Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kills of the Week

Fair warning, readers. Some of what you're about to see may sicken you. If you have a weak stomach, this might be a good post for you to skip. Take a day to enjoy some older MinerBumping posts and rejoin us next time. As for the rest of you, the following are some notable kills that took place during the week of February 16th @ 00:00 EVEtime through February 22nd @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Let's ease into this with a nice Orca kill. Fox Samantha lost an anti-tanked Orca whose valuable lowslots were occupied by Inertia Stabilizers for some reason. Maybe she wanted to be able to align quickly in case of a gank. Just giving her the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately there's no way to excuse her for fitting the very first triple Sensor Boosted Orca I've ever seen--and yes, those are all Scan Resolution scripts for the best possible lock-time.

Agents Sarthana, loyalanon, Morganta, Vic Jefferson, Sophia Soprano, Schlampa, Rikii, Jaxx Daniel, eattttttt me, and unknown boat were responsible for this kill. Well, I suppose Fox Samantha herself was kinda responsible, too.

Bosal is a member of the Strike Knights Miners corp. Maybe he's dyslexic, because shouldn't it be Knights Strike Miners? Take a guess what Bosal was using this Raven for. Mining? No. Ratting? Missioning? No and no. Ladies and gentlemen, this was actually a suicide gank fit. Bosal attempted to kill Agent Alyth Nerun, who was minding his own business bumping miners and telling them what to do. Bosal attacked Alyth without provocation and got CONCORDed for his trouble. I don't know what they're putting in the ice these days, but it seems every week we see a new "Worst Gank Fit Ever" kill.

Starting to feel a little nauseous yet? Jigue yoshi'sfault had no one but himself to blame for this mining Armageddon fit. In case you're curious, that rig is a tracking enhancer for large energy weapons. Jigue, I don't think a mining laser counts as an energy weapon.

Recently we had some rebels telling people that they can defeat the New Order by mining in battleships. Agents loyalanon, Jared Lennox, Throatslashar, iZaEaRl, Sophia Soprano, Belana Mawr, and Gank Gank weren't defeated, but they were disgusted by the bot-aspirancy of it all.

Our Agents were notified that Ellie Moons had gone AFK next to a stargate in a Machariel. Ellie's fit may mystify you. I'm guessing it's for scanning and bumping freighters. Hey, I'm all for freighter ganking. Bot-aspirants often fly freighters. But Ellie didn't have a permit, and he was just as guilty as any freighter pilot of assuming no one could touch him while he was AFK in New Order territory. You can accuse the New Order of many things, but not hypocrisy.

Agents Dreadchain, Hansy Babes, Destroyerofdreams, howling wind, DiaLatho, Thomas Rippentius, loyalanon, Desmond Strickler, Pod-Goo Repairman, Sophia Soprano, Aaaarrgg, and Throatslashar arrived at the scene and did what had to be done.

Capt Under lost 3.3 billion isk worth of implants when Agent Aaaarrgg popped him. You know the drill--Capt Under was AFK autopiloting. Not in a shuttle, though. He was autopiloting in a freighter. Our Agents took care of that, too.

You know how I said earlier that our Agents support freighter ganking? Anthon Dubec learned it the hard way. He put everything he owned--over 14 billion isk worth of possessions--into a freighter. He promptly went AFK. No sir. Not in my highsec.

Agents loyalanon, DiaLatho, Maestro Ulv, Sarthana, Sophia Soprano, Desmond Strickler, Aaaarrgg, Pod-Goo Repairman, Jared Lennox, iZaEaRl, Nanny State, Throatslashar, Luck Of-The-Irish, norema Uitra, and Santisma Muerte rallied for yet another spectacular attack this week and set Anthon back to square one. Assuming he doesn't quit EVE, maybe in his next career he'll choose to play the game in a manner that respects the Code--and not in a manner that ignores it.


  1. Man I've had 5 billion in a freighter on my alt and I was shitting myself flying it
    What sane mind puts 14 billion in one and afk autopilots?

  2. So is this just a blog where someone who doesn't even play eve anymore posts 5 or 6 kills the same twelve people get every week orrrr what?

    1. Where do you get the "doesn't play" from?

      You do realise that James 315 is not the only character used by the player behind the Code?

    2. Wow! I too get nervous carrying anything more than a few million in a freighter... that certainly was brave.

      Just a question, so I understand: The code as listed on this site only specifically refers to miners. So agents are also getting permits and ganking freighters as well? The code must be upheld... I have been reading my way through posts and stuff here, but this is the very first time I found any reference to anything other than a miner, or a mining ship...

    3. I think you'll find that we target bot-aspirants of all natures in New Order territory. While this is practiced by many miners it is certainly not limited to them. Autopiloting by its very nature is a bot-aspirants tool.

    4. Oh that is surely a good thing!

      Only trying to sell a permit to a transporter-bot by directing him to where it only talks about mining...
      I guess it depends... is it better to gank them, or to give them the chance to recognise the errors of their ways?

    5. "Mining in highsec is the only situation in which being AFK is problematic." - James 315

      Anyone got any more recent quotes?

  3. What type of brain-damaged moron puts 14 BILLION worth of stuff in a freighter and then tries to AUTOPILOT IT AFK?!?!?!

    Chribba wept......

    --Mike Adoulin

  4. The code is not only limited to miners. High sec needed a reform and James 315 conducted the Code to banish those who goes AFK, tries botting or even seem to behave like bots. Please refer to for more enlightenment.

    1. Hi!
      I have seen the code. I read through it every day. I try and follow the code.
      But what is written under the link you provided mentions specifically miners, and only miners.

    2. As always, we consult the Code:

      "Since the Code is a living, breathing document, it's not possible to fully enumerate all of the rules."

      Think of the Code as the Gospels and the rest of the blog as the Epistles.

  5. "- Selectively attack. Suppose you are the sort of player who enjoys highsec PvP, whether it be suicide ganking, scamming, can-flipping, corp infiltration, wardeccing, etc. Odds are, you have a variety of targets you could attack at any given moment. Let your victims know that they have been attacked in the name of the New Order and provide them a link to this website. Remember, when you inflict damage on a player in highsec, it becomes a revolutionary act if it's done in the name of the New Order."

    James 315

    1. So when there are conflicting statements, which one wins??

      "Mining in highsec is the only situation in which being AFK is problematic." - James 315

    2. "So when there are conflicting statements, which one wins??"

      The one which best suits the situation facing the Agent.


    3. Third rule of the code

      - Bot-aspirant behavior is not permitted.

      Doesnt need to just be applied to miners, though Bot-aspirant behavior in general. Which each target its judged individually by agents of the new order and if found guilty, can be punishable by removing them from their ship and or clone no matter how big or small.

    4. Theologians will probably argue for centuries about the meaning of the passage, but if we look at it context I think we can glean the saviour's purpose so long as we interpret it in light of the Code that 412nv has quoted above.

      "First of all, we can note that nowhere in the Code does it say anything about AFK cloaking--or any other AFK activity other than AFK mining. Once again, this makes perfect sense. We would not, for example, threaten to bump someone who was AFK while docked in a station. Nor is it bot-aspirant behavior to be AFK while docked. Mining in highsec is the only situation in which being AFK is problematic."

      One kind of being AFK in space is mentioned, AFK cloaking, and it is deemed permissible. The only other permissible AFKness listed is being docked. In light of the Code stating "Bot-aspirant behavior is not permitted" I think we can all agree that when the saviour mentions AFK mining he does not intend to exclude autopiloting, afk missioning, and the other evils of hisec.

      Frankly, I wonder if there wasn't some sort of translation error between the infallible words of the Saviour of Hisec and the blog software. But the theologians and apologists will at least have something to debate until the servers go dark.

    5. Of course, given the fact that our saviour is among us, at what point are we left to our own devices to interpret his intentions... the spirit of his words? Of course he cannot waste his precious time helping those who (through no fault of their own) are not gifted with a large enough intellect to enable full comprehension. I can assume, because James 315 posted the Transport kills, that he has made his intentions, feelings and wishes clear.

      My main point is about those unbelievers, or those that have not had any chance 'til know to be exposed to the saviours wisdom. Making it more obvious that other forms of behaviour are also covered can only help the righteous when faced with the ambivalence of the uninformed.

    6. You made me chuckle Malcolm, with your 'As always, we consult the Code:'. If that isn't the intro to a Sermon, I don't know what is!

      You may become the New Order's very own Chaplain.


    7. We used to have a High Priestess. She even conducted by post-first-gank knighting. Sadly she is gone now. But if Black Skull can be a General of the New Order, surely I can be, if not Pope, maybe Apostle Malcolm. I've written several prayers for New Order knights. This is one of my latest, although the forum thread I posted it on got locked by the enemies of the Order.

      Now I undock for to gank,
      I pray the Saviour my pod to tank,
      If I am podded before I dock,
      I pray the Saviour my corpse to mock. Amen.

      - Apostle Malcolm

    8. *rapturous applause*



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