Friday, February 28, 2014

Two Hundred Fourteen Billion in Shares Sold

The New Order loves new players, and we also love old ones. Greyhound Mist has been around since 2003, and so has her corp, Old Farts. Greyhound's years of experience gave her the wisdom to purchase 100 million isk of mining permits for her corp--and also 100 shares in the New Order. The purchase of shares was just enough to earn her a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. We've sold over 214 billion isk worth of shares now!

As a postscript, please be aware that New Order shares are not an in-game item. When Greyhound learned this, she respectfully requested a refund. Although that's not possible, I have a feeling she won't regret her purchase for a moment. Onward!


  1. They should be an in-game item though. A BPO that takes strip miners as input and produces 100 New Order Shares certificates. CCP gave Brave Newbies hull rep drones and a higher corp cap. I'm sure they'll get right on this for us.

  2. I have a strong feeling New Order shares will one day be given out as Christmas gifts by CCP.

  3. New Order Shares. All sales are final. Dividends paid in lols.


    Yesterday James 315 sent our alliance 10bill ISK

    Dont forget we willrename the next TITANT with your name if you sent us 1bill ISK

    Again thanks thanks thanks

  5. THANKS THANKS THANKS without your support wee could not buy the next 3 TITANS

    Thanks to all supporter ofthe NEW ORDER

  6. We need more money:

    DO never forget any one thst is buying 1000 Shares will see his name on a BIG BIG Titan

    WE need money do never stop tto send James 315 more ISK .

    Our aaliance of couse is protecting whole High sec

    BIG BIG THANKS TO JAMES 315 for the last 10bill ISK

  7. Next 3 0 sec systems will fall shortly under our controll :

    Thanks thanks

    and again thank to anyone who is sending James 315 ISK

  8. Thanks James 315 for supporting our alliance

  9. Yes.. we get it.. your alliance is poor. Perhaps you should take up mining? Just remember to buy permits.

    -Nitetime Video

  10. Noone needs to feel sad or bad that the Shares are not an in game item!

    I have not regretted the shares I bought for a single moment! I am proud to be a contributer to a the betterment of HiSec!


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