Thursday, April 10, 2014

Challenge Accepted

We've all heard the carebear cliché that gankers are just cowards who want to shoot at someone who can't shoot back. We've busted that myth many times. Now let's consider the other side of the coin: What about the cowardice of the carebears who complain about gankers shooting those who can't shoot back?

Meet Shadowlightt, the CEO of Apex Innovations. He went to EVE-O and posted a declaration against the gankers. He can't stand the cowards. Shadowlightt is no wimpy carebear; he's an elite PvP'er. He'd love a straight-up fight with the gankers, but they would never face him in battle.

...Or would they? Agent Malcolm Shinhwa jumped into the ring. On behalf of Bad Touches corp, he offered to meet Shadowlightt on the field of battle.

It was the ultimate showdown: A war between representatives of the New Order and representatives of the forum-dwelling carebear community. Who would win? Prior to the wardec, Malcolm watchlisted members of Apex Innovations and monitored their activity. They were "online, flitting about the galaxy without a worry in their carebear hearts." Malcolm noted that Shadowlightt was online frequently. Then came the wardec. What would Shadowlightt do?

The first of the Apex Innovations miners fell, intercepted in 0.9 security space.

Another miner died. What about Shadowlightt and the wrath he would bring upon the gankers?

The Bad Touches crew continued killing members of Shadowlightt's corp, but the man himself was nowhere to be found. Then, at last, Shadowlightt took action...

Malcolm writes: "Wait, I'm sorry, how did that get in there? Where are the killmails showing Shadowlightt bringing great justice to the gankers who are 'too chickenshit to fight'? They must be around here somewhere... Hang on... Still looking... Well, I did find this..."

Shadowlightt threw in the towel and dissolved his corporation without a fight. The New Order was too powerful for him. Could his forum post have been an idle boast?

Malcolm mused, "Some pilots dream of there one day being a way to get their war targets to undock. We at Bad Touches rubbed all the lamps in the house hoping for a genie to grant us just one wish: That our targets would LOG IN. Shadowlightt was itching for A fight with the 'chickenshit gankers', he just wasn't itching for a fight between HIMSELF and the gankers. Apparently that was for the rest of Apex to fight."

Each time a locator agent was assigned to find Shadowlightt, he was offline and docked up in Dodixie, all while his corp members were dropping like flies. Malcolm observed, "When the chips are down and a fight is brewing, you can be certain of where Shadowlightt will be. Docked and logged off. Scumsucker indeed."

Shadowlightt returned to EVE-O, his old stomping grounds. He started a thread called "high sec is not the same as it used to be", blaming the New Order for his troubles. Shadowlightt is right about one thing: The New Order has changed highsec. That's something the rebels should consider before engaging in reckless talk on the forums.


  1. Brilliant! Malcolm Shinhwa proving once again that Carebears are all bark and no bite. Well done. o7

    - Guybertini

  2. Just to clear one thing up, unless he was an alt, Shadowlightt wasn't the CEO. The CEO was just as awful as Shadowlightt, but I don't think they are the same person. Since the corp was closed there would be no way for James to know that. Sorry for not making it more clear. Thats my bad.

  3. Lmao! Loose lips sink ships, Carebears!

    ~Keep muh name outcho mouth.~

    -Galaxy Pig

  4. According to the comments on Eve Who, some of the corp, including Shadowlightt and the recruiter 50PPY Crendraven, have been reported as awoxers and corp thieves.

    It is most intriguing for someone to recruit miners, post on the Eve forums and get other people to blow up their miners.

    I wonder if the victims and other corp members had anything taken by the CEO/directors before the corp was closed.

    Sadly Eve Who hasn't updated the fact that the corp has closed.

    1. I think you're reading the also on eve who section. I made the same mistake before

  5. Careful James. Shadowlightt will petition you for being a bully, sociopath, rapist, murderer for taking it out of game to your blog.

    1. What does that make Ripard?

    2. ah come on, everyone hates you guys, get over it

    3. Oh my still ganker tears...
      Since you don't want or simply cannot understand why e1 was kicked, show that ganker guy aka Codemonkeys have major social and mental deficits.
      And Malcolm obviously its you who has difficulties to differ between what is the EVE game and what is outside. Not to mention e1 bitched in Teamspeak so some Codemonkeys and friends argumented that thats not in EVE and CCP had no right s to kick e1.
      Not Ripard kicked e1, CCP did. CCP did it, because CCP and the Majority of EvE Community felt that it was necessary to get rid of e1.
      You are no majority, nor is you opionin shared by any major Eve Community Faction.

    4. Yet the community didn't seem to want to hear more than one side of the story. The onus is on the bloggers to present balanced information, and that puts the onus on the community to read that balanced information. That clearly didn't happen.

      Plus, don't claim majority unless you can show hard numbers on how many DIFFERENT people were clamoring for what, alts don't count.

    5. The "one side of the story" was presented by the vanity of e1 himself, Ripard just pointed ppl to it. So ppl decided on the facts like e1 presented them. Someone shot himself out.
      What would the "balanced" information be? That the victim was swearing and making RL threads? This is taken into account. He was driven by this guy and his "friends!
      You are not only looking onesided you are so brazen to put as much guilt to the victim as possible to make excuses for the perpetrator.
      "The woman wasnt raped, because she wanted it, because she was wearing sexy clothes..." those kind of arguments.

      Its gets even more stupid:
      You wanna argue "majority" and blame ALTS??
      What you are saying is that without ALTS you would have majority? Most Gankers have more ALTS than clean underwear to earn money and scan for victims on to discard when the standings hits the floor. And stupidity goes on: You say you dind't activate your alts? Why? Because you act Noble?
      Discuss with gankers and soon reason rockets to the window...

    6. still ganker tears are best!

    7. @Anon 12:24

      I'm not getting into the rape arguments. I'm simply saying that there was little exposure of other sources of information for the community to act on. Not the victim, but also those that actually wanted to get into contact with the person being accused like FunkyBacon did.

      CCP brought it to the CSM, in my opinion they should have made it confidential or just used their authority to make a blanket decision on the matter.

      I'm not saying there would have been majority not counting alts, I'm saying neither side can use the majority argument as there aren't hard numbers of who supports which side. Alts would distort that number regardless of who was using them or how many they had. The only evidence there is of any sort of numbers is who was shouting in the threadnaught.

      And many from what I saw used Ripard's blog as evidence, which itself was opinion based, which while doesn't invalidate facts stated in it, it also worked to demonize E1. In my opinion, if someone is confident in their argument's validity, they don't have to resort to demonizing the target of their argument to get support.

      I rather like it that even though the argument is about E1, the escrow agents involved said that they should be banned too yet they have not. And from the Eurogamer article Aleks said that the rule should be laid out uniformly, as CCP has now set a standard and has used ex post facto law.

      Here's an article from eurogamer I think you'll find interesting, it is an example of a somewhat balanced viewpoint:

    8. No its not interesting, its the same Crap over and over. If an univolved Persons starts to cry as in feeling pain, i dont need no CCP to tell me that is wrong. If i hear this, this is the Point where i ask CCP to kick this guy AND his buddies!! out ouf eve. It was taken out into TS so that the EULA shouldn't be violated. "it was ment to be fun" stands against "it is not ment to be fun for everyone".
      You are asking for FAIRNESS, FAIRNESS which e1 and his buddies didn't show at any moment. This is insolence, impudence, temerity, impertinence angers me. "EvE is a game..." Well it was in TS and not in EvE shooting other ships. Or pirate a ship an let ppl sing to get it back. This guy knew this was at leas borderline and he tried to protect him self. he even boasted, that he hasnt been kicked by CCP. Well now he has been kicked.
      Was CCP right?
      Of course NOW when he completly overdid it, he asked why CCP didnt it rule out clearly. Again raging impertinence, since it is the rule of CCP to intervene only in the hardest cases. This is a hard case. So we come to the next hypocrisy:
      CCP shall make and shall not make rules. All for e1.
      Scamming and singin belongs to EvE, but e1 himself documented mental torture. He posted and braged about this, so he is not only a sociopath, he is a stupid sociopath.

      The same missunderstanding that Jimmy has:
      Evil Behavior is not enforced or embraced, its TOLERATED to a certain point. CCP doesnt want to make clear rules hoping that grownup ppl with a minimum of social know when to stop. Some ppl dont know and need to be stopped. Ever heard of "unspoken rules"?

      Oh and sokhar says he hasnt been tortured, funny thin to say, listening to the recording

    9. But he is a stupid weak victim, everyone knows that. It's just that some people feel sorry for him for some reason.

    10. Wow, we actually have a constructive conversation here. I have listened to the recording. In my unbiased opinion, Erotica 1 did go too far as that was outright abuse. If that was me, and I was face to face with him during that, I would have pounded his face into the ground. But that's me. Maybe he is a decent person in real life, I don't know as I have never met him.

      However, to be fair, Sokhar did give E1 all of his assets ingame, his API key, and other stuff. He could have disconnected from Teamspeak if it was becoming too mentally distressing for him. Sohkar's only fault here was being either too naive or too stupid to try to play E1's ISK doubling game. Before you have a knee jerk reaction, please hear me out.

      Sohkar's real life profession is an air traffic controller. That's already a stressful job, and E1's antics made him crack. In my limited knowledge of psychology, the human mind can only take so much stress and torment before it goes over the deep end, which is what happened here. The moment that Sohkar cracked, Erotica 1 should have ended it, but he didn't. To continue any further is considered abuse. Even Sohkar's wife came on and begged E1 to give his stuff back. That's going beyond making fun of someone. That's just flat out abuse. Any decent human being can see that and should be appalled.

      Back to being fair, when people crack like that, they are not thinking straight or clearly. In that case, it was Erotica 1's responsibility to stop it, right then and there because at that point, it is no longer a game. E1 didn't stop, but continued it, and that's why CCP nailed him with the ban hammer. Most of the people in this game are adults, but you would be amazed how many act like children. A game is to be fun, not a source of abuse. If you are getting frustrated, then log off and walk away for awhile. However, people damn near have heart attacks when something doesn't go right. This is not just in EvE Online. I have personally seen this in World of Warcraft as well to an even greater extent.

      As to the punishment that was meted out, I find it interesting that only E1 was banned. The others who were involved in it were not punished. I think that CCP made it a point to make an example of E1 so others who would go down this road would know to tread carefully as this behavior will not be tolerated. Furthermore, I think CCP's decision was also politically motivated as well. I think their reasoning is that even though the abuse happened outside the game, the game was used as a vehicle to solicit victims of the scam. Therefore, CCP felt this was within their purview and decided to take action.

      Back to trolling.

    11. Well said Butthurt Miner, +1.

    12. AnonymousApril 11, 2014 at 5:28 PM said:

      "But he is a stupid weak victim, everyone knows that."

      Some people are. Does that give someone free license to take advantage and abuse them? No, it doesn't.

      "It's just that some people feel sorry for him for some reason."

      Are we to assume that you don't? Perhaps if you were on the receiving end of said abuse, you would think differently? Granted, I am a troll. I do it for the sheer fun of it. With that being said, even I know there are lines that shouldn't be crossed.

    13. >>I wouldn't be on the other end of that abuse because I'm not a fucking idiot<<
      Sure, your a tough and smart guy, that puts you above others... wish

  6. So James, when are you going to start wearing that eyepatch? That is pretty unsightly to say the least. Oh, that's right. I forgot. You still haven't pulled your head out of your ass yet. But then again, I can understand your reluctance because it will permanently change your anatomy.

    This is another quality trollific post from your friends at Carebears United.

    We are many. We are strong. The code will fail. The code will fall. A free highsec is worth fighting for.

    1. you smell like baby powder and shampoo

    2. One day I'd love for a not-shit blog to pop up on the carebear side of things. Just to see if any of them possess any class.

    3. "This is another quality trollific post from your friends at Carebears United."

      Quality? You seem to be phoning it in right now.

  7. Just goes to show you don't shoot your mouth off without thinking first, especially if you are in a player run corporation.

    1. I find it absurd that high-sec players think they need corporations to manage their communities. The only thing a corporation does it collect taxes from mission runners. The ultra-paranoid guys who fly incursions ALL squat in 1 man corps, and organize themselves in chat channels. Public channels for recruitment, private channels for trusted members and FCs. They can also use those channels to do other PVE and PVP content, and get fleets up for all kinds of social activities. Absolutely no need to expose oneself to wardecs.

      Then there are high-sec corps run with delusions that they are somehow helping or adding value to their members. Most of them crumble at the slightest non-consensual aggression.

      I have been a shameful incursion bear for a very long time, and pledge to do my penance with the CFC, and shall redeem myself by shedding my security status.

      - Amyclas

  8. If Sohkar didn't wanna get tortured guantanamo-style, he shouldn't be such a flirt and wear those tight outfits all the time.


  9. But when you war dec'd my corp, you didn't bother to show up



    1. Sometimes I wardec corporations or alliances just to be able to shoot the secure containers they leave lying around.


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