Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lost Liberty, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... When liberty's rebel alliance was disbanded by its only other remaining director, the New Order hoped to rescue liberty from another decade of mining in highsec. Though Agent Bing Bangboom explained how the destruction of the alliance was her own fault, liberty accused him of bribing the director.
liberty > we'll have the alliance back on feet soon enougth and have heads rolling for it as well
liberty meant business. If it took another decade to restore her highsec mining alliance to its once-mediocre status, she would gladly do it. In the meantime, she would root out the traitors from the alliance. That would be the easy part, since everyone had already left.
Bing Bangboom > Think back, liberty... have I ever lied to you?
liberty > par when havent you not lied your blog is full of bs it is starved of truth
Bing tried to reason with liberty. The rogue director had stolen 100 billion isk or more from liberty's alliance. Why would Bing need to bribe him to steal money? Was the bribe more than 100 billion isk?
MR DushBag > I abided by the new order code and made billions while i saw others explode and cry
Bing Bangboom > billions!
Tylonal > The Permit is only 10,000,000 isk.
liberty > yea u say its a war game i get that but permits is what im against strongly
MR DushBag > its part of the game my friend
liberty > i am not paying too p[lay this game too pay isk too play too some dick
liberty > james can go shove it there where sun doesnt shine
Kino local turned into a forum to debate the New Order's contributions to highsec and the validity of the Code. Highsec residents will find this development familiar; it happens everywhere we go. Pretty much every conversation that occurs in a highsec local channel (outside the trade hubs) is about the New Order.

liberty railed against me personally. This shouldn't shock anyone, either. My name is often spoken of in highsec. Sometimes for good, sometimes for ill. Agent Malcolm Shinhwa was flying through a random highsec system and happened to hit his scanner, and got this as a result.
Alaric Tannehill > i don't care how easy it is, Tryanny is tyranny no matter how you sugar coat it
Alaric Tannehill > an apple is an apple no matter how you paint it
liberty > its the principle if you actually were having them pay for a service then would hell yea like hay pay 10 mil and we'll guard you from ganks but no you just say hay pay us 10mil or we gank u get the picture yea still think
liberty >
Even after losing ten years of work, liberty hadn't learned anything. Nor had she acquired any new memes. It was still about the "principle". At what point does someone concede that a principle is faulty? Must liberty lose another decade of work? I fear for her future.
Bing Bangboom > Night Caper , liberty is one of the most famous opposers of the New Order.
MR DushBag > oposing the order is like fighting the BORG
MR DushBag > you cant win in the end without loosing alot
Night Caper > i would rather lose a lot and lose my pride. ooo and its a lot not alot lol
liberty > hell im up for that bring on zulu all over again numbers meen shit if cant bk up the fight Kill: Bing Bangboom (Jaguar)
Tylonal > That's a nice kill
Tylonal > .... 6 months ago?
liberty still cherished a killmail of one of Bing's Jaguars from last April. Ironically, the rebel who scored the kill was not liberty, but Syrax Vanity--the director who had stolen everything and disbanded the alliance.
liberty > fresh meat other night as well against other ganks Kill: Liz Vemane (Catalyst) Kill: Layla Malukker (Catalyst)
Night Caper > nice kill liberty
MR DushBag > wow you killed a ganker
MR DushBag > ganker= person who suicides
Tylonal > Well, technically he didn't kill a few of them
Tylonal > Concord did.
liberty > hell was there too stop them all same ganks are ganks
The locals pressed liberty to produce evidence of a more recent triumph against the New Order. She linked some Catalysts who had been destroyed by CONCORD while killing miners. Now it was Bing's turn to offer a rebuttal:
Bing Bangboom > Kill: Personal Hangar Array Kill: Corporate Hangar Array Kill: Corporate Hangar Array Kill: Ship Maintenance Array Kill: Ship Maintenance Array...
Bing Bangboom > there's a good one
MR DushBag > lol
Bing Bangboom > that doesn't include what I flew away with. I couldn't fly the Orca so I blew it up.
liberty > oh going there again bing u really should say how got that
liberty cried foul and demanded Bing explain how he scored those kills. But MinerBumping has already told the story of how Bing inflicted billions of isk worth of damage against liberty when she made her brief attempt to live in a wormhole.

Long story short, everything got blown up and liberty was forced to return to highsec. That was right about the time that everyone other than Syrax quit.
liberty > real life happend here i come back in wh hangers gone as shields are down bing wont take any risks head on
liberty > come out the shadows bing and fight boy
Poetically enough, the problem with liberty's wormhole venture is that she went AFK for too long and her alliance towers ran out of fuel. Bing did what came naturally. liberty thought Bing's tactics were sneaky, disgraceful, dishonourable...

(The New Order knows how to make a meme worth repeating.)
MR DushBag > funny story the game is not rated by the ersb but you have to watch it with the language anyways
MR DushBag > just use caution
Alaric Tannehill > threats are always the lat resort when all logic fails
liberty > language ok dicks cocks n so on hows that against skanks that ganks
liberty > no when all else fails with new order the lower the blow goes
liberty > mm in james 315's case 6ft under
Reminded of her past defeats, liberty grew angrier. Was this progress? Perhaps liberty was moving through the stages of grief. If so, Bing was there to guide liberty. Or perhaps liberty was simply spiralling out of control.

To be continued...


  1. BeBopAReBop RhubarbPieMarch 13, 2014 at 9:23 PM

    Lets not over link that meme though. Wouldn't want it getting stale.

  2. Oh LIberty, how is a mining Permit tyranny while Vehicle Registration is just good governance?

  3. Liberty seriously needs to watch what she says, she could break the EULA or something if she's not careful.

    ---Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

    1. I'm sure that happened on multiple occasions if CCP were paying attention.

      I doubt Agents have the time to petition all the abuse they receive via Private Chats or eve mails, let alone comments in local.

      It's a sad day when Liberty can take up four consecutive posts on Miner Bumping as they're old news. I watched the holiday programme on BBC today where the holiday park manager in a foreign country was blaming everyone but himself for its numerous problems, all very easy to sort out with a bit of training and expenditure.

    2. I only petition RL threats. The rest are just funny. I send them all to James so he can shine the light into the dark heart of the supposedly peace loving carebear.

  4. Wow, you can't buy publicity like that, must thank Liberty, she is doing more to get the word out about the benefits of flying with permit better than anyone else.

  5. Liberty u stand tall. You fight good fight not gorilla, u mine long time 200 billion, no fight gorilla fight-fight win or not win u stand tall unless u short.

    1. Can you teach me how to talk in this language?

  6. What I find strange is how much James 315 THINKS people are talking about him, compared to how little they actually talk about him. I fly AFK all the time and no one bothers me. Local doesn't even know what the New Order is where I fly.

    The volume of people playing AFK is FAR greater than this small group can harass. 10M, or just move systems? Easy choice.

    1. Yup, it's a big universe and we're a small movement. We'll get there eventually!

  7. " Local doesn't even know what the New Order is where I fly."

    How do you know that unless you're talking about him?

    1. Not sure how he or she knows if she flies afk all the time.

    2. Really? You can't figure out how someone who is AFK a lot knows what occurs in local? Would you like a hint? It involves scroll bars. And ... reading.

    3. Yeah, pretty much, I know I did that in my brief time in EVE before. Scrolling up and reading that is.

    4. Really Rob? Every interaction happens in local? They can't possibly miss something happening in space?

    5. What part of "Local doesn't even know what the New Order is where I fly" was unclear to you, Anon @ 7:25 PM? No, every interaction doesn't happen in local. But yes, every interaction I was discussion happened in local. Thus, I used the frame-of-reference-limiting word "local" in the sentence "Local doesn't even know what the New Order is where I fly." See how that works?


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