Saturday, March 15, 2014

Confess and Apologize, Part 1

Uh oh, looks like someone's been naughty.

It might seem strange that I received an unsolicited, context-less apology EVEmail from a random highsec miner. Actually, it happens more often than you'd think. And when it does, there's always a story behind it. It's the story of every rebel in highsec. In the end, they will all confess their crimes and apologize.

The miner in question was Admiral Venohan Altol. His corp affiliation was suspicious. Were the miners liberated in the sense that obeying the Code liberates them from their worst instincts and bot-aspirancy? Or were they "liberated" in the bad way?

...It was the bad way. No wonder Venohan would find himself confessing and apologizing. We know how the story ends, but that doesn't mean the story isn't worth telling. In the macro sense, we know how highsec's story ends: Spoiler alert, the New Order achieves ultimate victory. Yet MinerBumping remains just as important to read, so we can learn how the New Order wins.
Lord Jasta > Hentogaira this, shall be my home.
Valerie Takeda > Lord Jasta You picked a wonderful home :)
Lord Jasta > Seems nice here.
admiral warnock > not nice here at all
Lord Jasta > Why's that?
admiral warnock > maniacal laughter
admiral warnock > gankers who extort money and war dec everything that breaths
Cranick Restabnet > extortionists
Lord Jasta > Who'd they war dec?
admiral warnock > twice
admiral warnock > me
One day in Hentogaira, a plucky young miner named Lord Jasta decided to put down roots. What kind of system was Hentogaira? Was it a nice neighborhood?

The status of Hentogaira was a matter of some dispute. Some warned of "extortionists" from Maniacal Laughter Ltd. wardeccing the miners. With the power of MinerBumping, we know that in fact Maniacal Laughter is a corp that owns shares in the New Order. It's full of good guys like Agent Carry On Friend.
Cranick Restabnet > u pay one then another comes and wants isk, u pay them, then another. it never ends
Lord Jasta > Adn the war dec'd you?
admiral warnock > i think we should all alliance together ad stomp them out
Lord Jasta > So where do I sign up to fight the evil?
admiral warnock > right here sir
Lord Jasta > Do you have a corp?
admiral warnock > yes sir
admiral warnock > Universal Liberated Mining Front
admiral warnock > plus orca buffs
admiral warnock couldn't tell the difference between right and wrong. He sounded the call for a full-scale miner rebellion against the New Order. Now the bright-eyed Lord Jasta would be forced to choose which side he was on.
Lord Jasta > I think some Order. needs to brought to this injustice
admiral warnock > im not paying 10 mil to mine in high sec
admiral warnock > per member
Lord Jasta > Orca buffs? really?!?
admiral warnock > yup
Lord Jasta > Sweet I have my retriver ready.
admiral warnock > sweet
Lord Jasta > See I knew this would be a good home
admiral warnock > i accepted your app
Lord Jasta > Too bad people are ganking here, everyone seems nice
Lord Jasta weighed his options and put in an application to join Univeral Liberated Mining Front. Was this another case of an impressionable miner being led astray by the resistance?

...Not quite. Lord Jasta would only be a member of the rebel mining corp for a little less than an hour. Judging by the fact that Jasta then immediately joined Maniacal Laughter, that hour was going to be a fateful one.
EVE System > Channel changed to Corp : Universal Liberated Mining Front
admiral warnock > welcome aboard we are currently wating on the rest of the gang to join up
Lord Jasta > Ah we mining right now?
admiral warnock > we can ice belts are up so i have 2 barges out
Lord Jasta > There a fleet?
admiral warnock > no orca out right now since the gankers are trying to kill me lately
Lord Jasta > Awe :( never got to fly with one
You see, Lord Jasta is the hero of today's adventure. Enticed by the prospect of mining in an Orca-bonused fleet, Jasta joined the rebel corp. He was disappointed to learn that admiral warnock was too intimidated by the New Order to fly it.
Admiral Venohan Altol > putting it out
Lord Jasta > Thats ok I dont want you to risk it
Admiral Venohan Altol > nah its cool none are online
Lord Jasta > Sweet.
Lord Jasta > Ok so who are we looking out for?
admiral warnock > carry and anyone in Maniacal Laughter Ltd.
Lord Jasta > Ok so Im going to stay docked if its not safe, or are we good to mine?
Admiral Venohan Altol > we are good
Admiral Venohan Altol > come mine ice
admiral warnock's alt, Admiral Venohan Altol, was the Orca pilot. Out of his strong sense of fair play, Lord Jasta gave him every opportunity not to field the Orca. He encouraged the rebel miner not to undock the ship if he didn't feel 100% comfortable.

But that Orca had a destiny, and it would not be denied.

To be continued...


  1. I think I am going to like Lord Jasta very much indeed.

  2. Once again, the new order is picking on defenseless miners. James 315, will you stop being a bully and grow up. People are going to play the game the way they want to, not how you tell them. Quite frankly, I play the way that I want to and flip to bird to James 315 and the new order. Beware folks, the New Order of Highsec as ran by James 315 is a total scam and extortion ring. If this was going on in real life, he would be sitting in jail right now.


    1. If this was going on in real life....

      hahahah oh thank you sir.

      Everyone can play the way they want to within the rules set by CCP.

      If you were really flipping the bird to James 315 you would post your character name and man up against his "scam and extortion ring".

      Little tip - a scam requires the person doing the scam to keep the ISK, instead of reimbursing people for doing the good work.

    2. "Once again, the new order is picking up on defenseless miners."

      The miner's aren't defenceless. Like any player in this game, they're capable of learning how to defend themselves. They simply choose not to.

      "People are going to play the game the way they want to, not how you tell them."

      NO doesn't tell people how to play. The miners have chosen to be victims and NO treat tham as such.

    3. "If this was going on in real life"

      Well we can play that way, Mr. Anonymous. If this was going on in real life, there would be hosts of people suffering from a major disconnect in reality, (AFR?) periodically entering in a state of depersonalization or fugue amnesia.

      We wouldn't need to sell these individuals mining permits because they would not legally be allowed to work. The only thing being sold to them (or their health insurance company/NHS/Medicaid) would be pharmaceuticals to treat these tragic conditions. Rather than spending time in the mines and quarries, they would be spending time in state-funded mental treatment facilities for disorders ranging from catatonic schizophrenia to severe dissociative identity disorder. They wouldn't be addressed in any sort of metaphorical local chat, except by trained psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health nurses, and ancillary personnel in the institution in which they currently reside.

      So really, think of a mining permit as a prescription for haloperidol, Cogentin, and diphenhydramine, administered every 4 to 8 hours depending on the severity of their condition, and valid for a full year.

      Further, in the universe of your comparison, rather than the Savior of Hi-Sec, James315 would be more along the lines of the president of the APA.


    4. I'm fairly sure, Mr/Ms Ganker, that there is professional help available in your area for people who unable to separate reality from electronic entertainment. Good luck with that.

    5. @Clara

      errr wut?

      Please show me where I confuse reality with pixels?

      Thankfully there is help available for your particular problem. It's called the education system. Among other things, it helps people to read, write & comprehend. Once you've gone through the education system, maybe you'll be able to comprehend my point. Or maybe you won't...

    6. I think Clara is referring to you making a rather inappropriate analogy Mr/Ms. Ganker. Those things are not choices, that is being victimized by someone/something beyond a person's control.

      You are the only one aside from the OP bringing RL analogies/references into this debate about a game, how else are the rest of us to interpret that other than a possible problem with separating fiction from reality?

      ---Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

    7. Dear Alistair

      I'm not sure what to say. You apparently believe that choosing to wear a short skirt is not a choice. Just... wow.

      You also appear to think that highlighting the "blame the victim" mentality here somehow means I'm confusing fiction with reality. Almost lost for words at how ridiculous one has to be to draw that conclusion.

      This is certainly an eye opener. I know patrons here are often very immature and lack a lot of real world experience, but this is a whole new level that I haven't seen before.

    8. Lord Jasta?
      I was mining in the ice belts and watching a movie. when i heart shooting, i checked and saw how the incompetent and stupid Lord Jasta miserably failed to gank a retriever. he got concorded and i couldnt get his cadaver since i didnt even put out my drones. Since he is not a noble agent, he got very pissed and demanded that i make an easy target for him.
      However, do whats best: ignore those idiots in local chat.
      result in the end: Lord Jasta was a ganking clown and my stores full of tasty ice.

    9. It is true that the game Eve Online does not tell you how to play it.
      Other players, however, can and will.
      Whether you wish to listen to them or not is your choice - but this website is full of stories about people who chose not to listen to James 315.
      To give you a short rundown,
      they lost.
      Do you really want to be one of them? Is it worth it? I think not.

      Financially, buying a permit is _much_ better than losing ships.
      Tanking your ship and not going AFK does make you much more safe.
      What's left? Are you sad that some people are getting your money without much effort?
      I assure you that the Agents put much more work into their ganking than the trader who sold you your overpriced mining equipment.

      But that's different, you might say. And even though I myself cannot see that difference, I understand that if paying someone money to "not gank you" feels bad, if buying a permit feels like "paying someone money to not gank you" (even though that's not all there is to it) - if that makes you feel negative, that's all that matters.
      Think about it this way, though: will you truly feel better if you don't buy the permit? When your ship is destroyed, when you receive a termination notice, when you get featured on this blog as a bot-aspirant, do you truly benefit in the end?

      The choice is yours and yours alone.

    10. ''but this website is full of stories''
      Thats it stories and fairy tails. lets look for hentogaira. All gankers there are laughed about. the only victims are the weakest.
      The permit is a humiliation, the money is earned in minutes, but you dont pay stupid ppl.
      Gankers and griefers are the dregs, the scum of eve and their is no argument arround it.

    11. Just stories? Are you saying the killmails are fabricated?
      Or is it that losing ships means nothing to a miner?
      I also do not believe you can play Eve without paying stupid people - as long as you use the in-game market, you are bound to buy from one at some point!
      Finally, I'm not sure why you're calling gankers the scum of eve, but that doesn't really matter anyway.

    12. Anonymous 3:53

      Yup, mining pays so good you can buy a permit in minutes.....

      Also, why do people call the New Order a scam and Extortion when it's modeled exactly like real world taxes and services.

      In real life you need a permit to do a lot of things, or you'll be arrested and fined.

    13. Fellow Code-Enforcers, Supporters and Friends!

      You will have noticed, above, the customary resorting to name-calling in response to positive comments about our endeavours.

      Such behaviour may be observed in most playgrounds harbouring very small children.

      It happens because the New Order Detractor/very small child is unable fully to satisfy his/her anger. Impotent Rage is the result.

      We frequently meet this kind of response after our ganks. Local lit up, and littered with foul epithets and crude excrescences. The language of the playground; the last resort of the impotent.

      Answer these people with silence. It will have more effect than a direct retort. This is because they need you to reply in order to re-boot their fury.


  3. Some women have fantasies about being raped. Maybe some miners have the same desires about being ganked.

  4. Miners and Indus are constructive, griefers ant only compensate their own selfloathe

  5. First off thank you to the community for welcoming me with open arms you guys have been great!
    Second I'm going to quote some scripture here so bear with me, "- Keep local clean. Miners should be courteous in local and should refrain from the use of profanity." Now I am a firm believer that this should be applied to Agents as well for the rebels use our hatred against us.
    Third, I gave those guys so many tips as to what I was planning that even the locals were picking up on it, and even started replying how Order. would be nice. The day after this all went down the miners asked how much to end the war? I said nothing take your things and go. There are times when mercy needs to be shown for it can be as great a tool as might!
    Fourth why must you all hide behind the anonymous tag? Stand up for what you believe and fight! Its how you can accomplish anything, you just have to make it known.
    Fifth: This corporation was at a legitimate war and had to be silenced, that is why I got involved,as I had been deployed else where.
    Sixth: To Mr Jerra Austeus, (the guy who claims I fail gangked him) Please read #4 and then show everyone this gank,
    I go after war targets that is my job. Not others. (Yet :) )

    Last I would like to say thank you again to everyone, my new home in Hent is nice and I quiet enjoy the blues we have around, and the community for being fun to talk to and hang out with, if you want to learn more about corp security please feel free to contact me I have work as a recruiter for a large Corperation while in test (When Test still ment something, BOODA must be removed Montoillo is the chosen one! ) But we were one of the very few corp to never have an awoxer due to our security.

    If you want to see my story and follow my new life in eve feel free to do so at

    If your interested in joining us please feel free to contact any corp member for more info!

    1. One more thing I would like to add we live by our word at Maniacal and we do everything we can to keep it, even the permit holding miners know they can turn to us when shit hits the fan.

      This is what we pride ourselves on.

    2. Dear Lord Jasta,

      I like the cut of your jib. Your doings have entertained me and educated me, all at once. As usual, I am grateful to James 315 for showcasing and giving added value to an already worthy series of events.

      It's clear that your knowledge of matters of security made infiltrating this fail-founded Corp a walk in the park. admiral warnock? really? The very choice of name indicates an ego balloon just waiting to be popped.

      May all your endeavours be blessed, Lord Jasta. Enjoy your new home and give the Code-detractors the very roughest of rides.

      Yours, in the Code.


  6. Yea, though I walk through the shadow of the valley of the Troglodyte, I shall fear no sinner, for the CODE is with me. Praise be to James 315. By the Catalyst, the Blaster, and the Holy Munitions. Amen.

  7. Praise be to James 315 and the good that is done by those who enforce the CODE


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