Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Stranger Than Fictions, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... All Agent Yucie Van Burean did was put a friendly 315,315 isk bounty on Fictions, but the carebear overreacted. In his fury, he declared war against Yucie's small corporation. To Fictions' horror, this resulted in The Marmite Collective joining as an ally. The carebear recoiled, accusing Yucie of bullying him by allowing him to wardec her corp.

Yucie's corp, Vanks, chalked up some victories against Fictions' corp during the week of war. All Yucie had to do was sit back and let the Marmites do their thing. After the war was over, Fictions went quiet. He didn't want to get his corp into any more trouble.

Though Fictions was a 2006 character, he loved to spend his time mining in highsec. Despite his earlier encounter with Agent Yucie, Fictions still didn't own a mining permit. Eventually, his misdeeds caught up with him.

Between his pod and his Hulk, Fictions lost over a billion isk.

The gankers in question were Agents Alyth Nerun and Ima Wreckyou. Fictions received a termination notice from Karak Terrel, a member of Alyth's corp. Karak was extremely polite and diplomatic about the whole thing. Now it was time for Fictions to prove he could do the same:

Alas, the miner was a Goofus.

Speaking personally, I rarely have positive interactions with people who say "FUCK YOU FUCK YOU." But Agent Karak wasn't afraid to help Fictions join the New Order family.

Once again, Fictions demonstrated his casual attitude about the EULA's restrictions on real-life death threats.

It became clear that Fictions still had unresolved emotional issues stemming from the Yucie/Marmite incident of the previous month.

The miner hadn't learned his lesson. He declared war against the mighty CODE. alliance. This time, though, he warned our heroes not to involve the Marmites.

Agent Karak brushed off the wardec threat and ad-libbed a reply. He assumed that a carebear like Fictions didn't have any teeth.

But Fictions didn't intend to stop with a mere wardec. In fact, he was about to unfurl a multifaceted master plan to get vengeance against CODE. This was only the beginning.

To be continued...


  1. Does this guy remind anyone of JTClone Ares?

    Dis guna be gud!


    1. Reminds me of so many Sperglords to grace Minerbumping over the years. He even has a tear thread on the forums:

      Last I looked, his corp was down to just him. Even his alts quit. Somehow, I don't think this will be the end of CODE...

    2. JEEZUS that forum post!

      wow man

      just wow

      Is that a john pirtle alt? Sounds like a pedopiggie.

  2. +5 implants and all this fool does is mine. Lol

  3. wow just wow antigankers are failing so hard right now

  4. Ah the simple joys of knowing the code has failed and continues to whine about the toughest and most elite players, the miners.

  5. jt clone ares vs Loyalanon

    " thanks for the free isk bro "

    I still lol at that recording.

  6. I think it's great that AG. has made some shitter so mad in an internet spaceship shooting game that he spends hours every day glued to this blog, reinforcing Miiniers (and most player's) opinion of highsec ganker carebears as being violent, uneducated, slow, reactive, out of control shitters that need adult supervision in RL. AND removed from game.

    It's time to ban the "kill all the highsec carebears." They bring their rage out of game too often

    Good job james, you support the CCP after all! Even if it's as something to be laughed at by the rest of the community, it still brings the rest of us closer.


  7. Johhny did you forget your meds?

    Never forget ag moderator shardani

  8. Miners BTFO yet again, kek!

  9. Fiction's message boils down to:
    "Leave Carebears alone. Attacking Carebears is bullying and harassment. You make me want to kill you IRL. Highsec is bad enough without you in it. PvP belongs in nullsec, so go live there and leave me alone."

    Yup, he sees Highsec as a risk-free theme park for bot-aspirants, and he expects us to be OK with that. Not gonna happen.

  10. "wait and see whats comming"

    Other than a wall of tears? Not much.

  11. Lol that's one mad shitter!

  12. I know and you guys keep crying its great.

  13. Nerfed again, that's another win for me. Good you guys are so easy to trigger. Is that why your agent killed himself?


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