Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Code Meets CODEdot

'Twas another leisurely day in the domain of the New Order, otherwise known as highsec. A group of Knights and I responded to a routine call about an unlicensed miner in Ardallabier, next door to Brapelille.

The offender, Whitehound, was forced to hand over his Mackinaw to the outer darkness. He had just enough tank on his ship to avoid being podded before Concord arrived. However, Whitehound was a truly AFK miner. In his bot-aspirancy, he didn't even notice he had lost his ship. So his pod just sat there in the belt.

Seven minutes later, still idling in defiance of the Code, Whitehound's capsule was sent home. Agent Wescro2 was in charge of delivery. More than 800 million isk worth of implants was lost. Oddly, most of these implants were combat-related. I guess Whitehound was another one of those dangerous pirates who mines all day.

I tried to send him the standard termination notice so that we could help him get into compliance, but I was already blocked!

After Whitehound finally returned to his keyboard, I received an interesting notification, which I reported to the crew.

In his rage, Whitehound placed a one billion isk bounty on our alliance.

According to EVE's bounty office, this made us subject to the fifth-largest alliance bounty in the game.

Other Knights who weren't members of the alliance were also given bounties by Whitehound.

His revenge assured, Whitehound took his leave of the system to go pick up some ice.

New Order Logistics had only been part of CODE. alliance for one day, and we were already pulling our weight. But what is this CODE. alliance, anyway?

CODE., one of the few alliances whose name is identical to its alliance ticker, is not run by me. It is the brainchild of Aria Stane and admiral root, who were already having fun wardeccing people with the Zantiu-Braun Alliance. They decided to create an alliance with the New Order "brand", if you will, on the theory that it would help attract incoming wardecs. Receiving wardecs is better than issuing them since it's free, and the aggressors can't call in allies.

I was happy to have New Order Logistics join their alliance and hopefully contribute some infamy. The corp's inclusion in the alliance does not actually change anything about the way we operate; since Knights are at -5.0 anyway, wardecs don't matter to us. Nor are there any security issues, since we still use our regular channels of communication.

I asked admiral root for some information about CODE. to assist them in their recruitment efforts. Unlike the New Order itself, which is more universal in its aims, CODE. will use a traditional model of recruitment, and will be based around highsec wardecs.

Their corporation in the alliance is Tolerancia Nihilum. They have not yet finalized the minimum requirements for admission, but have a list of four contacts, if anyone is interested in joining: Aria Stane, admiral root, thadyus, and eleq trizi't.

Judging by Whitehound's reaction, the association of their alliance with the New Order is already having the desired effect.


  1. I'll happily join a CODE. corp. My NPC corp is nothing but a hindrance. I fear no wardec.

    1. Hallo, Jimmy!

      Please drop into the channel ZB PUB sometime and have a chat with us. We'd love to see if you're a good match.

    2. Are you still recruiting? Have anyone in the Asian Time zone?



  3. Is this the same Whitehound?

  4. miners, remember to set your CSPA to max (1 mil) so strangers can't mail you after killing you while you're afk for cheap.

    1. Bah, 1 million? Just another Catalyst my friend.

      How about opening a convo with your liberator, and apologising for not having a permit?


  5. they'll call you cowards for hiding in stations until you're ready to fly out and gank weak targets.
    that or they'll call you cowards for using only cheap ships and not putting up a fight.

  6. I, Whitehound, was not raging, just being a good sport making use of the new bounty system. I know you won't care about me writing this, but others might know a bit more about the truth.

    What I did enjoy the most, after placing a 1b ISK bounty, was that they were asking me to join them. It still makes me wonder why they asked me to join them. Especially after they shot and killed me!

    Also, yes, that was me mocking kids on the Kugu forums. They banned me for life for it! It, too, makes me smile and laugh when I think about it. Rustling the Jimmies of Kugu posters is a terrible offense. Yes, yes!! :)

    1. When concord blows their gank ship up, does concord not get the bounty payout?

    2. Whitehound, we are naturally repulsed by violence, and extend the olive branch to all who wish to negotiate peace. Unfortunately, most miners choose violence over peace by going afk.

    3. New Order Agents/Knights have always asked those they bump/gank to join the cause. And several have, and have in turn enjoyed the hell out of themselves.

      I would encourage you still to join the New Order. Give bumping or ganking a try. You might find you actually enjoy it and enjoy improving the game for *everyone* who plays.

  7. Last hour, some system, cats destroyed, 21 miners destroyed 9, not to mention capsuler CODE/goons destroyed as well, not by CONCORD, but by miners defending themselves.

    Having said that, I have little time for bots.

    Your cohorts feed and thrive on chat rooms like wraiths. If the chat rooms totally ignored you, your cause would wither on the vine.

    But try telling anyone not acknowledge or converse with your agents is like pushing fresh cow dung uphill with a trowel.

    My mob will never join you, we will defend our miners. But then guess will never see your kind in W-Space hey ?

    Have fun


    1. > we will defend our miners

      Why? You are committing defensive resources to protecting your miners against a threat which can strike at any time, without notice, with ships designed to kill your mining barges before you can react. You could *easily* save yourselves the time and effort, by paying 10M per miner, and asking your miners to obey the Code. It's that easy.

      But you, and other rebels, consistently choose to hard route for yourselves, endlessly posting killmails on shuttles, noobships, implantless pods and gank Catalysts, as if it meant anything.

      Why do you choose the hard, fruitless route - sacrificing your time and ISK for no gain - when you can easily save your miners, by asking them to mine in compliance with the Code?

    2. Some defense there.

      Each Mack we nuke costs us about a half dozen or so Catalysts, the same number of shuttles/newbships to move CONCORD, and if you are very very lucky, the same number of implantless week old clones.

      All of this cost reimbursed by the folks on the left margin of this page.

      The non-compliant miners are bleeding horribly.

      Your bluster and name calling will not change that.

  8. think of how many permits or replacement mining ships that 1 bil bounty could buy :D

    proves that being rich does not = being smart heh

    1. When you are poor then you don't have a choice but better be smart, or else you are dumb and poor.

      Now think about how many people are going to be happy when they shoot them and get ISKs paid for it? One can be poor, have fun and get rich with it. Thanks to bounty hunting!

    2. Oh so this Whitehound is choosing to spend that money unwisely on his own accord? Thats even worst isn't it? :D

      He is like choosing to poke his own eye out with a spoon like a retard because he can heh.

      The bounty - i think the amount gained by killing cheap fit catalysts that they expect to be concordokken'ed with 12 secs to be kind of meh~

      They are alts made for permanent suicide ganking, so those expecting them to fly around in expensive ships... lolol
      They have big sponsors too, just Gevlon alone is able to cough out billions of isk monthly to fund their ships if he wants to do so. If Goonswarm wants to support or co-op this venture fully then...

      So its obvious that the isk attrition will go in favor of the New Order at this current stage. Hope Whitehound have deep pockets or those miners will actually dip into their pockets to collectively fund a resistance force :D (but will they though? look at how much bitching they did over 10mil isk, most of them will likely just sit and pray others do the dirty work for them for free)

    3. the targets don't have to be expensive for bounty hunting to be profitable.
      anyone wanting a steady stream of 1mil kills just needs to camp outside the station and wait for them to come out.
      if the alts sit in station and do nothing then the original payer gets reimbursed as well.

      money paid for bounty is never a waste.

  9. Because we should clearly undock in our finest battleships to valiantly fight the Gallente police! ~honore~!

  10. -instant-warp bookmarks
    -instant-dock bookmarks
    -camping in belt or outside station for hrs hoping they undock instead of making isk or doing something less boring for pocket change.
    -increasing risk of getting dropped by them and getting blown up instead.
    -still cant stop them popping mining ships worth over 100mil.

    summary: ineffective/inefficient.
    I rather camp gates and snipe pods that have 100mil+ implants in them after they get blown up by pirates. Prefer killmails over 1mil pocket change :p

    Even newbies can earn 1mil isk in less than 1hr nowadays.
    Suggest getting a skiff and a low sp alt remote repper instead.

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