Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Getting the Code, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Aaaarrgg engaged in a philosophical debate with Grip Vyvorant. Grip was an advocate for the right of bot-aspirants to AFK autopilot through highsec without consequences; Aaaarrgg favored the opposing view. As the two discussed their differences, Aaaarrgg came to realize that Grip simply didn't understand the Code at all.

Many miners genuinely believe that the New Order's operations are funded primarily by miners' payments of 10 million isk per year.

Ironically, carebears refuse to buy permits "because of the principle"--but the principle is precisely why they need to pay!

Listening to people like Grip, you'd think that people can only blow up each other's ships due to some kind of bug or exploit that CCP hasn't fixed yet. No, friend, it's the point of the game.

The ad referenced by our Agent is actually one of countless times that CCP has publicly sided with the PvP'ers. If CCP still has a marketing team, they probably hate industrialists and love Code enforcers.

This is EVE's most famous tagline. And do you notice that it was aimed at newbies?

Our Agents have no problem with shooting the so-called "unarmed" players. The AFK bot-aspirants resemble zombies. Instinctively, people know that when you see zombies, you gank them.

Ah, the old "without miners, you wouldn't have any ships" myth. Consider this thought experiment: Which game would be more likely to survive--an EVE without miners, or an EVE without PvP'ers? If not for the Code, the EVE servers would have shut down years ago.

As is often the case when a carebear loses an argument, Grip started losing his temper. Aaaarrgg sought to calm him by name-dropping the Saviour of Highsec.

When you stand with the Code, you stand with the people. It's not for no reason that my election was unanimous.

If anything, it's the verbal PvP in which our Agents shoot people who can't shoot back. When debating an Agent of the New Order, a miner doesn't stand a chance.

The carebear was spinning out of control. One might say Grip was losing his grip. Could our Agent calm the bot-aspirant and make him see the light?

To be continued...


  1. wow just wow. hope he doesn't do what antiganking moderator kalynn shardani did!

    1. Speaking of failures, I wonder what Thomas did with all those donations he stole?

  2. We both undocked in ships
    Ammo was spent
    Ships were lost

  3. Nice! Really captures the pathetic misery of a sad highsec miner.

  4. Rocks, rocks, and more rocks
    Mining laser so boring
    Please someone save me

  5. PvP virgins, much like other kinds of virgins, often build up unrealistic and unhealthy expectations of what the real thing should be like. Maybe next time he can try moving or something.

  6. Why do miners always compare themselves to handicapped wheelchair bound individuals? That is a blatant insult to the handicapped.


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