Saturday, December 30, 2017

Are New Order Agents Bullies?

For many years now, people who fail at EVE Online (e.g., everyone who attempts to oppose the mighty CODE. alliance) have accused New Order Agents of being bullies. This topic was squarely addressed four years ago in a classic two-part essay on MinerBumping. (Here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2 in case you need a refresher.) But as anyone who has lived in highsec over the past few years can tell you, the New Order has gained a lot of power since then, and correspondingly our Agents are far more powerful than they were when that essay was written.

In theory, there's more potential for abuse now that our Agents exercise so much control over life in highsec. We've all heard that famous quote, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," though the man who wrote it obviously never met an Agent of the New Order.

Anecdotally, I've noticed that as our Agents have grown in power, they've actually grown more moral, more decent, and more incorruptible than before. That could just be my memory playing tricks on me, since the MinerBumping archives show that our Agents were almost unbelievably moral, decent, and incorruptible to begin with.

Still, the bot-aspirant carebears continually proclaim (without evidence) that our Agents are bullies. I'd like to help the carebears understand why they're wrong. For some people, learning new concepts is easier with the aid of an analogy. Today's post is for them.

We all know about spaceship pilots in EVE. Airplanes have pilots, too. The captain of a commercial jet has responsibilities that go far beyond activating the autopilot and going AFK. The lives of everyone on the plane are in his hands. Accordingly, the pilot has a lot of authority. One might even compare the captain's power to that of a dictator, at least while the plane is in the air. This is especially true in the event of an emergency.

When you think about it, Agents of the New Order are a lot like captains of highsec--captains of the spaceship of state, if you will. They certainly have a lot of responsibility, power, and authority. And so long as there are bot-aspirants out there violating the Code, highsec is in a state of emergency.

Is the captain of an airplane necessarily a bully? Well, let's sketch in a few more details on this analogy. Imagine that the captain decides he's going to safely land the aircraft at an airport, the plane's intended destination. Obviously, most people agree that this is the way to go. However, a handful of the plane's passengers object to that decision. They feel that the plane should be deliberately crashed into the side of a mountain instead. These passengers would be like the bot-aspirants and Anti-Gankers of the plane.

Consider the dreadful consequences that would unfold if the captain listened to the carebears. Many innocent lives would be lost. The airline would lose a perfectly good plane. People would lose confidence in air travel. Even if by some miracle the captain survived, he would likely lose his job, and deservedly so.

Thankfully, most airline pilots wouldn't listen to the bot-aspirants and Anti-Gankers on board the plane. They would silence the Goofuses and guide the plane to where it's supposed to go, just like our Agents do for highsec.

"That's not fair," cry the rebellious passengers. "I paid for my ticket, so I should be able to do anything I want." Yet the pilot forces them to fly according to his own plan, not theirs. Is the pilot a bully? Of course not. He does the job that needs to be done, and he saves lives.

The same goes for our Agents. I'm so glad that highsec's destiny is in their hands and not the hands of those crazy, irresponsible, bot-aspirant rebels. Aren't you?


  1. The Code always wins! Even when highsec carebears want to crash the plane.


    Remind me never to travel with a shardani.

    1. [07:19:19] Kalynn Shardani > I am currently about to list Kalynn Shardani 's toon for sale if there is any interest please contact Rosaria Cosmos
      [07:19:31] Shelley Tortuga > o7
      [07:23:55] Shelley Tortuga > Sorry to hear that you will be leaving us permanetly.
      [07:25:35] Admiral Demona Black > Hayley Logical Fallacy Nin Rin Prixm Wind Yvain Bluewater ^M Kamio VI - Moon 7 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant
      [07:26:11] Kalynn Shardani > Shelley Tortuga the person who owned this toon passed away this past July
      [07:27:18] Shelley Tortuga > My condolences.
      [07:28:01] MRxX7XxMONKEY > oh, damn, my condolences
      [07:28:39] Kalynn Shardani > i'm sure he would appreciate that , thank you
      [07:29:00] Shelley Tortuga > The player behind Kalynn Shardani was always very encouriging and nice
      [07:29:01] Symphony-Angel > very sad , send the same
      [07:34:50] Tempus Halley > how is Uedama and Niarja?
      [07:35:16] Symphony-Angel > 5 reds docked in Uedama VII - Lai Dai Corporation Factory
      [07:36:03] Kalynn Shardani > I am happy to hear he was like that in game and glad he made so many friends not much like that outta game i'm affraid
      [07:36:28] Kalynn Shardani > i was hoping to inform Sarah Flynt so she may remove him from the moderator list etc
      [07:36:56] Astecus > I'll take care of that
      [07:38:31] Symphony-Angel > sad story
      [07:40:18] Astecus > Kalynn Shardani has been removed as moderator now
      [07:40:45] Astecus > Sad story indeed...
      [07:41:00] MRxX7XxMONKEY > i had to relog, could someone send me the story?
      [07:41:27] Symphony-Angel >
      [07:42:13] Kantar Vilorious > Hello Kalynn and everyone. Guess who?
      [07:42:43] MRxX7XxMONKEY > oh the 54yo man was the owner of that character?
      [07:42:59] Kantar Vilorious > alittle younger
      [07:43:02] Admiral Demona Black > Hayley Logical Fallacy Nin Rin Prixm Wind Yvain Bluewater IN Kamio VI - Moon 7 - Sukuuvestaa Corporation Production Plant JUST HAD A SCOUT COME IN ICE FIELD openwind
      [07:43:29] Symphony-Angel > MRxX7XxMONKEY i believe so
      [07:43:35] MRxX7XxMONKEY > damn
      [07:44:51] Kalynn Shardani > so hence why im trying to get rid of his toon - (wife)
      [07:45:15] Symphony-Angel > very sorry for your loss
      [07:45:43] Kalynn Shardani > i appreciate that
      [07:45:53] Astecus > Kalynn Shardani so you played EVE together?
      [07:46:24] Kalynn Shardani > yes / I am Rosaria Cosmos in game
      [07:46:50] Kantar Vilorious > Hi Kalynn
      [07:48:15] Apple Ottig > Dragon Knights Inc still around? :)
      [07:48:44] Symphony-Angel > cool name for alliance
      [07:52:34] Kalynn Shardani > yes it is
      [07:53:04] Kalynn Shardani > I run the DKI alliance. Kalynn didn't just gave intel
      [07:53:04] Astecus > Must admit Kalynn seemed like the least likely to do something like this...
      [07:54:24] Kalynn Shardani > i don't know how he was in game but out of game he wasn't ,.. very kind
      [07:54:35] Astecus > But then again, this is a roleplaying game
      [07:54:42] Kalynn Shardani > it is
      [07:57:12] Astecus > So how familiar are you with anti-ganking and his activities with it?
      [07:57:33] Kalynn Shardani > extremely
      [07:57:49] Kalynn Shardani > i helped him with a lot of his intel for the code alliance
      [07:58:00] Kalynn Shardani > however we kept our ingame characters disconnected
      [07:59:56] Rosaria Cosmos > this is better

      Proof that your shardani was a member of this murder loving child killing group you dipshit.

  2. Evidence Jamey? That your CHODE. agents engaged in RL harassment via Bonus Room shenanigans has been reported and proven as fact. These scum were banned by CCP.
    Why are you deluding yourself?

    1. why are you still crying about it? get over it

    2. Wrong! There was no "rl" harassment. CCP went only as far as to say that out-of-game contests were not ok, and very little else. There can be no injury when the carebear can simply choose not to play, or even just leave the comms. Only ignorant shitters consider bonus rooms harassment and torture. Idiots, the lot of them. chodeanon is just another fake news shitter with a grudge.

      Reading comprehension fail on chodeanon again.

    3. Since when is teamspeak real life?

      This anon has not seen sunlight me thinks.

    4. So teamspeak is part of the EO interface? It is required to play EO?

  3. antigankers failing hard. they literally are unable to play eve without code yet cry the hardest when their safe space ( high sec ) feels like its getting invaded by all of these alpha males in code. They run to ccp to ban code but don't realize they cant play this game without code.

    never forget shardani

    1. So what you're saying is; highsec ag scum are like the ghetto dwellers in the US, they are dependant on the hard work of others being taxed and having that tax redistributed through the government into the ghetto. At the same time those government dependant ghetto leeches want to "destroy the man", the very same "man" that provides for their very existence.

      Yea, I can see that. highsec ghetto ag scum are indebted to the Code for their existence, at the same time wanting to destroy the people who created and uphold that Code.

      At least we're not paying for that shardani shitter anymore. That's two less leeches to feed.


  4. You carebear ag spergs remember Agent LL's link to the new player faqs? "EvE is at it's core a pvp game."

    Get a permit, get a sub, get some skillz, or get rekt, plebs.

    EVE WAS hard, then CCP hired a bunch of bleeding vaginae (even going so far as to pull ISDs right out of the local highsec shitter population) but at least a lot of them were canned recently.

    CCP almost lost sight of Hilmar's vision of a true pvp sandbox, but with some help from Agents backed by the Code we should be able to sort those spergs out again. It seems a sort of revival is occuring among the population, we are ready for more highsec miner murder!

    It's going to be glorious slaughtering highsec ag shitters for the Code!

  5. "Airplanes have pilots, too. The captain of a commercial jet has responsibilities that go far beyond activating the autopilot and going AFK."


  6. Crashing high-sec with no survivors

  7. Well duh, you didn't know that all of the new order is child killing raping molesting bullies who love killing people. Shit its radicalism against unarmed players.

    1. perhaps said players should arm themselves. and get a permit.


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