Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kills of the Week

It's that time again--time for another Kills of the Week post. Or as we sometimes call it, the "D400 Power Hour". Let's look at some fine kills that took place during the week of November 24th @ 00:00 EVEtime through November 30th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

You can rarely go wrong starting off with a dead Orca. As LacrimaObscuritas unintentionally demonstrated, you're even less likely to go wrong starting off with a dead 1.5 billion isk Orca. Inflating the value of the kill were the ships carried in LacrimaObscuritas' oversized botting platform: Purifier, Jaguar, Legion, Anathema, and Arazu. If she'd been flying any of those instead, she might've survived this week. Alas, she was too interested in making money.

Agents Jameson2011, PanzarPanda, xxBLACK SKULLxx 929, D400, Vurse, Capt Starfox, Brink Albosa, Iorin, Lucas Padecain, Keraina Talie-Kuo, Domino Vyse, Sickosh Velociraptor, and Krominal reported for duty and fried the expensive fish.

Notice anything wrong with the fit for Rahjakk's industrial ship? You guessed it! Rahjakk forgot to buy a permit. His ignorance of the Code cost him dearly when Agent D400 reminded Rahjakk of the part about not being totally safe in highsec.

The ship itself only cost a million isk, but the cargo was worth closer to half a billion. The cargo was not protected by the Plastic Wrap. Appropriately, the ship's tank was about as thick as plastic wrap, so D400 had no trouble tearing it apart.

Crazy'Ivan has a long history of rebellion against the New Order. He likes to use a Cynabal to try to interfere with the New Order's ganks. If he really wanted to prevent ganks, though, he probably shouldn't make himself a target for one. Agent D400 dropped in unannounced on his old pal in a Tornado. Faster than you can say BLAP-BLAP-BLAP, Crazy'Ivan was down more than half a billion isk. When it comes to highsec, a white knight loses to a Knight of the Order every time.

I don't know what makes the rebels think they stand a chance against the elite PvP prowess of our Agents. After Mertvie nesmeyutsa lost his Mackinaw to Agent Krig Povelli, ol' Mertvie wanted to prove that he wasn't "just a miner". So he reshipped into a Tengu and tried exercising his killright. This time the rebel managed to use the killright feature correctly, but he forgot about one important thing: The fact that he really is just a miner. Krig easily dispatched the 830 million isk Tengu, along with a 588 million isk pod. Carebears, leave the PvP'ing to the professionals, please.

There was definitely something in the water (or ice) this week, as far as rebels were concerned. Rafinra's 479 million isk Arazu was smoked by Agent Jim Bobert's Caracal. Jim has been deliberately suspect-flagging himself and then bumping miners with the Caracal, which causes some of the angrier carebears to try fighting back or (more often) asking for help. For some reason, a Mackinaw tried attacking the Caracal with its drones, giving Jim license to kill the Mackinaw. Then Rafinra's Arazu jumped in, attempting to assist, but he died, too. The bumping resumed, as it always will.

CCP has gone out of its way to make travel easier in EVE. You can warp to stargates at zero without bookmarks, and now you can even jump through the stargate automatically on landing. That's not enough for the bot-aspirants, though. They want everything to be automated. Agent D400 knew something suspicious was going on when he saw Weres Mali's shuttle heading toward a stargate rather than stopping to pay him his due respect. The breach of decorum set Weres back 2.3 billion isk. If you think auto-piloting through my territory saves time, think again.


  1. Funny don't have any territory, not one highsec system indicates that it under new order sovereignty...

    1. The true measure of ownership is not a mention in some database. It's being able to enforce your will over what you claim is yours.
      In nullsec, the change of listed onwership is merely a recognition that the people who can enforce their will on that system have deemed the listed owner should change.

    2. That needs to get put on a bingo card somewhere.


    3. If you are considered a criminal (Not by game mechanics standards) and have a bounty on your head worth more than one can imagine, you aren't the owner of anything

  2. "Crazy'Ivan has a long history of rebellion against the New Order. He likes to use a Cynabal to try to interfere with the New Order's ganks. If he really wanted to prevent ganks, though, he probably shouldn't make himself a target for one. Agent D400 dropped in unannounced on his old pal in a Tornado."

    Haha, nice shooting, D400! I remember Ivan from a year ago, meandering in his cynabal, while we ganked Brapelille.

  3. two thumbs up to krig and jim bobert!
    smashing the " only shooting ships that cant shoot back" stereotype right over the head of the fools who think that NO Agents are incapable of (carebear defined) pvp!
    well done.

    1. Don't forget D400 vs. Cynabal


    2. Mmmhmm yeah very elite. You're still nothing. I'd love to smash everyone in the new order but they are too scared to leave carebear space, thus making you carebears yourselves. Without CONCORD killing everyone for you, or luring people on their own rash and idiotic decisions, you'd get slaughtered everywhere you went

  4. Weekly morals:
    1. Do not fit Orca with cargo modules.
    2. DO NOT fit Orca with cargo modules!
    3. Do not transport more than 200M in an industrial no matter what your tank is.
    4. Being a white knight is a waste of time. Doing that in a 200M ship that cannot survive an alpha Tornado is just dumb.
    5. Do not try to PvP in a ship fitted for PvE.
    6. Damping a target will not help you if your guns have 11km falloff.
    7. If you do not consider your implants throwaway, do not use a shuttle. In fact, with implants for 2B you should not autopilot at all. Or, at least use something tougher than noobship.


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