, zum Schätzelein,
    |: dann erschallet des Bergmanns Gruß bei der Nacht, :|
    |: Glück auf, Glück auf! :|

    Eine weitere überlieferte, vor allem im Ruhrgebiet verbreitete Strophe lautet

    Die Bergmann’s Leut sein’s kreuzbrave Leut,
    |: denn sie tragen das Leder vor dem Arsch bei der Nacht :|
    |: und saufen Schnaps :|

  13. looks like some bot-aspirants on here can't handle the REAL TALK

  14. March on Agents and knights! It is through your persistence and tenacity that we will achieve total victory! True, lasting cultural change in highsec, brought about by the wisedom and leadership of the Supreme Protector.



  15. As long as this gibbering is about to legitimate high sec racket, it is much hilarious.
    I appreciated much !
    - in 2020, we will be the master of the universe ! (In 2020 !)
    - we, the Neworder, are the true and only elite-pvpers and the inspired demonstration of that !

    But when it comes to burst people out of the game because you don't like the way they play, I say STOP please. You are on a sloppy slope, and not a proper one.

    "More controversially, we want to delegitimize the entire single-player, no-PvP carebear style of play. We want to convince the EVE community at large that the AFK carebear, who plays for the sole purpose of hoarding isk and not interacting with anyone else, contributes nothing to the game and should be treated accordingly. Before the New Order, no one had anything to say about AFK miners. Now they're widely ridiculed as fools or parasites."
    Ganking people never demonstrates that they are useless, ridicule or parasite, never.

    Last, about AFK mining, the solution is quite simple : make the asteroids smaller (so that they are emptied in one or two cycles). Don't wait 6 years, petition CCP for that now.

    anon 901

    1. Hi Anonymous, firstly sorry to say your opinion is invalid as you haven't given us a name therefore there is no backbone.

      "Ganking people never demonstrates that they are useless, ridicule or parasite, never." - Ganking shows there is a consequence for not being alert and vigilant.

      This is EvE, look up what that means. People complain that they are ganked when its a perfectly legitimate way to play the game, they want to be left alone in a game about shooting spaceships, a multiplayer game, a game with so many forms of communication. They want to make easy ISK, there is no easy ISK. You think that way then you are taking this game for a mug. Show it some respect.

      If you're passionate about playing EvE, you know its one of the best games available to play today. You should feel inspired by reading this blog, The New Order understands this game.

      This reply is subjective based on your comment.

      Pepper en Daire

    2. @ Peper en Daire

      I'll publish in this blog with the name anon 901. That should be enough for a discussion.

      You don't answer to my arguments.

      You postulate a vision for the game EVE, you have right to do so.
      You must be aware that other people may think differently.... and accept it.

      From my point of view, there is absolutly no way, no argument to sort it out and tell which view is the betterone. As long as people are enjoying the game the way they play it, I feel it's a valid "use" of the game.
      So my opinion is that you must respect and tolerate them (in forum, in chat, etc.)
      (this does not mean that you cannot gank them in-game, ofc, beware of the double negation)

      And I will say again that all is a matter of presentation :
      - ganking miners because you are a pirate and miners are easy prey : GOOD
      - ganking avatars because you want to expel players from the game : BAD

      I'm OK with you on this point :
      as long as ganking is legitimate, ganking should be accepted (as part of the game) by everyone, including the "ganked".

      And you can decline this in :
      as long a mining is legitimate, mining should be accepted (as part of the game) by everyone, including people that do not mine.

      anon 901

    3. "ganking avatars because you want to expel players from the game : BAD"

      Challenge accepted - if there's an avatar in highsec, we will gank it.

    4. "From my point of view, there is absolutly no way, no argument to sort it out and tell which view is the betterone."

      There's not an argument to sort it out, one sorts it out by playing EVE and letting the better viewpoint win. The New Order is winning, therefore its viewpoint is being demonstrated to be better. Case closed.

    5. "as long a mining is legitimate, mining should be accepted (as part of the game) by everyone, including people that do not mine."

      The only people who want to say that mining isn't part of the game, are the highsec carebears who don't want to be interacted with while they mine. Your points are, by and large, true, but they argue for the viewpoint of the New Order, not against it.

    6. Well, at least I don't have a problem with mining, it's just one of the most boring things in the game (Believe me, I've done it.). Plus players aren't prohibited from mining under the Code, it's excessive 23/7 mining that's the problem.

      And there's nothing stopping people that don't mine from creating a new character to do mining.

  16. @alana charen-teng

    You made my day Alana !!

    Does the New Order announce that it will gank every avatar in high sec ?
    Wow, vast and impressive schedule :)

    Something tells me JAMES 315 will stay in charge, unrivaled, for a long time.

    I humbly suggest that you check what is an avatar

    anon 901

    1. You do realize this is a game about spaceships, right? Also, that incidentally, one of the spaceships in said game is classed "Avatar"...?

    2. Completely flew by his head. Whoosh!


    We proudly present the oficial carebear mining hymn 1:

  18. AND NOW the oficial : "ANTI NEW OEDER HYMN"!


  20. You kept these articles to put them out during the minutes didn't you ? :D
    Part one happened on Day 1, part two on Day 2, etc...

  21. "even those who absolutely hate and defy us have been forced to improve their play in order to adapt to our existence"

    This is where the true genius of the CODE lies. Those bears who have been driven to constantly D-Scan, or even attempt ganking NO agents themselves; they have been pulled head-first back into the sandbox and understand the risk of undocking, the stupidity of being afk in blingships, maybe even the thrill of ECMing or outrepping a gank attempt that was never to succeed.
    Such staunchly anti-compliant fellows are, possibly, the most compliant of them all.

  22. I'm not a frigging carebear or something but to me this blog and the "New Order" is just bull. Just let the people play their game as they want. Is it that hard to be respectful? Oh no, I forgot that this blog is full of unnecessary bragging of a bored and stuck-up kid who can't find valid targets and tired of seeing the same faces over and over again. So instead he decides to declare a war against windmills. I didn't even know this exist at all. Today I just saw it on the forums and decided to check what this hype is all about..I don't have a problem with running my D-scan 24/7 that's my habit. But this thing is just unnecessary. You can't expect people to obey anything that YOU said just because you dislike something. Grow up kid, and learn to respect others. That's when you can enjoy this game and this life. If you can't live with the carebears or that aspect of this game then just crawl back to low sec or null, live there and never come back to high sec again. CCP created those areas specifically for this reason. Just because YOU wanted something doesn't ever really mean that everybody has to obey and apply your bullshit. Just go and play your illuminati side-kick propaganda somewhere else. Enough said.

    1. Thank you for affirming that the New Order has the right to play the game how we wish!

      If you're at your keyboard and checking d-scan, then you're already well on your way to being Code-compliant.

      Would you like to buy a permit and make it official?

  23. Given that even paid up miners are subject to random ganks, I'm guessing for quality control, where does New Order expect to receive the minerals to make the ships and mods used in ganking those who mine ores, refined to minerals used to make ships and mods? Ah, surplus inventory! So...when that dries up, what then? From whence will your gankmobiles come? Surely not low or null...CODE might suffer losses due to gate camps, so again, the question rises. From whence? And please, I ask for flames, for it is cold here, and I needs s'mores.

    Also, I find it humorous that James 315 employ Captcha and similar to ensure that no bot, mining or otherwise, pollutes his world-view.

    1. While it would be said that posting under anonymous makes your arguments invalid, I will give them a chance.

      You forget that CODE. includes industrial corporations that will be producing the "gankmobiles" as you called them and the weapons to arm them. This also includes individual people that do this and other independent corporations in highsec that produce them.

  24. long live the false prophet my he guide us to oblivion and watch us parish.

  25. "It's a lucky thing that we're the good guys"
    Sorry just wondering by whose definition you are considering yourself good. Then again every faction real or fake has thought they were in the right while advocating nothing but there own ideals and cause little but destruction.

  26. I will state this now as I am part of the force behind what I am about say. CODE is ending nearing the end of it's natural life. Soon, the isk accumulated from ganking, permits, and donations will be transferred to an anonymous account. This is Eve Online. This is the way the game rolls. Agents will find a new home for their allegiance to this sad cycle of slavery and continue their work. And that will be on them. High sec will never be won over, but all of these posts are very cute and give alot of people a good laugh.


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