Monday, December 30, 2013

The Little Raskils, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Nitetime Video joined Raskil Tribe and attended one of their ice-mining ops. When he witnessed them violating the Code, he resolved to set things right. He tackled their mining ships, demanded a ransom, and started killing them.
Nitetime Video > now... no more tricks, Castill Amelana
Nitetime Video > lets just finish this and then you are free to go
Castill Amelana > ok, I will be right back
Nitetime Video > your orca is still floating here tho
Nitetime Video > you may want to come back
Nitetime Video > where did you go?
Castill Amelana > someone just poded me
Orca pilot Castill Amelana had used an alt to attack Nitetime with a Hurricane Fleet Issue, but it was no match for our hero. The Orca remained tackled, so Castill ejected. Nitetime podded him.
Nitetime Video > this awox has been brought to you by: The New Order of Hisec
Nitetime Video > Next time you should all purchase mining permits
Nitetime Video > and avoid bot-aspirant behavior
Calum Aldurald > lol fuck ur permits
Nitetime Video >
Nitetime Video > for just 10 mil. ISK per player per year.. you can avoid such losses
As an awoxer, Nitetime was instantly transformed from a newbie recruit into the most important, powerful member of the corp. Fearing what he would do next, they hung on his every word. Nitetime recognized this as a teachable moment. The New Order and its Code were given their proper due.
Castill Amelana > hmmm, sounds like u are now my fuck toy. such dumbassness by u
Nitetime Video > not sure what that means...
Nitetime Video > Kill: Scar Madeveda (Hurricane Fleet Issue)
Nitetime Video > Kill: Castill Amelana (Capsule)
Nitetime Video > Kill: Maximilian III (Hulk)
Castill Amelana > So much for your word
Nitetime Video > Your ship is safe
Castill had paid Nitetime a ransom of 400 million for the safety of the Orca. Nitetime was true to his word. The Orca remained intact. Castill's pod hadn't been part of the deal, so it was popped when he ejected.
Castill Amelana > ya, but you sent me back 10 jumps or so
Castill Amelana > I doubt it will be there when I get there
Nitetime Video > That is for brining in Scar Madeveda in his failfit cane
Castill Amelana > oooo, look at that, I have kill rights on u Nitetime Video
Castill Amelana > I wonder how many people I can sell that too?
Nitetime Video > yeah... that's not exactly how killrights work, son
Nitetime Video > and Scar Madeveda .. wtf us up with that cane fit?!
Nitetime Video > Armor shield mix meta soup sandwich is what it is
When Castill's alt tried and failed to kill Nitetime with the Hurricane, he broke the agreement. Nitetime kept his promise anyway, and he kept the Orca safe--by passing it to a friend. Some people let power go to their head. Nitetime did not. He began teaching his corpmates about kill rights and proper combat fittings. For free.
Sobal Raskil > Hey guys
Nitetime Video > o/ Sobal Raskil
Nitetime Video > how's things?
Sobal Raskil > it's the holidays
Nitetime Video > it is
Nitetime Video > i just got an orca for christmas
Sobal Raskil > NICE
Suddenly, Sobal Raskil, the CEO of Raskil Tribe, logged on. Nitetime greeted him.
Nitetime Video > Castill Amelana kindly donated it to me
Nitetime Video > +400 mil. ISK
Castill Amelana > Hey Sobal, Have u met the new guy that is sucking James315's dick
Nitetime Video > Kind of early.. but still a nice gift
Castill Amelana > I am sure so was James's gift in your mouth
Nitetime Video > btw pls dont talk about James 315 that way..
Nitetime Video > he is the saviour of Hisec
Nitetime Video > Founder of The Code
Nitetime Video > Doer of all that is Good and Right in the Universe
Sobal Raskil > really...
Nitetime spoke of the New Order and the Code, but hadn't yet mentioned me by name. Apparently Castill had heard of me already, even if in a negative light. Highsec is learning.
Nitetime Video > Sobal Raskil can I be a director?
Nitetime Video > I think I have proven my trustworthiness well in this corp
Sobal Raskil > That's quite the infiltration... either they bought you out or you're with them from the start and created this toon specifically for that purpose... In both case it means we're doin' things right to get such notice / dedication to grief.
Nitetime Video > AFK mining, gluttony, bot-aspirancy
Nitetime Video > Speaking negatively and in harsh terms to agent's of the New Order
Nitetime Video > and mining without permits
Nitetime Video > Disgusting
Sobal Raskil > hehe you sound like an Integrist Muslim.
The CEO of Raskil Tribe was amazed to hear that his corp had been "infiltrated". Nitetime could have bragged and boasted. Instead, he spent his time teaching the CEO about the Code. If he could win him over, perhaps the entire Raskil Tribe could change its ways.
Nitetime Video > It's not a religion
Nitetime Video > it is law
Nitetime Video > and I hate criminals
Sobal Raskil > it's extortion.
Sobal Raskil > even if it were 1 ISK per year
Sobal Raskil > I'm not payin'.
Sobal Raskil > if my members want to, individually, fold to your rules... I don't care
Nitetime Video > If you continue on that path it can only lead to the dark side
Sobal already bought into the "extortion" meme. However, he was willing to make an important concession: He would not persecute members of his corp if they followed the Code.
Nitetime Video > For the good of Hisec
Nitetime Video > To fight bot-aspirancy
Sobal Raskil > see that's where you sound like a religious zealot
Sobal Raskil > that's complete bullshit
Nitetime Video > Religious.. no. Just patriotic
Sobal Raskil > it's an "ism"... it's cancer
Nitetime Video > Botting and AFK mining is cancer
Nitetime Video > We are the cure
Nitetime Video > Open your eyes
Sobal Raskil > (if they weren't opened I couldn't read dumbass)
Personally, Sobal remained in opposition to the Code. Perhaps Raskil Tribe would need additional Code enforcement to make him see the light.
Castill Amelana > And I was doing none of that. so again, you are just pirates
Nitetime Video > You didn't respond to my test (the point/web) for a full minute
Nitetime Video > Thus you were AFK
Nitetime Video > so I attacked as was my right as a Knight and Agent of the New Order
Castill Amelana > I wasn't afk. I was thinking you were goofing around
Nitetime Video > That is how it starts.. goofing around
Nitetime Video > Next thing you are getting up to answer the door
Nitetime Video > Or on the phone
Nitetime Video > Or putting your kids to bed
Nitetime Video > all the time you are AFK
Castill pretended he never violated the Code. Nitetime knew better. He knew the signs.
Sobal Raskil > so ?
Sobal Raskil > what's the problem with that
Sobal Raskil > if he was in Null sec, ok, he was careless, he got killed
Castill Amelana > I don't subscribe to your law.
Nitetime Video > Jack Guns's Impairor is a glutonous fit for an Orca. All available slots should be used for tank
Castill Amelana > Here is the new law. anyone found to be holding a permit from Code has forfited his ship
Nitetime Video > that is dangerous talk, Castill Amelana
Castill Amelana > anyone who talks to me about code. is toast
Sobal didn't understand why it's a bad idea to go AFK in highsec. In nullsec, you can lose your ship that way, but in highsec? Newsflash, Sobal: Your corp just got killed for going AFK in highsec. Nitetime reviewed the fitting of the confiscated Orca and found evidence of further Code violations.
Nitetime Video > why did none of you congratulate me in local?
Nitetime Video > as in "gf"
Sobal Raskil > caus It's not a good fight
Sobal Raskil > an Orca doesn't fire back
Nitetime Video > The Hurricane fought back.. sort of
Sobal Raskil > Corpmates aren't supposed to kill each other.
Another Code violation took the form of Raskil Tribe's refusal to congratulate Nitetime on his combat prowess. Clearly, this corp needed the Order badly.
Nitetime Video > I did not want to kill corpmates
Nitetime Video > but I cannot ignore violations of the Code
Nitetime Video > I just wanted to be your friends
Sobal Raskil > bullshit you're an infiltrated agent. That fact is agression
Nitetime Video > You are the ones who betrayed me
Nitetime Video > By forcing my to enforce the Code on pilots whom I thought were my friends
Nitetime Video > It is with a heavy heart that I must tender my resignation. I can no longer affiliate with such people who would willfully turn on their greatest friend and break the law
Sobal Raskil > It was a pleasure having you. Now fuck off.
Nitetime decided it was time to move on. He had done all he could. Did he make an impact? I think so. But as with other rebel corps, the mission continues. Agents pass the torch to other Agents. I'm confident that Raskil Tribe will, in time, find their way.


  1. Sobal Raskil Is the CEO, apparently the character was created on the 1st June 2013. Is this the best person to be leading a corporation of new and possibly old players in Eve Online?

    If he's an alt of an older character, perhaps in null, perhaps not, then he really should have known better.

    I feel sorry for all those brave new pilots that join Eve after reading all the stories and reports and find themselves in corporations devoid of life, aspirations, ship replacement programmes, offering one thing and one thing only - Work to line the pockets of the CEO and possibly directors.

    But the New Order has a lot to do already, so it would be unfair to call on them to rid the bad CEO's that entrap the new player in to the negative mindset that is pve and mining in Eve as a sole activity.

    1. Congratulations for using the word 'already' in the correct manner, not the stupid American way of just tagging it at the end of every scentence.

    2. I'm already of Americans.December 31, 2013 at 3:32 AM

      I may be American, but at least I don't think that "scentence" is a word, already.

    3. Fair enough, I fail at spelling.

      But you can't use a word that means 'an event that has previously happened' to mean 'an event i would like to happen now', makes no sense at all.

      Will you buy me a drink already?

      No, I've previously (really trying not to use the word already) bought you a drink, or you are asking me to go back in time....

      'muricans are stupid stop butchering our language ;)

    4. not yours anymore brah, already.

    5. I speak really good english. Who r u 2 tell me that this isnt my language?

    6. "'muricans are stupid stop butchering our language ;)"

      You are butchering your own language, with constant spelling and syntax errors. Taking this sad state of affairs into consideration, your allegation that Americans typically misuse the word 'already'-- which you have supported with absolutely zero evidence--is officially rejected.

  2. I told him that if he truly cared about his corpmates; then he would purchase mining permits for all of them. He didn't seem to like that idea :)

    -Nitetime Video

    1. If he truly cared about Eve and its players, he wouldn't be a CEO until he got much more experience and could bring more to a corp than a one dimensional sweat shop.

    2. Sidrat hits it out of the park, here. Everybody just wants to be in charge, no matter how bad they are at it.

  3. I almost never gank non-compliants anymore.. but to keep spreading the word I decided to start bumping AFK miners out of range. I just started and was expecting rage (for the most part, like what you see on MB), but the initial response from the first set of miners was, well lacking... As it turns out the first person I bump is a bot... Won't respond to hails, won't respond in local, won't respond to bumps and slow boats over 100km back to the belt. Second person does the same exact thing, except half way slow boating back to the belt, it/he/she warps off and docks. I haven't even begun my bumping career and the very first two miners act WAY too much like they're using a bot program...

    I honestly didn't think many people bot-mined until I started bumping. You know.. risk of losing your account and all. But, the more miners I bump, the more people I find acting very suspicious. I was never a fan of petitioning, always seemed like "telling" on someone to me, but I fear I'm going to have to start..

    To all the naysayers, AFK mining is the first step to botting. "If I'm[AFK/bot-aspirant miner] going to AFK -not even play the game for a period of time- why not have a program do it all for me[AFK/bot-aspirant miner] and make more ISK?" And this is just one of the reasons why NO exists. You should have to work for your ISK, not have an unfair advantage.

  4. I afk mine all the time with a tanked barge in Nakuguard. I earn SHITLOADS of isk and never got bothered by gankers. I have no interest in using a bot, but I will continue to do this as a money maker for my null pvping. I read this site as I find your role playing hilarious - and even more hilarious is that people you grief bite. If they didn't react, you guys wouldn't even bother. Silly people.

    1. Says the "Anonymous" poster. Aww.. Is someone afraid that we might take an interest?
      - Nitetime

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