Friday, July 18, 2014

Which Corps Should You Wardec?

Though Agents of the New Order are notoriously effective suicide gankers, and though the New Order invented the modern practice of miner bumping, Agents have other means of enforcing the Code. The New Order counts among its supporters some of the finest wardeccers and awoxers in all EVE. But I am often asked the question, "Whom should I wardec? What alliances should I try to awox?"

I like to think of the battle for highsec's heart and soul as a kind of relay race. It's not always possible to save a rebel corp or an alliance of bot-aspirants all on your own. Agents pass the baton to each other, knowing that eventually the carebears will see the light (or leave highsec or quit EVE).

If you're looking for a corp/alliance to wardec or awox, there's no better place than MinerBumping to conduct your research. You can find countless stories about Code violators who need your help. If the criminal is a member of an alliance, or if his corp is too large to conveniently dissolve and reform, you've got yourself a good target. Sometimes the entire corp/alliance is defiant. In other cases, they simply harbor one bad apple. In those instances, I recommend contacting the corp/alliance diplomat or CEO and letting them know that the wardec/awox was a result of that member. Carebear corps and alliances are often willing to expel a troublemaker.

For the remainder of this post, I'll give you some examples of suitable targets that I found simply by browsing the pages of MinerBumping.

Corp: The Flying Warducks
Size: 27 members
Post: Highsec Toad Trotter, Part 1
Criminal History: This corp is currently harboring toad trotter, author of the longest tearmail in New Order history. They have not contacted the New Order to explain why they failed to expel her for her Code violations. Apparently the corp is primarily French-speaking, so it's possible they are not regular readers of MinerBumping. If so, that would be another red flag.

Corp: Arcane New Order
Size: 12 members
Post: Attack of the Clone
Criminal History: JTClone Ares founded this corp with the express purpose of destroying the New Order. Recently he has taken to releasing SoundCloud recordings about his desire to restore highsec to its pre-Order madness.

Corp: the undead miners
Size: Alliance: Cybran Nation Alliance
Post: All Strussed Out
Criminal History: The corp's CEO is Lisanna struss. She tried to stop a gank, failed, vowed to take down the New Order, and ranted on TeamSpeak. So far, she has refused to purchase a mining permit.

Corp: Industrial Organization Corporation
Size: Alliance: Syzygy Crux.
Post: Learning and Not Learning
Criminal History: The corp's CEO is Ms Launa, who famously spent at least 45 billion isk putting bounties on New Order corps and the CODE. alliance. This worked to the New Order's advantage, since we can collect some of the bounties during ganks and recover part of the ships' cost. Further interactions with Ms Launa may result in additional bounties.

Corp: Strategically Integrated Coalition Of Nations
Size: 6 members
Post: No Easy Awox, Part 7
Criminal History: The corp is home to this guy:

Yes, TDD Dominaters is at it again. Intel reports suggest that he is the alt and/or account sharing with the corp's CEO, Sean Hamann Hamann. Given TDD's history of exploiting new players with excessive tax rates and commanding them to do mining ops during wardecs, we can say with confidence that his corp is up to no good.

Corp: The Prodigy Generation
Size: Alliance: Galactic Skyfleet Empire
Post: A Little Bit of Everything
Criminal History: The corp's CEO is Psychoinmate Assylum, who claims to be in the business of training new players--even those with trial accounts. In reality, his only intention is to poison our fair highsec. Psychoinmate believes the Code's very existence is against the EULA, and he produced a screenshot of himself filing a frivolous petition to that effect. He's also known for this remark:

Clearly, Psychoinmate has insufficient respect for the New Order.

Corp: Earth Breaker Mining Collective
Size: 25 members
Post: Accountability Begins with a Permit
Criminal History: Members of the corp were instructed by its leaders to buy mining permits and then violate the Code. This shocking revelation came to light when the corp was infiltrated by a New Order Agent--who then executed a devastating awox attack. Although its former CEO (and "co-founder") quit, the corp is suspected of continuing to break the Code at every opportunity.

The frightening truth is, there are many such corps operating right under our noses in highsec. Do you have what it takes to bring these criminals to justice? Look up some random MinerBumping posts and find your next target today!


  1. Jer'tih and I are currently learning how to be meat shields in the CFC. But I anxiously await the dispatch from the New Order Agent who tears apart TDD Dominaters' latest fail corp. In fact, known agents can hit me up and I'll pay for the wardec.

  2. So, a red flag for not speaking English.

    Breaking news, racists in the New Order. Film at 11.

    1. Learn what racism is.

    2. No, Anonymous 7:44 PM. Red flag if they aren't regular readers of Our Savior said "If so [if they are not "regular readers of MinerBumping"], that would be another red flag." I suggest you look up your local community college and take a "Reading for Comprehension" course.

      Relevant full quote: "Apparently the corp is primarily French-speaking, so it's possible they are not regular readers of MinerBumping. If so, that would be another red flag."

    3. And your full relevant quote supports the racism charge, or at the very least prejudice against those who do not speak English. Not everyone who plays the game speak English. So by your twisted thinking, if someone cannot read, write, speak, or understand the English language, then they are by definition violating your code.

      Hey James, you know that picture I sent you of my ass that had hair glued on it? Get it in the mail yet? Good. Because now you can kiss my hairy ass. And do it while you are flying a plane.


      This is another quality trollific post from your friends at Carebears United.

      We are many. We are strong. The code will fall. The code will fail. A code free highsec is worth fighting for. Saving highsec from the savior of highsec, one carebear at a time.

    4. "Carebears United . . . We are many. We are strong."

      Where at? Because you're not in highsec, where the freighter and barge ganking is going full tilt as we speak.

    5. Truthfully, he's been spamming the forms as long as I can remember with his "zomg I am the worlds more creative troll" and the "code will fall" stuff and I've seen.... nothing.

      Pretty typical carebear style, really - doing something that made any sort of impact would require too much effort, so all they have to fall back on is really poor posting.

      Also, Butthurt - we've talked about this before. You're not trolling when you claim "This is another quality trollific post". That's not how it works. Lurk moar, perhaps a return to 4chan and some quiet study would serve you well.

    6. That's funny, because I can say the same thing about the new order and you code monkeys...

    7. Sure, you could - but it would really not make any sense whatsoever. But you could.

  3. Another alliance that is wardec/awox worthy is "To Be Determined Alliance". Aside from the disrespect toward the Code that I've personally witnessed, I even saw a TS channel of theirs reserved for (in the description) "Where dumb fucks end up. Like code. <3".

    I don't know if they still have that. And I can't confirm or deny, for opsec purposes, whether or not I currently have an alt attempting to get in, or already in, to awox them. But I can confirm they are not doing too well when it comes to dealing with pew-pew from the wardecs currently upon them, judging by killboards. :)

    1. To be Nerfed Alliance is also in a perma war dec with Marmite over the butthurt comments they make regarding high sec game mechanics.

  4. So is it the the majority of you "Code" agents got one too many wedgies in High School? I'll show them! This Internet Spaceship Nerd is gonna blow up ships that can't fight back. I would be willing to bet James315 got his lunch money taken away one too many times. Go ahead Mr. 315...Gather the dreck of HighSec gankers, AWOXERS and undesirables. WarDec a big time HighSec corp/alliance with solid numbers, then blog about that. As you "Code" are putting on lipstick, listening to Morrissey and making your list of bullies to shoot, simply remember it's better to let all that stuff go and move on with life

    1. The whole "ships that can't fight back" canard actually demonstrates the lack of understanding of the sandbox possessed by those who use it.

      EVE is about power and coordination. Those who accumulate and use either or both against those who do not are playing the game as it is *intended* to be played. Those who get their "ships that can't fight back" blown up through their failure to protect their fleet by neglecting to accumulate power or coordination with others cannot blame anyone but themselves.

    2. Um, anon.

      You're aware some of the new order's war deccers are in very tiny corps and wardec corps 100x their size, right?

    3. Unrelated note: Don't talk shit about Morrissey. If you can't appreciate The Smiths as groundbreaking stuff, you are truly beyond saving.

    4. There's a huge difference between can't fight back and won't fight back. Miners have 2 superb ships with damage bonuses to use to fight back, they're tanky as fuck too.

      The drone bay that's conveniently fitted to every mining vessel can carry combat drones as well as mining drones :big surprise:

    5. You code monkeys are really showing how arrogant and lazy you are to just hit soft targets...

  5. You know, I always wondered why "The Savior" would name himself James 3:15 and not John 3:15.

  6. james 315 is the buffoon of highsec

  7. As much as I agree with the fundamentals of your rhetoric, the New Order is becoming increasingly less about said rhetoric and more about control.

    Imagine my distaste when I was forced to shut down an otherwise beautiful suicide gank attempt against my own, fully-at-keyboard shipment, sullying the killboard of my alt with ECM kills whored from CONCORD and gate guns. A shameful day for us all.

    And the biggest indignity? I had to get in a Falcon....

    A FALCON!!!

    I gotta go clean something...

  8. Thanks for the list of amazing targets! You're doing the Lord's work, don't ever forget that.

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