Friday, December 28, 2018

Over One Trillion Six Hundred Fifty Billion in Shares Sold

One of the things EVE Online is known for is its unique player-driven economy. Right now, New Order shares are the hottest thing on the market, and everybody is getting in on the action.

More proof that every player, no matter how new to the game, can take action to advance the cause of the Code. Which also means that no player has an excuse to violate the Code.

If you want to be a big player in the highsec economy, you've gotta make big moves. This week, Agent ST0NER SMURF went for it: He massively upgraded his holdings by purchasing an additional 9,850 shares of New Order stock--worth nearly 10 billion isk. This pushed us past the 1,641, 1,642, 1,643, 1,644, 1,645, 1,646, 1,647, 1,648, 1,649, and 1,650 billion isk marks and earned ST0NER an epic Decuple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. Now that is a Christmas present.

ST0NER is now the proud owner of 13,315 shares. As ST0NER mentioned in his EVEmail, that's not quite the top 10, but it does vault him into the top 20, just above The Lawton School for Pubbies Who Can't Mine Good. Everyone's stepping up their game these days.


We've seen how when carebears get ganked, they often receive an informative EVEmail from an Agent, offering them instructions on how to comply with the Code and not die so much. Agent Siegfried Cohenberg, a world-class freighter bumper, recently secured a 25 billion isk freighter kill. Siegfried puts a lot of thought into the messages he sends to the recipients of such high-value ganks. Let's take a look:

The first point of interest is Siegfried's use of big, bold colors. Remember, freighter pilots are typically ganked when they're in the deepest slumber. They need something to jolt them awake and make them pay attention.

Siegfried also makes a point of clearly presenting his credentials--while maintaining the kind of sportsmanship that the New Order is known for.

Siegfried's bonds might not be New Order shares, but some investors prefer diversification, so the more investment vehicles available, the better.

Helpful though Siegfried's EVEmails may be, you only get them if you get dunked. Carebears, you're better off obeying the Code in the first place.


  1. Most miners struggle with basic reading and writing skills. I admire the 'back to basics' approach utilised here - bright, primary colours, and an overscaled font. Carebears are lucky to have Agent Seigfried looking out for them.

  2. My gosh that is a great EVEmail! :)

  3. wow just wow antiganking is failing hard right now.

    Thomas wouldnt dare put up the AG donations coming in because he just steals all the donations XD XD

  4. What a splendid evemail!


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