Saturday, March 22, 2014

Where Rebels Go, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alyth Nerun received a threat from Temara Ruk in his EVEmail inbox. She warned him that she was plotting to attack him in retaliation for his enforcement of the Code. She described her plans to use stealth bombers to suicide gank his bumping ship. But Alyth had heard this song and dance before.

The truth is, we've all seen this kind of puffery from rebels. They spout a bunch of threats about powerful friends in nullsec, inbound fleets of Tornadoes, and the like. Then they disappear. We've learned to accept the nonsense as part of the cost of doing business in highsec. But this time, Alyth had enough of the nonsense. So he did the unthinkable.

Ten days later, after nary a peep from Temara Ruk, Alyth sent her a follow-up EVEmail. He demanded to know why she hadn't made good on her promise to attack him with stealth bombers. As you might expect, Temara didn't send a reply. She had long since vanished to wherever it is that rebels go, never to be heard from again.

...Or so it seemed. Now it was Temara's turn to do the unthinkable. Another seventeen days later--nearly a month since her original threat--Temara reappeared. And she did something that no rebel has ever done before or since. She explained why she didn't attack the New Order.

Temara sent Alyth a passionate EVEmail with more exclamation points than you can shake a Light Neutron Blaster II at. Temara wasn't able to gank Alyth's bumping Stabber because she was too busy dealing with real life. If she had stopped there, she might have garnered more sympathy; many people become too busy to play video games, at least for a period of time. Temara's situation is interesting because the reason she had to deal with real life is that her mining ships were destroyed. This caused her to need to find actual money to pay for a subscription, rather than grinding isk for PLEX. Apparently her search for a way to grind real-life money AFK was less than fruitful. Now she had to quit the game.

Temara made a unique accusation against the New Order, one that I've not heard from her fellow bot-aspirants. She claims that the New Order hurts people who are poor in real life, by forcing them to pay a video game subscription in real money. Maybe we should say that CCP is driving away new players by making them pay a subscription fee?

Of course, Temara is not a "new player". You might think that a highsec miner who goes bankrupt after the loss of one(?) mining ship is a new player. You'd be wrong. Temara is a 2006 character. She's been playing EVE--and presumably mining in highsec the entire time--for nearly seven and a half years. She must have been remarkably ineffective at grinding isk. But let's get back to Temara's complaint about the New Order hurting poor people. Alyth, as an Agent serving on the front lines, was our "first responder". He would have to figure out how to answer this new charge against our beloved Order.

Alyth proved that the New Order isn't just incredibly powerful. It's incredibly compassionate, as well. He could've helped the wayward miner, but unfortunately she had chosen to see Alyth as an enemy instead of a friend. That choice cost Temara her life in EVE.

Temara wrote a blistering reply. She couldn't imagine how cruel the New Order must be. To continue shooting spaceships in a spaceship-shooting game--even after learning that it bankrupts people in real life!

The mind of the bot-aspirant, in ruins, becomes a maze of contradictions. Temara condemned the New Order for having fun, while justifying her own mining career as needing special protection because it's her way of having "fun", while obviously she didn't have any fun grinding isk AFK for seven years.

Some people think that I love seeing people quit the game. This is untrue. Temara's departure from EVE is a shame, because we lost in her one of the truly original carebear minds. Her treadmill and "miniatures" analogies, while completely wrongheaded, are precious. I doubt we'll see them again.

Judging by Temara's final words, she attempted to petition the GMs to do something about the New Order, but failed. Since Temara's subscription was lapsing, she could've chosen to go out in a blaze of glory and tried to gank Alyth's ship with a stealth bomber. Instead, she wanted to spend her last five days "relaxing". According to Miner Bingo, the most relaxing thing a carebear can do is mine in highsec. Could she really have spent her last five days in the game mining? They say that no one on their deathbed wishes they had spent more time at the office. But apparently "mine AFK" was the only item on Temara's EVE bucket list.

As a side note, does anyone ever use the word "ilk" in a positive way?

Agents of the New Order are all class. If Temara was doomed to leave EVE forever, Alyth wanted the last words she read in-game to be full of wisdom, truth, and compassion. He gave her a nice capsule summary of the origins of the Code and why the New Order is needed in highsec. He also gave her one last invitation to buy a mining permit. Since she was going to spend five days mining, and since she wasn't going to spend the isk on PLEX, why not let her character die as a Gallant?

Alas, that was the last we ever heard from Temara Ruk. But her character was not biomassed. In the future, the player who owns the Temara character may find her way to some real-life money. She could return to EVE. If that day ever comes, she will find highsec a welcoming place. Highsec will be even better than when she left it, because in the meantime, Agents like Alyth Nerun are hard at work. They're reshaping the highsec community. Give the New Order a few years, and you won't even recognize the place.


  1. INB4 we see her sell her character for cash.

  2. Saturday updates, feck yes! Always trust in James 315!

  3. En zo als altijd, hebben we weer een heerlijk verhaal van james315. Die alles altijd zo verdraait tot het voor hem perfect is.

    De "new" order heeft goede punten, maar word alleen maar arroganter.
    Begonnen met "permits", een goed idee later zelfs versterkt met "ganking" omdat jullie zelf al zagen dat "bumping" niet werkt en ineffectief is.

    Zelf het beleid op "afk-piloting" kan ik begrijpen. er zitten gewoon heel veel domme spelers tussen.

    Tot zo ver de goede punten.

    Het willen verjagen van mensen uit "high-sec" is idioot en grofweg dom.
    Doordat jullie de miners opblazen houden jullie de economie van het spel instant.
    voor iedere miner die jullie opblazen word er door een Bot een nieuw schip gemaakt en op de markt gezet. daarbij helpen jullie de bots rechtstreeks.

    Dat james vroeger in de Goons zat heeft er waarschijnlijk ook heel erg veel mee te maken dat hij speler zo snel mogenlijk naar Low of Null wil jagen, en noemt het dan een verbetering.
    Resultaat is dat speler binnen no time zijn schip kwijtraakt omdat hij gedwongen het hol van de leeuw in is gestuurd.

    De order moet is bij het verbeteren van highsec houden, daar zijn jullie goed in.
    zo als wij in nederland zeggen, "Schoenmaker blijf bij je leest".

    Zo lang jullie je zelf niet verloochenen zullen jullie slagen, echter de verborgen agenda is idioot en nutteloos

  4. lol boring article. looks like content creation from CODE is dying out, bah.

  5. Their excuses get weaker, and more desperate with every gank. Now it's people with the disposable time and income for high speed internet connections and desktop electronic toys to play Eve....but that fifteen bucks a month to, that really breaks the camel's back. I can only imagine the Darfur-like conditions that these care bears must be suffering.
    They are chained to being online and mining at gunpoint. Simply not allowed to safe up, dock up, or just log out for the (always claimed) 'couple minutes' they couldn't be at their monitor. Every month is a race to meet the ore quota lest their RL children go hungry so their training que isn't interrupted while grinding for T2 mining lasers.
    Yes, imagine a wind blown Bedouin tent in the endless dunes of the Sahara. No running water, the cat ran away when changing the box became a luxury, milking chickens just to top off the kids' UN relief meal Corn Flakes....
    All that is left is the high speed internet, PC with at least a mid-range graphics card, time to play games instead of herding yaks or dodging gov't death squads, and grinding PLEX so you can grind PLEX for free next month....
    Oh the humanity!

    1. made me spit up my coffee

    2. I thought CODE ignored RL? Huh? I've seen that mantra "We disregard RL", doesn't seem like you do if you're making such reference to poverty stricken nations. The more time I spend bashing CODE, the more hypocritical you become

      ~LSM wishes he could kill CODE, but is too busy in Null Sec PVPing

  6. Dont assume that a person has been playing for the full time of their characters age. i bought the game in 2006 and quit after 1 month. i came back a few years later and tried it again, only to quit after 2 months. now i came back for the 3rd time and have been playing for several months. someone can look at my details and ASSUME that ive actually been playing since 2006 when i made the character and assume that i know what im doing - but i dont. so its not wise or accurate to judge a person based on their character age.

  7. Ar you fucking serious. Really? First you support cyber bullying, now you think you have the authority to tell other people the way they play the game is wrong? Did you know that there is no correct way to play the game? It's your sub, it's your account, and it's your skill plan. You may not like the way they play the game and want to destroy them, like many people wish they could destroy CODE, but I don't say that "You're playing the game wrong". You guys can do this, I just happen to dislike it. See the difference? Of course not, you're too busy going down on James to get your daily fix. Go up against a fleet of PVPers, I promise you, you'd get destroyed. Mining in high sec fills the need of everyone who needs a ship (well almost everyone, if I don't make say "almost" I'll get a response about how not everyone's ship is made in highsec yada yada yada). Industry is easiest to do in high sec, as it has lower risk factors and more secure profit margins. Ask yourself, would you rather mine in low sec or high sec for your industry corp? If you said low sec, sorry but that is the answer someone who can't think for themselves would give. High sec is the logical choice for industry. It doesn't hurt the game, and it never will.

    ~LSM, and I still think Erotica needs to be punished

    1. "There's no correct way to play the game."

      That's kind of the point. The Code is not saying mining is the 'wrong' way to play the game. It's saying its bad to be stuck in a rut of any kind, that's what leads to players being burned out by the game and then they quit.

      We don't force anyone to interact, they don't have to pay, they can continue putzing around the way the want and ignore what CODE does. That doesn't mean they have the right to be left alone in an MMO game that is lauded for the stories of player interaction.

      "High sec is the logical choice for industry."

      Yes industry is easiest in highsec because of the restrictions, but that does not mean that it is completely safe like some (not saying you specifically) believe.

      And lowsec actually has more profitable ores, nullsec even more so, it is possible to make more money from the lowsec ores than the highsec ones. In my brief stint in the game before my sub lapsed I went down to lowsec in a tanked industrial to do a small bit of mining. All you have to do is stay on your toes.

      And to top it all off, no one told me to do that, I came up with it myself.

      "Go up against a fleet of PVPers..."

      And what do you expect, one person going up against a fleet of what, 10, 20? Do you seriously think the gankers on here would be dumb enough to do that? Basically a "come at me bro."

      "...I promise you, you'd get destroyed."

      How much do you know about the skills of CODE LSM? How much about them do you really know, have you seen them in action in-game, tried war deccing CODE? Don't make promises you can't back up.

      And as a side note, how about you leave out the accusations of supporting cyberbullying, it is not relevant to the rest of your argument.


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