Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Future's So Bright You Gotta Wear Shades

If you end up like this:

...You'll probably be sent something like this:

Agent Minx Mattel gave Liyan Amurao a warm welcome to the new highsec. There was a lot to process in that little EVEmail, and Liyan had three reactions--so he sent three replies.

Agent Minx must have been disappointed. You'd think at least one of those three EVEmails would be accompanied by 10 million isk.

Minx was full of information and insight. And there was no risk of being scammed or sold a fake permit; our Agent belonged to the mighty CODE. alliance.

Still, the miner had concerns.

Once again, Agent Minx was able to put Liyan at ease. With all questions having been answered, there was only one thing to do now: Buy a permit.

Yet there was a part of Liyan that made him hesitate. There was a little bit of greed nagging at his soul. He couldn't quite bring himself to part with all 10 million isk. He wanted to keep a fraction of Minx's hard-won isk for himself.

Minx tended to doubt that the miner would qualify for reimbursement. Even so, the Saviour of Highsec works wonders. You never know. Reading the name of the Saviour brought out Liyan's true nature: Another multi-reply.

That final million isk proved to be a stumbling block. It stood in the way of Liyan's progress.

...But our Agents are experts at kicking away stumbling blocks.

There was no turning back. Liyan bought his very first mining permit! A few minutes later, the greed-pangs came back:

While his permit purchase was being processed, Liyan took up Minx's invitation to file a petition for reimbursement.

Many come to EVE Online in search of a better tomorrow. Most don't find it. And among those who do find it, it's never by accident. There is only one path to a bright future: the Code.

Liyan took his first step.


  1. Congratulations Miner Amurao for having the faith and good sense to become licensed! You have a much better chance of succeeding at EVE than Miner Darkhearth from yesterday's post.

  2. Great work Agent Minx! Examplar of Justice. Praise James! \o/

  3. Agent Minx is a worthy Knight of The New Order.

  4. So did he get reimbursed?

    1. Yes, I can confirm.
      He was reimbursed with a new purpose and new life.
      James 315 (ﷺ) has reimbursed him with something immeasurably more valuable than a fully officer fitted venture with a cargo-hold full of PLEX.

      Code-compliant miner Amurao now has the full power and joy of The New Halaima Code of Conduct for at least one year.

      Praise James 315 (ﷺ)!

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