Friday, December 29, 2017

Over One Trillion Five Hundred Sixty-Seven Billion in Shares Sold

The New Order is definitely on the move. Trust me--but if you don't, here's some of the proof:

Apo123 purchased 3,150 more shares, which brought us comfortably beyond the 1,565, 1,566, and 1,567 billion isk marks and earned him a Triple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. Perhaps inspired by other ambitious shareholders, Apo123 is working his way up the ranks. Something to think about.


Like so many other Agents of the New Order, Grand Moff Tarkin1 was moved by the Christmas spirit. (Or, judging by his spelling of "Christams" in the subject line of his EVEmail, he may have been moved by one too many Christmas spirits.)

Hey, why not?

Grand Moff Tarkin1's suggestion might save a few lives this year--another victory for our Agents. No doubt the Anti-Gankers will feel compelled to come out in favor of drinking and driving because of this. What a bunch of Goofuses.


  1. I wonder if ag are still giving away t1 frigate bpcs as rewards? If they had supporters that were less greedy they too could have over 200billion isk available for SRP.

    Oh well, no one wants to give money to fail shitters anyway.

    The Code always wins!


  2. James doesn't know the meaning of Christmas, he only lies cheats and kills. He cares nothing for Jesus or god.

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