Monday, July 21, 2014

The Code IV

Over the past few weeks, Agent Sasha Nyemtsov has become a highsec rock star. This comes as no surprise to those who have listened to Sasha's audio commentaries on the Code. Sasha's expositional readings delight the ears and enlighten the mind. This week, Sasha speaks on the following lines from the Code:
"Without rules, there is no such thing as freedom. By enforcing a system of just laws, I give the miners liberation from their own worst instincts. And through this process, the miners can be molded into better people, the kind worthy of joining the new community of EVE."
A timely subject indeed.

A good working knowledge of the Code is the foundation of life in modern highsec. If you travel through 0.5+ security space, these recordings are a must-listen.

For earlier recordings, please enjoy the following links:
The Code II
The Code III


  1. The code is a fallacy being forced on people buy the usurper of highsec...james315 is not the legitimate ruler of HighSec, he is a buffoon the seriously needs to return to the Circus he escaped from...

    1. The Code is a truth welcome by the people and offered by the saviour of HiSec. James 315 is the legitimate ruler of HiSec, he is a visionary that HiSec desperately needs.

    2. Anyone that believe the is delusional at best...james315 is a buffoon...

    3. Good job calling out Mittens on his recent statements about coddling newbies. 99% of of the "problems" solved by a newbie only Jovian oasis are better solved by getting them engaged immediately in a quality player corporation.

    4. I love how people who are butthurt regarding minerbumping/james 315/code dont have any other suggestions to improve the quality of eve and have to insult people to get there point across.

      Its cute.

    5. LMFAO!
      You crazy guys! I love this page.. it's better than the funnies!
      Now I have to go poop.

  2. A partial transcript:


    Supreme Protector. Brothers and sisters of the Code.

    And James said: without rules, there is no such thing without freedom. By enforcing a system of just laws, I give the miners liberation from their own worst instincts. And through this process, the miners can be molded into better people. The kind worthy of joining the new community of EVE.

    You know, most people resent rules. At least, as far as those rules seek to restrict personal freedom. But you see, all rules are designed to do just that - for the common good. And the rules, stated or implied, in the New Halaima Code of Conduct, are no exception.

    An example: just the other day, my wife, Phyllis, was peering over my shoulder to conversation being conducted in the (?) Local. There had been a recent confiscation of illegal mining equipment. And the subsequent dismantling of a pod. Not withstanding the fact the occupant of said pod was free to travel without the encumbrance of space transport (or indeed, a body), he felt it appropriate to place before my wife the following stereotypical observation:
    "Fuck you, faggot. I know powerful people in nullsec. *ding* Suck my cock."

    Well, good people of New Eden, I can hardly express the shock and distress with which these remarks were received by my good lady. Reeling back from my shoulder, she uttered a piercing shriek and fell to the floor senseless. It is just that sort of response in local which calls forth the need for greater regulation of the inhabitants of Highsec.

    In the absence of an effective deterrant to the ignorance and bot-aspirancy which is now rampant in the region, James 315 stepped bravely forward to fill that gap. To give to our residents and visitors a framework for the future.

    My wife recovered her composure, and thankfully, her dentures, but opined that if what she had witnessed was an example of the current state of affairs, adoption of the New Halaima Code of Conduct was probably a *good thing*, and long overdue.

  3. Dear Alana,

    Thank you very much!

    The 'Local' was Villore (0.5 Sec System).

    The *ding!* indicates the verbatim content of one of James 315's 'Miner Bingo' squares. It was first used in The Code III.

    It must've taken you a while to do all that, Alana. The Code is worth every bit of our labour.

    1. Klausi, du bist ja total bescheuert!
      Ohne Regeln gibt es keine Freiheit? Aus welcher Anstalt hat man dich denn rennen lassen?
      Oh My! You are far more retarded than i thought you might be. You are carebare-that-ganks-miners, swollen from false pride, laughing stock of new eden!

    2. Are you happy with youre wife? "Sy-Phylis"?
      This sickness effects your brain, how fitting!

  4. though amusing i found james 315 and his code lackeys so distasteful and pedantic i simply moved to null sec...... you code boys and girls should go there to ply your trade maybe ? .....i think not lol

    1. If you had bothered to read the code, you might learn that the Code is meant solely for the saving of Highsec miners. Don't be a Goofus.

  5. lol why would i read that silly article ? written by the head goofus ? well his lackeys at least . you know you people are not saving anything from anything !! your merely getting your rocks off by attempting to be a thorn in the side of miners the "CODE" indeed !! don't make me laugh

    1. May I take advantage of your idiosyncratic capitalisation (and grammar) to suggest that you enclose those double exclamation marks in parentheses.

      Your 'sentence' will then read, "the "Code" indeed don't make me laugh."

      It was never meant to, Anonymous.

  6. you may suggest what you like. it will be ignored just as readily as any "friendly" advice given by "the "code".

    and it always did, and always will, make me laugh.


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