Monday, February 24, 2014

The Ripple Effect

We've all heard the carebear classic, "As long as you're bumping me, you're not bumping anyone else." Sometimes carebears apply this particular bit of illogic to ganking, too. They say we can't possibly gank every miner in highsec. But we don't need to. When miners see the guy next to them explode, they take notice--sometimes.

Today we have a nice, happy field report from Agents Jared Lennox and iZaEaRl. Both of these gentlemen love the Code, and they share their love by killing non-compliant miners.
Marshal Alice > Hi
Marshal Alice > why do you kill him?
Jared Lennox > he didnt have a mining permit in NODD territory
iZaEaRl > Rejoice citizen of new eden for another ilegal miner has been killed
Marshal Alice > Uosusuokko is a NODD territory?
Jared Lennox > hail to james
Marshal Alice > is it?
Our heroes killed a bot-aspirant and were immediately contacted by a witness to their act of courage. It was an illegal miner named Marshal Alice. She was alarmed. Fortunately, she picked a great time to talk to our Agents about buying a permit: during their 15-minute aggression timer.

One quick look at the Agents' profiles and Marshal knew they were legit. iZaEaRl's bio contained a link to this image, originally drawn by Collin Dow. Like other New Order artwork, it has gone viral.
iZaEaRl > know one listened to james when he said the storm was coming on the first day the storm hit castting its eveil over high sec.
Jared Lennox > wanna be saved sister? join us ! pay the permit today and you will be saved
Marshal Alice > ok got it
iZaEaRl > it was only the 7th day when we band together as brothers and fought this evil
Marshal Alice > how much does permit costs?
Every miner is different. Some are interested in learning the finer points of the Code or where our authority comes from. Others go straight to the bottom line: How much isk?
Jared Lennox > 10million for 365 days
Jared Lennox > sounds like a good deal isnt it? instead of losing 300 million isk ships over and over again
iZaEaRl > worth it as long as it is in your bio and you are not afk you will not be ganked
Marshal Alice > how can i insure that i will be not ganked?
Marshal Alice > how can you check me afk or not?
Jared Lennox > you will put this on your bio and the agents will see you support james.
Jared Lennox > the agents will ask you questions on local
Jared Lennox > if you fail to respond in given amount of time you are violating the code
Marshal Alice > my english is not very good so i can type slow. what amount of time i would have?
Jared Lennox > every ganker's different
Even miners with permits must prove they are not AFK, when need be. Typically, a permit-carrying miner is given generous treatment. This stands in contrast to the unlicensed miner, who may be ganked without being asked to prove whether he's AFK. Such miners are given a warning--the warning of the last year and a half's MinerBumping posts.
Marshal Alice > ok got it, I have some questons
Jared Lennox > sure go ahead
Marshal Alice > may i mine safely in your territory? will your agents protect me if I ask?
Marshal Alice > can i safely mine ice or etc?
iZaEaRl > we wont protect but we wont gank you
Marshal Alice > so i will pay you just to not be ganked
Marshal Alice > 10m is not high price. ill take one permit
Marshal had her head screwed on straight and saw the economic rationality of buying a permit. A mining vessel could cost 300 million isk to lose, while a permit lasts a year for 10 million. Unless you can get away with mining illegally for three decades, it's not worth it to go unlicensed. And really, who needs the stress?
iZaEaRl > to follow the code the oath must be said
Marshal Alice > Ok Im ready to say the oath
iZaEaRl > aye Marshal Alice declare my allegiance to james 315
iZaEaRl > and the code
Marshal Alice > I, Marshal Alice, declare my allegiance to james 315 and the code
iZaEaRl > i Marshal Alice will never violate the code
Marshal Alice > I Marshal Alice will never violate the code
iZaEaRl > nor will i trash talk in local
Marshal Alice > nor will i trash talk in local
There's no extortion involved with the Code. If we were only interested in money, we would pass out permits like candy, take a bunch of isk, and move on. Instead, we coach the new members of our family to follow all of the Code's provisions.
iZaEaRl > i fully accept that i will never be redeemed as one of the pure
iZaEaRl > and when the time comes to enter the second life i will be left behind
Marshal Alice > I fully accept that i will never be redeemed as one of the pure, and when the time comes to enter the second life I will be left behind
iZaEaRl > and will worship the holy the almighty
iZaEaRl > James315
Marshal Alice > and will worship the holy the almighty James315
iZaEaRl > welcome sister on new eden
Jared Lennox > HAIL JAMES
Marshal Alice > Yea, hail james
Each Agent adds his or her own little flourishes to the permit-acquisition process. It's actually not necessary for a miner to "worship" me, and contrary to what you might have heard, I never claimed divinity. However, a pledge of loyalty is definitely recommended. I appreciate the enthusiasm of all our Agents.

Marshal Alice proved that a miner doesn't need to be ganked to learn compliance. Tears don't always need to be shed. Those who are willing to learn from the mistakes of other miners can save a lot of money and heartache. In the end, no matter how much they may protest, every man, woman, and child in highsec will obey the Code. It's only a question of what they'll have to suffer before that day comes.


  1. "I fully accept that i will never be redeemed as one of the pure, and when the time comes to enter the second life I will be left behind."

    That was a nice touch. I'm going to have to use that.

  2. My God, your agents' English is getting worse and worse every day. Time to send them back to school James!

    1. OMG anon, you should really understand that people around this world speaks OTHER languages. and their mother language is not always ENGLISH. Can you understand it anon? If not, I suggest you to go back to school and learn some demographics. The amount of countries and the amount of languages spoken on these countries will amaze you !

    2. We are a international group, people from all walks and places have seen the truth and joined the order. Don't assume just because English is your first language that it is also the first language of everyone you meet in space.

    3. Yep, gotta be careful criticizing people on their english when it's not clear if they're just lazy or it's their second (or third or whatever) language. Same reason I didn't rail on Anon 9:23 down there for his/her bad grammar, since it looks like it's not their first language.

      - Angus Adalwin

    4. It should come as no surprise to anyone that NO agents are purveyors of hypocrisy and dishonesty.

      It was less than a year ago that NO agents were mocking the non-native English speaking player called "Mine Teck" for his inaccurate grasp of English. As soon as someone points this out regarding an agent, they get all pissy and start crying / stomping their feet.

      You poor little souls. Maybe your mother, Jame 315, will let you suck on his teat again to calm you all down.

    5. Umm.. Mine Teck did it to himself. But let's go over this anyway ‘cause I'm sure you're sitting on the edge of your seat.. Mine Teck was scammed by someone in Goonswarm. This eventually led him to the attention of the New Order, because the scam was for a mining permit at the cost of 10k/isk. Now before I start my next sentence let me say this: NO != GSF/CFC. Now, everyone knows that a permit is 10m/isk. Mine Teck also expressed that he had read the code, etc., so he should have known that a mining permit was, in fact, 10m/isk and not 10k/isk and he just got greedy iirc. Now, why would a Goon scam someone for 10k/isk?? I assuming for a laugh, but I doubt he/she knew that it was going to go as far as it did; the Mine Teck we all know and love, today. Furthermore, when Mine Teck became a legitimate permit holder we tried to help him by explaining the proper costs of said permits and why, how to mine, how to be reduce the chance of being ganked, even barge/exhumer fittings and so on. As I'm sure you know, Mine Teck out of nowhere decided to trash his permit, I believe this had something to do with the rebels at the time and Mine Teck being borderline bipolar. Also, as I'm sure you know, probably not, but hey, Mine Teck was the player starting most of the conversations between himself and NO, even long after he denounced the Code. And most of the agents from that long ago have gone back to lowsec, or nullsec, or wherever they came from as new agents came in.

      Even if you don’t believe anything else I wrote, the last sentence still nullifies your statement as your statement is based off information that happened over a year ago with different people involved than the people who are actively involved today. If you’re having trouble grasping this try walking up to your neighbor with a year old newspaper, bring up the headlines and compare them to current events today, I’m sure your neighbor will care. I’m not saying that history isn’t great, it is, but until you figure out how to properly research for your argument you just sound like a mad highsec carebear.

      Was Mine Teck made fun of? Yeah he was -after we tried to help him and after he became bipolar-. This isn't super-secret information and is available to everyone.

    6. So Capt Starfox, a summary of your argument would go thusly:

      NO agents were allowed to make fun of someones inability to communicate providing NO agents also hated on them for other things too and the recipient of the hate initiated the conversation. However, no-one has the right to highlight any NO agents inability to communicate at a later date because some people have left.

      Seriously, Capt Starfox. That was your best effort at defending your rampant hypocrisy? You're almost too absurb to respond to, but it's so easy to demonstrate the flaws in your (non)argument that I may as well.

      You were really struggling with your wholly irrelevant newspaper & neighbor analogy. It completely failed to validate your terrible attempt of an argument. Analogies are supposed to be analogous. I don't like to see you squirm and struggle so much, so here's a much more accurate analogy aimed right at the crux of your "argument" Capt Starfox...

      Using your rhetoric and logic, one would state that once a few nazis had been killed during WWII (i.e. they were no longer a part of the nazi movement), the nazis' whole ethos changed and they suddenly became more genial, even though they were still being led by the same man and lived by the same code. This reflects perfectly what you were trying to say about the NO i.e. some previous members left with the leader and ethos clearly still intact. So, a much more accurate analogy than your newspaper & neighbor thing. Anyone can see this.

      The trouble with using this much more accurate analogy is that it clearly demonstrates how ridiculously fallacious your response is. The nazis obviously didn't completely reform (for the better anyway) after a few of them "left" and neither has EvE's New Order. You are evidence of this - the culture of hypocrisy and terrible arguments are still core.

      So Capt Starfox, regardless of how hard you try to revise history and pretend that everything has changed, this is never going to be a valid method of reasoning and only highlights your lack of argument. Why not research a little bit before responding and then use that research to give a logical conclusion rather than one based off of your irrational thoughts? If you can manage to do this, please do so without trying to belittle anyone / cast aspersions this time.

      As you might say: Until you do that, you'll continue to sound like a dishonest and immoral hypocrite who is trying to reinvigorate Neuordnung (go look it up).

    7. I must have done something right as you seem so dedicated to prove me wrong, strike a nerve did I? Also, bingo, thanks I haven't gotten' one of those in a while.

      Nice attempt at trying to twist my words even though you failed miserably. It screams that you lack intelligence since you are oh so determined to prove your intellect by using such "big" words. Are you twelve?

      Now that the elephant is out of the room, let's begin shall we? Nowhere did I use the word "hate," nor did I mention NO agents hating anyone, nor hating Mine Teck directly. In fact nowhere in my statement did I give off any indication that it was okay to hate someone. You brought all this up; do you even know what the word "hate" means? Clearly you don't. Actually I wrote the opposite. Perhaps English isn't your first language either? And if that's the case I understand how you misinterpret "help" for "hate." Now here is a spoiler about making fun of people’s inability to use English, if you were to come back and reveal that English is indeed your first language, I would make fun of you by calling you retarded and then I would ask what kind of education you received, because it clearly wasn’t very good.

      Furthermore, evolution. New eras. New transitions. I don't except you to fully grasp this fact, but let's see. One cannot compare two separate instances, no matter how similar they appear, and expect these instances to be exactly the same. Thus, you cannot directly compare NO agent actions and events of today to actions and events that happened a year ago involving different agents. They are not exactly the same; each event is unique unto itself for several reasons; many variables have changed, but all it takes is one. I would give you an example, but I’m sure you would turn it into something about Nazism. You're whole argument is based on the idea that since Mine Teck was "made fun of" a year ago, that must mean that all NO agents today are despicable and disrespectful of individuals who speak/write English as their second language. I'm here to tell you that you're wrong and your argument is terrible. It’s not difficult to disprove if you understand basic science.

      But please flame away about hatred and Nazism. While you’re at it throw around some more nice sophisticated words to prove your ‘somebody.’ We all eager await your splerging.

    8. Wow, I've clearly got you cornered and now your starting to hiss and spit in a desperate attempt to throw me off.

      Sorry, but you've failed.

      Where to start... Ah yes. You attacking me in a somewhat bipolar way regarding my prowess or lack thereof in the English language. I realize you have to attack me rather than what I say (as you have no defense to the content or simply don't understand those "big" words) but please at least be coherent in what you say. I either understand and correctly use "big" words or "English isn't my first language", implying I'm somewhat inept with it. Even your personal attacks on me are self contradictory and nonsensical.

      btw, "big" words as you put it, are a part of an most educated persons vocabulary and flow just as easily to them as "cat" and "dog" do to you. It's not my fault if you have issues with them and lack the capacity to understand what they mean.

      As I like to turn hypocrites argument styles around on them, let's try this.

      Where did I say the bit in quotes regarding Mine Teck i.e. "made fun of". I didn't. You have. Twice. That's your argument. I simply pointed out that NO are hypocrites in criticizing someone's linguistic ability and getting all upset and start squawking when someone reciprocates, pointing out a NO agent's linguistic shortcomings. As I keep saying, hypocrisy and poor illogical and irrational arguments appear to be at the heart of NO.

      "that must mean that all NO agents today are despicable and disrespectful of individuals who speak/write English as their second language."

      I honestly have no idea what you are doing with that sentence. As I never said anything even remotely close to this, I can only assume that this is your last desperate attempt with which to discredit me. Unfortunately it's about as relevant as your newspaper / neighbor thing.

      And finally you wrote:

      "It’s not difficult to disprove if you understand basic science."

      So why haven't you? I guess the fact that you believe science will help you might have something to do with it. I'm kind and generous though so I'll give you a hint. Leave science out of it for you surely do not understand what it is or how to employ its methodologies, but focus on learning the laws of logic and maybe get help with your vernacular. Forget your silly newspaper thing and apply yourself to my vastly superior analogy, which according to you is wrong but you haven't actually attempted to prove why. Either that or your attempt was so poor that it was hard to notice.

      P.S. If you get this upset at a mere analogy that uses Nazism, why are you so proud of belonging to a group that is named after Nazi Germany's political goals and employs some of it's rhetorical and cultural traits?

      P.P.S If I've used too many "big" words, let me know which ones and I'll try and simplify it for you.

    9. First of all, you're resorting to personal attacks as well Anonymice, so don't go using words that evoke an attitude of superiority. Second, can you give a specific example of these NO Agents making fun of Mine Teck's lack of coherence in speaking English, a quote would be nice rather than this generalized statement.

      To share my own observations, Mine Teck did bring it upon himself, he was randomly capitalizing entire words, and was being uncooperative when James and the NO were trying to be helpful, have you even read the posts featuring him?

      Besides, Mine Teck is old news, so why even bring him up?

      And the agents featured in this post are not making fun of the person who they are talking to. They were just warning her that all the Agents have different time limits for a response, it's all personal preferences of the Agent, and they apply to everyone, not just certain people.

      I would be most interested where in this post that these Agents are making fun of this new permit holder.

    10. Alistair, you'll need to read the whole thread from

      AnonymousFebruary 24, 2014 at 8:40 PM

      as you appear to have missed the whole point. i,e, that of NO agents & their double standards / hypocrisy which Capt Starfox apparently (i.e did not) disproved with a story about a newspaper and a neighbor.

      I'm confused as to whether you want me to quote the MT bit or not now. Just go take a read of the article and comments of "time bomb part 2".

      As for "using words that evoke an attitude of superiority", that is wholly your interpretation. I use words that best fit what I'm trying to say, though I'm now realizing that maybe the patrons of the NO don't yet understand these words. At least you're not getting upset about an analogy that used Nazism when iterating and analogizing the actions of a group that go by a Nazi name, so errr kudos for that I guess.

    11. Anonymice, I don't address the Nazism because that is really irrelevant to the topic at hand.

      Also, I looked over the older posts of the thread, and I find the statements there to be generalizations more so than "crying/stomping their feet" as you put it. I think you'd be surprised how many native English speakers (especially among Americans like myself) that have a faulty knowledge of their own first language.

      Also, I do actually possess a substantive vocabulary, I just prefer to use smaller words as I've been told IRL that I use a lot of big words and then use even bigger words to explain them.

      I have actually read the entire MT series of posts, but I would like to remind you that you were the one to bring up the matter first, so quoting it or not is entirely up to you.

      As to the matter of analogies, the worth of the analogy is really in the one who uses it, so what may seem like a good analogy to one person, another person isn't going to get it. So it is really a matter of interpretation there between you and Starfox.

      I will explain my interpretation of your attitude as follows. As I read your posts, you seem to equate having knowledge of big words and their definitions with being smart. And in doing so you have turned that into intellectually belittling the NO Agents here in the comments and the NO as a whole. If you were dedicated to keeping the high ground, you wouldn't have sunken to the same tactics you accuse your opponents of, making personal attacks. Granted however you also took to arguing the content.

      I will admit there have been some decisions by the NO that I have felt were dubious, and if you look in some of the comments in the posts, you'll find that I voice my opinion there. I can't exactly remember where to find anything specific as my memory is absolute rubbish.

    12. Alistair, you continue to attack & criticize me for using what I consider normal linguistic abilities, in a thread about NO aficionados being hypocrites because... wait for it... they dish out criticism about linguistic ability but get all tetchy when they receive it back. This prompts appalling arguments from NO that include... yep, more criticism of someones linguistic nature. Stunningly (and most probably, unintentionally) self fulfilling.

      As the last few responses mainly focus on trying to attack or discredit me personally, it's time to finish up. A quick summary of this thread for those still confused:

      Internet person: Hey NO agents, sort your English out, it's bad!

      NO agent: You're bad! It might not be their first language!!!

      Me: NO agents thought it fine to criticize MT for his use of English. You're being hypocritical if you don't accept it when aimed back at you.

      Capt Starfox: He deserved it. Some people have left NO + newspaper & neighbor = we're not hypocrites.

      Me: Your argument is illogical & nonsensical. Here's something much more accurate that shows you to be hypocrites.

      Capt Starfox: Wrong. We don't attack people through their use of language. haha you used some big words so you're not intelligent. Evolution & science!

      (You got that, Alistair? It wasn't too hidden for you? He really did do that in the same post)

      Me: (facepalming hard at Capt Starfox's unintentional and perfectly relevant hypocrisy) Like I said, hypocrites through and through.

      Alistair Drake: You use big words and equate them to being smart which means you belittle people.

      Me: Facepalm x 100.

      Anyway, my point has been made and there are no signs of any logically sound argument against it. The past few responses are mainly aimed at attacking or discrediting me and not the point I've made. That's a clear indication to stop here.

      I will drop in again though at some point. I do find it most interesting that some NO agents / aficionados (not you afaik Alistair) appeared to be affronted at even the most incidental mention of Nazis. Yet the very same people voluntarily join and vociferously defend an organization that uses a very specific Nazi ideology for its name. Ignorant or informed? Both possibilities have implications, some less agreeable than others.


    13. If you don't mind me making one last example: "P.P.S If I've used too many "big" words, let me know which ones and I'll try and simplify it for you."

      How is this not belittling in nature? Plus did you not read where I addressed the issue of hypocrisy? I said I found the statements to be generalizations, on a side note we all really shouldn't make generalizations anyway, instead of the whining (as I word it) that you would have us make it out to be. If anything I'm trying to discredit the point you're making.

      Another example: "I will explain MY INTERPRETATION of your attitude as follows." Capitalized to highlight that I was explaining why I made the conclusion I did, so it is not meant to attack/discredit you in any way.

    14. The

      "P.P.S If I've used too many "big" words, let me know which ones and I'll try and simplify it for you."

      was purposefully aimed at mocking Capt Starfox's quite frankly absurd attempt to discredit me with his "big words = you're not intelligent" fallacy.

      Me mocking Capt Starfox in this way is completely different to your hypothesis / interpretation, loosely summarized as

      "me using big words = me being smarter = me belittling NO agents".

      I hope you can see the difference. I was turning around his silly fallacy to mock him and I did it purposefully without using "big" words. Yes it may belittle him, but not through using "big" words.

      Given how much you and Capt Starfox have focused on this, my curiosity is now piqued as I have honestly never seen such a reaction before to the way I speak. So, could you please do me the honor of telling me which "big" words I used that led to your hypothesis (and presumably Capt Starfox's too). I'm genuinely intrigued.

    15. I believe I may have made a mistake there, it isn't so much big words, you just use words that are encountered rather rarely on the internet. I mean really, how often do you see words such as "vociferously" and "methodologies" in conversations over the web?

      Plus phrases such as having another "cornered" and "whining/stomping their feet" makes me feel inclined to believe you are trying to hold yourself above those you are speaking about. This however is not your intention, as you have said.

      Plus, you don't go after my own point, that NO agents are making generalizations, I don't see emotional connotations in their posts. If you would be so kind as to quote them and explain how they are in fact "hiss[ing]" and "spit[ting]" in regards to the OP? I will make this point again though, I believe you'll be quite surprised how many native English speakers actually have a tenuous understanding of the language.

      And to restate my point, the statements of the NO agents are more generalizations, not so much the emotional backlash you paint it as.

      However, I will grant the "OMG" beginning of the first Anonymous (Anon 9:21) can/is indicative of an emotional response, I got the impression of sarcasm rather than a true response.

      And I will accede that there are very few ways to interpret "Same reason I didn't rail on Anon 9:23 down there for his/her bad grammar, since it looks like it's not their first language." This is hard to interpret as other than criticism of others on their linguistic capabilities.

      To summarize, my point is that to me, the NO agents are making generalizations about everyone in EVE, not just NO. And I will be happy to provide quoted examples.

    16. Oh dear Alistair. This really is my last reply, but feel free to reply with many more accusations (or should I say interpretations) about me if you wish. I shall take this last opportunity to show how thinly veiled your accusations are. Here's your justification for your "interpretation" (i,e. implication) that I was belittling people through the use of "big" words:

      "I mean really, how often do you see words such as "vociferously" and "methodologies" in conversations over the web?"

      vociferously appeared after your accusation, so we can safely say that had zero influence on your accusation. That leaves us with methodologies. Now let's roughly quantify your "how often do you see words such as" part...

      "methodologies" = 59,700,000 google hits.

      and now a word that you used

      "tenuous" = "9,390,000" google hits

      I am well aware of possible discrepancies in those figures, but by your logic, I'm actually 6 times less of a belittling poster than you are. That makes you belittling / superiority complex champion of champions right? If you haven't figured it out yet, I've just destroyed your trite and petty accusations / implications by using your own measurements and justifications.

      btw I've been using double quotes for "big" as that is what Capt Starfox originally did when trying to belittle and discredit me (why didn't you pick up on him doing it I wonder?). Presumably he lacks the vocabulary to use a word that is better suited than "big" with quotes. How wonderfully ironic.

      Anyway, that's enough of this. I've just shown how ridiculously hypocritical you're being when you are measured by your own justifications and methods. If you want to believe NO agents are making sweeping generalizations, that's fine with me. But that doesn't change the fact that NO are still hypocrites.

      Keep on fighting the good fight against people who use "big" words.

      Love & war

    17. Well, it was good trying to discuss with you, maybe we can do better next time eh?

      I would just like it to be clear I was not trying to make accusations against you. My first statement was just an observation and I don't get into very many internet conversations when compared to the veritable waterfall of what goes on. I apparently need to get into more of them with words like that.

      "I believe I made a mistake there." This statement was me retracting, or trying to, the accusation of you belittling others.

      Also, I'm afraid I don't see how "tenuous" being used much less than "methodologies" makes me a belittling poster. Actually, I think I understand that now, nevermind, it's just those kinds of words appear so rarely in the conversations I participate in I think they are rare overall.

      What I would like to know sometime is why you are construing so many of my own statements into attacks on yourself. That was never my intention, my interpretations are exactly what I take away from reading your replies, nothing more, nothing less. I believe you are seeing accusations and attacks where they don't exist (at least that was the intention) in the first place.

      Warm regards

    18. In response to the first Anon reply - "The amount of countries and the amount of languages spoken IN these countries will amaze you ! ". I rest my case ;) Well of course sometimes it's obvious when people are from a different country, sometimes it's obvious when you have little kiddies playing who enjoy joining the herd just to make themselves feel "important" (raise a glass to the New Order). Still the number of replies show I had the effect I desired - New Order cause grief inside the game, I cause it outside. It feels a little hot in here, probably all the flames around. (By the way James is a serious genius in the way he runs his empire, I know everyone hates it, but hell, getting everyone else in the game to make money for him? He earns my Anonymous Tip of the Hat!)

  3. Funny, where were your debile groupies on saturday?
    RvB did what you sorry bunch didnt.
    At least try to gank.
    But only squeaky threads without consequences.
    Mighty fail on your behalf, you and your lousy bunch.

    1. BeBopAReBop RhubarbPieFebruary 24, 2014 at 9:46 PM

      Sigh... I really do want to start a recruitment drive during one of CCP's new player mining fleets some time. The reality is that there isn't much worth ganking in a new player fleet. If we do show up it will have to be to gank CCP's orcas.

    2. Now that sounds like a good idea, how many recruits would we get if they saw a CCP fish fry?

    3. I fail to see how ganking a bunch of noobships is in any way a good way for the New Order to spend time and money.

      -Angus Adalwin

  4. billy miller from the young and the restless will guest star on law and order svu billy miller will be playing as hal koers in law and order svu

    1. Well, now you're not even trying.

      -Angus Adalwin

  5. I honestly can't tell if this is careful satire or just repeating old Anti-New Order propaganda in a way that's so completely unaware of itself that it becomes gold.

    -Angus Adalwin

  6. Just some quick thoughts for everyone reading this who is against these people.

    Firstly a great counter measure to these people (hereafter referred to as TP) would be to threaten all those who have given them ISK and placed a pledge of loyalty in their bio. We would gank them if they dont remove it. An alternative for added disruptive effect would be to require them replace their TP pledge with one that expresses opposition.

    Since TP's numbers are measly and public opinion of them is generally negative, rounding up sufficient numbers of willing players to fight them may not be very challenging. Once these numbers are gathered we could camp high-activity TP stations in the same cheap destroyers they tend to favor, greatly hindering their efforts.

    Being sure to only undock in cheap gank ships is a cardinal trait of TP and greatly insulates them from betrayals and any sort of large-scale losses. Using similar tactics would insulate an organized effort to disrupt TP's activities in the same way.

    Although I don't think we are at the point yet where players say enough is enough, if TP ever manages to scale to this level, consider these ideas for a sustained campaign of hinderance and harassment.

    1. You refer to "these ideas" in a plural sense, but the only idea I see is "let's beat them by emulating their own tactics.", which is at most one idea, although many would argue it doesn't qualify as an idea at all.

    2. Yes my young apprentice. Embrace your anger. Come to the dark side. We have cookies!

    3. Anon 2:07 "We would gank them [...] rounding up sufficient numbers of willing players to fight them may not be very challenging."


      + 1

      (BTW, if miners stop AFK mining and start trying to gank people- that's a New Order win...)

  7. Like most "New Order Art" this image is a stolen and unattributed piece of art. Typical of N.O. pieces of trash. As any google image search would tell you, its actually a poster from the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

    1. How can you "steal" something from a movement whose tenets include a crusade against personal property?

    2. Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred miners burn.

    3. "As any google image search would tell you, its actually a poster from the Chinese Cultural Revolution."

      Well yeah... that was obvious even without a Google search. But it's good you learned something new from this blog.

  8. BINGO! Gents, we've got a bingo here!

    -Dr Pat Fenis

  9. "Fortunately, she picked a great time to talk to our Agents about buying a permit: during their 15-minute aggression timer."

    This made me chuckle. :)


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