Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lions and Leckybabies, Part 1

Longtime readers of MinerBumping are familiar with the adventures of Agent Lord Mandelor, whose fellow wardeccers have brought justice to many carebears and/or bronies.

After meditating in a wormhole, Mandelor and his fellow Agents increased their concentration and strength a thousandfold. Now they were ready to take on a corp of highsec mining bot-aspirants called leckybaby Corporation.

Carebear-in-Chief Zanthos Stormcloud, leader of the leckybabies, has a mixed military record. The corp's 50 members collectively have a modest killboard efficiency of 0% so far this month. Taking pity on the leckybabies, Mandelor and his fellow Agents in Tengoo Uninstallation Service corp opened a channel with Zanthos and offered to let him surrender.

Zanthos slapped away the extended hand of friendship. Hilariously, he questioned the integrity of our Agents and the righteousness of the war. He claimed the entire corp was comprised of 1 month-old players. (Naturally, he'd been CEO of the month-old corp for nearly 9 months.)

Zanthos had a very different perspective about EVE. It only contains a "PvP aspect". He didn't want any part of that aspect, it seems. Agent Maqari Kinraysuwa decided to let the leckybabies off the hook if they agreed to reimburse Tengoo for their expenses and follow the Code from that point forward.

Contrary to common sense, Zanthos refused the offer. He would not yield to the Code that day. It was a decision that would change the leckybaby Corporation forever.

Now all the carebear blood would be on Zanthos' hands. His corporation was 80 members strong, but by the time I screenshotted their killboard earlier in this post, it was already down to 50. leckybabies, like all carebears, flee in terror when confronted by a challenge. Agents of the New Order, on the other hand, fight like lions. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Karma in action: At the worst possible time, leckybaby Corporation was attacked from within. An awoxer appeared!

Schereauam was briefly a member of leckybaby Corporation and killed some miners. But the leckybabies didn't see it that way.

Unaware of the concept of awoxing--members of the same corporation are allowed to shoot each other without penalty in highsec--the miners of leckybaby Corporation were convinced that our Agents had been striking them with cloaked ships.

The awoxer reported another shocking piece of intel: The carebears planned to evacuate from New Order territory entirely.

It was a scandal. What would lowsec offer to a bunch of miners who find highsec too dangerous? Our Agents contacted Lauren Williams of leckybaby Corporation and demanded an explanation:

According to rumor, the lowsec mining op turned into a debacle. Lauren explained that the corp was revamping its war strategy. It was a war Lauren and her leckybabies intended to win. There would be no more mistakes, she said. Was she right, or did the future hold even more disasters for the opponents of the New Order?

To be continued...


  1. If they don't want pvp why did they join the pvp server?

  2. "warrior of justice hammerstone thunderdick"

  3. Should point out we elitely infiltrated the Leckybaby corp.

  4. Kalorned isn't even in our corp m8. Hats off to his fine work, though.

  5. Tengoo has never been involved with Handsome Millionare Playboys, so I don't know where you're getting that. Also they would deck Tengoo instead of going for Kalorned.

    1. would be cool for the tengoo force and kalor to team up!

  6. im proud of the miners of leckybaby made the smart move into low. at least there they have a CHANCE of survival.

  7. Man I wish I could be as cool and tough as you guys! But then I realised...I'm not a 14 year old child whose only satisfaction in life is flexing my enormous e-peen and writing about it on a back water gaming website!

    Back to reality.

    1. I don't understand how every detractor assumes the New Order is full of children when every encounter of theirs reported on this site shows them acting intelligently and professional. In contrast, the perpetrators act belligerent and vulgar, like, you know, a child would...

      Therefore I can only surmise that you, Anon 737, are in fact a child lacking skills in the rhetorical arts and suffering from a serious case of denial. But thanks for taking the time to continue to prove that the New Order cause is just and that the perpetrators and their supporters are the weak-minded, short-sighted dregs of Eve society that the New Order has called them to be.

    2. the same way high sec players assume (for some boneheaded and completely unfounded) reason theyre 100% safe flying around in highsec, and afk mining in the belts.
      Maturity and age are rarely on pace with each other, and thankfully the NO has managed to accumulate a general maturity level above the general playerbase.



  9. no really. You code people have a lot of trouble with inferring things

  10. Well, I have not read this site in... a very long time, and I come back and see that there have been some new conquests. Can anyone fill me in on what's changed as I take a prowl around the posts?

    Also, once I get around to that new account, I will change the name I use on this site to whatever my new char's name is.


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