Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Every Last System in Highsec

Every system in highsec belongs to the New Order. Not some, not most, not nearly all, but every last one of them. All highsec systems are subject to the Code.

Now, it's obvious to even the most bot-aspirant carebear that a 0.5 security system is a dangerous place to be if you're a Code-violator. (The trillions of isk worth of damage inflicted there simply proves the bot-aspirants don't care that they're in danger.) But even some fairly well-educated carebears believe that the Code won't be enforced in 1.0 security systems.

Enter Agent Rick Therapist. (Therapist. Therapist. Some people get confused by his name.) And his faithful companion, Agent Brutal Anna. They're not afraid of a challenge. They reported directly to the nearest 1.0 system to ensure that everyone was Code-compliant.

Skeptics and rebels will cry foul, of course. They believe 1.0 systems belong only to newbies. Not true! Perimeter, for example, is a major trade route system. Its 1.0 status simply allows CONCORD to behave more aggressively.

...Luckily, our Agents are even more aggressive.

Experienced Agents like Rick Therapist and Brutal Anna can still be surprised by the recklessness and fecklessness of the unreformed carebear. The violators put their expensive implants at risk with minimal regard for the Code. Even in a 1.0 system, however, a simple Thrasher is enough to deal with them. Cukor Repa had a Leopard shuttle and an implant for extra warp drive speed. How did she get caught? Auto-piloting, of course!

One believer in 100% safe highsec had a full set of slave implants. That might've added a few points of armor to his Capsule, but not enough. It's no use min-maxing if you forget to buy a permit. They really should add that to the next version of EFT.

Rick and Anna didn't stop. Despite the expensive killmails popping up in Perimeter, the carebears kept on auto-piloting through.

Though Rick and Anna were both at perfect -10 standings and freely attackable by all, the endless stream of travelers didn't bother fighting back. They saw the blinky reds and shrugged their shoulders with indifference. In a rare exception, a member of the Organization Against Order alliance (no relation?) came after them. He was killed.

The limited-issue Leopard becomes rarer by the day. I wonder what percentage of the Leopards killed so far in EVE were slain by the New Order.

Why do people use shuttles as hauling ships? Because they assume there's no change of being shot in highsec. How many more trillions of isk must we destroy before the carebears get the message? Don't worry--whatever the amount, we'll do it.

Our heroes brought highsec 20 billion isk closer to final victory that day.

We're willing to educate the carebears one at a time, if that's what it takes. No miner--or AFK auto-piloter--left behind.


  1. To be fair, the leopard makes a good blueprint hauler if you're not AFK. I've used it to take advantage of the better availability of research slots in lowsec before, back when we had slots. Also great for nabbing skillbooks. Again, if not AFK (or AFK but with medclone in a seeding station, but I question the ISK efficiency of that)

  2. Good evening Anon 10:14

    To refute your claim that the Order does not have control of any systems I shall quote to you a piece in an article not so long ago that addresses your concerns

    "The typical carebear will object, "But you don't hold sovereignty in highsec. Your name isn't listed in the top corner of the screen." I don't need to remind the intelligent, well-informed EVE player, but I will: The majority of territorial claims in EVE do not correspond to in-game sovereignty. No one who "holds" space in lowsec has sovereignty. You cannot hold sovereignty in any wormhole. Large sections of nullsec are owned by NPCs, according to in-game sovereignty.

    It goes further: How many systems does the CFC hold sovereignty in? Or N3? The answer is a grand total of zero. Even though coalitions claim to hold most of nullsec, they cannot hold in-game sovereignty; only alliances can. This is no mere technicality, for the distinction is important. A junior member of a coalition can hold sov, but they will be kicked out in a hurry if they defy the coalition leaders. Last but not least, the renters. Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere and Brothers of Tanagra are two of the largest sov-holders in all of EVE. Yet they own no territory. They exist as puppet organizations for the convenience of the CFC and Pandemic Legion, respectively. There are other renter alliances out there, too.

    The New Order's non-sov claim of highsec is not only conceivable, it follows the norm. Adding it all up: Lowsec, wormhole space, NPC null, coalitions, and renters, the vast majority of territory claimed in EVE has nothing whatsoever to do with in-game sovereignty. I was the first person to make this realization, but before long, it will be the accepted wisdom among the EVE community."

  3. The new order claims are meaningless, it is all propaganda to make your selves feel like you mean something, yet the new order and code along with the Buffoon HighSec james 315 are meaningless...

    1. We love the tears you leave in the comments section of a blog.

    2. It's not tears, but fact.

      Another fact: Just because you use valid game mechanics to suicide gank someone in some system doesn't mean that you control that system. I fly through those systems all the time and I never have been ganked.

      So yeah, the role-playing delusion of James 315 is on the road again. He *claims* that he owns all of highsec. But guess what? A good wardec or someone fighting back causes the agents to run. They run from people who can and do actually fight back. I've seen it happen time and time again. If they can't gank you or you fight back, they run.

      Look at their wardecs. They only wardec people who they believe can't or won't fight back. That's all the evidence that needs to be presented, and it's in game for all to see.

    3. Are you really that mad?

    4. New Order and CODE. members don't run, they inform the carebear miner of their violations during their 15min of blinky red. They could take a break, but are more willing to make sure the perpetrator knows exactly why he had to be removed from the local area via ship/pod destruction. That's being a winner.

    5. Brutal Bananna and Rick The Rapist ganked my barge few days ago. I was removed from the local area via ship/pod destruction.

      It was like James 315 takes my soul in his hairy hands.


      Then I replaced the loss and continue to run my multi-box fleet.

      But I must admit that your ganking routine works well. Clearly the elite in this form of engagement.

  4. How is he supposed to undock and fight you when you post as anonymous?

  5. How are we meant to undock and fight you when there were no gankers in system?


  6. did you know that James 315 ganks every day? hes a member of The Conference Elite.

  7. Lol. You must feel so relevant, pubbie. "camping" -10, GCC players in a station; goodness game mechanics are too hard for you it seems.

    I see your reading and comprehension skills also need some work having missed the previous posts about how James 315's invincible stabber killed off a group of fail white knights.

    Here's just one because I know research is too difficult for you:


    Wait.. is that Jennifer en Marland amongst the gankers? Isn't he like your guys' hero and he couldn't even take down the invincible stabber even though he was in a Brutix and had 5 friends? So much fail.

    They don't call it the Invincible Stabber for nothing. :)

  8. Nom nom nom so many delicious tears.
    LOL wardecs. We're mostly -10s or close to it. We love wardecs because you just wasted 50+ million ISK and gave our non-reds free targets.
    AGs don't lock shit down. We laugh at you guys constantly as we undock and insta warp to a safe and insta dock in pods right in front of you. You realize we can't undock in anything other than a pod while our GCCs are active, right? L2EVE

  9. AnonymousJuly 23, 2014 at 10:20 AM

    you kind of avoided the question by asking a completely irrelevant question. Since you continue to hide behind the veil of anonymity I can only assume that you are scared of the new order and James.

  10. These guys are not producing tears. Spin it all you want, they are insulting you and pointing out that you're just pissant empire griefers.

    1. and more tears added to the pile. LOL "insulting" yeah, I guess that's how you see it

    2. Impotent rage, the best kind of tears


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