Monday, March 17, 2014

Confess and Apologize, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... An unaffiliated miner named Lord Jasta arrived in the Hentogaira system and was invited to join a rebel mining corp. Within moments, Jasta was in the corp and instructed to report for ice mining duty.
Lord Jasta > Ok so Im going to stay docked if its not safe, or are we good to mine?
Admiral Venohan Altol > we are good
Admiral Venohan Altol > come mine ice
Despite a heavy New Order presence in the system, Venohan threw caution to the wind and brought out his Orca so the new recruit could experience the joys of Orca bonuses. But something about Venohan's manner bothered Lord Jasta greatly. How could Venohan say they were "good"? If they were good miners, they would follow the Code.
Lord Jasta > The order is every where....
Lord Jasta > Pay now 5 billion
Lord Jasta > Now.....
Lord Jasta > Now....
Lord Jasta > Orca gets it
Admiral Venohan Altol > i knew youd do this
Jasta chose to take a stand for the Code. He brought a Widow into the ice anomaly, rather than the Retriever that Venohan was expecting. Jasta warp disrupted Venohan's Orca and the other corp member's mining barge.
Lord Jasta > 5 billion
MephiStoFeI > =))
Lord Jasta > You want to talk about the order you rebels
Lord Jasta > Now...
John Sorcerer > is an orca worth 5billion?
Admiral Venohan Altol > no hardly
Lord Jasta > James be the ruler.
Admiral Venohan Altol > shit im going back to low sec
This caused quite a stir in local. Jasta offered to release the Orca for 5 billion isk. This sum included 10 million isk for a mining permit and a 4,990 million isk finder's fee.
Admiral Venohan Altol > it was empty
Lord Jasta > Any non legal miner takes it and they get shot
Admiral Venohan Altol > take the drones
Admiral Venohan Altol > fuck you
Lord Jasta > Gf
The other corp member, admiral warnock (presumably Venohan's alt), self-destructed his mining barge instantly. This freed Jasta from having to fight on two fronts; he could now focus all of his attention on defeating the Orca in one-on-one combat.
John Sorcerer > oh yeah
John Sorcerer > post killmail
Lord Jasta > Kill: Admiral Venohan Altol (Orca)
Valerie Takeda > AWOX killmail is best killmail
Lord Jasta > Praise be to James 315 and all legal miners. Let that be a lesson to all non legal miners. We are everywhere.

It was a glorious battle. Upon inspecting the kill report, it appears Venohan was true to his word: The Orca really was empty. Jasta resolved to be magnanimous in victory and invited his enemies/corpmates to join the New Order.
Lord Jasta > The code is everywhere.
admiral warnock > not really
admiral warnock > the code is a bull shit reason for you role players to band together and be retarded
Sadly, the rebels had not yet learned their lesson. It often takes rebels several minutes to calm down after a big loss. Venohan/warnock was punch-drunk. Awakening from his stupor, it dawned on him that he couldn't expel Jasta from the corporation while Jasta was still in space.
admiral warnock > get out of my fucking corp so help me god
admiral warnock > my dying statement fuck yo couch
Lord Jasta > Keep it clean in local and take it like a man.
admiral warnock > just dock so i ca get rid of you
Lord Jasta > Why's that? Have you accepted James 315?
admiral warnock > sure why not fuck it
Despite his bizarre prejudice against the New Order, warnock was willing to say that he accepted me as Saviour of Highsec.
Lord Jasta > I don't see permits or isk yet boys.
admiral warnock > i said it
admiral warnock > mass exodus time
Lord Jasta > Saying and beliving are two different things.
Lord Jasta > Send a mail to James 315 cc a copy to me, tell him you are sorry you doubted his power and are sorry for the things you have said
Lord Jasta > Then I will leave corp.
Admiral Venohan Altol > fuck you
However, Venohan still owed me an apology for speaking ill of the Order and its Code. It's bad enough when rebels think bad thoughts--but to take that extra step and broadcast the bad thoughts into highsec? An apology is definitely due.
admiral warnock > i dont care me paying for the right to mine is stupid
admiral warnock > get out of my fucking corp so help me god
Lord Jasta > admiral warnock I told you what you had to do.
admiral warnock > sorry not worth
Lord Jasta > Ok then.
Lord Jasta > Can I have director?
admiral warnock > going far away
admiral warnock > nope
Venohan/warnock wouldn't budge, but Jasta remained confident that he would get what he wanted. Persistence is absolutely necessary if you're serious about getting into the saving highsec business. Jasta had the persistence.
Walker Gallifrey > You assholes done "protect" anything, you gank people who dont buy your god damn mining permits
Walker Gallifrey > and then claim its in the name of protection
John Sorcerer > if your a true miner then just be economical about it.
codemanhaggard Annages > I never really asked for death and war. Ill just quietly slip into gallente space
John Sorcerer > it costs too much to fight it
The destruction of the rebel Orca was cause for celebration and debate in local. Many miners in Hentogaira are Code-compliant; they understand that it makes good business sense.
Lord Jasta > One mail all you have to write and Im gone.
Admiral Venohan Altol > never i will be a martyr before ill bow
Lord Jasta > Write James 315 a letter saying sorry for talking bad about him and cc me on it then I will leave
Venohan insisted that the one thing he'd never do is apologize to me. The wallets of New Order Agents are filled with the isk of those who say they'll "never" pay. Carebears quickly tire of martyrdom. In this case, "never" lasted around 15 minutes.

The story ends the only way it could: The rebel surrendered his "principles". Jasta kept his promise and left the mining corp. News of Jasta's victory spread quickly. He joined Maniacal Laughter Ltd., the very same pro-Order corp that Venohan had warned him about. Now Jasta can enjoy their wardecs and continue killing Orcas with his Widow. And highec just got a little nicer.


  1. It is always heartwarming to see justice being met.

  2. I'm no businessman, but I'm sure that it would have made much more sense to buy the permits and follow the CODE. Miners, we aren't here to "grief" or "harass" you. We're here to save you from yourselves. I hope that Admiral Venohan Altol has taken heart from the CODE and wisdom from Lord Jasta. Accept the CODE, miners. Free yourselves from bot-aspirancy.

  3. Follow the Code, keep your Orca. It really could not be simpler. Well done sir Knight.

  4. I never did understand the refusal to buy a permit. Pay 10 million or lose far more, often repeatedly. The rebel mind is a strange beast...

    -Penniless Supporter

  5. 10 mil for a permit seems cheaper than ever after reading that

  6. To be honest I was expecting the usual Vexor or Thorax. But the hero of this story brings out a Widow to force justice on these non-compliants. Now that's classy, I hope the orca and barge pilot appreciated it. Well done indeed Lord Jasta.

  7. Photoshopped Kill-mail. Just look

    Admiral Venohan Altol lost no ships.

    Lord Jasta never made any kills in Hentogaira. He was killed by another player probably while trying to gank the Orca. In 03.14 in Hentogaira he was the only kill and lost a ~760mil ISK tech 2 ship.

    1. Because killboards have every kill ever?

    2. That is a truly terrible Widow fit btw. Almost as bad as the many Orcas documented on this site.

    3. Let's what's more likely? Kill and ship lost missing from both characters or Photoshop image?

      Believe what you want

    4. You do not understand how killboards work. One or both pilots need to have their API registered will zkill (or a scraped kb). If neither have, the kill will not show. That's not to say it isn't photoshopped, but because it is not on zkill does not mean it is fake.

      I would however have expected Lord Jasta to have at least copy & pasted the External Kill Link from EvE to zkill or, god forbid, battleclinic.

    5. Dear Mr An AWOXer

      Using a lot of profanity and being exceptionally rude does not make you correct. In fact you've just been proven wrong in this case as Lord Jasta has clarified below with Kill Links & is now registered with battleclinic.

      What a surprise, A Miner being far more polite & courteous than An AWOXer.


    Where eve-kill explains why they don't have all the killmails. In short, blame CCP.

  9. Wait, so both of those guy's alts were named "Admiral" something?

    Power trip much?

  10. Man, Widow awox.

    How did he pass as being a "new guy" with that kind of thing? oh wait. no api check.

    But yeah, that Widow is horrible.

  11. No fit that lights up the night with the flare of a justified interdiction is a bad fit.

  12. First, yes its a horrible fit, you know why? It wasn't ment to be shot at, it was ment to hold tackle as long as possible. No ecm, I know but tbh I don't care if they kept shooting rocks while tackled..


    Third: Later on that night,

    So it did it's duty quiet well.

    Last I made the mistake of not following some basic rules with war dec's and yes this happened

    But you know what? He was a great opponent who took advantage of the situation and my lapse in judgement. I will take it as a man though because my KB is still green :p

    It was not ment to shoot anything that could shoot back Lol.

    Anyways please agents and rebels keep it clean in here and here is the proof you asked for.

    Treat others with respect please.

    1. Also I have updated my killboard api on battleclinic it should update soon

    2. Lord Jasta:

      You know you deserved to lose that Widow. The CODE is very clear about how High Sec space is not suppose to feel safe. Flying around in a ship that expensive with the thought that "nobody will shoot at me." is exactly the problem with AFK miners and Bots.

      It was the will of James that you lose your ship. Bot-aspirant behavior at it's worst, and from an Agent no less. But it seems you have been saved from yourself.


    3. That was my exact thought too Whetstone. James preaches how no ship is safe and how all must expect to be shot at. Yet here is Lord Jasta espousing how his ship was never meant to be shot at. Thankfully his ship met with a fitting end. Such a terrible T1 fit Widow should never have existed in the first place. Passive + active tank too. Thank the Lord that it died!

    4. I gave a sacrifice for the cause, plain and simple. Horrible fit I admit that so you can keep flaming me on that, but remember I have also post the over 1.5 billion isk in damage it delt so I don't really care if it had a civilian booster on it, it did it's job. I was flying afk? I was partaking in bot like activities? Nope, sorry I was flying with out a scout in active wars laughing about the previous kills, Lol I already admitted I shouldn't of done so and that the widow was NOT MENT TO FIGHT SOMETHING THAT SHOOTS BACK. So you can keep flaming me on this but at the end of it all, my killboard is still green :D

    5. I'm sorry Lord Jasta,

      But that was not the point I intend to make. Let me try again.

      We here at Whetstone have noticed that you are not alone as far as agents who seem to only follow the parts of the Code. High Sec is suppose to be dangerous, but as we have looked on at kill-mails posted there seems to be more and more of this belief that "I only engage targets that will never shoot back."

      You are not alone in this mistake of philosophy Lord Jasta, many agents seem to share this belief as well. But we here at Whetstone intend to sharpen you skills and make you better. A better killer, a better warrior. So that you will never have to lose a ship again because you felt safe in High Sec. We believe it is because too many agents only engage miners, and like the rocks they chew apart, you have dulled your edge. But you are not a broken blade, you and the others like you can be fixed. Can be sharpened, and we are here for that.

      Now we are small, few in number so perhaps you will never run into a Whetstone operative, but we are looking for Agents who fail the Code. We intend to post a weekly message, sort of a Whetstone Sharpening of the Week, we will not be placing a killmail, as we do not wish to name and shame an agent, we are here to help you all be better warriors.

      We are already at work. There will be no indication that in chat that we are engaging you, we will not reveal ourselves. James, who knows all, has not evemailed us not to sharpen his Agents so we proceed forth with the faith in his blessing.

      We will admire you Lord Jasta for admitting your mistake and have hope that you will never again have to utter the phrase "Not meant to fight something that shoots back."

      Welcome all Agents to the Sharpening


    6. This is a really cool idea and I am interested in seeing how it plays out. Looking forward to the updates. You might consider starting a thread in the FORUM so they will be in the same place and we can follow your progress. You could just put a "new post in the Forum" note in the daily blog comments to let us know to go look.

      I'm almost always in Kino myself. I have my own personal set of White Knights that follow me around debating the Code and posting months old killmails of my ganker alt along with whatever enraged miners I have created for the day in their idea of a pvp ship. So I'm pretty much on edge most of the time. Still reap my share of carebears every day.

      Come on down anyway. You might find me deep in debate with the bot aspirants and get a chance to learn me about the Code.


    7. Anon 04:25 "So that you will never have to lose a ship again because you felt safe in High Sec"

      I must confess I don't understand.
      I lose ships because... CONCORD. I guess I will have to wait and see!

    8. LarsUlrik Napsterbane:

      And when you lost your ship to Concord you felt safe that they would not shoot you? There is a difference in sacrificing your ship in a gank to Concord and losing your ship to an enemy because you did not expect him to fire upon you, is there not? One is enforcing the CODE, the other is akin to Carebearism in our book.

      BBB: We have been through Kino, though we have not seen Agents in foul of the CODE yet there. Though our hunt is not constant, as we do other things in game as well, like most. We would admit, it would be depressing indeed if any posts we present were about the more famous Agents that enforce the CODE. We do not expect one to be about you.


    9. Anon 1:32:

      I bump in my version of an Invincible Stabber, which is naturally not as invincible as those flown by our savior...

      I am curious as to what type of agents Whetstone is looking at?
      As a bumper, I welcome getting shot at...

    10. Inquistor Gnomon

      We have taken Agent BBB's advice and are preparing our post for the C&P section. We also have prepared our first Sharpening statement, perhaps it will indicate the types of agents we are looking for out there in the universe.


  13. Win button for AWOX'ers...just name your toon with some self-endowed title, and you are in. Notice how many miners like to name themselves 'Admiral' despite utterly refusing to engage in military engagements? Throwing 'Lord' in front of your name screams out to care need to check this fella's API or KB..after all, would a Lord AWOX some poor fools?
    Yes, yes a Lord would.

    Well played, sir.

  14. Yet another story where CODE. seems triumphant in the words of James 315, but upon further review they were once again the true losers.

    Guys let's debate what's funnier: Is it CODE's delusion that they matter at all in high-sec, or CODE's delusion that they've ever won anything?


    1. Dear Anonymous 11:18.

      Since you raised it and currently have the floor, why don't you open the debate with your case against CODE. for the two points you have raised above?

      Following review of the quality of your argument, we can decide if a rebuttal is warranted

      - Guybertini


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