Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Halaima Crusades, Part 1

Although the New Order owns all highsec systems and loves them all equally, we hold a special place in our hearts for Halaima, the birthplace of the Code. Agents Lord Kailethre and Lord Mandelor of the Tengoo Uninstallation Service corp felt the pull of nostalgia and paid Halaima a visit. Tengoo pilots flew to Halaima to pay their respects to the Code in local. Everything was fine until this happened:

Johan Force muttered curses in full view of an Agent. Treason!

Johan was identified as a member of the "BrownCoat Syndicate", the latest in the long line of failed anti-Order resistance movements. The BrownCoats originated from another resistance movement, known as "Liber8eve".

Recently, Liber8eve organized an anti-Order "mining event" in Halaima. For some reason, they thought gathering together and mining in an asteroid belt would somehow impede the actions of the New Order. Instead, their mining op ended in disaster when some pilots of The Pursuit of Happiness alliance crashed the party and activated kill rights on a bunch of Liber8eve vessels. The rebels suffered half a billion isk in losses. liberty herself was counted among the dead.

Following Liber8eve's defeat in Halaima, the rebel blogger vowed to continue, and not to fall silent like all the other failed resistance blogs.

...After which the blogger fell silent like all the other failed resistance blogs.

However, the blogger resurfaced to say the blog would go silent again.

Back to the story. Johan continued to say vile things about the New Order in local. Agent Father Julius, unused to hearing such impure things, urged the rebel to stop. Julius knew that if the rebel stopped and apologized, he could be saved. Julius also knew that if the rebel didn't apologize, bad things would happen.

A bad thing happened to the rebel. Tengoo declared war against Johan's corp, Mozzaki United.

When Johan heard the news, he still wouldn't apologize. BrownCoat that he was, Johan protested against the tyranny of the New Order. Our heroes decided it was time to visit the rest of the Mozzaki United by joining their public channel.

Now the rest of the Mozzakis were on notice. They had 24 hours before the wardec went live. Would they repent?

Though the war hadn't started yet, the New Order won its first battle immediately. Mozzaki United proved incapable of kicking our Agents from their channel.

Johan had invited this calamity on his corp. As Mozzaki United struggled to grasp what was happening, Johan tried to cover up his own involvement. But his house of cards was about to collapse.

The cat was out of the bag. Johan defended his heresy behind the cloak of "freedom of opinion". The New Order promotes freedom. We love diversity of opinion. Provided it is within the bounds of the Code. Mozzaki United had a chance to denounce Johan, but they did not. The clock ticked down until the wardec activated.

As soon as the war began, Mozzaki learned the dreadful price of defiance. In just a few minutes, they were already down three Mackinaws and 700 million isk.

Our heroes spoke to Johan to give him the opportunity to surrender. Johan had other plans. He boldly declared that the war was about to turn against the New Order in a big way. Was it true? Had the Tengoo Uninstallation Service bitten off more than they could chew? Or were things only going to get worse for Johan and friends?

To be continued...


  1. ...yeah well that's just your perception man

  2. Dude I've seen the next episode

    shit gets real

  3. "you wont"
    I feel like tengoo still will.

  4. "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black."

    -Henry Ford

    "The New Order promotes freedom. We love diversity of opinion. Provided it is within the bounds of the Code."

    -James 315

    2 great men.

  5. is The Brown Coat Syndicate actually a thing?

  6. pfff...
    Liberties idea as is simple as it can be.
    "The Kot" controls -nothing- not even Halaima.

    anyway terrible Kot-Propaganda blabla as always.
    So terrible one could get blind by reading.
    Or one is so stupid, it doesnt hurt.
    Well, all containers and stores full of fresh mined Ice and Roids.
    Time to go to bed...

  7. The code is a wonderfull thing if you stop and think about it,
    but bieng forced to go to low sec. i still don't see why i would want to do that if i choose to play highsec for the missions and call that funn its my play style i do this with the boundaries of the code.

    yet an artical that i did not know before says that james wants that everybody part a certain lvl of skilling should leave highsec, wich in most oppinions will be a bad idea.
    a player that can handle lvl 2 security missions isn't ready for low sec yet.
    they should be guided by the code so they can be made aware there is more than highsec.

    thsi doesn't mean that you need to scare them away into lowsec with a very low skillpoint count, they will only become easy pickings. The mission players in highsec are not the bottom of the food chain in eve yet they are to be punished too ....

    in an artical wich i hear of recently i saw that what james wants is to change 45% of the game so that people would have to leave highsec. this is not something found in the code.

    something isn't right about this:

    The code to create a better highsec = good/cool idea
    even 100% code compliance will be possible. in wich if i read it correctly people who do missions and mining would be forced into lowsec.

    Have a simple qeustion here... Why?

    This is going a bit further than a Role playing element to create a better highsec.
    I support james with the code and help him spread it..... however the backstory has a very particular taste about it.....

    maybe an enlightenment about the current state of the code and future plans is in order.


    1. "a player that can handle lvl 2 security missions isn't ready for low sec yet. "

      Are we living in an alternate universe where the founder of Brave Newbies is not running for CSM? Because that is the only way that statement makes sense.

  8. "role playing" with the words "bot-aspirant" and "afk" the 4th Wall is broken. thats not roleplaying, thats bullshit. and the whole story is so mind-aging bad, it realy hurts eyes and brain reading. clearly delirous jimmy thinks he write good stuff, but he is just someone who likes
    eve lets you play all (evil) styles you want. it lets you even play as scum. and thats what jimmy and his dimwits are: scum.

  9. --> but he is just someone who likes to hear and read him self

  10. Well if you only showed up the war dec to be slaughtered then maybe I wouldn't be

  11. I see wardec's from alliances full of -10 pilots are having their intended effect. Good job CODE.

  12. What, you mean provoking a PVP that gets ready to fight and the so called "Saviors of Highsec" don't show up to? When that same corp and its entities mine more? When Kalorned is so shit he just watches as ice belts were chewed apart? Yeah, good job CODE, and thanks for letting us profit off your cowardice. You guys are a real joke

  13. Dear LSM:

    Thank you for your contribution.

    Your tears were both plentiful and salty.

    Your argument that the New Order didn't accomplish anything is undercut by the multiple tear-filled comments on the blog BTW.

    You're from Handsome Millionaire Playboys?

    I'll keep that in mind...

  14. Apparently cowardice by the new order means they won... i think he said that NO declared war on his corp and the new order didn't show up to fight. that doesnt seem like tears to me. unless his tears are for the fact he was sad that the NO was cowardly. that i can understand lol.

  15. What seems absurd to me is that the ice belts are increasingly dominated by AFK multiboxed corporations fielding fleets off bots, yet the NO takes no action against them. it seems like if there was any integrity to the rhetoric, they'd target those bots.


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