Saturday, March 18, 2017

Wrapped Around Our Fingers

I've often observed that the Anti-Gankers live in a sort of anti-reality; they see the world in reverse. Thus, if you want to get a clear picture of EVE, simply join the Anti-Ganking channel and invert everything the carebears are saying.

Despite the fact that CONCORD and faction police restrict a ganker's freedom of movement to the barest minimum, those restrictions aren't enough for the carebears. That's because they want ganking completely removed from the game. CCP hasn't gone quite that far, leaving the carebears with the impression that CCP is under our control.

According to the rebels' conventional wisdom, CCP allows pro-Code players to say whatever they want on the forums. By comparison, the moderators are much more strict with anti-Code players, who get banned for the slightest infraction.

Like I said, the Anti-Gankers have a distorted view of the world.

Consequently, the carebears are always confused. The harder they think, the more confused they become. And they wonder why they never win.

On rare occasions, someone in the Anti-Ganking channel will challenge the consensus view. They must be spies and trolls from the New Order.

RangerGord couldn't get over the fact that having low security status doesn't make a ship insta-pop in highsec. Why, the gankers get to enjoy several seconds on grid before the faction police will appear and make the ship go pop! In theory, Anti-Gankers could fill in the gaps and help police highsec, but RangerGord conceded their uselessness.

Rather than blaming themselves for their failures, the rebels blame CCP and its pro-ganker bias.

The tears about CCP were briefly interrupted for official Anti-Ganking business--which soon devolved into tears related to said business.

Agent Aaaarrgg is a frequent topic of conversation in the Anti-Ganking channel. Nevertheless, carebears often say "aaaarrgg" even when not referring to our illustrious Agent.

Ah, the irony: FuzzySmurf questioned how Aaaarrgg could have any fun when his movements were so restricted by faction police and CONCORD.

In truth, the Anti-Gankers are lucky to feel so confused and upset, and to constantly fail. It's the universe's way of telling them that they're doing everything wrong--and that they need the Code.



  2. Makes you wonder why antis even assemble anymore.
    CCP clearly does not support their vision of Highsec, because their vision is a theme park/solo game, and they are so incompetent that they never achieve anything. Their channel has been reduced to a place for tears, consolation, and patting each other on the back for meaningless accomplishments. These people should learn to adapt.

    1. I lurked in that ag channel once. Just once. You've described it exactly. I really couldn't believe that adults would behave so idiotically, and so proudly put on display their total ignorance of the game.

      In addition to the behaviours you mention, they seem to lurch from paranoia to hysteria, then back again, then to combine the two in a kind of ecstasy of hyper-drama. Riveting, if you've a strong stomach.

    2. I stay tuned to the AG and Mining threads when I go a hunting. The amount of hate they spew is amazing. And by amazing, I mean downright scary.

    3. Sorry Zander friend, but it's "ag".

      There are no caps in antiganking.

  3. Hell if I know. The popular conspiracy theory seems to be that if the carebears don't get their way then people like us MUST have CCP on the take or something.

  4. It's difficult to imagine logging into EvE each day just to fail so hard.

    Why would someone do that to themselves? Just to shit up a game they hate? ag should just go play something else and leave EvE to those that are able to learn how to play properly.

    AFK solo in a highsec belt is not the proper way to EvE. Anyone who supports that type of play is bad for EvE, and should be ganked into oblivion, until they refuse to log in.

    Get a permit or get rekt!


  5. I was going to comment something along the lines of antigankers failing but looks like everyone beat me to it XDXDXD 111!!!1

    1. That's because A: we know you SO well, Wolf. And B: it's pretty obvious the level of fail for antigankers. ;D

    2. Looking forward to ganking with you soon Zander :)

  6. OOOOOH I got a bingo just reading this site.

  7. Can I be a mongoose miner?

  8. AFK gate camping, really?


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