Saturday, July 26, 2014

The James 315 Chorus

Increasingly, the Code is transcending the traditional written mediums like webpage text and local spam. In recent weeks we've seen the Code appear in recorded audio: homilies and stock messages. As you'll no doubt recall with fondness, oral readings of the Code also featured prominently in Agent Erotica 1's Bonus Rounds.

Today, the singing.

Agent Rabe Raptor made multiple recordings of his own voice and mixed them together in an exciting chorus. The lyrics to this particular chorus are printed on the SoundCloud page.

If this were included as an in-game sound, I'm absolutely confident more EVE players would play the game with sound enabled. And I'm equally confident that if it played as an in-game sound effect for the miners each time they were ganked, we wouldn't need to gank them repeatedly. They would learn much more quickly to buy a permit.


  1. I lolled. Excellent work, sir.

  2. Well done Rabe Raptor,

    a solemn yet uplifting piece of work!

  3. Ok, ya'll are starting to get a little weird now.

  4. For the record I was the 11:41 comment and I definitely have no hate. I have found the role-playing banter and creativity of this website, and those who have fun with it in a game about virtual spaceships, entertaining.
    But, like I said, in an internet spaceship game, there is a point where ya'll are starting to get weird. This was one of them.
    To be fair, I said the same thing about people who got "married" in WOW or shed epic tears (or threaten people) for losing pixels in EVE.

  5. Haters gonna hate? You got to be honest - song is totally cr*p and makes code look like a bunch of nuts and James trying to give such lame rubbish some credibility proves he lost it a long time ago ROFLMAO x 10000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The New Order of Highsec - supplying only the highest-quality butthurt since 2012.

  7. yet more proof that Code is totally breaking down.
    give me more awoxing and shiny killmails, seriously, cut the crap otherwise, this is just sad..

  8. OMFG

    You should feel bad

  9. rabe rabtor needs locking away in a padded cell forever and the girl who is singing needs 20 years of counseling to get rid of that horror from her mind and I don't mean just the song

  10. Rabe's singing talent is questionable, but the message is not.

    All Hail THE CODE, the cure for the cancer that is Bot Aspirantcy.

    The Code is TRUTH, The Code is LIFE
    JAMES 315, the first prophet of Emergent Gameplay.

  11. Thank you all for your support. <3


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