Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Little Raskils, Part 1

It isn't always easy to be a member of a highsec mining corp. Sure, the work is simple and the isk rewards are out of proportion to the risk. But there are other challenges involved, ones that come in the form of difficult questions of ethics and morality. Every member of a highsec mining corp must decide whether to kill his or her corpmates.

Nitetime Video joined a highsec mining corporation called the Raskil Tribe. Nitetime was lucky. He was very familiar with the teachings of the New Order and its Code. So before he set foot in the corp, he decided what lines he would cross, and which ones he wouldn't cross. If he saw miners doing unethical things, he knew how he would respond. When the time came to make a difficult decision, he would be ready.
EVE System > Channel MOTD: Welcome to the private chat channel for Raskil Tribe. Please remember to observe OP SEC - no saying what ops are going on where. Spies are everywhere.
Nitetime Video > o/
Castill Amelana > Hiya
Nitetime Video > I still don't have exhumer but I can run security to watch for gankers on the op
Castill Amelana > we are going to try a new zone where there isn't gankers, but you are always welcome to rat and protect
Castill Amelana > Abudban
Raskil Tribe is an industrial corp. Judging by the first few lines of their channel log, they were in the business of mass-producing facepalms. Despite the MOTD, Castill Amelana announced his intention to run a mining op in Abudban system. It's a safe, quiet, distant place--an entire 1 jump from Rens.
Castill Amelana > I am working on moving my big old Orca out there right now. It takes awhile to move his ass
Dan Pator > hi sec
Castill Amelana > well, the last one was in high sec too. and got Maxes Hulk ganked. concord was too slow for 4 gankers
Castill Amelana > wow, 25 guys in this ice belt
Nitetime Video > will there still be ice there when we start? we will def. want the orca then
Castill Amelana > I don't know. I have started so I can get some ice before it is all gone
To Castill's surprise, lots of other miners also had the idea of mining next door to one of the busiest systems in EVE. Nitetime urged Castill to bring an Orca to the mining op. The Orca's presence would be essential to the op's success.
Calum Aldurald > no ice?
Castill Amelana > nope, I got here in time to mine 2 of them
Calum Aldurald > gah
Castill Amelana > there is a system called Barkrik that is 8 jumps away that has ice
Xer0 Zexeroth > Get to the system!!!!!! (choppa)
Nitetime Video > otw
Nitetime Video > or are we staying here?
Castill Amelana > no, you are faster, go check it out and see if any ice there
Unfortunately, the ice was mined out even before the other corp members could arrive. So Castill chose another system, further away from the action: Barkrik, two jumps from Hek.
Calum Aldurald > Nitetime Video r u sussing out Barkrik ?
Nitetime Video > almost there
Nitetime Video > ice belt is still here
Nitetime Video > sweet.. full of ice and no miners
Castill Amelana > thanks for the recon Nitetime Video
Nitetime Video > any time
Nitetime Video > wanted to do something useful
Nitetime Video > i really want to catch one of those ganking fuckers
Nitetime was entrusted with scouting for the mining op. His ship was much faster than the miners', since he was in a Gnosis. The fact that he wanted to "guard" a highsec mining op in a combat ship aroused no suspicion. He would be needed if CONCORD wasn't powerful enough to stop ganks.
Castill Amelana > I am 1 jump out now
Maximilian III > sooooo much ice here good ness
Xer0 Zexeroth > Nice!
Nitetime Video > ikr
Nitetime's recon was accurate; there was plenty of ice in Barkrik. If Nitetime did as he was told, he could have a successful career in the highsec mining corp. He'd have a comfortable life. But Nitetime had decided long ago that his life would not be ruled by considerations of wealth and comfort. Nitetime became a warrior, an Agent of the New Order. He would put the Code first, no matter what the cost.
Nitetime Video > Castill Amelana would you like to save your ship?
Nitetime Video > Maximilian III you too
Castill Amelana > what r u doing
Nitetime Video > This is a ransom
Nitetime Video > 400 mil for the orca
Nitetime Video > 150 mil for the hulk
Xer0 Zexeroth > ??? betrayal? O_O
Nitetime's Gnosis tackled Castill's Orca and another corp member's Hulk. He judged these miners guilty of violating the Code. By this point, Nitetime had been in the corp for over a month, and had gotten to know the carebears well. He took pity on them, and offered to release their ships if they paid him a fair ransom.
Castill Amelana > ah, why??
Xer0 Zexeroth > Why man?
Xer0 Zexeroth > Why?
Xer0 Zexeroth > Thought you were cool.
Nitetime Video > i am cool
The other members of Raskil Tribe began to persecute Nitetime by putting peer pressure on him to act in a manner inconsistent with his values. But Nitetime was strong. Fearless. He would not yield.
Nitetime Video > Castill Amelana lets go
Xer0 Zexeroth > But seriously.
Nitetime Video > 400 mil for the orca, 200 for the hulk and a rookieship killmail for each
Nitetime Video > It is a simple request
Castill Amelana > I guess it is simple
Castill Amelana > I just don't understand u
Nitetime's actions were confusing to Castill and his fellow carebears. They couldn't imagine why someone would torpedo a promising career in a mining corp. His actions were jeopardizing his chances of promotion.
Xer0 Zexeroth > Is this holdup for real cas?
Castill Amelana > Ok, I sent it
Nitetime Video > got ISK for orca
Nitetime Video > just need it from max now
Castill Amelana > let go the orca first
Nitetime Video > both at once
Nitetime Video > this is a ransom, not a negotiation
Xer0 Zexeroth > Damn he's smarter than he looks.
Castill sent 400 million isk to Nitetime. However, Nitetime would not release the Orca until the Hulk pilot had also paid. But the Hulk pilot had other plans.

...Not very good plans, as it turned out. The Hulk pilot somehow managed to get himself CONCORDed. As near as I can tell, he suspected some other players in the ice anomaly were repping Nitetime, so he attacked them with his Hulk's drones.
Nitetime Video > that was not very smart, scar
Nitetime Video > now you pay as well
Nitetime Video > 90 mil for the cane
Nitetime Video > better hurry, scar
Nitetime Video > last chance
Nitetime Video > sad
Suddenly, Scar Madeveda of Raskil Tribe appeared in a Hurricane Fleet Issue. He was determined to rescue the still-tackled Orca by destroying Nitetime's ship. But Nitetime was an Agent of the New Order. Destroying his ship proved impossible.

The Hurricane Fleet Issue died instead. Now nothing could save the Orca but full payment on behalf of the Hulk pilot. Nitetime hoped to get fully paid, but there was so much more he wanted to accomplish. Now that he had the full attention of Raskil Tribe, he had a golden opportunity to share the Code with them. Would they listen to reason? Raskil Tribe's future was at stake.

To be continued...


  1. You guys remember me? Seems like you guys are still having the only fun in EVE! Big salute to you all.

  2. I just wanna know if our noble knight had the same bio when he was accepting into the indy corp lol

  3. I usually give James well deserved shit for his ramblings about a group of kids who "control" one tenth of one percent of highsec but this story was actually a good read. Now if only you could do this throughout highsec than people might not just laugh at the braggadocio.

    1. "Now if only you could do this throughout highsec than people might not just laugh at the braggadocio."

      That's just that it, not only 'could' they do this throughout highsec, but they 'can' do this throughout highsec. There's nothing about this story that couldn't be repeated in any other system, with another mining corp in need of enlightenment. It seems like you're finally understanding what power means. If I were to walk through a beautiful forest near my house, turn over a stone and exclaim "aha, there's no heavily armed soldier underneath this stone, guess this isn't really United States Territory after all!", and you were there, you'd probably think I were a bit cracked. But there could be a soldier under that stone, if he wanted to be-- and if he were very small, or if I were very strong and so could lift up huge stones. The majority of crimes in the real world are never solved either--but repeat criminals get caught eventually, and that's exactly how it works in Highsec as well. The piper will one day demand his fee, either 10m or your ship and pod.


    2. Even though I was already full, sitting there relaxing you folks attempt to do thing like bump (which wont do anyhting anyways). A bunch of 12 year olds using an exploit. I know quite a few powerful people in nullsec who wont put up with your form of harashment. If you guys were so tough you would of taken something from my container so I could fight you openly, but you bump us and nobody else. Bunch of Hitlers. You don't even follow you own code. And so what in the end? I could just say "fuck" it and leave the system. You dont know what its like to work honestly for your isk. I just wish someone would gank you.

      And after all this you forget that without miners you wouldnt have ships at all. And in the end, its the pronciple of it all. I truly don't need the ice Im mining. You know you guys wuld make a low more isk yourselves if ya did something different.

      I dont have time for your extortion when I am doing important things on my alt. But I can make time if you have honor and meet me in lowsec. With this new ship i just bought (thus leaving me with no money) and will take you kids on!


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