Friday, March 10, 2017

Over One Trillion One Hundred Fifty-Four Billion in Shares Sold

One thing you've probably noticed about the Agents of the New Order is, they life life abundantly. They're certainly not timid. Take Hrothgar Nilsson, for instance. Hrothgar knew he wanted to buy New Order shares, so he went big.

Before it was time for the weekly shareholder update, Hrothgar repeatedly put in more and more isk--making no less than five separate share purchases. In all, this week Hrothgar bought 32,749 additional shares--that's over 32 billion isk.

This sent us past the 1,122, 1,123, 1,124, 1,125, 1,126, 1,127, 1,128, 1,129, 1,130, 1,131, 1,132, 1,133, 1,134, 1,135, 1,136, 1,137, 1,138, 1,139, 1,140, 1,141, 1,142, 1,143, 1,144, 1,145, 1,146, 1,147, 1,148, 1,149, 1,150, 1,151, 1,152, and 1,153 billion isk marks. Hrothgar earned a truly rare accolade: the Duotrigintuple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. Combined with the shares he already owned, Hrothgar now has 37,315 shares, making him the #5 shareholder of all time. Among players not currently permabanned from EVE, he's in the #3 position. Impressive!

Now, our man Hrothgar had a lot of money to spend, and he also had a lot to say. He submitted another essay, entitled "The Guardians of the Arc of History":

Hey, if you send me 32 billion isk, you can get plenty of space to have your essays published, too.

Rounding out the week, Viirilithizu Ward purchased 200 more shares of New Order stock, sending us over the 1 trillion 154 billion isk mark and scoring her a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.


Agent Doli Holi has expanded the horizons of the New Order, translating The Code into a new language. Guess which one?

The Code is now available in Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. There are fewer excuses than ever for miners not to obey the Code. In case you were curious, my answer to Doli's question was to post the translation on the MinerBumping Forum.


Agent Leeroooy caught an Anti-Ganker in action. If you can call it "action", that is.

More proof that the Anti-Gankers are failing non-stop daily continuously all the time!


  1. What an marvellous start to the weekend.

    Not only has Agent Hrothgar made an astute investment, he has also provided a worthy contribution to the New Order’s collection of literary works, one that now sits alongside other classics such as the 'Book of 315', the 'Why They Hate the Code' taxonomy, and more recently the Chinese translation of the New Halaima Code of Conduct.

    I shall celebrate with a glass of port.

    Praise James! \0/

    1. you suck at chinese.
      what you read was no code translation but merely the label of the fish sauce bottle listing the ingredients ;P

    2. Look Hrothgar speaks in his native tongue: Nazi

  2. All Hail James! \o/ I shall put this litany into my ongoing chronicle of EVE!

    Couple of Questions:
    1: How does one go about obtaining shares?
    2: Are any agents on about 6pm-12am Alaska Time (Server Time -9 hours, I think?)
    3. Is it possible to make an in-game mail template for sending notices to CODE Violators. It's my goal this weekend to get into a ship and get my baptism via CONCORD.


    1. 1. Send James the donation, with 'share purchase' in the reason field.

      2. There are bound to be. Just hang out in the Minerbumping channel.

      3. Make your own! Most of us do this, or adapt someone else's they've come across. It usually includes a suitable heading (mine is 'Your Recent Loss') and the linked kill/s somewhere in the text, with an exhortation to buy a Mining Permit.

    2. Thanks Rob! I got some in-game help as well. I've sent the ISK to James and found many agents online. I'll work on the template tomorrow.

  3. How to Scam A New Order Agent of 50 Million Isk in about an Hour

    1. There is a Venture ganking contest going on in honor of James 315 or something about March 15th or something dumb, it’s being done in coordination with a recruitment drive, trying to get newbies to gank other newbies. Kinda sick if you ask me, but ok…

    2. Create a new gallente alt, do the intro mission, do the agent mission for mining till you get your Venture.

    3. Mine for a while and then ‘wander’ into the belts in Uedama. You got to really get into this role. Be the newbie.

    4. When you start to mine along with all the ventures in Uedama (there are a lot these days) you will get ganked within 1 minute of activating your mining laser.

    5. Complain in your npc corp chat that you just got killed. Act like a newbie.

    6. You will get convoed by an agent within a minute of dying. Act slightly irritated but intrigued, knowing that you know near nothing. Then act like your interested.

    7. Within 10 minutes you will be in possession of a fully fitted gank atron and in fleet with a couple Code monkeys.

    8. Here is the tough part, they are going to lead you to another miner and gank them. Make sure to get their name so you can reimburse them latter. Act really excited about the whole thing.

    9. Tell them you want to do it again.

    10. Pull concord with them.

    11. When they go after a bigger target be sure to only do a little bit of damage, so the gank fails.

    12. Relish the moment that Code fails. Enjoy the words of the other agents as they say things like, “sometimes we don’t win.”

    13. Act like you need to log off soon. They will rush you through the last process: give you 50 million and invite you to their dumb channel (the password is 315 by the way).

    14. Make sure you reimburse the poor chap that you killed in step 8.

    15. Post the whole experience here in their stupid blog. Lol!

    - Alex Rockmonster

    1. your masterplan fails at step 2, there is no agent for mining that will give you a venture :P
      "normal" mining agents won´t grant ships and in career missions there is no mining agent.
      but try business or industry career agents, both will award a free venture in their respective 2nd missions.

      ...can´t even get that right...

    2. Alex sounds like he's got an axe to grind or something... :D

    3. lol. masterplan? No bro the shit already went down...

    4. All that work to get 50 mil. ISK when you could have had eternal happiness from the Code.
      And then you spend an hour typing out what you presume to be your hilarious story, only to realize that the reason our agents hand out ISK to new gankers is because we don't care about ISK. We care about people.
      The Code always wins! Always! \o/

    5. lol

      If this sounds plausible, or in any way disruptive to you, it's because you're AG and you don't know how to win.

    6. But you do get a Venture from the mining agent

  4. Wooooo the code nonstop winning. Oh that failure from thomas was great. Hes been failing for YEARS hahahaha 😂😂😂

  5. Hrothgar is the best! Dude rocks.

    Thanks for enabling my playstyle, brother!


  6. Hrothgar congratulations! Others would go out and buy a supercarrier with that amount of ISK. You selflessly decided to invest in the future of EVE.


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