Friday, February 21, 2014

I'll Make You Famous

Another fine day in highsec. The Kino system was basking in the warm glow of its favorite New Order Agent, Bing Bangboom.
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Kino
Bing Bangboom > Miners of Kino ! By choosing to mine in this New Order system you have agreed to follow the New Halaima Code of Conduct.
Bing Bangboom >
Bing Bangboom > Any miner without a permit is subject to bumping or ganking.
Bing Bangboom > Or having their allianced destroyed.
Bing Bangboom > Ain't that right, lib?

Kino was also basking in the not-so-warm glow of its not-so-favorite rebel leader, liberty.
liberty > run boy run
Spine Ripper > too late, he didn't run
Jace Alvejetti > I tried
Jace Alvejetti > ..
Bing Bangboom > Kill: Jace Alvejetti (Retriever) no permit
liberty attempted to warn a rebel miner about an incoming gank, but it was too late. Jace Alvejetti's Retriever was destroyed, even though he "tried" to run.

Does this look like the ship of someone who "tried"?
Jace Alvejetti > Kill rights to ripper available
Bing Bangboom > Spine Ripper is -10.
Bing Bangboom > everybody can shoot SR on sight.
liberty > a;ways kill rights at -10 bing were at war
Bing Bangboom > yes, we are having great fun.
liberty > well u r we're not never see u for dust bing always running when we got combat ships lol
Bing Bangboom > you have a very limited understanding of what being at war means.
liberty > well u fight gorillla like not really a fight there as always in shadows
As Bing waited for the 15-minute aggression timer to expire, he started chatting with liberty. They discussed the art of war. liberty didn't think "gorilla" warfare was legitimate. And yes, she's just as articulate in local as she is in her EVEmails.
Bing Bangboom > the important thing is I've pretty much won.
liberty > lol really we're still here still going
Bing Bangboom > all three of you.
Bing Bangboom > with no possiblity of reviving U.S.A.T.O
liberty > :) u think only 4 lot more than that at moment just not in alliance
In previous posts, we saw how the awesome power of even a single New Order Agent can destroy an entire rebel alliance. liberty wasn't willing to throw in the towel just yet. All of the members of her alliance were still loyal to her--they just weren't willing to remain in her alliance. But maybe someday, after the New Order's gone, they will return.
Bing Bangboom > one thing, James and I have made you "space famous".
Bing Bangboom > Thousands await your next proclamation.
liberty > :) i saw u may have done us a favour there as more and more will sign up to go against u there
It's hard to believe, but liberty is actually one of the oldest characters still in EVE. She started playing the game soon after it went live in 2003. In all that time, she did nothing but try to build a highsec mining alliance. It wasn't until Bing's adventures that anyone noticed her. Could she leverage her new fame to build a resistance movement?
Bing Bangboom > has anyone signed up to go against me?
liberty > had good few ally with us even mine in bs's against u right in new orders home systems as defiance hehe
Bing Bangboom > wow, mined in highsec did they? That IS defiant.
liberty > thx to you giving out our channel thats exactly how got more supporting the down fall of new order
Bing Bangboom > by mining.
liberty > what your mighty new order going too do about that like to know
liberty's master plan: She would encourage people to mine in highsec in battleships.
Bing Bangboom > bump or gank them. Its what we always do when we find bot aspirants
liberty > well u said it finally u admit your nothing but gankers lol
Bing Bangboom > let me get this straight though. In order to destroy the New Order you convinced some highsec players to mine?
liberty > didnt need to convince lot of them happy to stand up too you guys and shout out no permits minning right under your nose
Bing Bangboom > I suppose the New Order will fade into the night now.
liberty > hehe not sure if that but hell it just turns out that way guess when faced with a challange
liberty's plan wasn't yet bearing fruit. We know she's got patience, though. She's spent the last 10+ years mining in highsec, only to have her efforts toppled by a guy named "Bing Bangboom". If that didn't make her quit EVE, she must have a lot of patience.
Bing Bangboom > you support botting and afk mining then?
liberty > im a farther of 3 things happen n need to go afk at times when minning botting not so much really but its beside the point permits are a lazy gankers way too try n make quick isk with out putting the time in too mine and build things
So liberty is a father of three, or so she says. Do her children mine, like so many other children we've seen in highsec lately? Maybe those are the other three characters who haven't left her alliance (yet)?
liberty > its the principal of the thing why should we who pay to play this game have too then pay in game isk too play
liberty > its just ganking and piracy at end of the day what u and new order do nothing stands with the bs about making eve a better place if you dont bk those that do pay u the minning fee
Bing Bangboom > sorry, was a bit distracted. Kill: MARFA EVE (Retriever) AFK and no permit.
Bing Bangboom > you were saying?
liberty > nothng more to say every kill shows your true colours as nothing tha petty ganker
Contrary to liberty's assertion, the New Order is not made up of petty gankers. We have exceptional gankers.
Bing Bangboom > Just trying to make it a better game. Or save it from it from people that want to make it WoW in space.
Bing Bangboom > wake up, liberty
liberty > hehe wide awake just loosing interest again chasing shadows as often do
liberty > i always going to be seeing your ass and a cloud of dust as u run away
liberty > any one attacked here shout out the belt
Dark Ame > you fucking lier !!! pretending killing boot miner ! I'm not a bot .. I'm rel pilot being the stearwheel ... fucking asshole ganker !
Just when liberty encouraged her fellow rebel miners to shout if they needed help, a rebel shouted. Protip: If you want to keep your ship intact, don't count on liberty to save you.
Dark Ame > just a fake code to hide your real maner !! piracy and ganking
Spine Ripper > Kill: Dark Ame (Retriever) no permit.
Dark Ame > fuck your permit ... it's not a CCP rule just your fake way to earn esay money from young pilot who don't know you'r a real pirate
Spine Ripper > you're not young.
Yes, "young pilot" Dark Ame is a 2011 character. These days it seems you're more likely to find a genuinely new character ganking a highsec miner than being one.
Dark Ame > you pretend to improve game by killing bot ... I'm not against that in fact ... but you killed every miner, not even tying to be sure it's a bot or not
Bing Bangboom > I checked to see if you have a permit. You did not.
Bing Bangboom > Miners who refuse to support us are supporing botting and bot aspirancy.
Dark Ame > so .. in conclusion yoy'r not fighting bot miner ... just asking money for nothin as the real pirate you are !!
Bing Bangboom > Its not like we haven't been discussing it in local for several hours. You chose not to support us.
Dark Ame > and who decided that you have right to ask money just pretending to fight against bot ... fake reason / real pirate maners
Apparently liberty left guard duty, satisfied that Dark Ame had the situation well in hand. He was ranting and raving about being killed, just like liberty does. The resistance does its job, and we do ours.


  1. Imo CCP should put liberty in tutorial:
    -lesson number two people; look at this guy and side effects of mining 10 years in hisec

  2. "These days it seems you're more likely to find a genuinely new character ganking a highsec miner than being one."


  3. "liberty > well u fight gorillla like not really a fight there as always in shadows"

    Bing, how dare you fight like a gorilla, dragging your knuckles along the ground

    1. Gorilla hahaha shiieett. Her Jimmies got rustled apparently!

  4. I can see 3 children failing out of highschool in the future.

  5. At least Liberty is still faithfully butchering the English language

  6. Judging by his figures of speech, it sounds to me like he's a native English speaker. It's absurd, because most foreign speakers have a better handle on the written language than him.

    How's this for future blogpost titles:

    "The Language of Liberty"
    "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Literacy"
    "An Introduction to Gorilla Warfare"

  7. liberty > "…permits are a lazy gankers way too try n make quick isk with out putting the time in too mine and build things"

    liberty > “its just ganking and piracy at end of the day what u and new order do nothing stands with the bs about making eve a better place if you dont bk those that do pay u the minning fee”

    liberty > “nothng more to say every kill shows your true colours as nothing tha petty ganker”

    For the record: Ganking exhumers used to be profitable; before the mining buff and before the salvage nerf (more of the salvage nerf). Now, if you're ganking exhumers for profit today, you need to count on the modules dropping from both your ship and theirs. If you are buying your own ships you will, at best, break even, but it's more likely that you will lose some isk.

    As far as the permit: Yes, 10m/isk is such a way to make bank that it barely covers a T2 Catalyst and doesn't even do that depending on where you shop. The permit isn't about "make[ing] quick isk," it's about the message. The price of the permit was determined and set to 10m/isk because it's not expensive. The permit price could have been set to 50m/isk, but it wasn't. It’s cheap, available to everyone and affordable to everyone. 10m/isk is pennies even to new players.

    Now, if we were pirates, gankers, scammers, etc, pretty sure the price of a permit wouldn’t have been set so low. Furthermore, as soon as you purchased said permit, we would laugh at you and gank you anyway. This doesn’t happen. There is a level of respect for permit holders as they too see the problems with highsec and are willing to take a stand with us.

    So liberty your argument that ganking is a way to make isk and that idea is reinforced with your belief that 10m/isk is an amount of isk that’s noteworthy really does not reflect well for how much you know about this game. Also, your belief that NO agents are nothing but pirates really sounds about right as it’s not about the isk.. and seeing as pirates care about money, yet NO agents don’t.. I completely see your logic in your statement. You might want to do some more research. Also, mining and building things is a terrible way to make isk.

    1. There is NO level of respekt whatsoever!
      If it where so, Delirious Jimmy and his Dimwits wouldn't be so sorry assholes.
      thats the point where liberty is wrong those / you guys do it, because you have to compensate for their your own sorry RL.
      i see three siblings taking you by the neck and pulling you out of the kindergarden, when you sneek in and try to hit on the weaker againb!

    2. You need to learn how the reply button works as none of what you wrote has anything to do with my statement.

    3. Starfox, it started out sort of relevant to your post, and quickly went off track.

      And also, anonymous, you are saying that these children are going to learn force over intelligence?

    4. Haha, I suppose you're right kristalll. I guess my post has no level of respect whatsoever and I am an asshole. And kristalll, you never told me you were in kindergarten!!! You're really smart to be in kindergarten, just sayin' ;)

  8. "We have exceptional gankers"
    Still not correct!
    "You have exceptional petty gankers"
    You accept duels?
    But of course only with a senior ALT, that has the required skills trained...
    Not with the cheap ganker chars.
    You sorry guys name miners iliterate, i have to say the most stupid comments came and come from delirious jimmies dimwits.

    1. You are the one who is delirious to the point of stupidity. You do know how dueling works, right? Of course you don't. When someone issues a request to duel, the recipient of said request gets a notification and knows who is sending the request. The recipient then has the ability to accept, or decline.

      So, no matter how you spin this, whatever happened to you, or your friend, or your Corpmate is your/their fault as you/they had all the information about the duel before it happened and still accepted.

      Also, -10 can't duel in highsec, but I'm sure they would duel you in lowsec. Ask for that next time, m'kay?

  9. I love how liberty talks like she hasn't lot billions to Bing in the war while he is down a jaguar or two.

  10. \o/ Keep up the Crusade Bing!

    Highsec is worth fighting for!

    -Galaxy Pig

  11. I'll say it again for the even the slowest care bear.....we do not care about your real life. We are playing a video game, where we only care about the little space man online. He is who we are encountering and interacting with, entirely within that artificial world. As far as I'm concerned, YOU do not exist, only the little avatar dude you created that only pops into existence when you log in.
    Welcome to the point of a video game. Take some notes.
    If you cannot distinguish between or keep separate the real world from a video game, then your problems run into the realm of needing professional help.

    1. Eve Online is certainly a part of Real Life. If it were not, Time would have to stand still every time we logged in. Sure, it has limitations (all games do), but we don't divide it from Real Life, we simply compartmentalise it, as we might do with book-reading or movie-watching. We can switch from one activity to the other without problem. I hope.

      The face we present to the world is only a fraction of the entity we are in truth. It is impossible for most human beings to express the totality of their selves in everyday life. So we use dress and other signs to help others identify us. We create, as it were, a kind of Toon, a caricature.

      Now all this changes as soon as we open our mouths and utter speech. Liberty is a good example. It's here, in local, convos and evemails that we expand the character we have created. Sometimes giving it the complete lie, of course. It's here that the person behind the character stands forth, and where the character itself recedes into the background.

      Except in Role-Play. Here the person behind the Toon attempts to sustain a fiction, moulding his/her speech around the legend he/she has created. Most of us will be able to recall people who have done this outside of Eve, presumably unsuccessfully.

      So, the term 'Real-Life' as you mean it is only to be understood as 'not playing Eve Online', for there is nothing but 'Real Life'.



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