Monday, February 17, 2014

HOPE Springs Eternal

The legitimate EVE players in highsec pumped their fists with joy when they heard about the New Order shares bought up by members and affiliates of Halaima's Omniscient Participation Enforcers corp. Naturally, everyone wanted to hear more about HOPE.

Pro-Order corporations have been popping up all across highsec lately. Among them is HOPE.

Rebel miners have been astonished and dismayed to see the Code catching fire. As the New Order spreads, it won't be long before there isn't a hole in highsec they can crawl into without an Agent coming to visit.

HOPE settled into the Gulfonodi system of the Molden Heath region. There were numerous bot-aspirants there, some of whom were refugees from enforcement actions elsewhere in highsec. They were surprised by HOPE, which began slaughtering them by the billions of isk.

The bot-aspirants quickly realized that these new Agents were 110% committed to the Code. One of the exploded miners, Jeyong Choi, was puzzled by the expression "James 315 is Love". He started asking around.

Jeyong posed his question to Notenough Minerals, an affiliate of HOPE. Notenough was happy to give Jeyong a full run-down of the Code.

Unfortunately, Jeyong replied with a self-described "rage mail". He claimed poverty. Notenough reminded this "new player" that he was five years old.

We're getting a lot of "new players" these days with old accounts, all of whom just happened to start playing EVE again recently. This claim is unverifiable, of course. Nor is there any reason to believe people suddenly got excited about highsec mining a few months ago and started re-subbing for it en masse.

Jeyong continued to send hostile EVEmails. Apparently he was convinced that his odds of being "reimbused" increased with each mail.

Notenough was kind enough to keep giving Jeyong helpful replies. The replies were much more valuable than reimbursement of Jeyong's ship and implants. Notenough even informed Jeyong about the word "trebeled", which is found both in the Code and in the dictionary, so you can be doubly sure it's a real word.

Not everyone hits the ground running when they're told about the Code. Some are sluggish. But in the long run, they all pay.

With the growth of the New Order, there are so many Agents for the rebel miners to learn from. In time, there will be more Agents than bot-aspirants!

One rebel, Parks Unity, still felt the sting of having his Retriever ganked by a laser Badger. Agent Thoughtful Downsizing gave him some counseling and threw some links to the Code in local. Ideally, every system in highsec will have a ready link to the Code placed in local. Until the day of final victory arrives, highsec will have HOPE.


  1. My thoughts exactly, minus the language.

  2. It didnt do alot of damage, the ret was killed by rats; but how? Was the badger webbing and scraming said bot aspirant after killing its drones? Wouldnt this provoke the wrath of concord on the poor badger?

  3. Maybe someone could answer this for me...The Jeyong Choi pointed out a good point. The code does mention this one day reprieve but yet I never see anyone get offered this. Why is this? If this no longer applies shouldn't this be removed from the code? Secondly I can understand getting rid of the bots...yea get rid of those fuckers...but is it not true that when 90% of real life player miners get taken out all the time does this not increase ALL ship prices? Just wondering

    1. The one day reprieve is only available when The Supreme Protector specifically (read: James 315) asks The Supreme Protector's question 3 - It would be impossible for a regular agent to say they were the supreme protector of course.

      Enforcement is not just against bot's, one of the largest category of players we seek to reform are bot aspirants. This group of people, while not bots in the literal sense, behave as bots would. Bot aspirant behavior can be defined in many ways, and this is really where the beauty of The Code lies, it allows so much flexibility to an agent or knight to shape and mold High Sec into something better than it is!

    2. @tiny45 and all other sensible people reading this. The second you accept their premise and start quibbling about the specifics of their claims, you have already been ganked.. MENTALLY

  4. This/These HOPE guy/guys is/are full of win!

  5. High-Sec is safer today because of the heroic action of these brave men and women. God speed, HOPE.

  6. aaah reinforcement in molten heat, i welcome it.

    Every agent enforces the code in his own way, bumping/ganking. its up to them to try and contact the violator first or terminate upon breaching the code.
    I personaly bump first and mail the violator with 1 day reprieve, after wich found again a catalyst is thrown at him.

    Although i enforce my region solo, its working and neccesary.


    H.O.P.E. is close to my region i might just join them :)

  7. Genuine question, if the knights of the order are purging the stain of AFK bot-aspirants from HI Sec why is a scram needed? Just wondering from a build point of view, would the mid slot this frees up not be better to add a DPS mod in?

    1. I don't like to waste a cat because the guy heard the warning buzzers and alt-tabbed back from Pornhub and warped out. I almost always fit a scram. The only other module used in that slot is a sensor booster which is mainly for catching pods.

  8. Got you. That makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up.


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