Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Heart of Blackness, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Arden Elenduil joined BLACKHEARTSGAMING, a highsec mining corp. He was invited to attend a mining op and was stunned to discover that they were a gang of Code violators. Unaware of Arden's status as an Agent of the New Order, they even encouraged him to violate the Code. Arden knew there was only one way to settle the score: To attack the mining op in his Claymore and hold their Orca for ransom.
Arden Elenduil > don't worry
Arden Elenduil > i'm just putting you in low hull
Arden Elenduil > there we go
Arden Elenduil > pay up
Arden Elenduil > or die
Arden Elenduil > your call
InsanePostman > he'll pay
InsanePostman > dont kill the orca please
As Arden suspected, most of the mining fleet was AFK, oblivious to the events now unfolding. One of the miners urged Arden to wait until the Orca pilot returned to his keyboard. Since Arden only had one warp disruptor, he had no choice but to kill the remaining miners.

One by one, the bot-aspirants perished. One of them was flying an untanked Hulk worth over a billion isk. For some reason it had two ORE Strip Miners in its cargo bay.

As the miners awakened, they begged Arden to wait just a little longer for the Orca pilot to pay up. The perfidious carebears were actually using the time to organize a daring counter-offensive.

Arden sighed as he delivered the final blow on the Orca. He was disgusted by the dishonourable conduct he saw all around him. His dream of attending a Code-compliant mining op had been shattered. Now he was forced to slaughter his fellow corpmates.

The rebels paid a heavy price for their treachery. But about that whole "counter-offensive" thing...
Arden Elenduil > that rokh better not be of yours
Arden Elenduil > oops
Arden Elenduil > so
Arden Elenduil > ransom the rokh?
These particular carebears were apparently unaware of some of the finer points about dealing with Agents of the New Order. For instance, Agents have a strong tendency to win. Like, all the time.

The rebel Rokh went boom, adding to the BLACKHEARTSGAMING death toll. Arden urged them to put an end to the madness. He only wanted to be paid the money he was due--he didn't want the miners to lose everything they had. But now the corp chat had gone into radio silence.

You might be curious about ship flown by Jin Gorath, who also appeared on the killmail.

Just as the Rokh was dying, the rebels sent in another wave of attackers. Actually, I should they they sent in another wave of "attacker". For some reason, their counter-offensive involved sending ships against our hero one at a time, like in an old ninja movie. But it wasn't honour that motivated this method of attack; it was cowardice and fear. No one wanted to risk facing the fearsome Agent in battle while there was still a chance someone else might do it.

The Rattlesnake pilot failed to jam Arden's ship. This is partly because the Rattlesnake wasn't fitting any jammers; it was just a tank fit. An additional half billion isk of BLACKHEARTSGAMING contraband went down the drain. Perhaps the rebel knew he was fated to lose, and he whored on the Rokh killmail to help even out his personal killboard stats?

After the Rokh and Rattlesnake died, they sent in a Gnosis, who also went to his doom. After that, the rebels were down to their rookie ships. It was another extraordinary victory for the New Order and the principles of its Code. Both BLACKHEARTSGAMING's mining fleet and their PvP fleet had been defeated on the battlefield. It was time for them to become Gallants and congratulate Arden. Considering his prowess in combat, they might even be expected to offer Arden leadership of the clan.
Chainsstyle Arnerette > Belgium is still a useless country :P
InsanePostman > lol
Chainsstyle Arnerette > bunch of useless waterloo faggots
Chainsstyle Arnerette > Merely a path for real countries
Arden Elenduil > now that's not very nice is it
Chainsstyle Arnerette > must suck having to be USA little bitch with the hague?
Arden Elenduil > the hague is in the netherlands, just sayin'
Chainsstyle Arnerette > Ya another useless county
Alas, it was not to be. Arden had found himself in a corp of Goofuses. They hated him for his Code. And Chainsstyle, the self-proclaimed "hymen slayer/highsec miner", didn't really like the fact that he was Belgian, either. I believe this would be the part where the carebear apologists tell us that Arden was to blame for the corp's prejudices, because he drove them to it by shooting their spaceships. On second thought, let's save that for part three.

To be continued...


  1. Classic awox.

    I salute you.


    ------ Mike Adoulin

  2. amazing execution

  3. Eloquent Execution Arden, you deserve a medal!


  4. The highest of victories for the Code! Well done, Agent Arden! I can only hope that the continuation of this epic saga brings about the enlightenment of the miners to the Code.

  5. As an American in a mostly Euro alliance (my main), I have suffered not a small number of jabs by my Old World brethren. Nothing makes me cringe worse than when Americans do everything in their power to actually confirm stereotypes about us.
    Even given bad Google Translate mails from non-English speakers, it is by far my own countrymen that are obsessive about either the US having a collectively bigger dick than everyone else- or even more often, graphic homoerotic fantasy guised as disdain. Most often colorfully peppered with imagery of sexual violence.
    The Internet Tough Guy (tm) routine of making both in-game and RL threats seems fairly universal among internet game nerds.
    At the very least it constitutes further evidence that care bears, as a whole, have difficulty separating real life from video games- almost to a pathological degree.
    The NO doesn't make conclusions about players RL- in fact we disregard your RL as just another excuse for being AFK. But we don't accuse people who play helpless, cowardly, and inept characters of being so in real life. However, it is the favorite sport of care bears to draw such conclusions about us based on how we play an internet spaceship game.
    Comments about RL nationalism, racism, homophobia, etc DO IN FACT, speak volumes about the actual people behind the character.

    1. Experience tells me otherwiseMarch 27, 2014 at 2:50 AM

      the funny thing is you don't disregard RL. I've seen CODE people say that the miners they attack beat their wives and children, that they are stupid or retarded. They assume the miners can't think for themselves, and need a guiding hand because of their ineptitude. That's all i've ever seen agents talk about RL wise. The agents and the people on here make horrible assumptions about players real lives. If you disregard that fact, you're just a blind bastard to the things agents say.

    2. The reason they're blind to what the agents say is because the agents don't report that part of the conversation, or if they somehow do so by mistake, it certainly doesn't make it to this website.


    Please see name one on that list.

    As members of our society who embrace and love the CODE, you quickly learn that you are a minority in the general populace. Simply mention your love of the CODE in any public chat and immediately you learn that pilots would sooner spit on you then embrace your truth. You learn to look out for other Knights and Agents because no one else will, and few have looked out and cherished the CODE and it's supporters more than Erotica1.

    Asking James to pass judgement on such a shining star in our community is completely daft! And furthermore, why should he? Erotica is in the business of opening hearts and minds. Teaching those who are not aware of their own short comings how to over come then and become stronger.

    Also, simply put; when you start shouting racist slurs over a comm, you loose the right to be called Naive. You stop being a "victim" and start becoming an aggressor.

  7. Why should I even try. It's sickening how you defend this. I hate you guys because of what you do in game, but I don't think you should be removed through CCP, you should be crushed under the might of better players. But what he did was disgusting, horrible. he tore a person apart in the name of seizing internet assets, but also in the name of ripping someone apart to laugh at them when they snap. Was his victim naive and kinda dumb? yes. But as a grown man and member of society, there is no excuse to take advantage of someone who is fragile such as that. He should have known better, YOU ALL should know better. There is a difference between "tears", and what was done to that poor fool. If opening hearts is what you think he did in the damn Bonus Room, if you honestly think THAT is what he was doing, you are one sick individual who is just as cruel and sick as Erotica 1. There is a difference to in game tears, and what he did. Disgraceful CODE, as those who supposedly want to clean up high sec... I'm sorry but what you said is very very damning. I used to think CODE was just a bunch of terrible players... now I realize there are some awful people within you ranks, like you seem to be.

    And answer me this sir or ma'am; Why do you think you are a minority? Why? Is it because people are lost? People are stupid, wife beaters, retarded, ignorant? Or is it because people find you behavior despicable, cruel, mean, hateful, and a hindrance? Consider past what the CODE says, forget about your RP for a second, forget about James for a second and ask yourself; Was Erotica's behavior acceptable? Was torturing that man, even if he was falling for your trap, they way Erotica did acceptable? I'm wasn't talking about the CODE really, that doesn't apply to the bonus room which took place out of game and he was not being bot aspirant or AFK. He was there, being scammed, which is fine, but what isn't right was how he was tortured to the point of snapping, to the point of shouting such horrible things at his torturers for their amusement. Is that right? IS IT RIGHT? I hope you can say no. Please put yourself in an idiots shoes and stand on the other side of the victims microphone and ask yourself... is that part of what you think is right? In no way was Erotica doing anything you said in that middle paragraph, and i'll be damned if you come up with something defending him.

    Again, i challenge you James to punish Erotica for what he did. Do the right thing, because Erotica surely didn't


  8. not everyone thinks what he did was wrong, or the person was a "victim"

  9. Sohkar was free to leave teamspeak at any time if he was uncomfortable or unhappy with proceedings. That he chose to remain in teamspeak spewing racial slurs and threats is indicative of the fact that he is the worst kind of person.

    Only on the internet do people somehow manage to convince themselves the violent, hate-filled racist is the 'victim'.

    (Actually wait, that happens in the real world all the time. What's wrong with you?)

  10. @ LSM

    Methinks thowest doth not comprehendeth the true meaning of the word torture.

    - Guybertini

    1. Why not? If you are such an expert in the English language, say otherwise. Someone in that massive thread I saw someone relate methods of torturing someone to what transpired (I'll be damned if I can find it again though :/)

    2. OK, lets do a little exercise then.

      By the broadest definition, actions to be considered torture must include the following: Physically or mentally harming someone against their will.

      Which of these components actually took place? None, and that last part is a doozy no?

      - Guybertini

  11. What the flying hell is wrong with you ? People are dying in real life being tortured and having their children murdered in front of their eyes, fellow eve players like yourself have to keep a gun in their computer room because their country is at war and they might RL-die at any given point, yet you take internet vigilante arms about someone getting scammed out of freaking pixels in a game where it's sanctioned ?

    He could walk away ANY TIME. ANY TIME. A friend of mine died while we were playing freaking dota. His cousin told me later his head had been impaled on a spike in the middle of the town. You're comparing that kind of behavior to erotica, a player in a game, and calling it torture ?

    You make me sick. If you really feel concerned about "torture" join the ONU, or a similar organization, and make a difference.

    But dont you fucking dare again comparing torture to this. You're insulting the memory of people that died of it. Some i knew.

  12. *ahem*. Excuse me....

    1. Wow... that was beautiful... it really was. I've seen CODE say they don't care about money, ganking those, who according to them, need to be ganked trumps profit. However it is so obvious they don't believe in the CODE, only making ISK. I had a similar experience with Kalorned in Gamis. I openly said I'm going to mine in a cruiser with mining drones (Was a PVP toon). His response? He wasn't going to gank me, he would allow me to do so because "the mining drones would get me enough ISK for a permit". Funny. I had an industrial toon, ran missions, sold a few PLEXes, and had a PVP and Industrial Corp at my back to provide me with what I need to survive in EVE. Why didn't Cuddles (aka Kalorned) kill me? Oh that's right, HE COULDN'T. I'd just tank him and then laugh in his face when lawful forces put him down, well his alts down, he is too much of a coward to admit to ganking himself and pretends his alts are real people (Which they may be, but the way his alts operate make that doubtful that they are indeed real humans) If that agent believed in the CODE, he would have got a Tornado or even a battleship to kill you. ISK doesn't matter right CODE? It's all about enforcing the CODE right? I could mine in a super tanked Megathron, and you would have to kill me right, since I didn't have a permit? RIGHT CODE? RIGHT? But alas, they will only offer excuses like Kalorned did. Excuses. Just like ganking is an excuse for PVP. If a group of unlawful gangsters did a drive by shooting on some innocent people would that be considered a gunfight? No, it be considered murder, no shots fired by the victims. Ehnea Mehk, wonderful work you did. I wish I could do as you but.... I am preoccupied in my PVP alliance to do so and live in null sec (Also, null sec has PVP unlike ganking in high sec). Wonderful job. The best way to stand up to CODE is to make them create wild excuses of why they can't do their pathetic job at the will of their puppet-master James

    2. It looks like a raw memory dump of an angry carebear. Come on, dude, organize your thoughts and it'll be easy to understand you.

    3. I'm no Carebear. Kalorned is just a coward and makes up excuses. Just like the rest of CODE. Now go hop in a mega and go kill some skiffs, you know, enforce the CODE?

    4. Only James 315 may influence Agents, and even then Agents are pretty much free to enforce Code in ways they see fit. Who are you sir to tell us what to do?

    5. Because it's fun to watch agents sit powerless while you mine right in front of them and they can't do anything

      counter: Who are you to tell miners they have to buy a permit? what gives you the right? The CODE? Not really because you can just ignore it in a procurer

    6. Swapping Retriever for a Procurer is a good example of miner accepting lower financial gains in favor of using better ship. I call that a New Order's victory. Small victory, but for many miners it may be just the first step towards better gameplay.

      I'd like to see all the highsec miners switching to Procurers, Skiffs and such. Unfortunately, Retrievers and Mackinaws dominate asteroid fields as of now.

    7. AnonymousMarch 27, 2014 at 6:03 PM, that is not a New Order victory, it is common sense after reading the specs on the ship. If someone wants a better defense at the expense of ISK pull, they get a procurer/skiff, otherwise use the other ships that will give the ISK pull rate desired, but use them with care. This goes the same for the fit too. I've looked at the fits of the ships taken out by the New Order and more than half of them had mining optimization fits.

    8. Ehnea, you're right in your analysis of Procurer/Retriever tradeoffs. What's interesting though is that in real life miners are less concerned about ship's defenses and are more interested in sheer amount of ISK dully recovered from inert objects. I see this behavior as detrimental to the overall Eve playing experience and as such in need of correction, hence actions of my pilots (won't be telling for all the Agents but I hope they would agree me on this point).

    9. AnonymousMarch 27, 2014 at 6:20 PM I agree with your point that some players are fixated on just one thing, particularly mining. While I do mine in a Procurer, I also mission run, scan for anomalies and mission rooms, produce ships and modules (T1 level), and other things. There is so much of the sandbox some people are missing out from, and I will agree a segment of that group are bot-runners.

      I also agree people need to take the times to learn (not just copy/paste a fitting site's suggestions as gospel) how to fit a ship. It's not hard to do, and tools like EFT make it very easy to simulate a fit before paying the ISK for it. Some players also don't have patience to skill to level 4 the core abilities like power grid, capacitor, and CPU. This understanding opens a lot of play options for newcomers which in turn increases the subscription revenue for the game. Everyone wins.

  13. good lord. what part of world you're living in? head on spike..... wow

  14. Dude, its a game. The way the code is enforced is up to the agents :p

    stanked bs silly :p

    1. Pretty convenient way to say "We can't do it, it will cost us ISK". I thought cost didn't matter?

  15. Good for you, you have a friend in syria who died. I am sorry he met such an end, and I do pray the best for those facing hardship in Syria. But does that automatically warrant what E1 did? So i'm going to find some naive guy and take all of his stuff, humiliate him, hurt his feelings, make him snap and become violent. I'll grind his nerves down, make him lose his wits, break his soul until he has tears and his eyes stream down with tears while I laugh at him, and continue to push him down further into a pit of crushed spirits. I think we have a word for that, what I just described and what E1 did... it starts with a B.... it happens in schools, it causes people to commit suicide.... oh what is that word? Nelthrarak, what is that B word? Oh of course!


    And this isn't the "lol I got that guys stuff!" bullying that is perfectly fine in EVE. That is just bullying the AVATAR. What was done was bullying of the PERSON behind that avatar. Actually, it wasn't the person behind... because it was out of game (How convenient!), it was the PERSON he tore apart. You know what the goal of BULLYING is Neltharak? Huh? Do you "Oh-so-much-better-than-I-CODE-agent? TO GET A REACTION OUT OF SOMEONE. Have you ever been bullied or have bullied someone? I have been bullied and have bullied. It happens. Was it right? Absolutely fucking not!

    Here is another aspect of EVE, we like to, to actually paraphrase someone from this site, "Disregard RL". Well gee, what did E1 do? He sure as hell skipped over that idea, because he went after the person, NOT THE AVATAR THE PERSON. Yeah, that guy said "Nigger" and other nasty words. But then again, that's just a word right? It can't hurt anyone "LOL CAREBEAR TEARS WORDS DON'T MEAN ANYTHING I AM AN AGENT OF CODE". But if words didn't mean anything, then why did he snap? You don't break a persons wits through a computer by physically hurting him. You have to do it through WORDS Neltharak. And guess what? That poor soul, NAIVE AS HE WAS MIND YOU, was tortured. Sometimes Fraternities get pinned for torture or hazing.

    Now yes he could have just walked away. But let me ask you, would you? I mean sure you would just walk away. Be realistic. He had all of your stuff and promised you lots of isk. I wouldn't have walked away. that stuff means something to me, it's mine. I worked for it and if you said "LOL CAREBEAR GIVE ME ALL YOUR STUFF" i'd say no, it's mine and I earned it.

    So was the victim naive? Yep. Foolish? Yep. Should have known better? Yep. But he wasn't. He someone who is quick to anger, and is probably a vulnerable person. E1 went after the person, not the avatar. If I said I want to kill James315 and destroy him, i mean in game where I can. I wouldn't in RL, that is idiotic. James may be a really good guy in RL, and I chose not to attack him in RL because that isn't part of EVE. Neither is trapping that fool in TS, and humiliating him and displaying it to the world right either. Bringing up Syria, what do you accomplish? Sorry that man met his end, it is truly awful but... so what? That has nothing to do with him playing a game, that deals with the strife in Syria.

    "Disregard RL" is a term I've seen on this site. Well E1 didn't do that and went after the PERSON not the avatar. That's what you don't realize. Should he have walked away? Yes. Would I in his situation? No, probably not. And neither would you I would reckon.

    So E1 needs to be punished. He tortured someone. Sorry I don't blindly think since it was in the name of tears that it's ok.

    Sorry the the new order is full of bullies


  16. It looks like there's some angry carebears! This bullying stuff is quite nonsense. I have tried to open up an honest, thoughtful discussion in that thread, but those out for blood ignore my posts and keep going with their talking points. When I have a free day or so, I will be sending James a letter to the community that exhaustively answers everyone's questions, whether it takes 10, 25, or however many pages to tell the story of Erotica 1 and the bonus rounds, while engaging in a "real talk" of a variety of important issues. This whole thing is really simply a very public story of Gallant vs. Goofus. I think we all know who is Goofus and who is Gallant in this story.

    1. That would be a rather interesting reading!

    2. Then why didn't you stop attacking him after he lost his nerves? Huh? Oh that's right, you enjoyed it didn't you?

    3. LSM clearly has it's mind made up and is not interested in any discussion, it is only here to throw insults :(

    4. Insults? So when I use more complicated language to prove a point it's an insult, but when agents call people wife beaters and child abusers it's perfectly fine. Disregard RL? Baloney, you often attack the RL person...
      but it's ok right? as long as it's enforcing the CODE right? I am not throwing insults. I'm making a logical assumption based on his behavior. Why would he HUMILIATE a person if not for entertainment? ISK? But it's just a game right? Or is it something more?

      But if you wish me to comply, I will...

      "Wat u say code is dum ur a fagot an stupid lol u suk at eve ur probly gay fagot"

      Is that better Anon? Is it better? Am I CODE compliant yet?

    5. LSM,

      Just give up, erotica will never admit that he/she is a cyberbully (mainly because thats against the law in most countries)
      He/she takes great effort in the bonus room to make it seem that they are not actualy torturing a person.

      And here is where it gets *special* Torture isn't just a physical thing, its also mental.
      Making somebody give away al his stuff is phase 1.
      Then comes phase 2 accepting that he is going to lose all his stuff.
      Phase 3 is all about humiliation (torture at its finest)
      Phase 4 Their *social* component. because the (by this time a victim) victim can no longer leave without losing all of him assests he is trapped, and the agents can bash at him all they like just to pull out more tears and rage. then Hide behind The Code so that he will lose all his stuff if he rages.
      This is torture both mentally and physicly since the person Will get worked up and will if angered beyond a point hurt hims self unintentionaly. We will only have to wait until a suicide will happen because of a persons inability to process what happend to him in the bonus room making The Actual person behind erotica 1 an cyberbully that caused a suicide in my country accepted as murder.

      if that was TL;DR Erotica is a torturer, don't believe me go read it.

      lets continue.

      lets look at whats bieng said about kalorned, is he a coward?
      According to the code he is not..... (all enforcers of code are basicly cowards that why they hide behind the code)

      so why are they all cowards? (take not that the coward part is a carebear term and not my own choosing)
      they do not want to controll highsec .... they do not want full compliance...
      why don't they want it? very simple they would have to stop ganking.
      And they do not want to stop ganking. They could very effectifly controll a number of regions but they won't they are greedy and they want the entire high sec.... (too much for you to read i can understand, go gank something and come back to read the rest)
      I personaly asked agents what will youdo when a majority of compliance is reached... their anwser might shock you ... most of them admitted to say we will start ganking permit holders.
      Why?!?!?!?! Because they only enforce the code so they can gank and get paid for it !!!!

      for the TL;DR people Agents are cowards because they are not willing to lose something. (not aimed at the few agents who actualy buy/built their own stuff)

      Conclusion is the Code a good or a bad thing....

      Anwser is simple The code is a GOOD thing but its enforcement is terrible and some of the later things like freighter killing is just plain absurd (although what moron would autopilot several billion isk ?)

      Still TL;DR for you, then you should feel bad ... i took the time and effort to educate you.... now pay me isk... and you will get a nice line for in your ingame Bio. I learned somethign today.

      Still TL;DR ? sigh you hopeless Please go gank something and comeback.

      Did you gank something yet?...

      Oke im done, happy hunting

    6. @LSM

      It seems clear to me that you are only here to yell for Ero's blood, as you keep insisting that this is torture and bullying.

      You seem to be making generalizations when you only have one example to go on. "Logical assumption" is an oxymoron, as an assumption is NOT based on logic in any way as it is usually based on an imperfect understanding of the subject matter.

      I think you'll find there is acknowledgement of the mental aspect of torture, but I have to point out that Sohkar was NOT obligated to even accept the invite into the bonus room that started this whole debacle.

      Second, no, I don't listen to the bonus room recording as it simply doesn't interest me. However I will point out again that this is a one-time event, bullying of any kind and torture are SUSTAINED events that take more than two hours to be effective.

      Third, Sohkar and Ero did not own the virtual items, they are owned by CCP in the end as they created the game and the code that creates the pixels that represent them. And CCP can just as easily take them away and they dont' even need an explanation.

      Fourth, I ask you if you have even heard of Ero before now, or are you one of the multitude that are only just now hearing this?

      If anything, Sohkar was tortruring his wife with his screaming threats and vitriol at the computer screen. If anything all that probably caused her panic attack as I've heard.

      @Anon 11:29

      Interesting that you say there are NO Agents that are unwilling to lose things, but I ask you to name names if you can. We don't need their ilk among the NO's numbers.

      Especially those that would gank permit holders, if the permit holders are compliant, they can't be ganked in the first place, if they aren't, well they aren't deserving of the permit they have now are they?

      And as to your assertion that Erotica is a cyberbully, again I will have to point out that bullying of any kind is a CONTINUED action(s) over a period of time that I believe in most countries is longer than two hours. The bonus room is a ONE-TIME thing that Sohkar could have just as easily walked away from before it even started.

    7. Dear Alistair Drake,

      The fact that allot of agents rely on reimbursment of their lost ships signals that they are not willing to lose isk.

      Everything can be ganked, just bring enough DPS (recent Miner grabs have shown that).

      Lets not start about bullying, even a 1 time bullying action can leave scars on somebody for the rest of their lives. i have first hand experience and therefor and expert of sorts.

      And i did not say sohkar now did i?

      Keep up the good work Alistair Drake and as hancock would say GOOD JOB

    8. @Alistair.

      You're nitpicking words in lue of a well constructed argument.

      "Logical assumption" is not an oxymoron. One can use logic to narrow down factors and then subsequently make an assumption based on it. Whilst this is often called a hypothesis, logical assumption is perfectly adequate. You picked this out because you believe it makes your argument better. It doesn't. It makes it look worse.

      Secondly, bullying has no specific time factor. Possibly the worst type of bullying is done over a period. But this is not a prerequisite. You're just making things up to support your white knighting of E1. Please stop, it makes you sound incredibly desperate.

      Thirdly, arguing semantics over ownership of in-game assets. Again an attempt at petty "point scoring". Pathetic.

      All of this shows you have close to no argument at all and are incredibly desperate, clutching on to any slight thing you can find. When even this fails, you make things up.

      I have read some well thought out responses to some of the arguments coming from people baying for E1's blood. Yours Alistair is possibly the worst I have read.

    9. @Anon 2:42

      They have to be reimbursed because they won't get insurance payout on ships they use to gank. It used to work like that but that aspect has been nerfed.

      @Mr. Wee

      I'm afraid I'm not making it up when it comes to in-game assets, CCP can really pull the plug on anyone at any time and are not required to give an explanation. Sohkar could have just as easily walked away from even the first play. In fact, he even decried E1 as a scammer.

      And I'm also intrigued that many of the anti-E1 supporters supposedly (I'm not entirely sure how many) seem to think Sohkar is cleared of all his conduct on the teamspeak just because they can claim that E1 was 'torturing' him. We all know that we don't give our consent to be bullied or tortured. He could have just bitten the bullet and left.

      However I come to my conclusion; no I don't entirely approve of what's happened, the conduct on both sides is rather atrocious, but there's nothing I can do about it now and I think it's best left to be dropped.

      Good points in the argument Mr. Wee, I commend you for it. Hope I can come back to a different debate and have a better argument to give you.

  17. 1. Two hours of anything Erotica 1 could think of could never amount to the pressures of bullying, no matter how you twist it. A lot of the power behind bullying is that is a continuing CONSTANT source of humiliation and degradation. A victim of bullying often does not have the option of walking away. A torture victim NEVER has the option of walking away. Everyone in E1's bonus rooms do or, if they stay, it's a one-time thing. They'll never deal with E1 again because they learned their lesson. E1's never going to scar anyone, unlike actual torture and bullying.

    2. He has all your stuff because you gave it to him and made it worse. He could have walked away WELL before he gave him all his things. He could have walked away without ever losing his money to E1. It was always an option. Always.

    3. The point is that all the comparisons to "torture" fall far short of ACTUAL torture and that calling it such is an injustice to ACTUAL torture victims. It's ridiculous and nonsensical.

    I, personally, do not listen to or find amusement in the bonus room. But if you're going to compare it to anything, compare it to a game show or reality TV. I promise you those are a lot closer to what you're looking for.

  18. Necro bump...

    "Alistair DrakeMarch 28, 2014 at 5:42 PM
    They have to be reimbursed because they won't get insurance payout on ships they use to gank. It used to work like that but that aspect has been nerfed"

    Sooo they aren't willing to lose isk them self, thanks for the confirmation.


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