Friday, March 24, 2017

The Slow and the Furious, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Neocount's vicious rant in Jita against the New Order was intended to hurt Agent Lawrence Lawton and the rest of our Code enforcers. It backfired in spectacular fashion. For more than an hour, the geyser of carebear tears kept on spewing. A crowd formed in Jita, but to Neocount's surprise, they spoke out against him.
Matthias Ancaladron > havent you ever watched a pirate movie?
Matthias Ancaladron > pirates attack transport ships
Neocount > they'd be more interesting if they could actually fight against someone that could fight back like goon, bob, or whatever the fuck is out there now, but no, they are cowards preying on FREIGHTERS for cheap money
Neocount > we SHOULD all fucking look at them like nothing but the pieces of shit they are and condemn these acts
The miner tried his best to turn things around. But he completely failed to rally any support to his cause.
Matthias Ancaladron > they prey on people like you cause youre easy prey lol
Sandor Kurovsky > Is Neocount trying to break the record for the longest continous CODE rant?
Lawrence Lawton > He is attempting to besmirch our fine reputation.
Sandor Kurovsky > blasphemy!
Neocount > Lawrence Lawton your reputation, as you call it, cannot be more besmirched if you fucking tried
In fact, Neocount was a terrible spokesman for his cause. Not that the Anti-Gankers have a particularly deep bench.
Lawrence Lawton > Nonsense. New Order Agents are among the most upstanding capsuleers you'll ever meet. Honest, direct, hardworking, and consistent. We have to set a good example for the miners, after all.
Jezzer Shras > How long has Neocount been on his soapbox? I have been here for ninety minutes and that is all he has been doing.
DIRTNAPZ > mining tears
Sandor Kurovsky > CODE performs a necessary service, otherwise the price of ore woould plummet and everyone would be poor.
Jita regulars are used to seeing nonsense in local. But even the jaded, seen-it-all crowd was astonished by the saltiness of the carebear.
Neocount > Deadfalltrap in a way i agree with you, having to protect myself from code has made a harder game and tanking needs than i anticipated on, and has made me a better pilot, but i CANNOT compete against nor can ANYONE against 250 alphas that are cheating
Jezzer Shras > Kill: Neocount (Orca) that kill was from late January.
Jezzer Shras > Apparently that is what set him off and he has been ranting.
Neocount > Lawrence Lawton you are exploitation con men, and assholes, and pedophiles, i will never ask you for anything, anymore than i'd ask al capone are a fucking pedophiles how to get outta a situation
Eventually, even Neocount could see that he had no choice but to switch tactics. He accused our fine Agents of cheating.
Anno Domina > Dude, I dont care if you're angsty about losing your orca, you shouldn't be calling people names.
Lawrence Lawton > For somebody who says it's "a drop in the bucket" Neocount sure is carrying on.
Neocount > Anno Domina they wanna pretent this is a social group that does this bullshit, then i will attack them socially
Unfortunately for Neocount, not one person in Jita believed his story about being attacked by 250 alpha characters. Onlookers immediately saw that it was fake news.
Anno Domina > Yeah, but you're liable to get banned calling throwing around stuff like that.
Lawrence Lawton > Neocount is attempting to liken himself to an innocent child to garner sympathy.
Neocount > it's a drop in the bucket for me, Lawrence Lawto but burn jita was not for a lot.
DIRTNAPZ > neo can i has your stuff
The miner should've sensed that he was traveling into dangerous territory when some Jita residents murmured about petitioning Neocount for his constant "pedo" remarks.
Neocount > it's tough to be a pedo, lawrence, i get that, but at some point we all have to face social justice.... you're a piece of shit, so is all your crew like boat and gommex and all of you are the pedo's of eve.... end of statement
Hastelloy > holy shit Neocount.... you're still here fucking whining about being safe in hi-sec?
Hastelloy > has he been whining this whole fuckign time?
Matthias Ancaladron > yep
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > He's been going for hours
Agent Lawrence could only shake his head. Neocount was painting himself into a corner. What was his exit strategy?
Neocount > i mean it's cute you get your butt buddies or alt's in here to defend you, but the results is the same
Sandor Kurovsky > Neocount is like the energizer bunny of rage
Lawrence Lawton > Goofus whines in local after being suicide ganked. Gallant thanks the ganker for teaching him a lesson.
Lawrence Lawton > Goofus moans endlessly about Burn Jita and evil goonies. Gallant admires all forms of emergent gameplay.
Lawrence Lawton > Neocount Please, don't be Goofus.
The miner dabbled in denialism, accusing everyone in Jita of being Lawrence's alts. Our Agent tried to calm him down by reading from the Code again.
Neocount > Hastelloy that's fine, i'm just spreading the good word of CODE's pedophililia in eve, in the same way they "believe" they are spreading james 315 word right? so bounty means nothing
Anno Domina > You keep saying that word, I don't think it means what you think it does.
Borisaurus > TIL: pedo and 'person that exploded my internet spaceship' are the same.
DIRTNAPZ > there's a reason te learning curve in eve is high,, its kinda like a way to keep stupid kids like neo from ruining the game for the rest of us
There was no question about it now: Neocount was even more unpopular than the isk-doublers and contract scammers.
Anno Domina > This is probably the saltiest I've seen someone in a long time.
Hastelloy > I've actually been quite impressed with how successful code's propaganda has been.
Hastelloy > carebears everywhere whisper their name with fear.
Nanu Muse > Hastelloy still the tone annoys me. Even if it works
It's not as though everyone in Jita is a Code supporter; the system is home to plenty of malcontents, as well. Nevertheless, the enemies of the New Order can't help but respect our power, if not our Code.
Neocount > Hastelloy carebears don't whisper their name in fear, they whisper CODE's name in disgust, that there is a surprise in our voice that ANYONE could be this pathetic and such pieces of shit to target defenseless people, man, that's like al queda or shit
Sandor Kurovsky > ok, but there is definitely SOMEthing wrong with you, Neocount.
DIRTNAPZ > come on, we cant make fun of him just for missing chomosomes
Neocount couldn't believe what was happening. His rage was making CODE. look good. Yet Agent Lawrence didn't want to leave the miner in this sorry state--an unwitting pro-Code recruitment tool. No, Lawrence had a mining permit to sell, and he intended to sell it to Neocount before the night was through.

To be continued...


  1. woooahhhh antigankers are still failing? yep XD XD XD!!!!1

  2. I have to agree, to a point, with Nanu Muse there. The sort of dogma like tone and sale pitch can get annoying. But hey it's a part of the act.

    1. Its a....roleplaying game. No different form all the Amarr RPers going "For the Empress!!!"

    2. "Part of the act" or role if you will. I know it is a roleplaying game, or more commonly called a R.P.G. I was just stating that in my opinion, they come off annoying. They are free to do as they like. As am I, and part of that is disliking the preachy bits.

    3. Aw, come on, preaching is half the fun. :). At least for me it is. ;D

    4. I mean I get that. More power to you for having fun! Just not my cuppa tea.

    5. So, Anon 10:01, how about that permit, mate? ;)

    6. Heh. Maybe. Still have to talk to people.

    7. Can I get a TACO permit?

    8. Damnit stop calling us Nazis that's very offensive

  3. So this neoshitter dude spends hour(s) in local repeating "pedo" and "piece of shit" and how does he not get doomheimed?

    Dude, stfu already, it's a game. Gankers are just playing by the rules, learn to seperate game from RL, or rather, keep your RL issues out of our game.

    I do hope he has a vasectomy before he has a chance to spread whatever faulty genes cause him to act that way.
    And by "vasectomy" I mean "shoots himself in the groin" because his kind we could use a lot less of!

    ag is failing, carebears are wailing,
    the ignorant are railing against the Code.

    Shitters get dunked, white knights get punked,
    your barges are soon junked without the Code.

    Kusions multi-box, freighters die on undocks,
    1337 hackers fail to drop dox on the CODE.

    I'ma have sexy time wit the hooker now, add more if you like.


    1. Be careful warp that winky Hookers got bad juju

    2. Nazis don't need hookers

  4. I am a hardworking upholder of a respected ISK multiplier service, and I feel offended to be compared to this miner. My business provides entertainment to the masses, and capital for the poor to build on. This altruism makes me very popular, my presence often inspires spontaneos outburts of joy.

    And while contract scammers lack the finesse and integrity I display, most onlookers agree that their efforts are very educational, and they provide a good contrast to my legit business that is mutually beneficial to almost all involved parties.

    I feel it's very rude from the Savior to mention me and my collegaues in a reference to this filth.

    If you want to express your respect to the honest and galant businessman of Jita, please do in the form of ISK transfer to 'Officer Carrot'. I send back twice as much once I log in!

    1. Please don't be offended! While I salute your hard-working nature and integrity, I think you might agree that not everyone does. Perhaps they are misguided, perhaps some other reason; who knows?

      In any case, I don't believe The Saviour was casting aspersions; he was merely reporting Neo's popularity in relation to some well-known benchmarks. ;)

      I might just add that every time I have sent isk to Officer Carrot, I have received double. :D


    2. Can you send me tacos?

    3. I donated to a guy who builds things, he makes things that we use for less so he is a gallant businessman.

  5. But where oh where is Ming?

  6. This is a gripping unfolding drama of tears – well done Lawrence!

    1. Thanks, Alt 00! It is gratifying to see the grassroots condemnation of Neocount by the locals.

    2. But I liked Neo, he was so cool with all the kung fu and fighting and mr smith and the trinity and the machines and the matrix and the flying and the stopping bullets and the dying for humanity. WHY NEO WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE?

    3. Ming the merciless was impaled by flash Gordon, ming is dead

  7. Join the resistance! Help drive evil from High Sec! If you are a victim of these monsters, and are ready to fight back, you should join us!

    1. Only an anti-ganker could see the work of the New Order as evil. They would no doubt find Neocount's abusive rhetoric justified.

      Followers of this blog keenly understand that the New Order are in the business of making Highsec a better place.

      Whereas AG are misguided and fail endlessly.

    2. The "high sec militia" is just a bunch of butthurt spergs that can't seperate their RL issues from game play. They accuse gankers of being bad people IRL because the ag type cannot counter with any ingame response. They play EvE wrong, then call the rest of us "evil".

      They may try (and hard) to laugh it off as their version of RP but we all know from their past tears that ag folks, namely the failitia bunch, actually thunk they are fighting some sort of RL evil.
      Probably because they are so impotent in RL.

      Anyone that weak is just holding the rest of us back.

    3. Why do you guys keep bringing RL into it? It's just a game!

      If you want to play evil, be evil. Personally I like playing a game where I can help others, show empathy, fight for the under-trodden, be the underdog. You know, Expert Level stuff.

      Every time we say evil, you go into wall of text mode with drawn out explanations about how your not evil, "but from your point of view the miners are evil", and how you guys are ok in IRL.

      Jeez, just stop already! HTFU and own it. We all know your evil in RL. Stop pretending.

    4. Agreed Anon424, inflammatory phrasing aside, and cowardly anon flag aside. Both sides bring up RL too often. In game personality does not necessarily reflect RL personality. That's the whole point of an RPG. Make sure to let the miners know.

    5. Hi Anon 4:24. The official position re: The Miners, is not that they are at all evil. It is, rather, that they're to be pitied in their ignorance and soul-destroying capacity for inertia and selfishness.

      James 315, Saviour of Highsec, does not regard the miners as evil. He, as their Saviour and Benefactor, is committed to educating and rescuing them, and not to discarding them as of no consequence.

      In this, there is no difference between your avowed intention to 'show empathy, fight for the under-trodden', and the New Order's struggle to raise the miners out of their lowly disposition. Only our methods differ; those of the New Order being somewhat more effective than empathetic pep-talks in Local Chat.

      Our real-life personas are of absolutely no relevance to the vital work we do here in Highsec. It's odd that some people can't resist the temptation to slander the good folks of the New Order. Huh.


      I am REALLY trying to understand y'all's logic here (futile as that may be). We gank miners, freighters, fighters, whatever in High Sec and we're considered criminals.

      Y'all do it to an AFK person sitting at a gate and y'all are heroes?

      Please, regale me with you faux wisdom here and tell me what the difference is?

      Anti-Gankers who Gank... at least own it that you do the same thing. Don't pretend that you have the moral high ground here.

      Turn from your evil, dark ways and embrace the light that is James 315 and his glorious CODE!

      And don't forget to buy a permit. ;D

    7. C.O.D.E. has the more entertaining website. Just sayin.

    8. Zander, short for Alexander meaning "defender of men". Not so much.

      We achieve moral high ground instantly by not being you guys. It's pretty sweet.

      You guys can't even keep your leaders in the same alliance with you, you have so much infighting.

    9. 424 is a triggered PHag.

    10. @Zander:
      The irony that anti-gankers have become gankers is delicious.

    11. faildo424,

      "Expert level" shit play still makes you a shitter.

      You can't hide that foxbolt tremor in your voice when your cadence is that forced.

      You and the failitia truly are useless, in game and out. What makes your kind such rabid shitters? Wby do you try to ruin EvE for all the real players?

      Your kind are the reason subs and logins are so low. No one wants to be subjected to your pitiful wails all day, it's downright depressing at times. Your fail so hard that it makes new players quit. CCP has the proof.

      It's not RP on your part, you are just perpetually mad.


    12. Why is it called miner bumping? isn't it more miner sploding? even James 315 says bumping them away from range but you all splode them. Why? Did you not ready the code? is the code wrong and meant to be sploded? Can we all just have a taco? Please don't splode my tacos.

    13. Ganking gankers sounds like fun, do they serve tacos

    14. CODE is just like miners, they grind by mining miners.

  8. Where oh where is TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet?

    1. Internet, Zopiclone and a whole bunch of other gankers and content creators were kicked from channel by a CAREBEAR in CODE the other night for speaking their minds. Dom Arkaral is this carebear. Has CODE become carebear friendly?

      More on this tomorrow at 9.

    2. Kick this Dom, a 4.9 sec status is strictly against the code. He must be sucking someone off nicely. Otherwise what good is this care bear? He doesn't even gank he must have been someone's pity bitch boy and they've kept him around.

    3. why are saltyclone and tweeps so salty?

    4. Loyal etc. ran to 315 because Tweeps and Zopi bruised their delicate egos. Did they threaten to quite CODE. unless Zopi/Tweeps were kicked? It wouldn't be the first time - that was the threat they made after the coup.

      I think it's pretty clear who is mad here. Carebears do tend to get salty with Tweeps and Zopi, what with their evil metagaming, and scamming of blues (Gasp!)

      Super Perferator, a NOL director, is salty about getting scammed by Tweeps. Dom agrees that it is wrong to scam blues. Loyal is salty his chosen successor failed to hold on to the alliance. He's been salty for close to a year. Why else go crying to James?

      I think the source of the salt is pretty clear XD Salty carebears are now mods in minerbumping. A channel ban is like a block - you don't do it unless you're salty.

      The Saviour must be face palming pretty hard right now.

      CODE. was a mistake. Long live the New Order.

    5. CODE. should have packed it in after winning the Alliance Tournament.

      Instead it's dying of cancer :'(

    6. A carebear cancer too, which sadly is only curable via killing the patient

    7. Why are you so mad faildo?

    8. He just needs a taco. Give him a taco, tacos are soooo good.

  9. zopiclone and tweeps got kicked from minerbumping ? * crickets chirping, who cares.

  10. Thanks for sending this message.


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