Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Getting the Code, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Autopilot abuser Grip Vyvorant lost a debate to Agent Aaaarrgg about the Code. Instead of owning up to his mistakes, Grip grew angry and blamed our Agent.

Upon being told to calm down, Grip attempted to compose himself and pretended that he was not upset. In another words, he tried to calm down--just as our Agent commanded him.

...Until he lost his temper again.

To the bot-aspirant carebear, the Code is always a delusion, no matter how many people follow it--and no matter how many tens of trillions of isk are destroyed in its name. Only when the carebear pays his 10 million isk and obeys the Code does he truly "get" it.

Grip was in disbelief. He couldn't imagine that the Code has actually improved lives. From his perspective, the Code only resulted in his being ganked.

The name of the Saviour of Highsec triggered the carebear, as it so often does. Indeed, many bot-aspirants dare not even speak the name.

Short of dunking a miner in the water to see if he floats, telling him to say my name is a pretty good way of determining whether he's a bot-aspirant.

Agent Aaaarrgg delivered a powerful defense of the Code--and a mission statement for highsec. It was time for Grip to choose the path of the Code, or the path of the Goofus.

Mic drop.

Agent Aaaarrgg, ladies and gentlemen.

...Accept no imitations.

Grip terminated the convo in a huff. He wasn't ready to become a true EVE player. Aaaarrgg wasn't worried; he had plenty of other people to help. As he always does. Always!


  1. Considering how angry he was, I don't think he got cloned closer to his destination.

    1. Miners always lie. If they were honest with others and with themselves they wouldn't be goofuses.

    2. Aaaarrgg is always there to help. I was feeling tense and stressed,then he showed up and offered to take care of me. For only 10 million, he quickly took care of me and left me feeling relaxed and drowsy. Thanks Aaaarrgg! I'm set for the new year,now.

    3. Your tears are delicious.

  2. Agent Aaaarrgg, another exemplar agent and knight. Praise James for you sir!


  3. wow just wow. antigankers failing so hard right now.

    hope he doesn't do an antiganking moderator shardani on us!

  4. What a dated attitude. You just don't see this kind of outrage and blind idealism in James 315 Territory anymore. Indeed, Kill: Grip Vyvorant (Capsule) happened nearly 2 1/2 years ago. What a long way we have come.

  5. The phrase 'Autopilot abuser' indicates that Jamey believes there is a non-abusive method to using the autopilot feature in EO. Interesting.

    Also the phrase "markets less swamped by botted minerals" actually means "removing some competition for the botted mining alts of Jamey and his CHODE. slaves."

    So transparent and hypocritical it's comical.

    1. You are wrong, carebear. Warping to an instadock, setting the station as a destination, and then engaging Autopilot - is the correct and proper use of the feature.

    2. As though anybody in the New Order has any interest in mining the low-grade highsec ore except to deny it to the illegals. In a perfect universe all the asteroid belts and ore anomalies in James 315 space would not exist; mining would only occur on the fringes of the galaxy where it makes sense for untapped ore deposits to be discovered.

  6. There is a legitimate non-abusive and CODE. compliant way to use the autopilot feature. For a modest service and processing fee of 10 million isk, I will be happy to instruct you in the proper functioning of your spaceship.


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