Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Crack-Up

The first few minutes after a miner has been killed are critical.

Agent Pod-Goo Repoman overcame all of the obstacles in his path and achieved an impressive victory over K1LLE8's fail-fit Retriever. The miner laughed. Was he a good sport about the whole thing, or was there something sinister lurking behind his laughter?

K1LLE8 was a long way from offering Pod-Goo a "gf". Still, he was laughing. That could be a good thing or a bad one, depending on what happened next.

Pod-Goo hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. (In either scenario, supplying the miner with a link to the Code was the course of action to take.)

Judging by the miner's anger, his fits of laughter were probably not a hopeful sign. Agent Pod-Goo braced himself for the possibility that K1LLE8's psyche had been shattered along with his Retriever.

Our hero regretted not having told the miner to calm down sooner. It probably wouldn't have made a difference. But still.

By this point, Pod-Goo had reached a firm conclusion: This miner was barking mad.

Detached from reality, K11LE8 drifted through a fantasy world fueled by his delusions. Pod-Goo tried to throw him lifelines, but he doubted the miner could even see them.

What is an Agent's responsibility in a scenario like this one? If he feels like it, he can continue trying to help the miner.

Pod-Goo wanted to be able to say he'd done everything he could for the miner. K11LE8 alternated between bouts of giggling and bitter, resentful rants. Our Agent weathered them all with dignity.

K1LLE8 was far gone now. He sank into the mire of nihilism. He saw no order, no reason. This guy needed the Code, badly.

Pod-Goo Repoman felt genuinely sorry for the miner. Still, he had a job to do. There were plenty of other miners who needed his attention. Our Agent prepared to wrap things up.

The mind of a miner who has spent too long without the Code is a scary place. In truth, K11LE8 was living in a kind of waking nightmare. And to think, the rebels would have us leave these miners to their fate, without even the hope of being ganked. Beastly.


  1. hahahahaha shardani hahahahaha ag hahahahaah antiganking moderator hahahaha failing daily hahahaha

    1. hahahahaha



  2. The Code always wins!


    And highsec ag carebear scum can do nothing to stop the spread of The Code. Nothing!

    1. The fact that they have a channel/blog dedicated to the Code only helps spread the word.

    2. ikr? Idiots helping to promote the agenda of those they "hate".

      There are some true simpletons out there, most of them in highsec mining barges.

  3. Another case of a miner who has stared at asteroids for far too long.

  4. Where is johhny dipshit?

    Ohh nerfed.

    I can hear the screeching in the clouds.


    1. Just like many other shitters before him, little johnny pirtle raged and cried and debased himself in this public forum all in a futile attempt to "get revenge?" on highsec gankers, and all he has to show for it is a self-doxx and everyone seeing him for the shitter he is.

      How much of his soul do you think he lost while posting all that hate and rage and tears. Especially when he wrote in great detail of child molestation, murder, and other RL atrocities? I doubt his moral compass has ever read true.

      Well there's no doubt that he's a sick fuck now, but that's what you get when you abandon all human decency in persuit of pointless 'revenge' over your own failures in a video game.

      At this point I'm just waiting on the kalynn shoe to drop, because it looks like johnny piddles has lost his mind. I mean, what kind of person posts filth about child rape? (A child rapist of course)

      Get kalynn'd johnny pedo! In game of course! You silly shitters need to L2seperate!

      The Code always wins because it's a reflection of humanity at it's best.


  5. 'I know what you did last summer!'
    'Killing miners you mean?'
    'Well, yes.'


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