Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kills of the Week: Freighter Edition

Boy, do we have a show for you this week!

Frequent readers of our Kills of the Week feature will be familiar with Agent loyalanon, who specializes in leading large fleets of gankers against decadent bot-aspirants. Some look upon the Code-violators in their pricey ships and ask, "Why must highsec be tormented so?" loyalanon is the type of person who does something about it. loyalanon is notorious and has a bio with the clear-as-day warning, "Do not AFK around me brah". Incredibly, many brahs AFK around loyalanon anyway. They do so at their own peril. That's especially true when, as was the case this week, loyalanon is accompanied by a couple dozen other gankers, each of whom is equally zealous for the Code.

Rissi18's fail-fit RNI and 1.1 billion isk pod became the first victims of a special gank event in the Isanamo system this past weekend. loyalanon explains:
We started out with reports of an afk raven navy issue sitting on a gate in our staging system, we proceeded to ship into thrashers to take care of this non-compliant carebear. I even tried to convo him on an alt to see if he was interested in some last chance redemption however he did not accept or reject the conversation - a true sign of someone afk. We undocked, warped in, he was 2-3 shotted by he majority of the fleet.

Backinn Black's freighter was the next Code-violator to fall. Some freighters like to AFK autopilot. Others just chill on the gate like it's no big deal. It's 100% safe in highsec because no PvP is allowed, right? Wrong.

Others have ganked freighters in highsec before, of course. Some even do so regularly. But right from the beginning, we can see where the New Order is different. Professional freighter gankers carefully select their targets for maximum profit. They let many freighters go by before choosing one stuffed with expensive items. The New Order, on the other hand, kills freighters who violate the Code. It doesn't matter what they have in their cargo holds--what matters is what's in their hearts. The New Order will not hesitate to gank even an empty freighter if the pilot shows indifference to the Code.

Sarge Sergeant lost a Charon of his own just two minutes after the fleet's aggression timers expired! loyalanon's fleet wasn't kidding around.

Only another seven minutes past the next aggression timer expired: Scarlett Fox's 1.7 billion isk Obelisk went up in flames. For those of you keeping score, that's three dead freighters in a space of thirty-nine minutes. loyalanon recalls:
At this rate I was scared we would not be able to keep up with the amount of bot-aspirancy and non-compliance going on in this system. However through our faith in the Code we overcame that fear and we persevered and continued exercising judgement on the non-compliants.

More carnage: BloodRayane's 1 billion isk Raven Navy Issue was blissfully AFK and executed by the fleet. Simian Boh's 1.5 billion isk Obelisk shared the same fate.

Simian's Obelisk was packed with more than 93 million units of Tritanium. How much of that do you want to bet came from illegal sources?

By the time Cloe Miller's 1.3 billion isk Fenrir was roasted by the fleet, the score was five dead freighters in barely more than an hour and a half. Oh yeah, and this was all in one system. You would think this would attract some attention, no? Wasn't it time for the anti-Order resistance movements to show up?
By this time we had roughly 10 white knights in system with smart bombing mallers, instalocking interceptors. However they were successful in stopping a grand total of zero ganks.
So much for the rebellion. But then our heroes saw something extraordinary. A jump freighter arrived in system and saw fit to park itself on the stargate where loyalanon's fleet had already been killing freighters.
We then had reports of an afk t2 capital vessel afk on a gate. A rhea piloted by Mericor. We were already formed and with 8 concord spawns and multiple white knights on the gate we still overcame the odds to deliver the message that non-compliants and bot-aspirants will not be tolerated. We had a few that were martyrd in our cause however rest easy knowing that isanamo local will forever remember this day as the day that a brave group of pilots took a stand against bot-aspirancy and non-compliance and said enough is enough.

Mericio's 6.9 billion isk Rhea marked the first jump freighter to be taken down by the New Order. Welcome to highsec. Your cynos will not save you here. Only the Code will.

It didn't matter that the Rhea only contained 55 million isk worth of fuel. Mericio thought himself above the law. He didn't care about the Code and didn't even consider paying me any respect before he entered my highsec. Ten million isk for a permit? Nope! His bio contained not a word in support of the New Order. For Mericio, it was enough that his expensive, untanked ship was in highsec. He thought CONCORD would protect him. He was sorely mistaken. gets it right. This was the Battle of Isanamo. I'm happy to say the good guys won. In the space of a few hours, 20 billion isk of bot-aspirancy was hammered into oblivion. Let's take a moment to give our thanks to the gankers who made the Code a reality in Isanamo:

Aaaarrgg, Jonen Case, Mildron Klinker, Sophia Soprano, Vic Jefferson, iZaEaRl, Aloe Cloveris, Dirtneck, Kessiaan, Puskarich, Sarthana, bludolf, loyalanon, Dreadchain, Jared Lennox, Jaxi Wreckful, Jebediah Phoenix, Nanny State, Pee Bubble, Pod-Goo Repairman, Schlampa, Throatslashar, USS Harmless, Walter Kramer, iPod Apple, Braegnok, Nitetime Video, Rollotamasi, Spartan Cruciform, arrow raider, greg215, unknown boat, and Zane Arnolles.

If you still haven't gotten enough miner ganking, please view loyalanon's Miner PvP video on YouTube. There are plenty more explosions to be seen there.


  1. I am amazed and inspired by the heroics of these gentlemen. Twenty billion ISK lost due to bot-aspirancy. To all those who say that the New Order makes no difference, or that gankers run when people fight back, here we have the perfect counter example. Faced with eight CONCORD spawns and a group of white knights, they stood strong and took down the CODE-violating Rhea. What a beautiful day for highsec this truly was.

  2. Good Lord! These heroes surely know how to enforce the letter and the spirit of the Code!

  3. There is a time for solemnity and a time for joy. This is surely a time for both. Our first Jump Freighter, Brothers and Sisters.

    loyalanon and her tigers have torn Isanamo apart and delivered to the hordes of rebels a chilling warning. And a dead Rhea.

    I saw the name of Jared Lennox among the anointed. I was present in NODD Local when, flushed with pride, he emerged victorious from his recruitment interview. That was not too long ago. Now he's ganking Jump Freighters.

    As the Americans sometimes say, 'Way to go Jared!'. Possibly, they mean '*That's* the way to go..'. I know not.


    1. Thank you fellow brother. When I decided to join, I knew something BIG was coming. A big responsibility on my shoulders which I pridefully carry. Battle of Isanamo is won ! We were victorious. We will continue to make High Sec a better place !.

      Fly Reckless

    2. You won... what? Like what do you think you won? There was no opponent, there was no battle... you just killed neutrals minding their own business because some lunatic told you so... but then again, CODE hasn't always been the most rational group

  4. Fellow champions of high security space, I remember back when Loyal and myself started ganking out of our home system of Piekura many many moons ago now. We had 1 dream and 1 dream only, To cause as much damage as possible. I was there when the new order started, im ashamed to say myself and loyal used to call you all rookies on the forums. We would laugh and thought of you as nothing. However my fellow brothers and sisters yesterday myself and loyal rejoiced at having the opportunity to PVP freighters with you all. Seeing that Rhea melt in under 15 seconds to the might of our void blasters ushered in a new day to highsec, a day that should go down in history. The day the code got handed to all the freighter and jump freighter pilots of New Eden.

    So i would like thank each and every PVP champion that was on the fleet yesterday, there were some missed of course, however you will not be forgotten for your bravery and selflessness and i for one look forward to doing gods work with you all in the future.

    412nv Yaken
    The Conference Elite
    #championofhighsec #capkiller #freighterpvpbestpvp

  5. Haha you guys giving each other reach arounds is hilarious. Role playing at its best.

  6. Good post. I will say this: If you AFK in a multi-billion ISK freighter then you deserve to get popped. I mean ... just ... WOW. How stupid is that?

    Focus on the freighters, leave the miners to their mining misery. Maybe I'll start bumping AFK freighters and calling targets for you all to at least distract you from the miners.

  7. One word:

    -Herr Wilkus-

  8. I'm still waiting for CODE to actually accomplish something that impacts the game is some meaningful way...

  9. Damnit I love this blog. This is literally almost more entertaining that actually playing eve.


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