Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jetliner Bumping, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Erotica 1 repeatedly doubled sohkar's isk, despite sohkar's history of calling her a scammer in Jita local. sohkar was then selected to participate in a bonus round, and he transferred all of his in-game possessions to Erotica 1 and her assistants. Then he suffered a very ill-timed crisis of faith.

Sohkar Bonus Round SoundCloud
Kalorned's timestamps for the SoundCloud recording
Erotica 1 > we are so close
Erotica 1 > sohkar work with me here
sohkar > no
Erotica 1 > stop being so angry
Erotica 1 > life's too short to be so mad
sohkar > fuck you
Crazey Monkey > Look, to help yourself you need to help us first
sohkar > no i dont
sohkar was promised that he would be a big winner if he only sang two more songs on TeamSpeak. When he was told one of the songs would be "Queer" by "Garbage", he quit TeamSpeak and refused to participate any further.
Erotica 1 > please watch language
sohkar > no
Erotica 1 > it is against game rules to curse like this
sohkar > so what get me banned for my languare i dont give a shit
Erotica 1 > we will allow you to choose which songs we suggest
Erotica 1 > meeting you halfway
sohkar > no
Erotica 1 > stop being a baby
Erotica 1 > belligerentundesirables.instantts.com:6033
sohkar > no
sohkar > i am not getting back in ts
Near the beginning of the bonus round, sohkar read the Code aloud, including the provision forbidding him to use foul language. But he did it anyway. Erotica was willing to give him the money if he sang on TeamSpeak--sohkar could even select a song from the bonus round playlist. Still, sohkar wouldn't do anything but pout.
Nicotine Patch > if it's okay with Ero, I'd like to change my offer to 1b = 1 song, you can veto the songs they pick....
Erotica 1 > wow
Erotica 1 > that's generous
sohkar > no
Emelie Che > maybe choose your own song ?
sohkar > no
Erotica 1 > sohkar what is wrong with you?
sohkar > you are scum that is what is wrong
Erotica 1 > I run an honest business
sohkar > u stole my shit and now ur tying to be nice
A final offer was made: sohkar would be paid 1 billion isk per song, and he would have the ability to pick his own tunes. It's the kind of offer that most highsec carebears can only dream of. Incredibly, sohkar turned it down in favor of more cursing in the bonus room chat channel.
sohkar > no u run a dishonest business
Erotica 1 > you giving up is not me scamming
sohkar > ur sucm
sohkar > it is
sohkar > u r scamming
Erotica 1 > you are wrong
Erotica 1 > if you sing, you will find this out
sohkar > yes u r u have no rules written out anywhere and claim these are rules
Erotica 1 > but instead, you wish to lose and blame others
sohkar > yeah thats what it is
Erotica 1 > it is
sohkar > no
Erotica 1 > you are wanting to fail
Erotica 1 > and blaming others
sohkar > u make shit up as u go along and make an ass out of people and get ur kicks off of it
Erotica 1 and her assistants had put the offer in writing. Regardless, sohkar remained fixated on the fact that the rules were not in writing. It's doubtful that getting rules in writing would have done sohkar any good. The Code is in writing, and he had no qualms about breaking those rules.
Erotica 1 > I hope after you win that you get some emotional help
Erotica 1 > perhaps an anger management class
sohkar > perhaps u suck my dick
sohkar > i am not hopping on ts so kiss my ass
Erotica 1 > hop on ts
Erotica 1 > let's talk about this and work out a payment
Erotica 1 > my fingers hurt
Erotica 1 > carpal tunnel from too many doubles
Erotica 1 > I'd like to see you, right now my biggest critic, to post a glowing post in forum after you get paid
sohkar > not goign to post on ur piece of shit forum on anyhitn not worth it
Erotica 1 > it's the eve online forum
The negotiations between Erotica and sohkar were getting nowhere. Erotica wanted to give him money in exchange for music, while sohkar wanted people to kiss his ass.
Nicotine Patch > sohkar dude, i'm just a spectator here, I really feel you got upset for the wrong reasons, people here on TS feel sorry for this
sohkar > they dont feel sorry for shit
Nicotine Patch > i thought we had a deal and I really wanted to pay you personally, swear to god, cause I feel you went through a lot
sohkar > no u didnt Nicotine Patch u r scum like the rest
Kalorned > sohkar We are all very sorry about what has happened tonight - is there something I can do to show a measure of good faith to get you back on TS so we can apologize?
Erotica 1 > if you just show up
Erotica 1 > or you can choose to lose it all
Erotica 1 > but I want to see you win
sohkar > u can choose to kiss my ass or kiss my ass
After further discussions, the parties wouldn't budge. There was a very real chance that sohkar wouldn't be a big winner after all.
Crazey Monkey > I'm very respected here, I can help you out
Crazey Monkey > I was a bonus room winner, one of the first
Crazey Monkey > Singing was the best part IMO
sohkar > sure u were
Crazey Monkey > I'm in Nulli Secunda, some of these guys are hellcamping me in my station, why would I lie for them?
sohkar > because ur sum like them
sohkar > scum*
Crazey Monkey > sohkar you barely know me
sohkar > u know these peopel then ur scum like them
Kalorned > Just because I know who HItler is doesnt mean I'm like him
The bonus round was quickly turning into an intervention. sohkar was surrounded by supportive people to whom he refused to listen. He lashed out in anger, seeing enemies everywhere.
Erotica 1 > are they all scum for knowing me?
sohkar > yes
Boom Boom Longtime > sohkar this negative attitude you are currently exuding is not helping matters, work with the team and get your payout
sohkar > no i have to go to bed soon and i am not playing ur game
Erotica 1 > so make a decision
sohkar > i dont have to make shit
Erotica 1 > stop acting like a child
sohkar > u fucking scum and u toook my shit hope u got ur kicks for the night
As an air traffic controller, sohkar was required to get plenty of sleep each night before reporting to work. Unfortunately, the bonus round came to a grinding halt when sohkar stopped participating. Now it dragged on and on through the night. sohkar insisted he needed to go to bed, but he wouldn't log off; he wanted to keep cursing at everyone in the Bonus Room.
sohkar > its ok i fell for ur scam and thats what happened
sohkar > i am sorry to scum for even calling u that
Erotica 1 > how is that a scam? I paid you
Erotica 1 > but then you were 100th client when you sent 1b
sohkar > and yet u sent zero proof i was
Erotica 1 > I have my word of honor
sohkar > and ur word doesnt mean shit to me
Erotica 1 > you clearly have no moral compass
sohkar > no u clearly dont since u scam people out of enjoy in a game because u are a greedy bastard
Erotica 1 > If I was greedy, I wouldn;t do any bonus rounds
sohkar > no if u werent greedy u have these bonus rounds with proof of the rules and that i was the 100 person
sohkar > u make the rules up as the so called bonus round goes on but have nothing in writting to proof either the rules or that i was the 100th person so u make shit up as u go alone
Now sohkar demanded proof that he was indeed the "100th person" and eligible for the bonus round. Interestingly, he never questioned his eligibility prior to the bonus round, or even while he was giving away all his assets. Perhaps this, too, was a byproduct of his wife's corrupting influence.
Scorpion Venom1 > i would like to stress that the rules have been used time and time again
sohkar > no the rules were not written ndown
Erotica 1 > I bet it's Obama's fault too
Erotica 1 > everyone but your own
sohkar > Obama is scum jsut like u
Crazey Monkey > Obama care is cool
sohkar > yeah for poor dirty niggers like u
Kalorned > Hey now
Out of nowhere, sohkar dropped an N-bomb, stunning the Bonus Room into silence. It was as if sohkar had stood up and proudly declared himself to be a Goofus. The prospect of a satisfactory conclusion to the bonus round grew dim. It would take a miracle to salvage things now.

To be continued...


  1. Sohkar lashes out left and right, at anyone, everyone. Everyone that is, except himself. In contrast, the one point where he does point the finger at himself ("its ok i fell for ur scam and thats what happened") is delivered relatively calmly. He shields himself from his own wrath.

    It's not difficult to do the psychological math. His target is always himself, displaced onto others. I'm sure we've all met people like this, and would strenuously deny that we had ever done the same. Not me, bro!

    In this light, Sohkar's rather narrow interpretation of the purpose of 'Obama Care' can be seen as a desperate attempt by him to draw Erotica 1 into the same rage-fuelled space as himself, so that he can divert even more anger away from himself.

    As angry people everywhere know, there's nothing more likely to escalate a row than a perpetually calm opponent.

    Fascinating stuff, O Supreme Protector!


    1. sohkar is a leaf untethered, at the mercy of every slight breeze.
      the Agents stand tall and grounded, like mighty oak trees.

    2. Wow, Alana, like a leaf, I'm blown away!


    3. Ok you know what? CODE to me is a pretty horrible entity in this game that I hate with a passion! But I understand that this game is a sandbox and even though I personally HATE their conduct, I get over it... As I've been playing this game since I was 13 (I'm now 24) and even though again, I find CODE detestable, it just goes to show how awesome this game is! As ANYTHING can happen in it.

      If anyone wants proof that I've been playing this long, search for my character name : St'oto. My original character is linked in the bio. St'oto is the character I purchased, legally, with ingame currency about 5 years ago I guess. But I've been PVPing since I started EVE on the original character I linked in my bio.

      But Erotica1's behavior goes BEYOND simple game mechanics that people use to "1 up people!" They are actually doing PSYCHOLOGICAL HARM to individuals and you guys think it's FUNNY?!

      Again while I hate ISK scammers, suicide gankers, etc it's still a "necessary evil" of the game. As I never want CCP to limit our emergent and dynamic gameplay! But this scam GOES BEYOND INGAME mechanics! They utterly freaking torturing people for hours on end on TeamSpeak! Seriously how can ANYONE think that's funny? And if you think I'm exaggerating, research what torture actually is. This scam actually checks every check on the check list for psychological torture!

      Come on guys...keep the Asshattery in the game! If you want to suicide gank, that's fine. Again it's not my cup of tea. But I wouldn't change it for the world considering it would damage the foundation of Eve's experience! But why on earth do we, as a community, support this kind of behavior!? Torturing poor, ignorant, greedy people OUT OF GAME is not a fun experience! Nor should it be tolerated!

    4. CCP agreed, and banned Ero1

  2. Playing a game is one thing, making a fool of someone on purpose is another.
    It was provoked to drive this guy over the line and this is seriously questionable.
    I wonder if this is the place where EVE is heading to ... a place which supports ppl making fun of others due to their longer experience or simple cruelness.
    Maybe the downside of a sandbox system which is a unique and great improvement in MMO games but on the other hand gives ppl the freedom to hide behind their screens while messing up some gamers who still have some faith in others left.
    Another sad story which is actually praised here ... is this really something to be proud of? Really?

    1. Sokhar made his own bed here. And how can you feel the least bit sorry for someone who a) is so fucking dumb as to contract his assets to total strangers in Eve of all places and b) is a disgusting racist piece of shit. Looks to me like karma is a bitch for our boy sokhar.

    2. His greed led him to this. He is worthy of no pity given the fact he wasn't forced to do anything he did not choose himself.

      The fact he went over the line has more to do with his own innability to accept responsibility for his choices and clear anger management issues.

      Also, being mocked is not something unique to EVE or sandbox environments so that argument is moot.

    3. @Anonymous 11.33
      Yes Erotica 1 is quite proficient at bringing out the worst in people and that includes you.

    4. Bobbins is just jealous he wasn't the client in the bonus round. Does Bobbins have what it takes to win?

    5. If you're saying willingly playing a game is the same as being bullied and harassed you are wrong.

      Everyone in the room and on TS was there of their own accord and reasoning.

      I believe most on line games have the ability to separate people in to those that 'bully' (or win) and those that get 'bullied' (or lose by making the same mistakes, options and actions repeatedly). Even board games have this ability.

      It's how we can see ourselves compared to other people. Occasionally individuals can accept to being bad at a game and goes with the flow, sometimes people realise they are very good at being bad and excel in games that allow for it, it's not limited to Eve Online by any stretch, but it is widely held to be the 'most lenient'.

      I think it comes down to taking the game and/or one self too seriously and failing to realise that the hours or money spent on Eve, and games like it, and then believing one is entitled to play exactly how they want to, in spite of the game rules and other people.

      Off topic, but anyone who thinks Universal Healthcare is a bad thing only for poor people need to buck up their ideas and leave the planet very quickly so the average IQ and compassion for others can rise.

    6. Yeah it's his own fault for falling for it, and yeah the blatant racism isn't going to win him friends, and yup he's taking his losses way too hard.

      But this public humiliation and mocking, recording and distributing the audio.. That doesn't exactly put eve in a good light to outsiders, to say the least. Playing chess in game is one thing but deliberately making them angry and exploiting that out of game (jerry springering) is really something I wouldn't be proud of

    7. Sometimes a public shaming helps put someone's head on straight. We do it IRL literally ALL THE TIME. Name and shame is a time-honoured tradition of both law enforcement and the media where I come from.

      Besides who knows. A guy who gets this angry over a silly video game? Maybe Erotica1 saved his wife, dog, or (god forbid) children a beating or two by giving him an outlet to vent all his hate.

    8. lol 4:29. You know it's possible to get angry and manage not to hit someone or something don't you? You included the word perhaps but that connection was rather forced.

      And perhaps she SAVED his family? She was the one that took his things (he gave yes I know but she scammed him and we both know that) making him that angry to start with.

      This wasn't some sort of intervention because he'd broken a law, it was a group of people that exploited someone for entertainment. Though yes I still accept that he allowed that to happen to himself.

    9. "Yes Erotica 1 is quite proficient at bringing out the worst in people and that includes you."

      You see folks, you are a mess, you need to be taught lessons! and who is better at teaching lessons than smug self-righteous nerds? NOBODY

    10. @AnonymousMarch 4, 2014 at 11:22 PM - See unlike those who proliferate this site, and CODE in general, I do not support this kind of conduct! I think Erotica1's attitude/setup is freaking disgusting, deplorable, and psychotic! Again as I have said above, Isk scamming, suicide ganking, etc is one thing. While I personally detest it all, EVE wouldn't be EVE without it! It's that emergent, dynamic, and "not completely by design" gameplay that makes EVE, EVE!

      But this has NOTHING to do with those positive aspects of EVE! This takes one mechanic, and then rips it out of the way by taking the experience completely out of the game in a completely different and detestable direction! So how the hell these guys can support this, is beyond me! - Hell how CCP can still support this is beyond me. As Erotica1 is taking this beyond the game's mechanics! CCP should seriously draw a line here!


      Stealing their ingame stuff is one thing - COMPLETELY BREAKING THEIR PSYCHE IS ANOTHER!

  3. This is like torturing a puppy that keeps trying to eat more food 'cause his bowl is ever-full... The puppy doesn't know any better, just like this poor shlep. Stop torturing the puppy, just shoot it in the head.

    1. I lol'd IRL. + fuggin' 1 m8.

    2. It should be pointed out-- that Sohkar did actually have his isk doubled several times. At any point he could have walked away with his wallet twice as fat.
      When it was free isk- he sang praises and all was well. But being made to do ANYTHING for money became a 'scam'.
      Singing and goofy crap amounts to frat boy level initiation rituals. In person it would be drinking challenges. Never does the bonus room include anything that causes lasting damage to a toon like 'go suicide gank that guy' or 'shoot that CONCORD ship'. Loss of money is hardly an issue with the isk-faucet that is high sec. Look at any ALOD and see that total newbs are still swimming in isk.
      Lastly, no one is that dumb. Bet if you asked the guy for his real bank acct info he'd have laughed. But his toon's virtual bank account? No problem. Sohkar clearly understands the risk he was taking, game world or real- and his greed got the better of him.
      His impatience to simply be handed free isk caused him to lose his cool and become abusive, losing everything as a result. This is entirely a self-inflicted wound

  4. I was hoping that he'd win. I thought he was going to pull through there at te end...

    ... though the fines he racked up with his language and conduct may have eclipsed his winnings. Perhaps the only thing Our Boy sokhar should win is a hefty citation for his potty mouth in New Order space!

  5. The one thing I don't understand is why a lot of people here find this to be "awesome" and/or "hilarious". Sohkar is clearly suffering. He is upset, annoyed and doesn't want to be humiliated on ts.

    Why is witnessing another human suffering so enjoyable for you guys?

    1. They come from the SA forums, which is essentially a giant echo chamber that has over time conditioned/devolved them to the point where they now take pleasure in """tears""" When presented with any challenge they retreat beneath layers and layers of cynicism until communication becomes impossible, this then causes them to believe they have "won" in fact any action taken by you after they have acted causes them to believe they have "won"

    2. "Because watching a fool prove he is an idiot and a loser is very funny."

      OK, that clears it up a bit. I'm just surprised at the number of people who find this situation hilarious given that it's essentially taking a stupid gullible person and punishing them further by humiliating them and provoking them to the point of anger. I find it more cringe worthy than hilarious.

      Maybe I'm the odd one out going by how hilarious you and others think this is. Whatever floats your boat I guess!

      btw: I don't think coward is the right word. More like angry and irrational after realizing how stupid he's been. We've all been there at some point in our lives and have said things in the heat of the moment. Though admittedly not necessarily over an anonymous game played over the 'net. That is certainly special.

  6. I hope this guy really isn't an ATC. Going so berserk over internet spaceships is not a good thing for someone in a stressful job like that.

    1. I know 2 ATCs in RL. They're both very intelligent and on the ball. Annoyingly so in fact :p It's pretty much required for the job.

      Going by the soundcloud of Sohkar, he's certainly lacking in these qualities. I'm willing to double anyone's ISK if they can show me proof that Sohkar really is a ATC :-)

    2. What about if I show you the proof that he is not an ATC? Still doubling?

  7. Carpel tunnel from too much doubling..... ha ha 10\10

  8. It's all fun and doubling until someone drops the N-bomb...

  9. I know this stand will be "made fun of", but truly I don't think I care.
    The above actions are bad enough, but add the fact that people are actually enjoy beating someone down in public is horrific to read/listen to. It is that alone that I cancelled my sub. (I know you folks don't give a crap). It's just not the kind of place I want to spend my time relaxing and playing a game. Have fun in your sandbox. I'll just move on to another one.

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