Monday, December 23, 2013

Krazy Meets Crazy, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Highsec carebear johantttt was driven to anger when he witnessed Agent KrazyTaco bumping his fellow miners. At his wit's end, johantttt attempted to suicide gank him using a fail-fit Drake.
johantttt > didnt like the ship xD
KrazyTaco > Kill: johantttt (Drake)
Olivia shy > oh wow concord your a big man
Olivia shy > KrazyTaco your a POS
KrazyTaco > Olivia shy Im just enforcing the law
johantttt lived in highsec all his life, but he managed to pick up the "I didn't want that ______ anyway" excuse.

Now for a shift in perspective. I was not aware of these events as they were going on. From my vantage point, a random player EVEmailed me a warning about KrazyTaco. I was able to immediately dismiss the warning, however. I knew KrazyTaco was a Code enforcer.

The next day, I was perplexed to receive another EVEmail from johantttt. Out of nowhere, he gave me his full name and street address.

A few days later, johantttt set me to neutral. I was sure there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this.

johantttt then sent me an apology for his behavior. Clearly, an Agent of the New Order was making progress with this gentleman. To understand the full story, we must travel back to the point just after johantttt CONCORDed his own Drake...
johantttt > i think the code member KrazyTaco soon is here Gamis and he have a kill right on me for 26 days...
Kelnarn Shaelingrath > he's not a code knight according to his info, he's in an npc corp and is likely just a scammer impersonating a code knight
druid 99 > hs in gelhan now
Kelnarn Shaelingrath > just saying
johantttt > thanks
It's always fun when carebears think it matters that they have kill rights on a -10 character. But now an Agent was the one with the kill rights, and johantttt was obsessed by it. He couldn't mine, because at any time, someone could buy the kill rights and kill him.

johantttt demanded that the kill right be thrown away somehow.
KrazyTaco > o/
johantttt > hello. i am sorry
johantttt > sorry
KrazyTaco > I need more than words johantttt
johantttt > how can i mine when you sell kill rights?
johantttt > i will give you 60 mill
johantttt > deal?
johantttt > i need to be able to mine
KrazyTaco > Sure, send the money
johantttt > what about selling the right? plz dont do it
johantttt > i dont know much about this game
johantttt > i did behave wrong
johantttt > i know that
johantttt > i will pay as fast as possible
With his mining operation in jeopardy, johantttt was desperate. He offered to raise 60 million isk and purchase the kill rights himself.
johantttt > taco is the shit food
johantttt > taco smells like dinner
johantttt > i will eat it
johantttt > taco smells like pussy
johantttt > come here
johantttt > KrazyTaco lick i lick
johantttt > come to the star there is dinner waiting
johantttt > it will burn like hell
johantttt > taco is served
But KrazyTaco insisted that he be paid first, rather than allowing johantttt to mine minerals for the 60 million. Thwarted, johantttt suffered a relapse.
KrazyTaco > Morning johan, you rang?
johantttt > run your pussy
johantttt > attack me
KrazyTaco > johantttt The money you spent on that drake could have been used to buy your kill right
johantttt > coward
KrazyTaco > I'm not very pleased with you, your being very fiscally irresponsible
johantttt > you promised me to eat
KrazyTaco > I promised you nothing actually
johantttt > you are not a man anymore
johantttt > you said you was going to kill me and here i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go
johantttt got into another Drake and demanded that KrazyTaco activate the kill rights and duel him. johantttt didn't really care about the outcome of the duel; he just wanted to be free to mine again.
johantttt > keep your word
johantttt > kill me now
johantttt > dont sell it haha
KrazyTaco > Why not? I make more money on the kill right than I do your crappy fit that drops
johantttt > you dont work you loser, you scam people
johantttt > selling mining permits
johantttt > telling you are a code member
johantttt > you cant even keeep your word and kill me
johantttt > ohh where si your brain? !
KrazyTaco > If your going to waste my time Ill get back to what I was doing then
johantttt > run now
johantttt > loser
johantttt > i go home and eat taco later
However, KrazyTaco's terms stood. He declined to activate the kill rights.
johantttt > hey, i dont know who i am rebel against
johantttt > ill read on your website and se what happens
KrazyTaco > YOu attempted to attack an Agent of The New Order
KrazyTaco > That makes you a rebel
johantttt > yeah but i dont know if i want to be a rebel yet but ill find out by reading about the code
KrazyTaco > Its not a matter of whether you want to be
KrazyTaco > you already are
KrazyTaco > Regardless, reading The Code is a good idea
johantttt > what i want matters to me
KrazyTaco > Let me know when you ready to remove your rebel status o/
Later, johantttt began to reconsider his status as a rebel against the New Order. He realized that he didn't know exactly what he was rebelling against. Whoever the New Order was, they were powerful enough to stop him from mining.

Having read the Code, johantttt started to change his mind. Maybe the New Order wasn't so bad after all.

A few days later, KrazyTaco replied, assuring the carebear that he could be redeemed if he followed the Code. Then he would be welcomed into the New Order family.

The kill right acted as a sword of Damocles over the poor miner. He wanted to pay for the permit, but he couldn't risk mining anywhere outside of 1.0, or in anything more expensive than a Venture. Despite having played EVE for two and a half years, he was flat broke.

Finally, johantttt scraped up the cash to buy a mining permit, and KrazyTaco agreed to sell the kill right for 20 million isk. So the story had a happy ending. Judging by his bio, johantttt has yet to fully embrace the Code, since there's no pledge of loyalty to me (yet). Still, giving money to an Agent and apologizing to everyone is a good start. No matter how bleak a miner's prospects may appear, the New Order is always willing to give someone a fresh start.


  1. BeBopAReBop RhubarbPieDecember 23, 2013 at 11:51 PM

    What a heartwarming story! I look forward to the day that johanttt decides to give up his live on violence towards innocent asteroids and takes up embracing the code!

    1. I look forward to the day that johantttt decides to visit a therapist.

    2. i told him to get me a priest, and i gave a movie to the priest: dantes inferno!

      and told him this one is good

  2. It would be even more heart warming if he embraced poping the knight of the code...

    1. Yes, thank you for pointing out that he should regard this knight as his 'pop', or father, bringing him wisdom to lift him up in this happy holiday season.

    2. Perhaps johan will purchase a new ship, even a popemobile, for the pope/knight.

  3. this seems a little to much as acting .... Either you mean something or you don't u just call it a mental isseu

  4. thx i was laughting to death about how stupid i was xD

    1. i mean how stupid i was to pay your permit...

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