Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Interview

The mighty CODE. alliance has fascinated and mystified outsiders for the entirety of its existence. No other alliance in EVE is as relevant--or as interesting. So what happens when someone tries to join CODE.? Today, we'll take a sneak peek at the inner workings of EVE's most influential organization.

Todd Weasley submitted an application to New Order Logistics, a CODE. member corp.

Agent Super Perforator processed the application. These days, a lot of corporations--including many in powerful or semi-powerful nullsec alliances--accept all applications. By that standard, CODE. is fairly exclusive.

It was Todd's very first day in the game. EVE is known for its "skill cliff". Was Todd ready for what awaited him? It was Agent Super's job to find out.

According to Todd, he'd discovered New Order Logistics by using the in-game recruitment tool. If true, then it's working as intended.

Super tested the potential recruit to see whether he was truly a new player, as he claimed. Todd did not appear to be familiar with me or my many great deeds, which means that he must have been incredibly new to EVE.

Todd was a blank slate. There was no telling how he'd end up. So Super wanted to give him everything he'd need to be successful at EVE.

MinerBumping's "good bits" include all 2,700+ posts. (Yes, including all of the shareholder posts.) Reading six years of posts doesn't take as long as you might think. Normally I don't advise surfing the web while at work, but if it's for the sake of catching up on MinerBumping, your employer shouldn't have a problem with it.

MinerBumping is full of excellent resources for new and veteran EVE players alike. On his first day, Todd was already way ahead of the game.

Some critics accuse CODE. of running a cult. Nothing could be further from the truth. In order to ensure that Todd was making an educated decision, Super began discussing the various challenges and limitations to using a -10 security character.

Every single Agent who joins CODE. is fully informed about what they're getting into. Only those with a strong will and a sharp mind make it through the recruitment process.

By contrast, those with a weaker character are weeded out immediately. Unlike some alliances, CODE. isn't desperate for new recruits or greedy for new taxpayers.

Our Agent sent Todd off to discover what he was made of.

Although he mastered the art of updating his bio, it would seem that Todd just wasn't cut out for EVE. Judging by his empty killboard and employment history, he quit the game soon after his conversation with Agent Super. Or maybe he's slowly working his way through the MinerBumping posts. Whatever happened to Todd, we can be confident in saying that we did our best to give him the finest new player experience possible.


  1. I remember vividly how it felt to be a day 0 player, aspiring to be a Code member. It's sad the fellow gave up so soon.

  2. Todd Weasley looks like another one of Jamey's illegitimate children. The genetics are clear.

    Of course Todd took the time to read this blog, and quickly realized how irrelevant CHODE. truly is.

    1. Still jealous and mad it seems.
      Keep up the butthurt.

    2. We speak truth to power. Unlike ag who serve their bot overlords.

  3. I can imagine the ag equivalent story.

    Shardani: hi there, you want to join ag
    Leftypleb: yes please, i just need to know how to undock.

    Shardani: it is not necessary to undock, the only things you need to be on top of is locating the help screen and how to lodge a help ticket.

    Lefty pleb: i can't afford to lose my griffin and i am afraid to fly past niarja.

    Shardani: good call on that, we are scared of that place and uedama. Just do what we do and wait until the elite have killed the prey then overheat your prop and right click on the blue wrecks and run away to a safe spot and log off.

    Lefty pleb: i look up to you guys, i want to fail at life and eve. I found my corporation for all times.

  4. another poor soul corrupted by CODE. iw ill pray for him.

  5. In my defence, I was expecting him to ask me to point him to the "good bits" so I could tell him "all of it"... but he didn't take the obvious lead into the question.

  6. Hopefully he'll find his way to the MinerBumping channel.

  7. hey im still here, planning to join as soon as my skills are up to snuff, ive been reading the blog and studying everything i can, i know that elite pvp is for me, but i also know that im not ready, i might go down into low sec or null sec in order to practice against some noobs before i dare take on the challenges of high sec

    1. Yay! Your presence here makes a sad post cheerful! I feel you'll do all the right choices throughout your EvE career.

    2. Hi Todd.
      You wont learn anything in null or low that will help you in highsec. The best way to learn ganking is to get out there and gank... learning by doing (so to speak). Like I said, just be sure it is what you want from your alt(s).


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