Saturday, April 5, 2014

MinerBumping Endorses Psychotic Monk and DJ FunkyBacon for CSM9

Election season is upon us! Voting for CSM9 is scheduled to begin on April 8th. CCP Dolan has just announced the identities of the candidates who qualified for the ballot. Like last year, you will be able to rank a bunch of candidates in order. Unlike last year, there will be only one round of voting. The dev blog for the election may be found here, and the list of the candidates may be found here.

Last time around, I offered a list of candidates who were good and a list of candidates who were not good. This time, I'm going to keep things short and sweet. Although the voting system allows you to select many candidates and put them in order, the reality is that only your top two or three selections matter. Even if you're part of massive coalition-level voting bloc, the person who comes in fifth or sixth on your list is probably going to receive approximately no value from that vote. What really matters is which candidates get the #1 and #2 spots on your ballot.

Note to massive alliance/coalition members: I'm going to ask you to bend the rules a bit. Your alliance leaders may give you a list of 14 candidates and instruct you to vote for them all in order. The candidates at the top of that list will be members of your alliance and/or coalition. Further down on the list you may see a candidate that you really like. That candidate will not benefit from your ballot. What I would like you to do is put the candidate you really want to win at the top of your ballot, and go from there. If your preferred candidate wins a seat, good job--your vote was probably necessary. If your preferred candidate doesn't win a seat, your ballot will be counted no differently than if you had followed the alliance/coalition's rules. Win-win.

Without further ado, let's go to the MinerBumping endorsements!

Psychotic Monk needs no introduction. MinerBumping endorsed him last time, and he was just a handful of votes shy of winning a seat. He enjoyed widespread support, and appeared on many "form" ballots, but his name wasn't ranked high enough on those ballots to put him over the top.

Notwithstanding the whole "needs no introduction" thing, Psychotic Monk created the Belligerent Undesirables community, which has always found common cause with the New Order. They are part of the highsec family. As with last year's candidacy, Psychotic Monk is running on a pro-fun, pro-emergent gameplay platform. He opposes the carebears and their allies. Psychotic Monk loves highsec and is a friend of humanity. You might recall he organized and hosted last December's SuicideGank4Good Telethon, which raised money for charities supporting the victims of typhoon Haiyan.

Unlike many of the candidates, Psychotic Monk is not a member of a large alliance. If he is going to win a CSM9 seat, he's going to need you to put him at the top of your ballot!

Belligerent Undesirables blog
Psychotic Monk Official EVE-O campaign thread

MinerBumping's second endorsement goes to DJ FunkyBacon. He has been a host on Eve-Radio for as long as I can remember. This is his first crack at the CSM. He's running on a platform of representing the lowsec/faction warfare crowd. So how did FunkyBacon manage to attract the attention of the New Order? Well, it all came out of the Erotica 1 controversy.

While just about everyone else was wringing their hands about torture in Jita, FunkyBacon did an exhaustive investigation of his own (well, what counts for an exhaustive investigation in internet spaceship land).

FunkyBacon interviewed Erotica 1. He interviewed sohkar. He interviewed the escrow agents. He spoke with Ripard Teg, though Ripard shied away from an on-air interview. In the process, FunkyBacon became an outspoken critic of Ripard Teg and the now-infamous permaban of Erotica 1. Clearly, the CSM would benefit from more facts and less tomfoolery.

DJ FunkyBacon Official EVE-O campaign thread

So there you have it. When voting is opened up, I'll post again to toss a link to the voting page. In the meantime, if you're shopping around for CSM candidates to put on your ballot or you know people who are undecided, give Psychotic Monk and DJ FunkyBacon some support.

Oh, and one more thing: Ripard Teg and Trebor Daehdoow have both announced they're not running for reelection. Voting hasn't started yet, and the CSM9 election result is already a victory for the New Order!


  1. As a 44 day old player, I wasn't sure who to vote for past Psychotic Monk. And the only reason why I really chose Psychotic Monk is simply because his levelheadedness and the charisma he displayed in both his blog, and the vestigial remains that the internet has archived from his campaign from last year. I am a big huge fan of his "How to have fun in EVE flow chart" that compares emergent game play to carebear mission running.

    I can also see why you would like DJ FB. I listen to Eve radio often, because it's nice to have a real DJ as opposed computer. Especially one who is easily interacted with. I like a lot of the DJs on Eve-radio, especially the one who has his "Say no to NO" platform. It was really refreshing so see someone approach the situation with an actual journalistic lens.

  2. "Ripard Teg and Trebor Daehdoow have both announced they're not running for reelection"

    Now what could be the reasons behind that?

    Either way, my day is made.


  3. I will, as always, faithfully vote as you instruct, Supreme Protector, but I gotta tell ya, Psychotic Monk was a no-brainer for me! The BU Blog is great, much better than Retard Pig's drivel. So glad that guy won't be running again. He is truly toxic to the community.

    -Galaxy Pig

  4. 1 and 2 on my vote.

  5. How come Jimbo isn't running? Step up Jim so we all laugh at your failure

  6. I honestly thought Ripard Teg and Trebor Daehdoow were the same person - the ideas they championed sounded so similar they could be Interchangeable Emma's from the Dilbert comic strip.

    I wonder if and how differently the CCP guys who agreed with Ripard Teg and Trebor Daehdoow, will treat the empire based 'bad guys', because for sure there are devs at CCP who did and do agree with their views on making Empire as safe and dull as possible.

  7. Ok Mr Monk was top of my ballot anyway. I have a new second though.
    Silvetica Dian /Dr limbu.
    I will try and make it to high sec in the next few days and exact a tax in the name of erotica 1 who was a friend. i will mail you when i deliver on this promise.

  8. 1) Psychotic Monk
    2) DJ FunkyBacon
    3) Xenuria

    Anon 11:29, if Silvetica Dian was on the list some of my 1st place votes would go his way!

  9. Monk was already on my ballot, FunkyBacon made it on to it due to his fair and unbiased coverage of the bonus room and Mangala Solaris is on there too, because RvB rocks, Red Fed forever 07. I'd have liked to see Malcanis run again though :(

  10. Would this be the Monktard who apparently has done not one single thing worth blogging about on his own website for more than two (2) full complete months? I think I'd rather vote for someone who is doing something. Or alternately, someone not leaving the home fires neglected.

    If he's busy in his Panderen, he needs to blog about that, too.

  11. Why would I vote for someone who isn't even man enough to clarify his role and/or position in relation to the bonus room scandal, despite people repeatedly asking him about it?:

    1. why are you still going on about that?

      get over it and move on or you can continue to cry from the corner.

  12. Monk has been busy with some real life stuff. As far as the bonus rounds, he played a very minor role of visiting occasionally to say hi and x'ing up a handful of times tops to accept free stuff. I cannot recall a single time that he actively participated beyond that. He was too busy blowing up internet spaceships.

  13. "Ripard Teg and Trebor Daehdoow have both announced they're not running for reelection."

    Tastes like victory already.


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