Thursday, October 19, 2017

Carebear Tears Are Liquid at Room Temperature, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agents Berry Nice and Trump The King enjoyed some elite PvP with unlicensed freighter pilot Mercuri Thoth. Mercuri proved to be a bot-aspirant with some wildly inaccurate views about EVE. When our Agents tried to set her straight, Mercuri got personal.

The conversation between Mercuri and our heroes reached a moment of maximum tension. From this point, things could improve--or they could go very, very badly.

...Or they could get a little weird. There's always a third option, it seems.

Agent Trump wasn't interested in Mercuri's threats. And he certainly didn't want to see one of the people he'd ganked violate the EULA in addition to the Code. Trump subtly steered the course of the conversation back in the right direction: the direction of the Code.

Mercuri didn't want to pay another 10 million isk in addition to the 4 billion she'd lost when her freighter went up in smoke. On the other hand, what choice did she have? She didn't want to lose another 4 billion isk.

If Mercuri wanted to continue playing EVE, it was time for her to grow up and accept reality. The New Order controls highsec.

Trump's logic was undeniable. Mercuri suddenly found herself in the mood to open her wallet.

Of course, this wasn't a typical permit sale. Mercuri had done some bad things. An apology was certainly in order.

I receive many EVEmails like this, and each one has a story. Our Agents are constantly working to make highsec better, and that creates content. "What's going on in EVE these days?" you ask. The answer: Us.

Mercuri Thoth and her alts joined the ranks of the thousands of other permit-holders.

Now that Mercuri owned an official New Order mining permit, she was interested in exercising her right to apply for reimbursement.
Trump The King > first off one of the criteria to qualify is for us to be able to verify you can not afford to replace what you lost. do you understand how a full API works?
Berry Nice > One of the rules is that you must be able to afford what you risk, as in you must be able to replace what you are going to be flying.
Berry Nice > If you would allow us to process through your API, we can see if you qualify for reimbursement.
Mercuri Thoth > I've been told not to share my API
Mercuri Thoth > That it can be taken advantage of
Naturally, applying for reimbursement is not the same as receiving reimbursement. There are a few minor bureaucratic hoops to jump through.
Berry Nice > It only lets us see, not do.
Berry Nice > Go ahead and google it.
Mercuri Thoth > OK
Mercuri Thoth > It looks like all my EVE info. Not sure how it could be used, so I will pass on the reimbursement.
Berry Nice > Alright, suit yourself.
In this instance, Mercuri decided to withdraw her application for reimbursement, effectively admitting that our Agents' gank was 100% valid.
Mercuri Thoth > What happens if a CODE ganker fires on me? Within the permit year?
Berry Nice > It depends on if you were breaking the code or not.
Berry Nice > If you weren't, you will be fully reimbursed.
Mercuri Thoth > OK
Berry Nice > But, you will need to provide an API of your assets and net worth to pass through checks.
Berry Nice > You might as well do it now.
Agent Berry was still willing to let Mercuri apply for reimbursement. She wanted to make sure the freighter pilot didn't have any regrets.
Mercuri Thoth > Read through the CODE. I don't do any of those things and gfrankly I find those things annoying too
Mercuri Thoth > If anyone asks me for my API I will just contact CCP
Mercuri Thoth > Just to make sure they are away of any EULA scamming violations
Berry Nice > Well scamming is allowed.
Mercuri Thoth > You seem too interested in the API's
Mercuri Thoth > All of the CODE guys are too interested in them
Berry Nice > You don't have to give them if you don't want, I'm just telling you what's required if you want reimbursement.
In the end, Mercuri was satisfied with her 7 mining permits and the legitimate destruction of her 4 billion isk freighter. There's a lesson to be learned here, carebears: Making threats and taking things out-of-game will get you nowhere. But if you comply with the Code, the sky's the limit.


  1. Replies
    1. All hail the ISIS training leader james 315, he who rapes children.

  2. Interesting that there wasn't an invitation extended by the CHODE. slaves for Ms. Thoth to join them in teamspeak for a RL bonus room event.
    Then again there probably was, Jamey just decided not to print that.

    1. There was an invitation on the previous articles. learn to read.

    2. Calm down murder lover

  3. antiganking is failing so hard right now.

  4. I was actually surprised by that after all that a permit was sold...7 of them to be exact. I was hoping for more explosions but that works.

  5. NotthesmartestcookieOctober 19, 2017 at 8:40 PM

    It is always such an amazing moment when a goofus finally sees the light. Brings a tear to my eyes, yes it does. Now hopefully he did not goof off when he was awarded his permit and understands that future compliance is key.

  6. In before an angry little man called John Pirtle comes along to spread his salt everywhere.

    1. Poor little johnnie piddles can't seem to control himself, maybe CCP should ask the authorities to do a welfare check on the pedo, make sure he hasn't kalynn'd his kids.

    2. Calm down murder lovers, you need to stop praying to your shardani child killer and get help.

  7. Calm down murder lover.

  8. Psychiatric piddle. This guy is threatening real life threats. Litterally another shardani in the making.

    1. But its the code that is always killing and making threats to have people killed or encourage them to suicide themselves or sterilize themselves.

      Lets not forget the fact that they shot up vegas and a college campus as well as make a bomb threat at la guardia

    2. Are they? This is a case of bot aspirancy. You can not tell shit from clay miner.

    3. Lets not forget that they praise the shardani for killing his kid, also the fact that they are extremely violent IRL and act out when they fail to get their way in game. They RP just like one would if they were training at a terrorist camp to suicide bomb everyone that does not convert to their religion that forces people into a set of restrictive and highly interpretable laws that keeps them in a seat of power while enslaving everyone else.

      Sounds like fascism and hate all around, so yeah keep having your game time fun but remember once you take your shit out of game you will be shot or arrested for terrorism just like your friends.

      Yeah you cant fix stupid, the proof is your still playing the code game. Lets not forget your rule of "the fight isn't over till I win". Kinda defeats the purpose of a game when you cry so hard someone has to make a rule for it to be impossible to lose. Yeah your that kind of stupid.

    4. A few minor corrections:
      Anonymous = John Pirtle
      Your = You're
      Praise Shardani = Call out anti-ganking for saying Shardani was a good person

      Go ahead and find any post anywhere where a Code agent is "praising" Shardani.

  9. You, sunshine, are a deranged irredeemable fuckwit.

    Total RL murders by CODE: 0.
    Total RL murder suicides by AG: At least 2.

    Have you already forgotten shardani?
    Fite me IRL if you're so hard.

  10. Actually there are several mass shootings done by code agents also terrorist attacks and then there was the shardani incident you guys keep praising as he "prevented his son from going ag".

    Yeah you guys are everywhere try to lie better next time. Also you should keep you cute little impotent rage in game only that's why you have agents going out and shooting people. I don't feel like embarrassing a basement dwelling antifa moma's boy IRL.

    Try to HTFU child.

  11. Name one RL murder by an Eve player.

    Oh yes, shardani. Deny it if you can.

    And get out of high school and get a job. McDonald's is hiring boy


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