Saturday, March 11, 2017

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #127

We'd better make the most of our final three weeks together, dear reader. Let us begin with another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

What gives me the authority? Read it and weep.

Apparently some rebels are still trying to find the location of the New Order of Highsec's hidden base. Hint: It's in the name of our organization.

Giving miners special breakfast privileges would be problematic, I think. They'd probably eat all three meals at once and call it breakfast. Efficient for their isk/hr ratio, but not very healthy.

Ah, the Gullible Gull. He has no idea that our content is guaranteed 100% harassment-free and exploit-free.

Nice to hear that Red vs. Blue is still around.

Twitch Ruse advised his fellow miner that he could get better results in recruiting new miners to his corp if he offered complimentary ECM protection. I'm sure his friend is a big success now.

Agent Aaaarrgg had a feeling fenix30rus was probably anti-Code, but he requested clarification, just in case.

Aaaarrgg's suspicions were confirmed: fenix30rus was a rebel miner who needed to calm down.

Here's a riddle: If CODE. is irrelevant, and if CODE. is pretty much the only thing in EVE people talk about anymore, does that mean EVE is irrelevant?

Melliar looked down upon his fellow carebears. Unlike other regions, Solitude has highsec "islands" surrounded by lowsec systems. Who knew there was such a thing as elite highsec mining?

Alar Chihaya was disgusted by the loss of all his possessions in EVE. This game is so difficult. If only someone would draft a list of rules or guidelines that miners could follow to avoid losing their stuff. A Code, if you will.

Agent Alt 00 informed Alar that there was indeed a way out of his predicament. The miner wasn't interested. For someone with nothing left to lose, Alar was awfully narrow-minded.

All you carebears out there, pay attention. This is how you write an "I just came back to EVE and found out about the Code" mail.


  1. Yay! James 315 Territory just wouldn't be the same without a steady parade of salty miners.

  2. It's the level of vitriol that always surprises me; I really can't understand adults losing it like that - over a video game!

    Sure, to enjoy playing the games you have to have a certain amount of contact with your inner child - but to grab that diaper, stick a pacifier in your mouth and bawl all over EVE's mail/chat features? Ridiculous.

  3. Enjoy me dunking on your face.... lol

  4. The amount of butt hurt that's out there over a game never ceases to amaze me either.

  5. I wonder if these antigankers know this is just a video game and not real life 😂😂😂


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