Friday, March 21, 2014

Where Rebels Go, Part 1

Over the past year and three quarters, we have seen many home-grown resistance movements rise (well, slouch upwardly) and fall. We've also seen countless threats leveled against the New Order and its Agents. It's appalling to think that someone would be threatened merely because of his or her service to the Code. Bigotry is alive and well among the rebel carebears of highsec.

Alyth Nerun is a modest, dignified Agent of the New Order. He is an inspiration to the carebears in every system he visits. He teaches the miners that they can better themselves. He bumps them out of mining range. Alyth is the kind of EVE player that anyone would be proud to have as a son-in-law.

...Yet there are those who would cut the man down in his prime for those very same reasons.

Temara Ruk declared herself an enemy of the New Order and made threats against Alyth's future in highsec. Was Alyth left with no choice but to biomass himself and start over?

...Not a chance. Alyth laughed off the threat with just the kind of panache and charisma the New Order is known for. His faith in the Code was alloyed with an extensive knowledge of the history of the anti-Order rebellions. Specifically, he knew that their threats always amount to nothing.

But then the situation escalated: Temara wasn't another one of those "someone will eventually stop you guys" kind of rebels. She intended to take matters into her own hands. And she had just the means: A deadly Hound-class stealth bomber.

Alyth remained unafraid. His Stabber was designed to bump, and he was a skilled pilot. Also, stealth bombers are not known for being suicide gank ships.

Temara had done her homework. That's not to say she had done her homework particularly well, but she had done it. She knew that stealth bombers can fire torpedoes, and she knew that Covert Ops was a relevant skill to the ship. In terms of her preparation, Temara was already head and shoulders above most rebels.

They say that to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Alyth was equipped with knowledge of his own: Suicide ganking requires that you kill a target before CONCORD arrives. Temara apparently didn't know this.

Now the game was afoot. Temara riposted with a new plan, adapted from her earlier Hound-based one. She would use a Nemesis stealth bomber.

This was highsec PvP at its finest: Two warriors, both at the top of their game, battling it out in a dizzying exchange of EVEmails. However, Alyth wasn't just any warrior. He was an Agent of the New Order, the most elite group in highsec. And unlike most rebels, he had performed spaceship combat before. Could Temara transcend the purely theoretical PvP she had done thus far?

Temara confirmed that she would indeed take action against the New Order, and not just talk about it or fantasize about it. However, all rebels say this, and then nothing happens. Alyth wasn't interested in more bluster about highsec stealth bombers. He wanted action. Alyth was determined not to let this exchange fizzle out with another set of empty threats from a carebear. And if he didn't get action out of this rebel, he would find out why.

Next time: The most shocking MinerBumping episode yet!


  1. I really, really hope Temara and friends try to suicide gank a stabber with stealth bombers. That would be so entertaining :D I can't wait to see their pods sitting confused in space as the stabber rolls by, invincible as always.

    1. He's either using the wrong torpedoes or isn't anywhere near max skills on his Hound if he's only doing 3k a volley

  2. Can we get next episode now, prity please!

    Miner, but fan o7

  3. I cant wait please post the thrilling conclusion to this episode!!

  4. Possibly Temara's dog ate the homework about "explosion velocity" and "signature radius". Still, the thought of her sitting cloaked off the stern of one of our agents, hands trembling with adrenaline, fills me with a transcendent joy.

  5. Hisec stealth bomber. This I must see.

  6. Look out he's got max skills on his stealth bomber!!!

  7. A new resistance movement has cropped up. Could provide some laughs. Even has its own blog.

    1. Sadly doesn't seem to allow anonymous commenting, or any kind of commenting for that matter. Otherwise I would go over there and educate the poor fellow on the finer points of The Code myself. But this is not the case.

      Although I have my doubts that he would listen, I mean he states the followers of the Code are bots themselves.

    2. You are correct Alistair Drake. He should have called them bot-aspirants, not bots.

    3. Hahaha it's that "Jimmie" guy! You know, that anonymous guy who often rages impotently in these comments, and uses his catchphrase "delirious Jimmie and his dimwits" (or something to that effect).

      The writing style on the blog is very similar to those angry comments, including referring to James 315 as "Jimmie".

      I'm glad he created a blog as an outlet for his frustrations. So much pent up anger...

      At least we now know who he is: Gorila Vengaza. It's nice to have a name to go with the crazy carebear rants. :)

  8. The worst thing here folks, is that frequently there isn't a Saturday post and the Sunday post is KOTW. James.. bro... hook us up on Saturday.. plz????

  9. Confirming torpedoes are the best weapon for killing cruisers. I doubt this carebear would suicide gank anything lol

  10. " It's because words is all you have when faced down with antimatter."

    It's because words is all you have when faced down with antimatter.

    " It's because words is all you have when faced down with antimatter."

    It's because words is all you have when faced down with antimatter.


  11. Words, words, words.March 22, 2014 at 2:47 AM

    It's because words is all you have when faced down with antimatter.

    Because words is all you have , down with antimatter.

    Words is all you have ,antimatter.

    Words is all you have.


  12. I am THE REBEL...
    I dont need all of you Code Bots spouting your crap on my site. Reading it once here was enough.

    1. It's good that on your site you recognise that you are the "antichrist of highsec". That's the way all rebels should see themselves.

      On the flip side, we offer the righteousness and purity of the Code,which seeks only to provide a true and correct moral compass.

    2. That is one heck of a SPIN you are putting on that ARROGANT DRIVEL called the code....

    3. Hi Gorila Vengaza, thanks for taking advantage of the freedom offered by James 315's site to post negative comments about Code Supporters. We look forward to the day when you are moved to offer that same freedom to your own readers.

      Perhaps you could moderate your Comments Section, as other bloggers do, if the software permits it.

      I have to respect you for at least reading what's written in these pages, and for providing links to the site. It will enable us to reach out to more errant Highsec dwellers and visitors, and in a more structured way, than might otherwise be possible.

      But I urge you to go further, and to read others of James 315's writings, in which he is able to give some background to the conclusions he has reached. You are, it seems, something of a veteran and a minor historian to boot. You will appreciate the background as seen from his point of view.

      MinerBumping attempts to deal with two time-frames only; the present and the future of the game of Eve Online. The backstory is interesting to those of us who like backstory, but otherwise, and generally, irrelevant.

      The present time-frame involves crisis management and growth. You are currently locked in this mode; it is common to the experience of all CEOs, and must be managed deftly - as James 315 has shown.

      But a CEO or Senior Manager must have an eye toward the future; indeed, more than an eye. He must at the same time bind his present solutions to future aspirations. It is here that I noticed a significant gap in your introductory blog.

      Also, James 315 is, primarily, a writer. Anyone who undertakes to publish a daily blog of the sheer quality reflected in these pages is capable of sustained effort and imagination. And he is an humorist; perhaps the most talented ensnarer of the casual reader Eve has ever produced.

      You may find him a difficult act to dislodge, Gorila.

      There seems to be a rather large and ever-increasing graveyard of anti-James 315 'organisations'. Let's see if yours fares any better than the rest.


    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Well hello Sasha,
      Sasha I appreciate your efforts to brainwash me to your cause, but alas, you fall short.
      Yes, I highly recommend that players of EVE read your site then read mine. I am trying to free minds and educate miners to the bigger picture to what James and his BOTS* are doing with his authoritarian CODE.
      James DEMANDS Blind allegiance. Its that simple. And its disturbing.
      And yes I closed my blog to comments. I have no interest in spending my days arguing with BOTS who have been programmed by James to spew the same propaganda OVER AND OVER.
      Just look at how you described your beloved James. I am curious as to how hard it is to type with your lips glued to his ass? Perhaps that was harsh, but I call things like I see it.
      With every Authoritarian regime there comes resistance, Free thinkers who refuse to fall in line and dream of TRUE FREEDOM. As James has declared himself the SAVIOR of High Sec. I answered the call and declared myself the ANTICHRIST, the son of a rebel Angel. As we are speaking of archetypes, No. I will not argue religion with you. You would once again find yourself outgunned.
      Now my personal problems with your propaganda are as follows. You refuse to call yourselves for what you really are. Was I surprised to find GOONS in your chat channels? No. I have no problem with Goons, ask any Goon.. Are You a Ganker?? You will receive and enthusiastic YES! I can respect that, it’s the TRUTH.
      Ask a Code Bot what he is, and the Reply is.. I FOLLOW JAMES 315 AND THE CODE BLAH BLAH BLAH. It’s like asking a Jita Scam Bot if she’s HOT.. your answer would be, ”I CAN DOUBLE YOUR ISK!!!!!”
      I highly urge you to free your mind Sasha, resist the programming. I know it can be frightening and it’s safe to let others think for you. But it’s no TRUE way to live.
      And finally, if only to stroke my own ego. James the MOST talented? I would have to argue with that as I have YET to truly get started.
      Love and Kisses.

    6. I don't think it really matters what we call ourselves, it shouldn't matter to you.

      And besides, we don't force any of the players we interact with to do anything. We don't make them leave the game, that is their choice (aside from the financial situations mentioned here), and we certainly don't require them to pay the permit or display it in their bio.

      We are just going to use our tactics the way they are used, it is up to the other players to make their choice, adapt, or choose not to, it is all up to them.

      That is the entire premise of EVE, someone starts messing with you, you change to overcome or pretty much fade into obscurity.

      I will say though your blog is very cogent and clear in its style.

      ---Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

    7. Gorila, U mad bro?

      - Guybertini

    8. I went and checked out your failblog. I call BS on your little stories, especially the one where you claim a second unnamed agent demanded 10M from an unnamed miner after he had paid a first unnamed agent. Try naming names if you want any sort of credibility. I guess that's kind of hard when you just make shit up, huh?

    9. Sigh...Poor Code Bots cant read...I said and i QUOTE " Convo usually goes something like this."
      and I did name names in the last neener neener.
      Me mad? Nah, but you guys seem to be ;)

    10. Interestingly enough though, they are names that are unfamiliar to mainstream readers, but that's not the big issue. You have taken the supposed piece of conversation out of context, how are we supposed to care about what they say if we don't know who they are talking about?

      Not to mention the entire spiel there seems a bit staged. To me at least. And I am far from mad. By the way, you should be getting some more readers from Jester's Trek, I put a url of your blog over there.

  13. Finally had the honor to meet this fellow you had so much faith in that you had to write about. Too bad I'm still mining without a permit. Yes, I am truly a bad Minmatar.

    1. That was quite a good read. Thanks. Poor Alyth Nerun, failing to enforce the code like that. Sounds like he has actually read the code either. Such a bad agent!

    2. Oh, two blog posts about me in one day. Now I am almost space famous.

      You are just jealous I bumped another one while you where demanding your bumps like an addict. Meanwhile I bumped countless miners away from the ice and Ima blew some of them up. The New Order had total control over the belt.

      Also during all this a suicide gank Hurricane tried to kill my Stabber but failed, which was hilarious:

      Ehnea, I am looking forward to the day you join the New Order and bump illegal miners side by side with me in Abudban and throughout the New Order territory.

    3. "The New Order had total control over the belt."

      As this clearly was not the case, why blatantly lie? If NO had "total control" there would be no illegal mining and no bot-aspirants but as we all know, the ice field was full of them!

      Is it just you or do all agents lie to make themselves feel / look good?

    4. "The thing is, while he was occupied with trying to keep me away, the other miners were om-nom-nom-noming the ice up around us. My fencing with him was keeping him from what he was told by James 315 to do: enforce the code, make sure everyone mining has a permit after paying."

      Alyth although it happened out of game, I think you should mark this bingo square off. You earned it buddy. Keep up the stellar work!

    5. Malcolm, the fact it's on the bingo card does not dismiss the fact that's also what happened in game. He was paying attention to me for all of 20 minutes while the other members of my fleet continued to mine. The Code was not properly enforced as a result. Miners, including myself, continued to mine without a permit.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. /double Godzilla facepalms

    The stupid. IT BURNS.
    Because....yes, stealth bombers, how did I miss it? They are SOOO the best at...ganking....a hisec.
    /sarcasm mode off

    ---------Mike Adoulin

  15. What are words for?
    When no one listens anymore?
    What are words for?
    When no one listens?
    What are words for?
    When no one listens,
    There’s no use talking at all

  16. Alyth Nerun, I felt abandoned. Of course I would protest. As for joining the New Order, thanks for the offer but that's not actually my style. For what it's worth, this Code your New Order is trying to enforce is making the game interesting again. A lot more interesting than the supposed Hulkageddon Forever was meant to do.

    Yeah, the Hurricane fail was a real head scratcher even with the fleet I was with at the time. We wondered what the hell that person was trying to accomplish. What a waste of a good ship

    White Russian: Thanks for the comments. I think we are going to see a lot more Agents being unable to completely enforce the Code in all cases.

    1. "As for joining the New Order, thanks for the offer but that's not actually my style. For what it's worth, this Code your New Order is trying to enforce is making the game interesting again. A lot more interesting than the supposed Hulkageddon Forever was meant to do."

      if you think that the code is making the game interesting then why aren't you a permit/shareholder?

      you're pretty much 99% of the way to code compliance!

    2. AnonymousMarch 22, 2014 at 4:25 PM I don't pay for a permit because I never had to before. The only thing I pay for is my sub with the exception of the odd times I get a PLEX.

    3. The interesting aspect I'm referring to is that there is now risk and uncertainty when mining. That's actually something that made the original Hulkageddons great.

    4. Thank you for finally realizing the whole point of the New Order: to make highsec interesting, rather than the mind-numbing drudgery it has become.

      Eve is all about player generated content, and New Order is one of the greatest examples of that.

      You seem to take it way too seriously thoigh, with your whole "look at me hahaha I did not buy a permit". I was ready to dismiss you as just another carebear who's missing the point. But there is still a glimmer of hope for you, now that you realized the true purpose of the New Order is to make the game more interesting and vibrant, for both gankers and miners alike.

      Welcome to enlightenment (well, the start of it anyway).

    5. Ehnea, as many others already pointed out here, you seam to understand what we do. Do you understand why we do it?

      I promise you, if you stay around long enough when I enforce the CODE in Abudban you will finally realize it. When the time comes, remember that it is never too late to switch to the right side and join our fight for a better highsec.

      I see greatness in you. Don't prove me wrong!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.


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