Thursday, December 20, 2018

Ill Intent

'Twas an ordinary day in highsec. Agent Guybertini scored a significant victory for the Code against an opponent in elite PvP.

The machinery of highsec was working as intended. Now 'twas time for the miner to confess his crimes, apologize, and purchase a mining permit. All would be well then.

But no, Shadow DoomVoid had to go and make a big mess of things.

Our Agents are known for their extraordinary vigilance and efficiency. Sometimes they're able to gank a miner before he even completes his first mining cycle for the day. In this instance, Shadow DoomVoid didn't have the chance to collect a single unit of ice before his ship was destroyed.

Perversely, Shadow tried to use Guybertini's superior performance against him!

Our Agent was unimpressed by Shadow's argument. He refused to grant the miner's reimbursement request, but graciously offered to sell him a permit. That should have been the end of the argument.

In a bizarre display, Shadow conducted some sort of show trial and ruled in favor of himself. We've seen plenty of miners play the role of space lawyer, but this Shadow character was on another level entirely: Space judge, of his own case? Talk about a conflict of interest.

Guybertini wasn't fooled. Miners do not govern themselves; they're incapable of it. Our Agent was the representative of the law.

Shadow wrote a peevish reply, again attempting to assert the authority of his imaginary "court".

No matter how much the miner might wish it otherwise, Agent Guybertini was in the right. Shadow's intent to mine without a permit was undeniable. 'Twas a good kill.

Finally, Shadow gave up. He was guilty--and he knew it.

"But James 315," says the space-lawerying carebear. "Since when was 'intent to mine' the same as mining? You're just making things up as you go along."

Oh, my poor, misguided friend. Intent to mine has always been treated the same as mining. And if you doubt, look no further than the perpetually useful New Order Bathroom Protocol, from way back in 2012:

Clearly this miner didn't read all the comments on a MinerBumping post from six years ago. His mistake.


  1. This reminds of the time that Neutron Nick tried to rob the Bank of New Caldari. He walked into the bank, wearing a black trenchcoat and skimask, waving his heavy blaster in the air. Fortunately, he was tackled from behind, and arrested for robbery. At his trial, Nick insisted that he was not guilty, because he had never physically received or even demanded isk. He therefore claimed a technicality, stating that the arresting officer failed to charge him with 'attempted' bank robbery. Of course, he was found guilty of robbery.

    Upon appeal, the Supreme Court emphasized that the criteria for determining the commission of a crime, is dependent upon the perspective of a reasonable observer. In this case, a reasonable observer would reasonably conclude that someone entering the bank in such a manner was indeed in the process of committing robbery. The act of robbery was thus completed the very moment Nick entered the bank. As the Caldari Bureau of Investigation explained, robbery is defined as "the taking or attempting to take..." Attempt is thus defined inclusively as the actus reas itself.

    When a miner travels hundreds of millions of kilometres (or more) out of his way, in order to enter a mining belt, any reasonable observer would conclude, "That individual is mining." The act is no different than walking into a bank with a loaded gun pointed at the vault. Therefore, the miner was guilty of mining, even before his lasers began to fire. The success or failure of the attempt has no bearing on the legality of the act.

    1. Excellent analysis. Based on your presentation, multiboxers should now be banned by CCP, since studies show that multiboxers tend to drift into automated signal inputing and botting.(June issue of Behavioral Gamer Pychology) Need to eliminate all the nits before they become lice. Keep up the good work!

    2. Thank you. As you know, my research was cited in the June issue of Behavioral Gamer Pychology, which discusses how CODE. operatives never engage in multiboxing. Every CODE. ship is manually piloted by an individual agent.

    3. soon CODE and its agents will stay at court, awaiting there trail. wit miners as the jury and me as the judge!

  2. wow just wow antigankers failing so incredibly hard right now.

    has Thomas explained what happened to all the donations yet and why he is only available to SRP griffins?

    hope they don't do a shardani

    1. I spoke with Thomas and he said that the best way to prevent ganks was to purchase valid mining permits. Therefore, he has been using the money to purchase as many permits as possible for everyone who wishes to be CODE. compliant.

    2. Who's Thomas? I gank non-stop daily and I never ever see a Thomas. Matter of fact I'm ganking a miner right now and Thomas can't stop me.


  3. Another splendid example of the New Order Supreme Court of Law in action. The kangaroo court of the miner, on the other hand, offers nothing more than a predetermined show trial.

    Miners should be grateful that we have a fair and impartial legal system to punish them with.

  4. That miner should have retained the services of Babatunde B Babatunde.

    Oh wait. He's still missing.

  5. CHODE. slave Guybertini gets beaten at his own game by Shadow DoomVoid.

    Just goes to show the vast majority of high sec denizens view Jamey and his CHODE. slaves with contempt, and know them for the trolls that they are.

    1. Calm down, your not fooling anyone. Stop lying to yourself and embrace the Code.

    2. I headhunted ChODE Slave earlier this year and appointed him as CEO of the Lawton School. No complaints.

  6. Agent Guybertini demonstrates great patience and good humor by playing along with the carebear's little game. There is no actual need to demonstrate 'intent to mine'. As the Agent pointed out, the case was closed at the first Code violation: 1) Failure to purchase a mining indulgence.

    Furthermore, the passages regarding 2) bot-aspirancy and 3) appearance of botting apply here: if the miner's humanity was at all in doubt (such as by his not docking up upon the appearance of a -10.0 Agent in Local) that constituted another actionable violation.

    Additionally, there is no requirement for probable cause in the Code. So an Agent may choose to shoot on instinct, thus uncovering retrospective violations such as 4) failure to tank and 5) failure to congratulate the ganker. I am grateful that James 315 allows His Agents to exercise such broad discretion powers in order to get the job done effectively.

    The New Order Mining Permit has very little to do with mining and very much to do with honouring the word of the Supreme Protector.

    1. Well said professor!

    2. "The New Order Mining Permit has very little to do with mining and very much to do with honouring the word of the Supreme Protector."

      Then why is it called a "Mining Permit"? As a supposed professor, a man of science, such illogical wording should irritate you.
      No, the "mining permit" should be renamed to "Jamey's extortion fee that helps make him rich."

      Jamey = L. Ron Hubbard.

    3. > Anonymous December 21, 2018 at 1:47 PM
      > Then why is it called a "Mining Permit"?

      The term serves as a litmus test for bot-aspirancy. I must inform you that your cover is blown.

      I have 79 billion isk in my wallet, yet I am poor—because I am a river to my people! Despite being poor, I feel like the richest man in the world. —James 315, 21.Jun.2017

    4. I have no cover to be blown. This weekend I look forward to hours spent mining in various high security systems, all the while watching various sporting events on the television. And not a CHODE. slave will be seen. They truly are irrelevant to the vast majority of the EO denizens.

      Jamey = L. Ron Hubbard. His CHODE. slaves = scientologists.

    5. "You know a strategy is working optimally when the enemy is furiously posting about how irrelevant it is." —The Mittani, 09.Dec.2017

  7. Great work Agent Guybertini! High Sec would not be the same without you.


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