Friday, March 7, 2014

Highsec Nightmare, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping...

After a history of rebellion, TDD Dominaters bought a mining permit and managed to get it revoked. His resistance against the Code, and his transparent attempts to lie about it, earned him a spot on the Red Pen list.

TDD removed the mining permit from his bio, increasing his risk of being ganked.

With no license to keep him safe, TDD lost a Mackinaw to two members of NEW ORDER DEATH DEALERS. His 1mn Afterburner wasn't enough. He couldn't outrun justice.

Immediately following the loss of his speed-fit Mackinaw, TDD sent me a blistering tear-mail. So much for "Diplomacy is my key of power."

TDD had come a long way from being the guy who got kicked out of his corp for trash-talking the New Order. He was now the CEO of The Nationalist Corporation. You might assume that this was just another one of those 1 or 2-man vanity corps we see from time to time. Oh, but you would be wrong. This is where things get truly frightening. The Nationalist Corporation has roughly 30 members. TDD convinced nearly one hundred people to join, though obviously the vast majority soon left. As the leader of his corp, what was he teaching these people?

For starters, how not to fit a Hyperion. Imagine if your CEO lost a ship like this. Or, perhaps...

...this Federation Navy Comet? For those of you keeping score at home, TDD is the first pilot ever to pull off the Titanium hat-trick: The ship was simultaneously fitted with 50mm Reinforced Titanium Plates, 100mm Reinforced Titantium Plates, and 200mm Reinforced Titanium Plates.

Under TDD's leadership, The Nationalist Corporation has achieved a modest 2.34% killboard efficiency. Now, we've all enjoyed some good laughs at TDD's expense. He cuts a ridiculous figure. However, I would like to direct your attention to the plight of the members of his corporation. To do that, we must venture into the official website of TDD's corp.

In a less-than-successful morale blog, TDD admits that most of the corp membership has gone inactive. The reason? Recruiting too many people with "trail accounts". The mystery of TDD's ability to recruit so many people is solved: They're all newbies. Who else would join a corp run by someone like TDD? They don't know any better. They join EVE, get a week or two of TDD's leadership, and they quit the game forever.

Among TDD's proposed solutions to the problem of players going inactive: Increase the tax rate. (I would vote for Option 3, following the Code.)

TDD wasn't kidding about his idea. In an oddly-placed thread in the "Media" subforum, he announces the new corp tax rate will be fifty percent. TDD explains his reasoning to the troops:

In short, TDD's corp has turned the EVE dream into a nightmare for new players trying out the game. By his own admission, people join his corp on their "trail accounts", spend some time in the game, and quit. Here's what should scare anyone who cares about the newbies: Highsec is filled with corps just like TDD's.

Enemies of the New Order love to accuse us of driving people away from the game. Opponents of risk and interactive gameplay in highsec claim that new players--and CCP's profits, which they care about for some reason--are chased away by gankers and bumpers. If you've ever spoken to someone who believes those things, bookmark this post. The truth is that terrible highsec corps like TDD's are what make new players quit the game. The only answer is to destroy those corps and free the new players to join good corps, where they have a chance at enjoying EVE.

A risk-free highsec only allows people like TDD Dominaters to run corps that give EVE a bad name and give newbies a bad gameplay experience. And while TDD is driving people out of the game, he's taxing them at 50%, or whatever he can get away with. No wonder he's on the Red Pen list!


  1. LOL - that whole 'spread the wealth' policy is always full of win!

    - Guybertini

  2. While the care bears howl that it's the New Order that drives away newbs- the truth is that it's always people like TDD that ruin the game almost immediately.
    My first corp was about the same- random invite in a trade hub, I didn't know better. Stuck in alliance run by a nerd that was thrown out of a real alliance then lied and told recruits he had them on bat phone....even had us escort his freighter to high sec once as a CTA!
    It's these people that are out actively recruiting total newbs, then getting them killed, taxed to death, or bored right out of Eve Online.
    Long before James 315 ascended to his exalted throne, people like TDD were ruining Eve for new players.

    1. Also, why would ANYONE join a corp where the CEO cannot spell properly of form a proper sentence? Even if English wasn't his first language, anyone for whom it is will have difficulty communicating, and there is no indication of any other primary language available to recruits.
      Chances are the majority of people that join did so with an invite in English, and expect that the CEO has a stronger grasp than what his writing skills would indicate. YMMV, but if someone spammed a corp invite to me and I saw that bio- I would decline figuring either English is not the native language used there, or the person is an idiot. Either way, I wouldn't be hitching my wagon to TDD for any reason.

    2. That's a good question Solly. Probably what happened to you and me awhile back, random invite. If TDD was not a native English speaker, I can understand his difficulty with some of the English words. But, like you said, this doesn't make it okay to then recruit multiple new players under the impression that their new found CEO is well versed in the English language when he's not. This creates a fa├žade for new players and shouldn't be one of the first memorable instances they take form this game. I've had a couple CEO's who couldn't spell, or type and English was their first language. It's definitely a turn off.

    3. This is the EVE equivalent of a humanitarian crisis. Ignorant, but well-intentioned new players who are recruited, in droves, into terrible corps by incompetent older players.

      My first corp was Radical Astronauts Plundering EVE - the tax rate was 75%. I kid you not - the idea was space socialism. To be fair, the CEO wasn't a complete idiot - he taught me plenty of useful things, was happy to pew pew in lowsec, and bought my first Drake for me (which I may have hanging around in a station somewhere). Ah, fond memories - when a Drake was a big deal. The word Drake has lost much of its glamour.

      I was put in a position of trust. The socialism bit never worked out - all our tax revenues went to the CEO. At one point, our CEO was put into negative wallet because CCP caught him RMT-ing, and I was told not to tell the other members - that was all our ISK right there. When we were wardec'd repeatedly by mercs who had been hired by someone with a vendetta against our CEO, the CEO ordered us to remain in station for the duration. For players who have just joined the game and are gathering their formative experiences in the game, even a single week in station is a very long (and boring) time. I recommended we all simply drop corp and reform, but he was too proud for such a tactic. We lost players as a result.

      The history of highsec is the history of incompetent corp management. Nowhere else in New Eden can such incompetence flourish - it would be mercilessly stamped out.

    4. Perhaps some Agents should register on TDD's corp forum to present dissenting opinions. I see Kristall has already done exactly that.

      Perhaps some Agents should have their alts recruited into TDD's corp, for the purposes of undercover journalism.

    5. Ahh the first Corp in Eve Online. I remember that all too well as if it were just the other day. Completely lost as to where, or what to do. Oh, the high ambitions of becoming space rich and making a name for myself; somehow. For all of those noobish wild ambitions to come down to a random invite to a random Corp. This Corp was your typical highsec mining and mission running Corp (more of mining, in fact I really shouldn’t even include the missioning part as we ran maybe 2 missions). I was immediately told that I needed to become a miner and train for a Hulk, because that's where the "money" was at. Being a complete noob to the mechanics of Eve Online that mentality made sense; become a gatherer and sell it all. In most other MMO's that's where you make lots of the in-game currency. This is in no way the case for Eve and yet that's exactly the direction my CEO was telling me to go; amount other things, like mining is the most lucrative career in Eve Online. Of course I bought it, I didn’t know any better.

      He could have been brilliant, get new players to work for him, but I doubt it as the Corp never grew past a few people. I genuinely think he believed that mining was the best choice for making isk in Eve.
      It’s been a while since I thought about this; this was 4, or 5 years ago. I wonder if he still plays.. I’ll have to look into that and pay him a visit if he does :pirate:

    6. Think about how many EVE newbies will be spending this Friday night on a mandatory corporate mining op. Weep.

    7. Funny thing about most incompetent highsec corps is that they try to do *everything*. They want missioners, they want explorers, they want miners, they want industrialists, they want pvpers. In the end, they don't have a quality team for anything.

    8. It's a huge problem all around. Many of the first replies in the New Citizen Q&A subforum are newbies attempting to answer questions from other newbies. It's cool that they want to help out and all- but often they are just regurgitating something they heard or read somewhere. I've seen 5 year out of date info given out as if it were fact because a newb googled something and got an answer from 2008.
      More often, slightly older newbs that still haven't figured it out use the occasion to do nothing more than complain and try to poison the well for new players.
      Most 'how do I get into PvP?' threads end up with a bunch of care bears just complaining about Eve being broken and unfair and how frigates shouldn't be able to kill their blinged out battleship.

    9. Mmm first corp was a missioning/wormhole corp
      then my life changed forever, I met a guy called Don Purple who introduced me to ganking miners
      Good Times

    10. Looks like I got very lucky when started then, been in the first corp that I joined for over six years now. Through a very small bit of mining, a lot of missions and four years of pirating.

  3. This story is so sad.

    I read his thread, and one of the newbies that posted at least had his head in the right place.

    Crimes like TDD's cannot be forgiven!

  4. And carebears have the gall to complain about bumping! This post should be required reading for any n00bs joining eve....

  5. Hmm, maybe there's still a lot of that wealth just sitting there in the corp wallet. Sounds like an opportunity for some infiltration.

    ---Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

  6. "Members of the corporation are having a rough time buying on what they need to afford."

    This is happening because you are literally taking a staggering chunk of their isk. And you can’t figure out why your Corpmates can’t afford ‘stuff’?

    "Tax rate was not high Enough to pay for the Federal Bills."

    This is the only legitimate reason; however, not worthy of raising Corporate tax up to 50%. But, at least TDD in this section is being sort of truthful, even if he’s trying to hide it? “I need money to pay the bills.”

    "Some players could not replace on what was lost."

    Why am I not surprised.

    Director of Combat Division Suggested it is for the best of benefiting the Shares , Value and members of the Corporation.

    Your Combat Director should be fired. Is your Combat Director you?

    1. Don't mess with the Combat Director - he triple plates his navy comet.

    2. Not the triple plate navy comet!!!

    3. I disagree that 'paying the bills' is legitimate in this case. There is simply no reason for there to be bills to pay. TDD has no business running a corp larger than himself and his alts. He will only damage other players' enjoyment of this game, and since he can only get total newbs to join him, their first impressions of the game are sure to be terrible. ie, taxed to death, ganked and war dec'd until they can't undock, leadership that can't handle social situations without sounding like a child.....
      His entire corp is basically a hissy fit because he got ganked. Awww. And to sauve his bruised ego, he'll bore or frustrate or confuse other newbs right out of Eve.

    4. "TDD has no business running a corp larger than himself and his alts."

      Whilst TDD may be a misguided fool, he is fully entitled to run a corp however he sees fit. His business is whatever he wants it to be. Google EvE+sandbox.

    5. I believe being able to "pay the bills" is a legitimate reason only if the "the bills" can and will eventually make its way back to the line-members of a Corp. When TDD wrote about not being able to pay the federal bills, I took that as his way of saying they couldn't afford the office/s.

      I could be wrong and in that case throw this out, but if I'm right, then it's possible that his Corpmates gained something through their Corp owning an office. This is of course assuming the Corp is capable, leadership is competent and the Corp has something that the members need, or want to use. Off the top of my head I'm thinking BPC's.

      Although Solly's right in this particular case, because it's more probable that The Nationalist Corporation doesn't have anything that its line members can use/gain from a Corp hanger/office. I guess I was more of throwing in the possibility that since a Corp office could be beneficial to Corp members, then that's a legitimate reason to use tax funds to cover those costs.

    6. TDD formed a corp as a hissy fit response to being ganked. It's not a corp, it's one idiot's ego. But the new players he spams invites to won't know this. They will expect a CEO to actually understand the mechanics of the game. They are being offered things that obviously are fantasy, such as an SRP - when he can't even keep an office open at 75% taxes.
      TDD will only confirm every single negative trope Eve is accused of-
      -too complicated. hell the CEO doesn't even know the most basic mechanics.
      -PvP is for 100mil SP Leets. Because they will lose any fight they actually get into under the incompetent leadership of TDD, who will blame the game and thus poison the well for newbies.
      -that Eve is a 2nd job and it takes forever just to do something new. Because scratching out a living at 75% taxes is ice skating up hill.
      -that other players are mean. Because he's made himself a target now and I doubt he discloses his 'fame' to new recruits.
      -His biased views of Eve will sour new players who don't understand the game. For example- will he kick members that purchase a permit? Like we've seen happen before when someone rage forms an anti-New Order corp.
      He formed a corp to 'take a side' and so is putting new players immediately in the middle of a conflict they likely don't even know exists yet.

      TDD doesn't want a corp. He just wants people 'on his side'.....but is he being honest with new players that by joining him, they are choosing a side to begin with?
      Despite the mewlings of care bears...we really do want to make high sec better and Eve more interesting than staring at rocks and blinky wallets. TDD is the exact opposite- he only wants a corp to feed his own ego, he will cause more newbs to leave Eve than gankers RP'ing it up in local.

  7. The very first ganker I met, after he ganked me and we became friends, told me I should join a corp then tackle and ransom their Orca. At the time I was still green and didn't want to be "the bad guy." He said, "almost all of those corps are just scams to get isk and minerals out of newbies." I didn't at the time, but now I see the truth of it.

    TDD was my first contribution to the New Order rouges gallery. I almost feel like a father to him. TDD, Daddy's coming home.

  8. His secret is revealed in his bio: "dimplomacy is my key of power". Whenever there's trouble in the corp, he just flashes those adorable dimples and the opposition swoons.

    1. Sacral dimple?

    2. A concerned MinmatarMarch 7, 2014 at 9:45 PM

      I imagine new players coming into Eve with the impression that joining a corp is the same as joining a guild in any other game, mostly a shared chat channel with few real gameplay effects, and hence getting poached by people like this guy and similar scum. It makes me want to vomit. If we want to do new players a service, we should infiltrate and destroy these rats nests.

  9. I always post something negative about James and the New Order but geeze, this guy is beyond stupid. I'm actually tempted to buy some stock just to get the small satisfaction that some of it would go towards making this clown's life more miserable. But, nah, I can't do that. James is still an asshat and the New Order are still a group of cowards that don't know real PvP and really have "control" over 1/10th of 1% of highsec.

    1. Wow, when even our fiercest critics agree with our judgment on this guy, you know he's bad.


    I raised this subject back in December, while there are many individuals who lack the impetus to get out of their rut and actually enjoy playing the game for what it is, there are many many more CEO's who allow them to get bored with the game, offer very little incentive to adapt and enjoy both the game and metagame as it could be enjoyed.

    When I recruit new players in to null, or empire - I want them attached to my belt loop. I want a shared time zone and language for maximum efficiency. I go through the over view settings, the comms set ups and the best practices for life in null.

    They don't have to share the same passions - that's asking too much, but ability and will to listen and to understand, have fun, enjoy and meet new people is a much desired trait, regardless of skill point amount or age.

    Anonymous at 11:11pm - I think you forget or miss the point that Empire has the largest population of pod pilots. As for 'real' PvP or 'elite' PvP - if it results in a ship getting blown up then that's one form of PvP - if it means a Code following mining corp is able to scoop up more ore than an Aspirant then that's PvP too.

    Support the New Order for, at the basic level, it allows conversations to occur in many many local chat windows that otherwise remain blank.

    I would support a mandatory exam before a pilot could start a corp, questions asked based on pvp, pve, where to find information, where to read eve news and so on. Nothing too difficult but something to ensure the CEO has the basic understanding of Eve Gameplay to impart to other corporation members.

    1. 50% tax to help pay for stuff I cant afford due to 50% tax, seem legit

    2. New players have no idea what to even expect from a corp, or what is involved in providing it. It's difficult to gauge what to realistically expect from a corp/alliance and many newbs on Eve-O seem to have wildly unrealistic expectations of the corps they end up in.
      They have heard of things like free skillbooks, corp ships on loan, SRP's, that big null alliances commonly offer- but then fully expect the same from the random invite miner corp run by just another newb like them.

      Newbs like TDD try to use these perks to attract people, but can't honestly support such programs and just end up taxing newbs at insane rates to even try.
      Many of those newbs will either get wise and leave TDD's corp, or just quit the game entirely- either way they won't be refunded any isk and so the net effect is no different than these newbs being scammed.

    3. You sound like a Republican.

  11. It was hard work and a long haul, but I fixed this newbie life destroying corp. They will trouble hisec no more.

    And when I say hard work, I mean killing sleepers to make the 50mil isk to wardec them because the corp completely folded when faced with the full power of the Code.

    1. I think this is for the best Malcolm. What a horrifying situation.

  12. KINO

    the ORDER FREE and of course GANK FREE SYSTEM of HIGHSEC (in euro timezone cause your looooosserrr AGENT BIIIIINNGGG NOOO BOOOOOM )is only online at western USA timezone


  13. Hey now lets not be too hard on TDD. I for one think The Nationalist Corporation has serious potential. Give the man some time! Clearly he is a man with a plan and an iron, where can i sign up?

  14. Wow... this is really just CODE... err James, bullying and putting down someone trying to play the game. I mean this is just mean. I thought CODE was about making EVE better, not putting others down who are just trying to play the game. James, you're a bully, plain and simple

    1. This wasn't bullying. TDD's philosophy is a cancer that we're cutting out of eve. It must be eradicated to save newbies from this corruption. He's driving people away from EVE by highlighting all the worst parts of it.

  15. This legitimately makes me sick. If this is the kind of thing most highsec corps do, we are providing a greater service to EVE than I ever knew. This is appalling that someone would set up a corp like this and bring new players into it. They need to be introduced to the real EVE and freed from this. My first experience with EVE was mining for a week, and I nearly quit because of it. Only by being shown other aspects of EVE did I stay and learn just how amazing it can be.

  16. First of all, I am a noob in this game. I've been playing this game for about 2 months or so, and I enjoy the scifi format of it. I have played WoW for many years and was looking for something different. In a way, I wish I started playing this game sooner. I am an older player and I find myself in good company which is quite refreshing after dealing with the little kids who play WoW.

    Now to get something out of the way. I am completely and totally against James 315, the code, and everything it stands for. I think that James 315 is an egotistical maniac with delusions of grandeur who thinks he is the second coming when in fact he hasn't come at all. I do not agree with ganking people who cannot fight back or have limited capacity to fight back. In this game, I see that mining bots are a big problem and it's CCP's place, not James 315, or the CODE., to deal with the problem. The whole idea of a mining "permit" is a scam since the resources belong to whatever faction or corp owns the system. In highsec, that would be the four empires, hence the resources are free for everyone to collect as needed. I look at ganking as the same as bullying, which I find morally wrong. Now that I got that out of the way, let's begin.

    I guess I'm lucky. If I had the misfortune of joining a corp like TDD's, I wouldn't stay for long, and I would have probably bailed out of the game and gone back to WoW before the 14-day trial was up. You would have to be a fool to stay with a corp like that. If I didn't see it here, I wouldn't believe that people would be so idiotic. Even as a noob, I have been around the block enough times to know when I'm getting the short stick. Unlike alot of people, I researched this game fairly extensively before I jumped in with both feet. So before I even signed up for the 14-day trial, I knew about gate camps, suicide ganking, PvP roams, etc..., and what to do about them. Whatever happened with doing your own research? With a game as complex as this one, you need too or you won't go far and end up quitting out of frustration.

    I personally like industry, exploration, and PvE combat. Mining is boring as hell, but it's a necessary evil because I need the ore to refine and make ships and modules. I'm not too big on PvP combat, but it really does get the excitement going when that killer instinct kicks in. Being in a mining/industrial corp since about my 2nd or 3rd week, we do have PvP roams in nullsec. For the most part, it's pretty laid back and people generally do their own thing. There are weekly ops and participation is voluntary, and we do get paid quite nicely for our time. The CEO and the senior management have all been online since 2003-2005 so there's a lot of experience with the game there and they do help us noobs when we ask for it. The help and advise they give is sound and competent. The ore buyback program for the corporation is nice as the corp will buyback the ore at rates slightly higher than market, which gives the members the ISK they need to advance in the game.

    When I first started, I was mining all the time and selling the ore on the open market to get ISK as I couldn't even run level 1 security missions because my ships weren't the best or the best fitted. When I first started, I had no idea what I was doing when I put modules on a ship. Nowadays, level 2 security missions are a cakewalk in my Vexor. I don't mine as much as I used too though. Maybe about 5 hours a day or something, 2-3 days a week when I need to gather materials. What I do during the rest of the time is exploration, mission running, and running combat sites.

    Ran out of space. Continued below.

  17. I will admit, this game is *NOT* noob friendly and it is really hard to get started because of the multitude of the content that is in the game. The learning curve is very steep. Yes, I was one of those people who went out mining in a venture and was using mining drones instead of combat drones. However, what I would like to point out was I have only been podded twice. The first time was at a gate camp in nullsec. I was flying a shuttle and a PvP gang put a bunch of warp disruption bubbles around the gate at 100km out. The gankers were occupied with other ships so I tried to sneak through. I got to about 50km before they got me. It was a good kill though and I did congradulate them on it. The second one was during actual PvP fleet combat where I had my ECM boat handed to me on my frozen corpse. Although I didn't enjoy the loss, the combat itself was enjoyable.

    1. So you are against James 315, The code and everything it stands for?

      How often have you been approached by agents trying to sell a permit?
      How often have you been bumped out of an Ice Field, only to come back to your PC after an hour to find you have made nothing?
      Does not seem like you are part of the biggest problem...

    2. How about your own Problems?
      Codies getting laughed at by senior miners when they enter local chat?
      And no one shut up, because the seniors where tanked and the codie troops only kill the weakest links. thats the new miners.

    3. Hi Anonymous 12.57, I read your comments with interest.

      I am also an older player of Eve Online, and, like you, a fond reader.

      However, I prefer to read the articles written by James 315. Quite simply, they're better composed, more erudite, more practical than anything else I've read on the subject of Eve Online.

      You say, 'I do not agree with ganking people who cannot fight back or have limited capacity to fight back.'

      All New Order Members and Followers know the answer to this one, don't we folks?

      Navigate to , or google 'The fact is, ganking carebears who can't shoot back is elite PvP. Indeed, it's one of the higher forms of elite PvP. Because nearly all "elite PvP" in EVE involves shooting people who can't shoot back. People just don't know it.', which is part of the article.

      It's important to consult original material when researching a subject. Your research is incomplete if you've not read through James 315's published articles. In the interests of balance, I urge you to look deeper.

      And then act.


    4. Hi Anonymous 2.08 pm,

      'New miners' are not the only 'weakest links' around. I corrected a 2007 character the other day. Completely untanked, sitting mining in his Retriever, using Drones instead of Modules for protection.

      And as for chat in Local, today I posted a 'welcome' message, from James 315 and the New Order. Someone piped up 'Is that a threat, Bud?' (the message ends with an invitation to buy a Permit, or risk Bump/Gank).

      Comment space and Forum threads allow me to be expansive in response to provocative remarks; Local does not. I rarely 'speak' there. On this occasion, I found it sufficient to link the Kill Report, sans comment.

      That shut them up.

      A few moments later, a tiny (well, lowercase) voice squeaked 'praise the new order'.

      Many of our less vocal Supporters are emboldened to speak when they see unassailable proof of the New Order's superiority in performing honourable acts of derring-do.


    5. Dear Anonymous,
      The excellent researching you say you engaged in prior to playing Eve seems to have slipped of late. James 315 has addressed every one of your arguments in well reasoned and logically consistent ways, coming from a position of knowledge and a genuine desire to improve highsec.
      You say that respurces belong to the faction or corp who (sic) own the system. The New Order claims, runs and aggressively defends all of highsec, which like lowsec and w-space, cannot be branded via game mechanics. Would you say that Black Legion does not "own" Hophib at the moment, just because their alliance logo is not able to be displayed on it? That the HERO coalition does not "own" Sendaya? That Pandemic Legion does not own whatever lowsec slum they currently occupy? Of course not. Your argument is invalid.
      Eve is counterintuitive, never more so than with the issue of player retention, where emergent (even adverse) content is a key factor in players not quitting out of boredom. You would be advised to stop trusting your instincts and rely on research again. Good day to you sir/madam.

    6. Very well-said Sasha.

    7. Anonymous 2:08,

      The new players that you describe as the weakest link are also our greatest hope.

      By ganking them before they are stuck in their ways, they get an introduction to the game that is eve, and start to THINK about what they do before they fall into very bad habits and routine... Those that decide to drop the game are probably not suited to EVE in the first place.

      That is why we even Gank ventures, even when they are cheaper than the ships we lose to CONCORD!

    8. How do you bully pixels?

  18. gank ok, but humiliations is a no go. Jimmy and his (my oppinion) alt erotica1 dont know when to stop and put that through into real life.
    i think, if this guy would show up at fanfest and say "im am erotica" or "i am james" it could get very ugly for him. this is not a thread, since he and his guy never killed any of my ships. ( i know everything can be ganked, so it was sheer luck=

    1. You want something to happen to James and Ero in RL because you don't like their actions in a video game? Get some help dude.

    2. See, this is what worries me most - people who play EVE but don't understand the difference between fiction and reality. Please listen, Anon 1:43, if you're wishing bad things on people in real life (or making threats) because of what their fictional personas do in a fictional world, I don't think that EVE is the game for you. Take a step back and see if you can't clear your head. This kind of threat based on in-game actions is not healthy.

    3. I'm rather curious to find out if people who role-play beta males (and females) in a video game would suddenly nut up in real life to take violent action. I rather think there would be a lot of name calling and crying by a few of them, then a lot of backing down. I'm tempted to go to Eve Vegas with a "Got permit?" shirt to find out.

      Those making such threats though should realize that the real police are a much bigger deal than the space police. And even threatening to harm someone in real life, at least in the U.S., is a crime. Sadly, "he blew up my internet spaceship", will probably not sway the jury in your favor.

    4. But, Erotica 1 goes into real life (Team Speak) to humiliate people for ISK. That obviously crosses the line between fiction and reality. How can anyone possibly say that encouraging someone to join a TS server and humiliate themselves is fiction? I think things like that are what completely undermine "The Code" and invalidate this interesting meta-game that James 315 is creating. He may not participate in it but simply by posting about it in explicit detail I learned a lot about him and Erotica 1. He's ok with her behavior, and she's one of those people who is excellent at getting people to punch themselves in the face. I don't believe in Evil, but she's about as close as you get in real life.

      The line between fiction and reality is crossed when people are involved. You can pretend to be a "fictional persona" but, that's just it - you're just pretending. It's still you. The Erotica 1 who abuses people on TS servers is probably the same, almost evil, person who abuses his/her loved ones. No one can completely compartmentalize themselves away from their actions and anyone who thinks they can is just delusional. That's scary. That's dangerous. And that's what this Code represents - justification of deeply immoral and cruel actions.

    5. I think you forget that pirates in null and low have had players whose ships they held hostage go onto Team Speak or EVE Voice and sing songs. And let's not forget permission was given by both parties for things to be recorded.

      Plus I think you are in the wrong comments section, it would be more relevant to the content of the post if you had posted in Jetliner Bumping Parts 1-4, where Erotica actually makes an appearance. Also remember that people are always involved unless AFK no matter what the activity, as it requires a person be behind the character to make them do anything.

      And above all else, this is a game in a FICTIONAL universe, so it is not a requirement to act like you would in real life.

  19. I genuinely find this TDD guys' writing extremely difficult to read. "Disloyal and piety..." Huh?


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