Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 29

Previously, on MinerBumping... Mission Ready Mining corp was horrified by the return of Agent Kalorned, the notorious bumper who had started the nightmare that they were all living in. Kalorned soon discovered that things had changed since he'd last visited Gelhan. The "Term 16 Movement", dedicated to filing petitions against bumpers, had captured the imagination of Gelhan minerdom.

Of course, Kalorned wasn't limited to bumping; he had plenty of gank alts to help keep the miners on their toes. Kalorned wanted everyone in Gelhan to know that he would enforce the Code using any method at his disposal.

In the era of Term 16, any innocent comment could be seized on as an excuse to file another petition.

The miners knew that militarily speaking, they were beaten. Their only hope was to pray for CCP's intervention.

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Paul Kirk was the latest to try his hand at the whole "rebel leader" thing. That meant, I suppose, that he would be the guy who would draft a petition on behalf of all the other Gelhan miners. It certainly didn't mean he would be leading any fleets.

Another MRM firebrand, Patrick Bick, wanted to use violence. But Paul was more interested in compiling a case to send to CCP.

Paul threatened to record a video of Kalorned bumping the miners. Our Agent didn't find this intimidating. There were several reasons...

For one thing, Kalorned was the purveyor of YouTube's largest collection of miner bumping videos.

Realizing that he was getting nowhere, Paul logged off in disgust. Now it was up to Patrick.

So far, Patrick wasn't ready to make good on his threats to gank Kalorned. Instead, he watched Kalorned closely, looking for patterns. Eventually, Patrick determined that Kalorned must be operating under some sort of 10-minute limit to bumping imposed by CCP.

Time went on, life went on. A new generation of miners grew up under New Order rule.

This new generation was intensely interested in the Saviour of Highsec, whose Code shaped their way of life.

Older, more disgruntled miners, were frustrated to see newbies asking questions about the Saviour. Some still believed that if they ignored the New Order long enough, it would go away.

But the New Order wouldn't go away. Not ever.

To be continued...


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