Thursday, October 2, 2014

The TESTy TESTie, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Another fail-fit Retriever died in highsec. But this time things were different: The gank victim claimed to be one of TEST's "main suppliers". In order to protect their supply of highsec ore, TEST was dangerously close to declaring war against the New Order.

As the former owner of the Retriever continued to rage in local, a fellow miner let him know our Agents already left system.

Kayne Korablv had three TEST warriors en route to help him track down the gankers. Kayne wasn't concerned about being ganked, though, because he planned to biomass his character anyway.
loyalanon > o/
loyalanon > I understand you are having issues with a few code enforcers
Kayne Korablv > They are the ones with issues now.
Kayne Korablv > All four have been put on the insta-gank list for all test pilots.
Kayne Korablv > And we all know how long CODE lasted against TEST. And how they didn't join the alliance war because they suck. lol
Most people don't know this, but we used to be the New Order of Fountain, and were the original owners of that area of nullsec. Then TEST came and defeated us in a bloody war. That's how TEST got Fountain, which they lost to the CFC. You didn't hear about any of this? Kayne had. He was confident TEST would repeat its glorious history by defeating us again.
loyalanon > I understand your frustration
loyalanon > however I dont believe that your attempts at insulting Code is going to fix your anger is this correct?
Kayne Korablv > I'm not frustrated. ahahaha
Kayne Korablv > All I did was log into my Alt in TEST, post kill mail, and bam. 30+ guys floating around now.
Kayne Korablv > They fucked with the wrong mining alt.
On countless occasions, the New Order has ganked "the wrong miner". This time it was for real. Before, it was only three TEST pilots on the case. Now the count was over thirty. At this rate, the New Order would be surrounded by millions, cutting off our escape route to lowsec.
Kayne Korablv > Hilarious that they just ganked without verbal warning too.
loyalanon > Im sure Test alliance will drop everything they have to run and redeem your mining alts honour
Kayne Korablv > lol....
Kayne Korablv > You have no idea who I am do you?
Kayne Korablv > Gold.
Kayne couldn't believe it--Agent loyalanon didn't even know whose alt he was! How could the New Order not know one of TEST's main suppliers of highsec ore, and the identity of his alts?
Kayne Korablv > Code claims to follow the "hi-sec" laws.
Kayne Korablv > yet didn't say anything in local before they started ganking people.
Kayne Korablv > So I'm not angry.
Kayne Korablv > I'm just going to educate them, that maybe tey should actually follow their own "laws"
For a moment, Kayne put aside the "I know powerful people in nullsec" Bingo square and took up the "You're not following your own CODE" square.
loyalanon > But who are you to make the rules?
loyalanon > James 315 makes the rules
loyalanon > we enforce them
loyalanon > you as a miner are at the bottom of the eve foodchain therefore have no say
Kayne Korablv > Aaaaaaaaaand your buddies didn't try to communicate in local.
Kayne Korablv > So they are at fault.
Kayne Korablv > haha, bottom of the food chain. Gold.
If he didn't tell you otherwise, you'd almost think Kayne was exactly like the tens of thousands of other miners we've killed.
loyalanon > Crying is not going to bring your fail fit barge back
loyalanon > If you had a permit you would have lived
Kayne Korablv > My fail fit, hi-sec, non tanked bait barge.
loyalanon > that died
Kayne Korablv > Because it was built to.
loyalanon > so whats the real issue here?
Kayne Korablv > Nothing, nothing at all. >:-)
loyalanon > do you have teamspeak?
Kayne Korablv > I do have team speak, and currently talking to Boogey. ^_^ Among others.
The other shoe dropped: Kayne's fail-fit Retriever was a trap the entire time. And the New Order had taken the bait! Now Kayne had all the ammunition he needed to send TEST into a frenzy. Before long, TEST would be seized by war fever. Even as the conversation between Kayne and loyalanon took place, TEST leader(?) "Boogey" was getting an earful.
Kayne Korablv > Just figure it's time to educate little CODE bullies that there's bigger fish in the sea.
loyalanon > like test right?
Kayne Korablv > hahaha. Because you're Hi-Sec bullies who can't fight - only gank.
Kayne Korablv > Every time you come to null, you die. ;3
Kayne Korablv > Love ya's, enjoy your afternoon. ^_^
When all was said and done, a lot was said and nothing was done. The TEST fleet never materialized. The New Order was saved! The upcoming nerf to power projection (jump drives) promises to make it even more difficult for nullsec fleets to move quickly across space. The next time a miner threatens to send a nullsec fleet against us, it might take multiple infinities to arrive.


  1. Carebears always lie
    Action would cost them some ISK
    That's worth more than pride

  2. Wouldn't you pronounce ISK as I-S-K, which would make it three syllables long?

    1. Afaik, it's written ISK, but pronounced "isk".

    2. Is spelling it out even a thing? I know its an abbreviation for Icelandic Krona, but its an acronym so you say it like a single word

    3. Yup, that's how I've seen it used. But who knows, maybe some people spell it out in their heads. Whatever the case may be, as I used it in my haiku, I intended for it to be a single syllable.

    4. You are all wrong. ISK is pronounced VEERS BELVAR.

  3. I never understand why some people think they should get a warning in local.

  4. Yay! The New Order survives another crtiical situation!

    The Code is perma-win.

  5. OMG - you couldn't parody this any better!! That miner IS the stereotype for the angry, aggrieved carebear with powerful friends in lowsec..

    The Code always wins \o/

    1. LOL...the mental picture is epic DJ. *cues superman theme*

  6. Should at least have given a warning, the guy is right, no reason to gank first and ask questions later.

      "The New Order's presence is too big to ignore, even for a bot-aspirant. They don't need a "warning" before they get ganked. They've already been warned. Carebears of highsec, the time for warnings is over. The time for payment has come. "

    2. It would be nice to warn them anyway. Might be a good way to make friends.

    3. Beers Veldspar now thinks he is the Emily Post of Eve and has opinions about manners and courtesy that ought to be followed.

    4. You are allowed to go beyond the bare minimum. Be nice to people. Try to make friends. Stop taking delight by imposing pain on others.

    5. are so right Veers. Now please, take your own advice on taking delight by imposing pain on others and STOP TALKING already.. Hypocrite :/

    6. Veers where do you get your info? That bot had three weeks worth of notice if he had just been paying attention. The Agents that got him had been working every system within 6 jumps of there for many weeks. The local chats were filled with links to killmails and reminders to buy permits. If he could not see the writing on the wall it was his problem, not the Agents. What else should they have done? Called TEST and told them that they were about to lose their main supplier?

    7. Well why not point that out? It would be much more legit then. Why take the position that no notice is owed? Ganking bots and AFK miners - great. Ganking poor new players still learning to play the game - pathetic.

    8. Your argument is pathetic.... you say agents should take time to educate new players.... well there are no new players in this lil opera, just some TEST alt. So why warn him again?

      Veers = ignorant. Please ignore

    9. How do you know he is a big Test groupie? Maybe he is just some newbro pretending to be part of Test? And how would you know anyway unless you TRIED TALKING TO HIM?

    10. I actually listened to the bonus room tape, and read the subsequent commentaries from the various parties. I researched the issue, analyzed the factual record, and reached my conclusions.

      But shooting first and asking questions later, while allowed, is not really living up to your potential. It's something griefers and miserable people do - I expect better from Agents of the New Order.

    11. Meh, EVE is like sex. You either love it or you just don't get it. Veers is the posterboy for not getting it.

    12. Veers. You think he was not contacted? He was mining all day, Agents were enforcing all day. There was overlap in local. If he didnt respond to local he was not going to respond to private chat. You act like all the carebears just sit around itching for a chance to speak to an agent.
      WRONG again there v
      You should try contacting hundreds of afk miners everyday rather than jumping on a forum and accusing everyone else of not doing it. Go on... do it you single system station dweller. You will find that you have once again made "suggestions" that do not apply to the situation.

      Veers = ignorant. Still, and i didnt ignore.... :/

    13. No you can't.

    14. Maxx, again I am perfectly fine with you taking corrective action after giving miners a chance to show they are not AFK. That is commendable. What I don't like is the CODE attitude that no notice is necessary just gank away and giggle.

  7. "Hi-Sec Miners with powerful friends" .. it's like talking to pineapples. I really don't know how Loyalanon can stand it. She must have the patience of a stone.

    1. I once shoved a pineapple up my rectal orifice, and I would do it again; it hurts so good.

  8. Replies
    1. How is the war against incursion runners going?

    2. You would know if you were running any.

    3. For your information i do run incursions!
      I run them from captiams quarters in Jita!
      I Command fleets of white knights that run incursions for me. I instruct them in the soon to be patented scissor technique while i shove large foodstuffs up my rear like a chipmunk storing for winter.
      I are veers. I are teh win

    4. Not sure what you are smoking Remmy, I run them every day.

  9. Holy shit loyalanon DIDN'T sound like a complete retard this time. Someone must be instructing him on how to communicate like he's over the age of 12. Good job to that guy, quite the tough task you had in front of you!

    1. I agree with the poster. Loyalanon has a nasty streak and is trying to get people on comms to cause them a meltdown and giggle about it with his New Order buddies. Grow up.

    2. Squeeeeee. My hero......NOT :/

    3. lol veers meltdown you sure love that term

    4. DJ, someday you will grow up and see how much more rewarding it is to be nice to people in a game, and help them grow, rather than kneecapping them and making them cry. Sure, the rage and tears may provide some juvenile pleasure, but long term you will feel a lot better about yourself as a force for good than as a force for evil.

    5. I hate to break it to you Veers but we help everyone who asks for it. We actually go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that anyone who comes to us for help is taken care of. That's one of the reasons our community is so diverse and yours is just... mad.

      And let's be honest Veers. Just compare the New Order community with the anti-ganking community. As we go through eve cheerfully thinking of new and better ways to murder/death/kill code-violators, and then actually doing it, the anti-ganking community... umm, not so much. I've never seen more a more sullen, anti-social, ignorant, or just plain intolerant group of people in one place since I started gaming.

      The choice is clear. Luckily, James 315 made the choice for you. So buy a permit and obey the code!

    6. Its better they learn it in Eve so they have a better chance of avoiding it in real life.

    7. I am not an AG, and I disagree with them on many things. The fact is that CODE has become obsessed with killmails and ganking, and is more worried about that than about being a force for good in the community.

      How many players quit the game in rage after you "decomissioned their mining equipment?" Look I have no problem with ganking for a legitimate purpose, and trying to affect positive change in the game through ganking, etc.... But it needs to be part of a rational plan to make Eve better, not just an excuse to generate tears and giggle about it.

      And thanks for the psychobabble DJ. Considering your massive lies about "winning" the alliance tournament, you are in no position to assess anything. Fact is I have always been correct in my analysis and assessments - its not ego - its just objective reality.

    8. "I'm better than you!"
      cried Veers. "And objectively,
      my farts *do* smell good!"

    9. Veers: "The fact is that CODE has become obsessed with killmails and ganking"....

      No Veers that's not a fact, it's only what your limited ignorant view of it is. Change "fact" with "my view" and be honest with yourself.

  10. Phew, TEST Alliance... Aren't they just little pets of Brave Collective?

    1. TEST is still a mighty alliance!
      I command it from my captains quarters!
      I will train TEST in the deadly scissor technique, then send them into hisec to clean up CODE, while i fill my anal cavity with juicy warm groceries!
      Now where did i leave those oranges and apples?

    2. Amusing, but I'm afraid both TEST Alliance and Brave Collective pale in comparison to the Swordmasters Of New Eden. We will pave an interstellar crusade against the true threat of Eve Online; U.S.A.T.O


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