Monday, December 17, 2018

Over One Trillion Six Hundred Forty Billion in Shares Sold

The Code is really striking a chord with people these days--and the money is rolling in.

Jonathon Rodriguez is the latest in a long line of New Order shareholders to upgrade his holdings. Jonathon purchased 350 additional shares of New Order stock, which was enough to send us past the 1,640 billion isk mark and earn him a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, New Order shares are definitely the way to go. And they're still available!


A mystery for you, ladies and gentlemen.

Blair Cameron's Skiff was destroyed in highsec. But why? The miner must not have owned a permit, one supposes.

And yet, there it is, right in his bio. The plot thickens:

Blair's alt or associate, Angus Cameron, also has a permit in his bio. What, then, can explain the destruction of this miner's ship? Fake permit? Fake issuing Agent?

The Agent, Aiko Danuja, checks out. And she confirmed that she had indeed sold mining permits to both Angus and Blair Cameron. I told you this was a mystery.

At this point, the anti-Code carebear reading this post rudely interjects, "The permits are a lie! We've said it all along. If you buy a permit, they'll gank you anyway. Save your 10 million isk and pray that you can escape destruction on your own terms."

As usual, the carebear is wrong.

There was a perfectly good explanation: the Camerons had gotten their permits revoked by perpetrating an ill-advised attack against one of highsec's finest.

The anti-Code carebear scoffs. "Surely this cannot be true. A miner attacking an Agent? This all sounds like a Code enforcer's ruse!"

Carebears lie, but killmails never do. At the time of his death, Blair was engaged in combat with Agent Krig Povelli's Orca. Although it was another open-and-shut case, a full investigation into the kill was duly performed by Aiko Danuja, who had originally issued the mining permits.

No one can say that justice is not done in highsec. The carebear critic is silenced.


  1. Its good to see law and justice prevail. Outstanding work Agent Aiko!

  2. A textbook example of the New Order's fair and robust justice system at work!

    The Skiff pilot should hang his head in shame for assaulting law abiding Agent Krig, who was just trying to make an honest living mining in his Orca.

    1. I just want all the miners to calm down and Praise James 315 ﷺ

  3. wow just wow. antigankers failed so hard - hope they don't do a shardani.

    Anyone else see that they can SRP griffins now hahahahahahaha

  4. weee!!! I'm famous!!!

    aka Mike Adoulin

  5. So much lost potential, those poor poor player's very hopes are lost to the mines of High Sec. Dashed against the very rocks they toil against in the hope of a better future. No wonder they turned to a life of crime against the New Order.

    Dark ominous players in masks, members of a corporation named "Henchmen Fleet 5". Their banner even includes the skull and crossbones.

    These players had every intention when they started of getting into elite PVP.

    What happened???

    They failed to follow the Code.

    Embrace PVP, embrace the Code. Turn to James 315 and actually accept him as the saviour of High Sec.

    New Order Logistics is recruiting!

    Praise James! \o/

  6. Replies
    1. You seem made up! Mr. Anonymous, if that's even your real name!

  7. Take pity for the plight
    The poor pathetic miner
    Release them from their chains

  8. Was Krig Povelli mining? He was in an Orca, if yes there's no indication in his bio or corp's description of having a permit, what if Blair Cameron simply made a vigilante act of punishing what he thought a miner without permits? The mail also said "undercover agent" doesn't that mean no one would normally know Krig Povelli is an agent in the first place?

    1. If you want a serious answer, log in use your Google handle. Otherwise nobody cares what an annonymoose has to say.

  9. Law and order at its finest.


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