Friday, January 10, 2014

The Thrashing Floor

The Thrasher is a fine suicide ganking ship. It may lack the DPS of its famous Catalyst cousin, but it has talents of its own. The Thrasher can sport a nice shield tank, making it ideal for use at stargates, where sentry guns will kill you long before CONCORD arrives.

Autopiloters beware. Agents of the New Order have spent many months killing bot-aspirants who love nothing more than to set a destination and tune out.

As with mining, autopiloting carries a New Order license requirement under the Code. (It's implied.) And even a license does not exempt highsec residents from the requirement not to be a bot-aspirant, which means untanked ships like shuttles are not to be used for autopiloting.

Utram made the mistake of putting his egg in a tankless basket and paid the price. In nullsec, the average subcap pilot will die many, many times before suffering 679 million isk in losses. Blingy highsec pods are a short-cut; you can lose that much in a second. And Utram's is far from the most expensive pod we've seen--as anyone who reads the "Kills of of the Week" posts will tell you.

While on Code-enforcement duty, I received a convo request from Utram. He didn't see any reason for my podding him. No reason, really? Not for a shiny new killmail, or even out of curiosity about the contents of his pod? Utram had no idea he was playing a multiplayer PvP game about spaceship combat. Weird.

Utram let me know he wasn't in a very good mood at the moment. Some people would hear that and think to themselves, "I'll bring up the subject of James 315 another time." However, in my experience, it's best not to wait for a perfect moment. The carebear could quit EVE before another opportunity presents itself.

I told Utram about the Code and held my breath with anticipation.

Utram was another victim of the "I wasn't AFK, I was just..." disease that's been making the rounds. Thankfully I have a collection of several hundred MinerBumping posts that I can draw upon for relevant lessons.

When someone returns to EVE after a long absence, Agents of the New Order act as ambassadors for the new highsec we've created. We try to get people pumped up about the changes we've made.

Utram resisted change and expressed some counter-revolutionary attitudes. This is ironic, because if things were so great before the New Order, then why had he left EVE in the first place?

Sadly, Utram wasn't yet ready to join the New Order. He said to check back in a million years. I think we can do a lot better than that, though.

I always try to relate to the carebears in whatever way I can. I put the Code in terms I thought he might understand. I had only seen Utram perform criminal acts, so I offered an appropriate analogy. Still nothing!

Utram decided he would rather not log in on the Utram character again, instead of paying a simple fine and following some basic rules. What a waste. But I'm sure that whoever his other characters are, they're being given the same lessons Utram was.


  1. This post is most enjoyable to read!

  2. "EVE is a unique game in may ways."

    Most of them are very funny.

  3. I'm so glad we have an official protocol to refer the bot-aspirants to when they use the "I was in the bathroom" excuse. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I get to link that post.

  4. Great Post. Our Leader, James 315, has lately been fleshing out the bones of the CODE. We are grateful to him for continuing to instruct us in the essentials of successful enforcement of the New Halaima Code of Conduct.

    To some of the commentators here on, the form and function of the New Order are clear. But for young pilots like me, the opportunity to lift examples of correct procedure from these blogs, is crucial.

    Beneath the sharply focused humor and stinging wit I perceive a solid foundation of CODE.-related instruction. Hail James 315, Supreme Protector of Halaima, Saviour of Highsec!

    Any chance of a peek at the Thrasher fit?

    1. I'm sure his killboard would show it.

    2. Of course, thanks..

  5. What i find so funny about this site that its turning into a religion... James Get of your high horse already u can keep talking and talking to justify what u do, but in the end You had to change rules by ccp.

    Even with that said you add rules to your book at you liking when ever you feel like it,
    Minerbumpings root are to keep highsec from crumbling in on its self.

    You keep changing into a monster instead of a savior up to a point where you minions/knight get power crazed. then again u feel to good to read comments on ur own website.

    You started something really good, yet u leave the path of justice to become a criminal.

    you have been growing from savior to dictator in a steadily pace and you don't understand and get angry when they call you Hitler? Even Hitler got a Nobel prize for peace before he went mad and started killing INNOCENT people for not obeying rules (although miners that mine afk deserve to be punished) If a player decides to use ingame mechanics like auto travel In WHAT EVER ship They Do Not mine They Do Not Ruin High sec.

    You are however doing just that, this is a pvp based sandbox game Not your personal power trip.

    Sadly you won't respond to this your minions will have to do that, yet even they are blind to what has been happening. In a quote From tupac's song " I have been laughing and blasting for so long that even my momma thinks my mind is gone. "

    Yes this how far you went of you original Brilliant idea.
    My best guess is that you have been lead a stray by you own knight whom like to kill more people. Which is understandable because its pvp sandbox game.

    When will you start looking in the mirror and see that you are no longer a savior.
    You have turned into something far less of a man.

    Proverbs 19:5
    A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will not escape.

    Genesis 12:3
    I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

    Since your Group is becoming an Eve religion these will fit just nicely

    1. And this, folks, is why we shoot idiots.

      I also like how they admired Hitler before he 'went mad', cuz, you know, he was so nice and sane before the whole 'Final Solution' thing.

      And as usual, they hide behind Anonymous, because if they dared to give out their EVE handle they would get permadec'd/ganked for being a fascist creep. It's actually becoming more common, I ran into one of these Jew-hating moonbats in the ice belt in Brap the other day.

      --- Mike Adoulin

    2. Funny how you think

      "And as usual, they hide behind Anonymous, because if they dared to give out their EVE handle they would get permadec'd/ganked for being a fascist creep"

      I hide yes, so would thousands of people hide behind it. Yet you immediately presume i am a fascist, funny ... can't say that i've ever met you.

      " It's actually becoming more common, I ran into one of these Jew-hating moonbats in the ice belt in Brap the other day. "

      My granma is/was a jew thank you very much. Fromt his i take again that you know know about what i was saying and you should shoot by your own rule your self. "And this, folks, is why we shoot idiots."

      You don't know other than what you want to hear. Every post that see on the blog is being sweet talked into the sun.

      Yet you only look for keywords in what i have written down and clearly do not understand what it says, its funny how you shoot something before understanding this.

      and if you would read the text now again in a normal way as not being a judgmental asshole :)

      You will see that i praise James for everything he has done and is doing even though he seems to be losing his way, if you can't see that because you're a judgmental person so be it. i express my opinion through anonymous because people will only think we have to kill he because he has an opinion.

      ofc i will not reveal my game name because u will decc/target me since u can't see past you short shortsightedness.

      yours sincererly a permit holder

    3. Dear Sincere Permit Holder, James 315 has never yet swerved from the Path he established. He reveals as much of it as he will at a time of his choosing, to those who share his dream. We, who hang on his every word, thank him. As a Permit Holder so should you.

      Your holding a Permit of the New Order does not elevate you to a perch above the CODE. and its provisions.

      To suggest that James 315 has lost his way calls into question everything he has created and casts doubt on the sincerity you claim at the end of your post.

      But all is not lost. You 'praise James for everything he has done'. That's the spirit!

      It is truly a tough road ahead of us, and you have simply slipped on some scree. Let him give you a helping hand. Focus again on the Glorious Goal, and set aside these querulous quibbles.

      Hail James 315, Supreme Protector of Halaima, Saviour of Highsec!

    4. i see the errors of what i have said in a good nights rest yet i also feel the pity that you do not recognize any of what i have said, i did not write an attack i wrote off an opinion as allot of carebears feel concerning the code and highsec.

      And yet i have to do its anonymously otherwise i get hunted?

      The only thing i feel better for having a code permit is that the other poor bastards that don't have one, don't understand. even I a carebear supreme have begun to wake up miners in the system i am in by making an alt and visiting them with a catalyst most of them being afk i try to teach them that being afk is not a good way to play eve 1 catalyst loss at a time.

      Simply because we get judged for voicing opinions people hide behind anonymous, there should be a change about that.

      And that my friends of the code is what i meant, that's what my opinion is/was about. maybe because i was raised different from you means that i have a more positive look on things which block you from understanding why i wrote what wrote and why i wrote it.

      ill try and see if i can get a talk with james instead of going thru this because i love the code and everything its doing but i fail to see a few certain things.

      That have no relevance of making a more stable highsec. which is the reason for the code in the first place.

      Atm the only thing carebears see is gankers hiding behind the code, and its blocking your progress.

      Your's sincerely the permit holder who wrote the past 3 message's anonymously because he isn't allowed to say its under his own name because it will get hit with a red pen/harassment/perma dec's/bad behavior

  6. I see you have your facts mixed up. James 315 has and always will be our Savior. This ingame Dictator you're looking for is me. So I would greatly appreciate if you would not refer to our Savior as a Dictator. He is forgiving and will show you mercy. I will not if we catch you violating the CODE. you will be ganked on the spot. The only mercy you will receive ingame is the privilege to buy a permit. If I had my way I would close the permit office permanently. James 315 doesn't let us charge more than 10 million a year for a permit. He doesn't let us refuse to sell you a permit. So I would be thankful that James 315 is our Savior. He is the only thing keeping us from getting even more aggressive. We even enforce the CODE. on our own members. Yes that means if we catch one of our own afk they get ganked. James 315 has brought Order to highsec. Feel free to contact me ingame. I'll help you get your facts straight about us.


  7. Someone double-check me on this, but amid all the back-tracking and ass covering this "anonymous permit holder who also moonlights as a Knight" is doing, did he just quote Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" as a line from a Tupac song?

    1. Ooo, someone needs to write a song called "Ganker's Paradise".

      I'd listen to that.

  8. Oohw dear lord ... everybody is a critic....

    i only knew it from:

    funny how it works doesn't it but hey here's your method lets bash him ... you'll get allot further with "dude tupac did cover that song but it was originally by coolio" but no the bash method is the only thing you understand.

    whats this part about ass covering?

    I voiced my opinion and then had to clarify what i said since people would not understand the meaning, it was also lost on you it seems.

    As for xxblack skullxx , since you are in the service of james. its is james teaching you are but a disciple of the code who gave it a different meaning to what it meant in the start non the less i support it and am on my way to become an agent as of which i am currently not able to preform solo.

    Ofcourse i say everything as too be of help to expand visions yet, most great leaders choose not to see the suffering of the common folk.

    As for the dictator part read it again this time a bit slower in which I did not call him to be a dictator but he is becoming one. and that saddens me greatly.

    I feel that more of high sec could be saved 1 agent in a station should be enough.

    " Feel free to contact me ingame. I'll help you get your facts straight about us."

    The problem with this is.

    "And as usual, they hide behind Anonymous, because if they dared to give out their EVE handle they would get permadec'd/ganked for being a fascist creep. It's actually becoming more common, I ran into one of these Jew-hating moonbats in the ice belt in Brap the other day. --- Mike Adoulin"

    For me to show myself, would result in a negative way will i am preaching positive things.


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