Friday, December 20, 2013

I Am Legend

Inspired by rebel CEO liberty's comparisons of me to a mythic, shadowy figure, Angus Adalwin brought to life this compelling image:

It's no surprise that a lot of EVE players compare me to the Batman. We share a lot of the same goals and possess many of the same qualities. And, of course, the superhero thing. Don't get me wrong--I do not endorse vigilantism on any level. However, I can identify with the Batman's frustrations with the crime and corruption in his fair city. A more accurate comparison might be to say that I'm like Commissioner Gordon, but with superpowers. The Batman would become unnecessary, since I would swiftly eliminate all the crime, but in a scrupulously legal fashion.

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  1. That is amazing, I would have that as a poster on my wall.

  2. Thanks for my new desktop :) Truly inspirational.

  3. Definitely in my wallpaper rotation.

  4. His face is shown for all to see. No hiding behind a pointy-eared mask for James 315.

  5. New desktop background for my twitch stream! Thanks Angus!


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