Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kills of the Week: Orca Edition

All I can say is, I hope you like seafood. If the title of the post didn't give it away, there are going to be some Orcas today. Without further ado, the Kills of the Week for March 16th @ 00:00 EVEtime through March 22nd @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Bot-aspirant freighters are still dying. The most expensive of the week belonged to Prometheus Tyran, who lost 3.2 billion isk because he couldn't be bothered to play EVE while logged in. He was destroyed by Agents Greggles Midboss, Orr Gallente, Captain Thunderwalker, unknown boat, IbanezLaney, Sophia Soprano, Schlampa, Vic Jefferson, and Mischievous Andy. This killmail is a bit puzzling. Note that he only took 14,291 damage, and was killed by just nine Thrashers. I'm assuming he was suffering damage from an earlier gank attempt or something, and was finished off. If so, he must've been really AFK.

Agent D400 returns to form this week by earning the Podkill of the Week. Oak Heart lost a Leopard and 2.6 billion isk worth of implants. The "Slave" theme is fitting. Bot-aspirants are a slave to their greed and laziness. D400 set this one free. Let's hope he doesn't have to set Oak Heart free again.

So, about that seafood. This week saw the most terrific slaughter of Orcas. You want to see some fail-fit fish? It's a buffet this week. Take your pick. It's all about what you have an appetite for.

Here we have a minimalist fit...

A speed-fit Orca with no propulsion module (not that it would help)...

Speaking of not helping, an afterburner-fit Orca with mining drones...

A cloaky "kitchen sink" Orca... (Does EFT have a "fit random mods" button?)

An Orca that proves shields and a Damage Control are no substitute for a mining permit...

...and an Orca that literally only uses modules that reduce its hitpoints.

This week's fish fry was brought to you by (in no particular order except the New Order) Agents Jebediah Phoenix, aaaarrgg, loyalanon, iPod Apple, Zane Arnolles, Kessiaan, Mildron Klinker, iZaEaRl, Vic Jefferson, Sarthana, Throatslashar, Sophia Soprano, Paskow, Pod-Goo Repoman, karma balancer, Gregor Lachlan, Athez, Captain Thunderwalker, greg215, Langtonio, arrow raider, Jonen Case, and Walter Kramer.

This is how change occurs in highsec--the destruction of billions and billions of isk worth of bot-aspirancy. If you're a highsec industrialist, you have a choice to make. It can either be your billions and billions of isk or someone else's. If you want my advice, I'd recommend finding your local Agent and getting set up with a New Order permit right away.


  1. I'm hankering for a highsec POS edition.

  2. Normally, I would troll the shit out of this post by saying that James 315 is a douche bag, he even looks like a douche bag on his in-game portrait, his asshole was torpedoed by a stealth bomber, etc.... But with this blog post, I just cannot.

    Let's go down the hit list, shall we?

    #1: Now I understand it takes time to train skills, but no fittings? WTF was this person thinking?

    #2: What idiot puts a overdrive injector and inertial stabs on a ORCA? It's not like you are going to be doing highspeed maneuvering or something.

    #3: An afterburner on an orca? That adds what, a big 10 m/s to your top speed and burns your powergrid as well? And the cargo expander 2's in the lowslots didn't help either. Either this is someone who doesn't know or doesn't care.

    #4: A MWD? On a ORCA? What was this guy thinking? Was he going to charge into battle and launch his drones or something? Now this guy did fit a power diagnostic unit, but the type he fitted is useless. Train the damn skill, spend the isk, get the T2 version so you at least get the 5% shield HP boost. And fit a T2 damage control. Furthermore, loose the cloak.

    #5: This guy is the only one with a somewhat decent fit for a shield tank, but he still failed it. Should have fitted a shield EM resistance amp instead of the thermal one. Maybe he was anticipating getting ganked by a catalyst? And there's that damn cargo expander. Nice try with the damage control. Next time get the T2 version. It's better and cheaper.

    #6: I am just simply at a loss for words on this one.

    Once again, as a Carebears United troll, I would normally rip this shit out of this blog post, James 315, CODE, and it's supporters. However, in this case, those Orcas needed to be put out of their misery.

    BTW: I am serving notice to CODE, it's members, and it's supporters that any miner that is caught mining and has purchased a mining permit will be subject to being ganked. The miner will be informed that he was ganked because he supports CODE and James 315. That is all.

    1. "BTW: I am serving notice to CODE, it's members, and it's supporters that any miner that is caught mining and has purchased a mining permit will be subject to being ganked. The miner will be informed that he was ganked because he supports CODE and James 315. That is all."

      FYI: It's literally impossible to gank Code compliant miners.

    2. I feel the need, the need for speed.... in my ginourmous space whale of a ship.

    3. "BTW: I am serving notice to CODE, it's members, and it's supporters that any miner that is caught mining and has purchased a mining permit will be subject to being ganked. The miner will be informed that he was ganked because he supports CODE and James 315. That is all."

      If you can gank them, they aren't Code Compliant! A loyal Agent would have gotten around to ganking them anyway.

    4. You use prop-mods on an Orca to reach warp-speed faster.

    5. ..and Warp Scramblers/Disruptors on a Gank-Ship to counter same.


    6. "BTW: I am serving notice to CODE, it's members, and it's supporters"

      But *who* exactly is serving notice, Mr Anonymous 7:45 AM? Can it be that you are afraid of the consequences of your proposed actions?

      Come out from the shadows! Declare yourself!

      I gank in my own name, I scout in my own name. At least have the gonads to fight face-to-face.


    7. As a ganker, I can still acknowledge the MWD is one of the best things to mount on an Orca. Even for mining.No, won't save you from a gank, but kicking them into warp in 10 seconds is worth the price of admission.
      And for mission-baiting carebears, MWD Orcas are priceless because they run through mission space faster and get your Killship there faster. TEARS had a few of them going almost 1000m/s, cap stable with Quafe Zero.
      -Herr Wilkus-

    8. Have to agree with you there, Herr Wilkus. I'm training an Orca support pilot atm, and the Ship won't be allowed out to play without its MWD.


    9. A carebear takes a break from poor trolling attempts to bemoan the ineptitude of his compatriots. Concludes with sabre rattling. Look out, he probably has max skills on his stealth bomber.

    10. Anon 3:34, you /really/ don't get it, do you?

      No one is safe from ganks, in hisec or anywhere else. You must ALWAYS be at your keyboard, ALWAYS be checking your surroundings, ALWAYS tanking your shit. Any miner who does not do these things, regardless of whether they have bought a permit, are bot-aspirant and need to be ganked. In which case, you are being a big help by keeping permit-holders up to snuff.

      Any miner who gets caught by you or yours is a miner that thinks a permit is a "get-out-of-ganks-free" card, and needs an antimatter refresher. So, thank you for your assistance.

    11. i think they get it fine, i think they just don't care

    12. Well, I'm pleased you're going to help enforce the CODE, regardless of whether you see it that way, Anon!

      You see, it is effectively impossible to gank a CODE-compliant miner! A miner who has purchased a permit is not necessarily CODE-compliant, and if he is successfully ganked, the ganker has just proven the miner's inability to comply with the statutes of the CODE!

      Thus, you will only succeed in ganking non-compliant miners, for which you have my thanks!

    13. If our anonymous friend would reveal himself... I would give him a medal!

  3. En zo als altijd, hebben we weer een heerlijk verhaal van james315. Die alles altijd zo verdraait tot het voor hem perfect is.

    De "new" order heeft goede punten, maar word alleen maar arroganter.
    Begonnen met "permits", een goed idee later zelfs versterkt met "ganking" omdat jullie zelf al zagen dat "bumping" niet werkt en ineffectief is.

    Zelf het beleid op "afk-piloting" kan ik begrijpen. er zitten gewoon heel veel domme spelers tussen.

    Tot zo ver de goede punten.

    Het willen verjagen van mensen uit "high-sec" is idioot en grofweg dom.
    Doordat jullie de miners opblazen houden jullie de economie van het spel instant.
    voor iedere miner die jullie opblazen word er door een Bot een nieuw schip gemaakt en op de markt gezet. daarbij helpen jullie de bots rechtstreeks.

    Dat james vroeger in de Goons zat heeft er waarschijnlijk ook heel erg veel mee te maken dat hij speler zo snel mogenlijk naar Low of Null wil jagen, en noemt het dan een verbetering.
    Resultaat is dat speler binnen no time zijn schip kwijtraakt omdat hij gedwongen het hol van de leeuw in is gestuurd.

    De order moet is bij het verbeteren van highsec houden, daar zijn jullie goed in.
    zo als wij in nederland zeggen, "Schoenmaker blijf bij je leest".

    Zo lang jullie je zelf niet verloochenen zullen jullie slagen, echter de verborgen agenda is idioot en nutteloos

    1. Above reposted from Google Translate:

      And as always , we have a wonderful story of james315 . Everything always twisting until it is perfect for him .

      The "new " order has good points , but am just arrogant .
      Started with " permits " a good idea even later reinforced with " ganking " because you yourselves have seen that " bumping " is not working and is ineffective.

      Self policy " afk - piloting " I can understand. just sit there a lot of players between stupid .

      So far the good points .

      It would scare people from "high - sec " is idiotic and stupid roughly .
      Because you blow the miners you keep the economy of the instant game .
      for each miner who you blow 'm getting a new ship Bot created and put on the market . while you help the bone directly .

      James that used to be in the Goons probably has very much to do that he wants to hunt player to Low or Null asap and then calls it an improvement with it.
      The result is that players no time to lose his ship because he forced the den of the lion has been sent .

      The order has been in improving highsec love , there you are good at .
      so as we say in the Netherlands , " Shoemaker stick to your last ."

      As long as you do not deny yourself you will succeed , however, the hidden agenda is stupid and useless

  4. Ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deustch. Ubersetzen bitte.

    1. .. en ik spreek nog minder van de Nederlandse taal (and I speak even less Dutch)..


  5. sadly google translate can't translate perfectly what he meant will most likely be lost

    1. No great tragedy. Rambling bear essays are a dime-a-dozen.

  6. Usually it is save to ignore such posts, because if he had something important to say he would have communicated it in a language everyone understands.

  7. Heave Ho me Hearties!


  8. I gizoogle'd the idle threat from above, I think the results came out quite well:

    I be servin notice ta CODE, itz members, n' itz supportas dat any miner dat is caught minin n' has purchased a minin permit is ghon be subject ta bein ganked. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Da miner is ghon be informed dat da thug was ganked cuz da perved-out muthafucka supports CODE n' Jizzy 315. That be all.

  9. YES! I've been thinking about role playing a counter-NO ganker with my NO alt...realized my wrongs, swapped sides kind of backstory. But then just use that RP angle to gank more miners.
    It'll be hilarious- two opposing sides at war with each other by killing some completely neutral third party as a proxy! "I ganked 5 random miners this weekend, do you give up yet?"...."No, I ganked 10 random miners this week, you should give up!"

    It's a whole new level of disdain and abuse to heap upon miners. Not even fighting OVER them, but simply WITH them as proxies.
    "I don't like James 315, so you random miners must die!" The sheer stupidity of that train of logic makes it PERFECT for tongue in cheek RP chat in local. Count me in!

    oooh, great idea- the NO and this new anti-NO take turns slap fighting each other by ganking miners in the same belt. I'll FRAPS it.

    1. Its brilliant because it undermines a lot of the propaganda work James does, and thus leaves his minions out in the light for what they really are, just a bunch of a-holes ganking people for """TEARS"""

    2. I find this especially hilarious due to the fact that in order to gank a code-compliant, tanked, pre-aligned mining barge you'd have to point it with...
      A stealth bomber. Hope you have the max skills for it!

    3. No Anom, it's just such a retarded notion, arrived at by such flawed logic- that it would make for a great RP angle. Like The Colbert Report- it's roleplaying a fanatical believer, exactly to point out the idiocy of it's core beliefs.
      Or the most common RP for Amarr in fact- a raving religious zealot that fully endorses slavery. The fact that it's a caricature of logical thought is what makes it compelling to play.
      Only care bears seem to have trouble separating reality from a game. Only they think 'propaganda' is what drives action in Eve. This is because they are themselves incapable of accomplishing more than thinking about doing something. So they lock onto something they can 'attack' without having to undock a ship and play Eve Online.
      Hint- miners don't care about our RP or 'propaganda', they but permits because we actually undock ships and blow them up. Whether the backstory was religious cult, space mafia, or whatever....extortion is extortion. None of us gank because we joined an actual cult. Miners have been dying since day one in Eve.
      We didn't invent it, and certainly no amount of bluster from care bears is going to end it. The idea that blowing up miners would accomplish the task is just so ridiculous that it would basically be one-upping the silliness of the RP element of the NO.
      Out goofy some goofy RP'ers....and do it by BOTH sides killing hapless miners??? That is comedy gold waiting to happen.

  10. Scared of pvp against combat ships in low-sec? Then come to New Order, we only attack civilian ships that can't fight and can't move. We also make blog posts about our "mighty" kills to feel good about our selves. Of course we never post the 5-10 fail ganks in between a successful ones. Beating fat helpless kids thinking they are K1 pro-fighters

    You can do anything you want in Eve, but New Order choose to be pathetic...

    1. Hi Anonymous 11:02,

      It's James 315's blog; he says whatever he wants on it.

      End of.


    2. I'd be so much more impressed with your cries of cowardice if you used your name. Are you scared Anon 11:02?


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